Tanzania government will now mediate escalating beef between Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko

Tanzanian government, through Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA), will try and settle the ugly situation between singer Diamond Platnumz and one of his former employees, Rich Mavoke who broke free from Wasafi Records.

Mavoko managed to break free from his contract with Wasafi records after winning a case against WCB he had submitted before Tanzania’s music and arts regulation body (BASATA). Before then, he had accused Diamond of favoring other artists like Harmonize and ignoring him.

Cool down

This heightened the tension between Wasafi Records artists and Mavoko to appoint where the government has now become worried. BASATA has come out to share that it will intervene the situation and try to calm the two parties.

“We have spoken to Wasafi and the label have no issue with Rich Mavoko. The organization will table a meeting between the two because there seems to be no real conflict between the two,” said the CEO Godfrey Mngereza on Tuesday, August 14. 


Zari attacks Diamond’s TV station: If y’all continue likes this, this TV will be watched by clowns 

Zari Hassan might be out of Diamond Platnumz’ life but she still cares…. or should we say concerned.

She was recently on social media to hint on which direction Diamond Platnumz’ TV station, Wasafi TV, should take after noticing the station is headed straight to the grave because of it’s content.

Change or perish

Taking to Instagram, she posted a comment saying that they need to change their content strategy if they want sponsors to come on board.

“Real TV are bringing people real news, the accidents the burning building, politics because people want to see what’s happening in their own country, sports as in real content. If yall continue likes this, this TV will be just for a circus. No big time sponsors will want to associate themselves with this in terms of Ads. Just my 2cents advice because I love to see people make it big in life… enough na kiki zakijinga.Wote watonitukana ni clowns pia. Be Blessed,”  she stated.

Her advice comes after Wasafi launched a new segment for celebrity gossip.

“jeyf_mingreatone “@zarithebosslady ila kweli ukiangalia wats the tv is really doing.. Sioni yenyewe kufika levels za clouds na zungine zilizojimanifest tayari… Ni kama walikurupuka sijui.. Am still wondering ivi dizzimOnline na radio yake ni ya nani.. Kwann wasingeweka effort kwenye hio.. Tz inatawalwa na kiki.. Gossips ila sivyo radio na tv zinaendelea.. Afu ubaya ata izo kiki they have still based on their labelbrands.. Its time to change @wasafitv@zarithebosslady Hapa kaongea ukweli mtupu.. I have been thinking of the same thing.. Sina team.. Ila napenda kuona tvs na redios more like clouds.” said a fan.

Added another:

“Wasafi used to be one of my best music channels but nowadays im fed up with it alwAys gossiping about things that dont benefit us atleast u people should be encouraging youths on how to fight poverty give them motivationd like u @diamondplatnumz u used to be a hustle and many other artists like u why dont u give such interviews bring ua own stories to motivate us youths go out talk to youths”


Diamond gets the green light from President Magufuli to go on air with his TV and radio stations

Diamond has cleared the final hurdle to have his Wasafi TV and FM go on air. The  television and radio stations are biggest investment Diamond has ever made.

The Tanzanian crooner now runs a conglomerate that includes music label, perfume, nuts and a media house. Diamond rented a palatial mansion to house his radio and TV stations.



Diamond officially received license to operate his TV and radio stations on Monday February 26th. Tanzania’s minister for Information was present at an event held in Zanzibar to grant Diamond the license.

“Leo tulikabidhiwa Rasmi Leseni ya @wasafitv na @wasafifm na Mh Waziri wa Habari, Tamaduni , Utalii na Michezo Zanzibar mh Rashid Ali Juma…..Shukran Nyingi ziifikie Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar na Jamuhuri nzima ya Muungano wa Tanzania… Ma raisi wetu pendwa Dr John Pombe Magufuli & Dr Ali Mohammed Shein pamoja na Mawaziri wa Habari Tamaduni na Michezo Mh Rashid Ali Juma & Harrison Mwakiyembe….Tamanio letu ni kutengeneza nyanja za Ajira kwa nduguzetu wenye Taaluma za Habari na Utangazaji ambao pengine hawajapata nafasi bado….kwa kuthamini kuwa, bila wao leo hii sisi tusingekuwepo….lakini pia Pamoja kushirikiana na Media zetu nchi Kuendeleza kunyanyua Vipaji toka mitaani na Tasnia nzima ya Sanaa, Michezo na Tamaduni…. #HiiNiYetuSote,” wrote Diamond.