Diamond publicly questioning paternity of Hamisa’s son is sad

Diamond publicly questioning the paternity of Hamisa’s son is sad because it disregards the well-being of who is going to grow up and see that his parents questioned who his father is.

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This is not to say that Diamond has no right to question the paternity of his son. However, she needs to be smart about how he goes about it. The truth is this is not an issue that should play itself out in public.

We are literally on the verge of crossing into 2023 therefore he needs to understand that science has progressed to the point where he doesn’t need to rely on being told that the child looks like her great-grandfather’s brother’s uncle’s cousin’s sister. Diamond Platnumz can simply request for a DNA test and he’ll have his answer.

Is Diamond Platnumz on steroids?

This not only shows just how backward Tanzanians are but also just how spiteful east Africa’s biggest are truly is. We are reminded of the fact that Hamisa once claimed that Diamonds mother mistreated her while she was pregnant and even at one point got physical with her all because they doubted the paternity of the child.

Now we get to see why Mondi play favourites with his children and why he has been neglecting his son by Hamisa. One has to wonder how he’s going to be able to walk this back should he discover that this child too is his biologically. But we can all see that she has not given this any thought as he is truly convinced he is right even as he publicly shamed his ex for what he assumed to be paternity fraud.

Diamond Platnumz is a rubbish father! So why do women keep choosing him?

Indeed, he should get to find out whether the child is his and whether his doubts are justified. However, he shouldn’t allow this drama to clear up publicly. Because even if it is discovered he is not the father, Diamond Platnumz needs to realise that this mother and her child will still have to move on with their lives and he should strive to do the least damage possible.

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Why everyone thinks Diamond and Zari are rekindling their relationship

Diamond Platnumz is down in South Africa visiting his children by Zari Hassan and the pair of them have ignited dating rumours for the umpteenth time. For some reason, a lot of East Africans and Tanzanians, in particular, seem to want to always allude to the pair reconciling and hooking up again.

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You have to wonder why they keep trying to pray for the former “it” couple to rekindle their relationship when it is clear they have both moved on and are happy with their respective partners or their single life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But why does this always seem to happen with Diamond and Zari? It is because the concept of co-parenting is one that is very misunderstood in Africa as it is still a novel one. For our boomer parents, this was anathema. When their marriages ended, they would simply go their separate ways and one parent was often alienated.

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That or the fact that a lot of us have crappy self-discipline so we project our actions on to Zari and Diamond and assume that like us, they are smashing because that is what you and your baby mama often get up to and you cannot fathom another way of doing things.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has busied himself with tours and concerts but he’s now on vacation bonding with his children

But the truth is that co-parenting is one o the most complicated relationships to maintain if you aren’t clear that you’re doing it for the sake of your children. You see, the best setup to raise children in is an intact family. And nuclear families are proven to be the best familial unit for that. But life happens.

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And just like it did to Zari and Diamond, relationships and marriages come to an end. That usually means that you have to figure out how to both be parents regardless of whether or not the breakup was peaceful or not.

Source: https://www.fatherhood.org/father-absence-statistic

And for a long time, their relationship was almost nonexistent and as a result, Nilan and Tiffah had to make do without their father being present in their lives. That is a big issue if what you want is to raise balanced children as research has suggested that a father is integral for children to learn discipline.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

So now that things have worked themselves out and the former couple are cooperating in their parenting efforts, a lot of people see this as a sign Zari is cheating on her “Dark Stallion” but I am of the opinion that they both have simply decided to put their children first and we need to learn from that. This is what adulting looks like. This is what being a parent is about.

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Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian’s whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes are the laziest lot in East Africa. Forgive me if you feel offended. To start with, they rarely ask for collaborations form East Africa. It is a good thing to have local collaborations.

One thing that is a fact is that they are too lazy to cross borders. Sometimes one might think it financial but come to think of it.

Only two or three of Kenyan artistes have sought collaborations with big Tanzanian artistes. The rest are so comfortable in their own zone.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, the problem is not that they cannot get these people to work with them but just lazy people who want things to come easy.

I am saddened by the fact that they go to look for Tanzania artistes who are already dead in the music scene. Look at Nameless and Darassa. He ought to have collaborated with the guy when he was still selling in Tanzania.

In music, one should flow with the wave and what is hot. Apart from Akothee, I am yet to see any other Kenyan artiste who has collaborated with Diamond Platinumz.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, it is the only way that they will make a name in Tanzania. Look at the example of Willy Paul, he has made use of Rayvanny, Tanasha has made use of Mbosso.

I feel sad that Kenyan artistes want to rush to these people when they can barely hit in their village. It takes hard work and determination to make it.

Imagine the things the Tanzanian big names are doing. Who bewitched our very own? Why is it so hard to get collaborations in East Africa?

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes should feel challenged considering that this artistes who are making are even taking major events in our country. I doubt there is anyone who will go for a lazy artiste.

In addition, it is time that they took the opportunity and emulated their counterparts. Look for Harmonize, Diamond, Mbosso, Alikiba, Rayvanny and the others.

Stop going for people like Mr Bleu, they can barely make it on their own.

He doesn’t want to hurt her- Diamond’s sister reveals why he hasn’t married yet

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Queen Darleen has come out to reveal that the reason why Diamond is taking his time before marrying Tanasha is because he fears marriage.

Speaking in an interview, Darleen stated that Diamond is afraid of marriage a reason why he has been going slow on it.

“Mara nyingi sana tunazungumzia, ni mtu ambaye anahofia ndoa yani anatakiwa kujipanga sana mpaka kutokuja kumkwaza mtu wake…” she said. 


She further went on to say that it’s a feeling most people have before settling down and Diamond is not any different.

“Nasibu ni mapenzi yake hayo kuingia au kutoingia kwa ndoa sio sababu ya mimi kuolewa ama kutoolewa…hayo ni maamuzi yake” she said

Harmonize denies ditching Diamond Platnumz- Wasafi is my family, bila Wasafi hakungekuwa na Harmonize

Singer Harmonize has denied that he has left WCB family as rumours have been claiming throughout this week.

Harmonize, who missed the first edition of Wasafi Festival told reports that he is very much part of Wasafi family and people should ignore the rumours.

Reporters at a briefing wanted to know why Harmonize used a bus branded “Konde Gang” to transport his team members (Konde gang), yet WCB Wasafi had other buses doing the same job.

“Tujitahidi sio kila kitu ni kuangalia tu Negative, tuangalia na positive side pia. Alafu ukiangalia sisi ni familia , na kitu ambacho unakitengeneza kinaweza kupelekea familia kuingia katika malumbano. Kitu kama Bus, sidhani kama mwandishi wa habari umeshindwa kuniuliza vitu vyote vya kimaendeleo, kuwa Konde Gang wameenda na Basi wasafi Festival. Si Basi ni usafiri, kama usafiri hautoshi kuna tatizo gani. Kaa kama mwandishi fikiria kuuliza vitu ambavyo nivya kimsingi vya kujenga Sanaa. Sio kutafuta misuguano sisi ni familia, it doesn’t make sense.” he said. 


Explaining further, Harmonize said that WCB is his home and he can’t go anywhere else.

“Wasafi is my family, bila Wasafi hakungekuwa na Harmonize, so ukijaribu kutengeneza vitu vya kusuguana haisaidi chochote. Harmonize amezaliwa Wasafi na Diamond ni kama Kaka yangu lakini tena kwenye muziki ni kama baba yangu. Without Diamond hamna Harmonize. So tujaribu kutafuta vitu vya kimsingi vya kuuliza ambavyo vitakuza Sanaa yetu, sio kuangalia vitu vidogo vidogo ambavyo havina hata msingi na kuvipromote that not good bro,” said Harmonize.



Zari attacks Diamond’s TV station: If y’all continue likes this, this TV will be watched by clowns 

Zari Hassan might be out of Diamond Platnumz’ life but she still cares…. or should we say concerned.

She was recently on social media to hint on which direction Diamond Platnumz’ TV station, Wasafi TV, should take after noticing the station is headed straight to the grave because of it’s content.

Change or perish

Taking to Instagram, she posted a comment saying that they need to change their content strategy if they want sponsors to come on board.

“Real TV are bringing people real news, the accidents the burning building, politics because people want to see what’s happening in their own country, sports as in real content. If yall continue likes this, this TV will be just for a circus. No big time sponsors will want to associate themselves with this in terms of Ads. Just my 2cents advice because I love to see people make it big in life… enough na kiki zakijinga.Wote watonitukana ni clowns pia. Be Blessed,”  she stated.

Her advice comes after Wasafi launched a new segment for celebrity gossip.

“jeyf_mingreatone “@zarithebosslady ila kweli ukiangalia wats the tv is really doing.. Sioni yenyewe kufika levels za clouds na zungine zilizojimanifest tayari… Ni kama walikurupuka sijui.. Am still wondering ivi dizzimOnline na radio yake ni ya nani.. Kwann wasingeweka effort kwenye hio.. Tz inatawalwa na kiki.. Gossips ila sivyo radio na tv zinaendelea.. Afu ubaya ata izo kiki they have still based on their labelbrands.. Its time to change @wasafitv@zarithebosslady Hapa kaongea ukweli mtupu.. I have been thinking of the same thing.. Sina team.. Ila napenda kuona tvs na redios more like clouds.” said a fan.

Added another:

“Wasafi used to be one of my best music channels but nowadays im fed up with it alwAys gossiping about things that dont benefit us atleast u people should be encouraging youths on how to fight poverty give them motivationd like u @diamondplatnumz u used to be a hustle and many other artists like u why dont u give such interviews bring ua own stories to motivate us youths go out talk to youths”