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Why GK Nyambura is obsessed with Omoke

June 22, 2022 at 14:34
Why GK Nyambura is obsessed with Omoke

GK Nyambura is back on our radar once again and as with the last time, it has to do with her ex, Omoke. Why is that? Well, you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with him discussing her but rather her trying to inject herself into his life and consciousness.

‘His Watchman Made Me Scream Louder’- GK Nyambura Throws Shade At Ex-Boyfriend Omoke

You see, Omoke doesn’t really ever mention her unless her demons tell her to go to his house at 4 Am in the morning to do the sort of rubbish that saw her trend for days a few weeks back. She went to his house and broke his property and then started engaging his neighbours and watchmen in fights.

And while tongues were wagging, Twitter fingers a snapping and feminists were left scampering for any excuse to use to defend her, the main question that was left unanswered was why. Why is she always trying to inject herself into his life and consciousness? It’s because GK Nyambura is what you get when a woman who is a 5 on her best day sleeps with a man ascending his craft and getting recognition for it. And let’s make it clear, she is a 5 with youthful looks. Once she no longer has youth on her side, this will become apparent to lot of you thirsty men.

GK Nyambura is proof we do not hold women accountable

You see, for women, when they sleep with a guy who is a 7, they assume that that is the level they deserve. If they sleep with a man who is a 10, that becomes their new reality. This happens because they do not understand that once in a while a man will be in need of a slump-buster. A woman who can help him through his dry spell. And it gets even more complicated when that man doesn’t treat her like a piece of meat.


And I would posit that this was the nature of her interaction with Omoke. He is a video director of repute who is currently making money as he continues to master his craft. He is living the life and he is “the man”. GK Nyambura is also pursuing her own interests but she’s nowhere near the level of success her love interest has. And he was the best possible option she has ever had, In her mind, that is her new level and they were dating.

Wueh! YouTuber GK Nyambura says she visited ex boyfriend at 3Am to collect her clothes

I have a very interesting mentor who explained this to me by saying that because women have an abundance of choices, they do not understand “slump busters”. From the minute they wake up, they are drowned in options for coitus. But a lot of these are from the hoi polio. A woman wants the best possible option she has. Unfortunately, these guys are usually not interested in a long-term commitment. And when everything is said and done (read: post-nut clarity sets in), they are left feeling ashamed and they often dismount poorly. And indeed, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

That is why GK Nyambura came after Omoke and accused him of anything that came to mind. She was hurting and she wanted to weaponize social media and Edgar Obare against him. But she didn’t do this to completely destroy him. Chances are, she believes this was the only way for her to actually get his attention. She wants his attention even if it’s his annoyance and anger rather than watch him move on.

Why else do you think she recently went over to his house? And why else do you think she is still running her mouth long after she humiliated herself? It’s because she is desperate for his attention and she is going to try to get it by any means necessary.

I guess the value of this story is that I am telling you (if you’re a man) to become so high value that women fight to stay in your life. Nezt time we’ll take a look at the mistakes Omoke made and how you as a man can avoid finding yourself in a situation as toxic and dealing with a woman as batshit crazy as GK Nyambura.

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