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Why Michelle Ntalami uses her body to sell her products

May 07, 2021 at 11:09
Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami has popped back on my radar and as often is the case here, her thirst traps are what has attracted me to her name and brand because she doesn’t seem to want to hustle in privacy and focus on her cosmetics and hair product line, Marini Naturals.

Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

You see, I will be the first to admit that she is a huge outlier to a rule one of my mentors holds onto like his life depends on it that there are no attractive women past thirty years of age. But I fail to see why she uses her sexual allure to market products she has been contracted to push.

Michelle Ntalami is one of the women allied to Kenya’s very vocal and small-minded feminists who like to reduce men to criminals and champion the fact that a woman is more than her body yet she loves to act as if a woman’s only agency is her body and sexuality.

Michelle Ntalami has taken to posting thirst traps for attention

And this got me thinking back to a certain quote that had piqued my interest:

And perhaps therein lies the truth of why she often resorts to posting thirst traps whenever she has an endorsement deal: her only agency is her body. And she is smart enough to put two-and-two together and realized she can get attention from low integrity and low tier men who would gladly boost her social media interaction but I doubt this is enough to fool any digital marketer who would realize that her content often has poor quality engagement.

But wait, there’s more!

Any quasi-psychologist or student of humanity seated at the bar counter can see that these posts have precious little to do with her trying to help her clients move product. Why? Because she largely only ever gets endorsements for female products. That would negate her strategy. She is doing this for attention.

Is Anita Nderu genuinely coming out of the closet or is she desparate for attention?

And Michelle Ntalami has every right to do what she wants on her page but we need to stop pretending it isn’t what it is or ascribing artistic intention to it. It is time for the naked truth.

Michelle Ntalami caliente

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