Willy Paul needs to stop blaming bloggers for the mess he created

Image: Who would have thought Bahati and Diana Marua would have lasted longer than Uhuru Kenyatta's popularity?

Willy Paul is a crybaby and no one likes a crybaby. It’s rather hilarious to see him complain that plugs do not give Kenyan artists as much love as I give foreign celebrities knowing full well he is part and parcel of the culture that created a problem.

Why Kenyans prefer bashing Willy Paul to celebrating his wins

In truth, it’s not that blocks to not cover local celebrities, it’s that they do not cover him as much and there’s a reason for this. She is one of the celebrities who looks down on local media.

Trying to get Willy Paul in for an interview has always been a hellish affair. Open chooses to ignore invites, ignore phone calls from blogger and the few times he does get featured he often refuses to show any form of reciprocity by not cross-posting.

Why are we dogging on Willy Paul for hitting on women?

All of this sounds trivial unless you’re in the blogosphere. But just to give you some context it is like an artist refusing to collaborate with other local artists, then crying about them refusing to give him any features on his songs.

Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

The juvenile Willy Paul rant is akin to local artists snubbing local award shows and then crying about them not being nominated anymore. Always been about quid-pro-quo value located there’s absolutely no one on God’s green Earth who is going to keep promoting your content as you routinely snub them.

Willy Paul and Jovial: no one is buying their publicity stunt

And yet you have to hand it to him the fact that he is able to routinely play the victim, constantly cry about the consequences of his own actions.

Singer Willy Paul

It’s almost as if Willy Paul has some insane ability to delude himself into believing what he knows to be a lie. If you’re honest an example that should pop to his mind of local blogs showing him love was when he was accused by Diana marua of rape. Post local blogs that gave him the opportunity to clear the air and beyond that they went as far as to give Niccah the opportunity to give her side of things as a character witness in the matter.

My guess is that he’s looking for clout perhaps looking to be called for interviews because he has a new project about to be released. Because at the end of the day we all know just how much will Paul loves himself a good publicity stunt.

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