Kenyan celebs need to evolve beyond simple stunts to launch songs

Aren’t you getting tired of seeing Kenyan celebs like Willy Paul, Madini Classic, Stivo Simple Boy, Ringtone and the rest get involved in pointless drama for the sake of a silly music video that they are releasing? I know I’m over it.

Madini Classic & Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Conduct ‘Ruracio’ Ceremony

I get it, before we truly had a fandom for Kenyan artists, they needed to do whatever they needed to inorder to get attention on their projects. That was why you had the likes of Brown Mauzo faking relationships with Amber Ray etc.

However, right now, Kenyan celebs have cultivated not just a general fandom for their art but personal fandoms; People who are genuinely fans of their craft and want to support them.

‘Nikikupata Nakukula Kama Ugali’-Willy Paul Thirsts Over Musician Jovial, She Responds (Screenshot)

However, evolution and adaptation has never been a strength of Kenyan celebs so we are stuck in a rather infuriating loop of Kenyan celebs going silent when they have nothing to offer and then reasserting their presence on the collective psyche of their fans by coming through with outrageous theatrics and antics.

And these often follow the same pattern. They are either involved in a feud with some other artist only for them to make peace and release a collabo or they are dating some other celebrity and are involved in a rather unlikely relationship.

It’s A Yes! Stivo Simple Boy Proposes To Girlfriend Gee (video)

These stunts get tired pretty fast and these days whenever there is any entertainment news about Kenyan celebs, it is often met with skepticism. All we can think of or see is the fact that they are useless because the fans can see right through them.

Willy paul is harassing Jovial? Well, they must have a love song coming out soon. Madini Classic is dating Prity Vishy? Yeah right. He is literally using her to cling onto relevance. It gets even more played out when they predictably release a new project only for it to be mediocre at best.

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