KRG da Don needs to learn to STFU about his family

KRG da Don is someone who could do with a masterclass lesson in how to STFU and I mean that in the loudest way possible! And the reason I say this is because he is not acting like the man of his house nor the leader of his family.

KRG The Don Explains Why He Should Get His Dowry Back After Separating With Linah (Video)

I am saying this as a young man looking in through the window he has so “graciously” put in for the world to look into his life and that of his family. We should start from the point of stating that he revealed that he and his wife are estranged and bitterly so as they hurtle towards a divorce.

For some reason, he engaged in a rather public trade of insults with his wife whom KRG had previously been cheering on and gifting…. Aaaah! I see, this should actually have been expected given how publicly he used to celebrate his wife and their marriage aswell as how much of a show he turned each gift giving session with his wife, Linah Wanjiru.

KRG The Don Warns His Ex Wife’s Sister Against Visiting His Kids, Threatens To Expose Her

And in keeping with that same energy output level, he revealed that he was divorcing his wife and the reasons he has given have been garbage at best. He is constantly saying she started hanging out with “lowlifes” and at that point Linah fired and stayed true to the old adage that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Because she attacked his manhood and sexual prowess.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Just when thought things had settled down, KRG da Don decided to go on social media and issue threats to his sister-in-law demanding she cease and desist trying to make contact with his children, her siblings: the kicker is that her children and the rapper’s attend the same school. I know, it is clearly not “big brain time” according to his watch.

KRG’s message to his two sons following ugly divorce from their mum, Linah

The reason I say this is because he has not taken the time to take a step back from the entire bullshit scenario and tried to give it a proper “once-over”. Look, I get it, when a marriage breaks down, one party is bound to feel disappointed, hurt and even betrayed depending on the reason for the breakup. However, when children are involved or when one or both parties are celebrities, then discretion becomes an important tool to utilise throughout the entire process.

The reason I say this is that KRG is the head of his life but at some point was the head of his household. He clearly has no frame because when they split, he immediately decided to announce to the world the levels of intimacy issues he and his wife had been dealing with. He is meant to be the leader of his family meaning he is should know when to be stoic. He should know when being calm is what a situation requires and he should know to shut his Twitter fingers the F up!

Jiheshimu nani! KRG da Don is a simp

Why is he participating in the type of behaviour that would be deleterious to his children’s wellbeing? he needs to actually man-up and realise that his estranged wife is still crucial for the health and wellbeing of their children? They need to actually learn to fight away from the limelight but I suspect he is the one to initiate such thoughtfulness. That is why I am saying he is failing. He needs to take stock of his situation and realise that it is incumbent upon him to provide leadership on how they are going to move forward.


KRG has every right to be upset. He has every reason to feel betrayed but he needs to understand that the he needs to put his children’s wellbeing before his. If he wants to vent, he needs to go see his bros, his guys or whatever the hell he calls his close clique of friends. He needs therapy. Hell, he can put all his animus into music but he needs to stop running to social media.

KRG Da Don’s wife is delusional with her insane child support demands

We do not care beyond his experience being fodder for gossip. Keep what happens in his kingdom private. All we needed to know was that he and his wife were estranged following their separation. We don’t need to know anything beyond that about the civil war currently ravaging his fiefdom. Clearly he was very invested in his identity as a husband but now he knows it and he needs to focus on KRG as a man. He needs to be selfish but in a manner similar to what Ayn Rand espouses: enlightened selfishness.

KRG the Don

KRG needs to stop being a simp who identifies himself based on his relationship with the woman in his life. Perhaps that is the first step he should take as he learns to STFU about his family. Engage lawyers then shut the F up!

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