Mejja is smarter than 80% of Kenyan celebs

Image: Mejja

Mejja is someone who proves that privacy is golden for any human being because though we know that sunlight is the best disinfectant and everything comes to light sooner or later, silence is the sound of hard work.

Mejja Explains Why He Doesn’t Publicize His Relationships (Video)

No really, he recently explained something that honestly made me appreciate him more than I previously did and I think that by the time you get to the end of this article, you too will feel inspired to admire his genius.


First, if you’re expecting me to talk about some life lessons, then you’re right. But it is such a simple one that Mejja has taught Kenyan celebrities that his genius is in danger of being underrated.

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He recently opened up about his private life and what he had to say was:

Illest Genge rapper Mejja

”Unajua hii dunia ni ku learn from your past mistakes. Ukiwa kwa relationship ingine lazima ukue sure umeskuma kama miaka kadhaa. Ni mara ngapi wasee wanapost wana delete… That’s why me hukaa ivo. Si mimi pekee. Ushai realize everybody aki postingi lazima kiumane… Nafkiria ni macho mbaya. Wasee wanakutakia mabaya…”

Why you will never see Mejja flaunting his wealth & personal life on social media

And in the event you cannot read and comprehend Kiswahili, then allow me to break it down for you; what he is saying is that he has learned from his past mistakes and as a result, he doesn’t publicize his relationships.

Mejja Genge

So basically, Mejja has managed to do what guys like Jimal Roho Safi who the government knows as Jamal Marlow has still not managed to comprehend: STFU about your relationship and personal life.

We were right about Mejja Genge’s ex being inlove with him

Look, when the question arises, all we really need to know is that you’re spoken for. We do not need to know the nitty-gritty details of how you’re girlfriend is the BeStEST eVeR. We do not need to know about why you chose her. And I hope this message reaches Arrow Bwoy’s ears.

What happens between you and your person is your business. Because as Mejja has pointed it out, the minute you let us know about who it is you’re dating, we will dig up all your details and drama. First, why subject your partner to that? And secondly, why subject yourself to that intrusion? Trust me, if your music is dope, we’ll rock with it. No need for the extra BS that comes along with your personal life.

Mejja must be slangin’ because his ex can’t get over him!

And this carries itself forward to other aspects of your life. And this holds true even financially. And that is how you keep KRA off you back. Something that Anerlisa Muigai needs to internalise.

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