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Noti Flow is the toxic one

July 27, 2021 at 08:25
Noti Flow is the toxic one

Noti Flow has ended up alone once more after declaring to the world that she had met the love of her life and once again, these people are now the scum of the earth.

Notiflow Breaks Up With Girlfriend King Alami Over Abuse Claims- She Almost Killed Me!

And what are we talking about? Well, her new lesbian lover is being branded abusive. Her exes were also all branded as abusive. Never mind we were shown proof of the bodily harm she did to Colonel Mustafa while they were an item.

You see, it is high time we speak the truth at the heart of the matter, Noti Flow has a Jezebel spirit and she is the toxic one in the relationship.

Noti Flow beaten black and blue by bitter ex boyfriend (Photos)

When she was with Colonel Mustafa, she claimed abuse but it was he who bore the brunt of her poor impulse control and bad behaviour. She would bite and scratch him and he was simply expected to bear it “like a man”. Funny how abusive women through that phrase around.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

Noti Flow then declared she was a lesbian and she had met the love of her life. She now claims that this same girl nearly killed her and was abusive. I think we can see a pattern emerging.

When you reveal more than you want to: Noti Flow’s reason for posting nude pics

The first thing she does that lets me know she is not the type of woman any self-respecting man would date is the fact she love-bombs. This is the act of seemingly exploding on your significant other with emotions and love. While it seems cute at first, it is usually a sign of a partner who is mentally unhealthy as they have trauma they have not dealt with. And it is scary because you should have to account for what happens when that emotion becomes anger or hate.

Noti Flow

Now Noti Flow is showing yet another problematic set of behaviour; refusing to take accountability for her situation. Notice how she never owns up to her role in the messes she gets herself into. It is not her fault for getting into these situations, it is the fault of all the predatory lovers she attracts. Who chose them? Who accepted to date them?

Colonel Mustapha is a fool for reuniting with Noti Flow

And then she is also the fact that she is an Olympic athlete when it comes to the pity marathon. Ms Florence is always the victim. One would be forgiven for thinking she has no agency and this is a huge red flag. But, the sad thing about this is because she is young and to some men, attractive, she will always find simps who are willing to try and fix her.

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