Akothee take it slow, you don’t have to win every online battle

Singer Akothee must be facing some tough time judging from how she has been moving on social media. You see, for the past few weeks, the lass has been dealing with family drama – then there was the sibling rivalry story that claims she has been competing with her younger sister Cebbie.

Well, judging from Akothees weekend post we can now tell that the her mental and physical health are not so good – which leaves me wondering why she exposes herself to such situations when she can hire a social media manager to handle such situations on her behalf.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Akothee admitted to hospital

Okay we get it, Akothee isn’t the type of woman to let bloggers troll or paint her in a certain way; nor is she willing to let relatives pick on her – yet she is the reason they are who they are today. So she claims.

Anyway with all this pressure the singer was recently admitted to hospital and Akothee being ‘a star’ she had to post it on social media – maybe for pyblic sympathy or something….but either way she still publicized it.

Akothee admitted to hospital…….again

But come to think of it…..why wouldn’t she just avoid the whole drama queen stunts to avoid landing herself in hospital every now and then….I mean is it really worth it?

I have to agree, ¨I am tired¨ – Akothee finally admits after fatigue almost took her life

Ailing Madam Boss is now spending her 5th day in hospital after fatigue and stress saw her collapse in her bathtub.

Late last week, she revealed to fans that she stopped breathing after going in for a hot bathtub shower. Fortunately, her manager, Nelly Oaks came showed up at the nick of time.

It was at 11 pm when I left my office I worked late, passed by Rubi Cut to eat fish, and went straight into my room @nellyoaks prepared my hotbath, then i went in. I wanted the water a bit hot, so I adjusted the temperature, took my phone and went live to slay, ????‍♂️????‍♂️. 2 minutes I could not breath.  So I pushed the phone since I could not reach it, just to avoid people seeing my nakedness. Then Nelly heard the bang on the floor, took me out with all the foam and placed me to bed????????????.


All attributed to fatigue and lack of enough sleep.

I have not been able to sleep for a while due to tiredness, so i took tea, and some orange juice. But still could not sleep. I was tired and worn out, too tired to sleep. So I took sleeping pill to knock me out, but nothing. My brain and heart were very awake. So in the morning we went for breakfast, and the shit happened again, after I served my sausages sat down.

It was so bad, tears naturally rolled down her cheeks, in remorse of what was happening to her.

I lost my breath again, and tears were rolling off my cheeks since I was struggling to breath. So the waiter went to call @nelly who was attending to make up artists. Who had come to do my make up for our scheduled interview with Lilian Muli ????‍♂️. That´s how we ended here.


Before clarifying:

I am very healthy it´s only that my system shut down.


Akothee pins all this to the fact that her heart is just too generous to everyone, which is costing her big time!

However, she has decided she can only carry so much load on her back and it is the high time she considered getting sufficient rest.

I have to agree, ¨I am tired¨. Doctors result: Fatigue 90% Flu 10%

Akothee reveals why she was recently hospitalized!

Madame boss singer Akothee is currently receiving treatment at an unknown hospital moments after she revealed to be unwell.

The singer says that her busy schedule and workaholic behavior is the reason she is currently in hospital as she collapsed and fainted due to lack of sleep and rest.

In a new post shared on her Instagram, Akothee assured fans and family that she is okay and things are not as serious as bloggers have been putting it.

Akothee hospitalized

This life ,you can only occupy one bed at a time, Bloggers dont scare my family and fans , I am not dead! my system just shut down ,I will be back ????????????????

Akothee’s manager

In one of her Instagram stories, Akothee went on to thank her manager for being around when her system shut down.

According to Akothee if not for Nelly Oaks, then today fans would be typing ‘RIP’. She went on to write saying;


Akothee: Men never mean those things they whisper in your ear when they want s*x

Singer Akothee, a woman who many Kenyans have accused of using men to gain riches, has come out to bash women who think that going after material riches will make them happy.

On Instagram as usual, the mother of five posted a long post sharing why women need to have a direction and not just chase men around.

She wrote:


“My daughters finish school , get yourselves stable before you think of having a family ! Never put your hopes on a human being , never see a man driving a big car then you decide to settle for him thinking he owns it , men do borrow their friends cars and houses to gain social class and lure women ! Settle with someone you love , loves and respect you as a woman .

Never base your love on material wealth you will forever be empty! How about you getting pregnant over night because you thought he has a big house ! Only to realise it was his friends and he has not even a penny to take care of you and the baby ? If a man ever blocks you after getting you pregnant! Block them too and imagine they dont exist ! Collect your life together and carry your pregnancy!its your own shit , you went looking for it ! Me as your mother I will laugh at you ????? if I see you chasing him around crying and throwing tantrums! But I will hug you and calm you down ! But I dont promise to baby sit Hell No , you won’t make me a grandma now! Ngojeni kidogo , zI wont stop putting on my bikinis for you ???

“Men are also tired with women fixing them with babies ?????, men have also decided that if you want them sperm donors they are plenty ! So get pregnant at your own risk ????? you will know you dont know ! Men are tired too. ??????
I haven’t seen your boyfriend’s though! If you get any please introduce them to Me I won’t laugh ?????? . But make sure they have shaved their hair please and no hunging trousers looking like some thief good day , its your choice @veshashaillan@rue.baby @fancy_makadia ! Bora uhai I LOVE YOU

Akothee wins court case against mzungu baby daddy who wanted to take her kids?

Seems like Akothee has made a huge progress in a pending court case between her and her baby daddy. This year has seen the mother of five head to court because the father of her son was making unreasonable demands.

The case has been going on since January but she has not being sharing much. On Instagram today, she opened up saying that God has once again helped her, hinting that she might have actually won the case.

Not easy

Akothee’s son

Here’s what she said:

“God has done it again , he keeps doing it for the innocent ones , He fights our battles ! The number of trips I made to the law courts just to fight for our safety & your rights , The number of emails back and forth between lawyers just to prove which point! Don’t hesitate to consult the children’s court every time you are having custody battles , the children’s court is plain fare and work towards the safety & interest of the children only , not love triangles just make sure the story you are telling is true and truth alone shall remain.


“No one can buy the rights of your child if you are a responsible mother ! No court will take a child away from a mother if she has been there since conception ! Only a selfish Lawyer can use the family situation to collect money from an irresponsible father , imagining that he can challenge the children’s court at the expense of his pocket .family issues are very sensitive and all lawyers should think twice before misleading any party ! It’s a matter of life & death ! Couples have committed suicide and murdered their children ! Don’t be a party to destroying families just to end up in a bank , you might end up like judas. God bless all parents fighting custody battles.” 

Akothee: The world shaped me this way, I might look stupid to you but the difference is RESULTS

Singer Akothee is the mother of advice. The popular singer was recently on IG to share that in life, you have to follow your gut feeling and ignore what anyone else thinks.

That’s how I did it

The singer went on to say that the far she has come, she worked straight from her gut and her success rate is proving to be just fine.

“I have always received resistance in my life , people around me always thought my ideas were all stupid and childish , All my life I have walked through the Don’ts and Nooos, whenever I shared my ideas with people they looked at me like are you crazy! ! I learnt one thing in my life ! Taking risks ! I am never afraid of the outcome , all I want to see is results , whether positive or negative , the world shaped me this way,” she posted.


“I listen to people’s advices but I take decisions according to how I feel it in my stomach , I might look stupid to you ,but the difference of theory and practical is RESULTS ! I ask for advice when I already have a decision , so I only listen to your opinion. Do what you can to build and change your life ! You are the shoe wearer! We are half way the year 2018 let’s compare notes in January 2019 ,have you accomplished what you planned God willing ? You can’t rotate around one place year come year go there has to be a change, it starts with you ! Are you seing any growth ? If so type Amen.” 


Exclusive behind the scene photos of Akothee’s upcoming new video that has costed Ksh 5 million

Akothee’s latest release Oyoyo featuring MC Galaxy will be the talk of town. This comes at a time when the singer had just came from being hospitalized for fatigue.

That did not stop her from leaving the hospital and shooting her music video as planned.

 “I, madam boss  the president of the single mothers is urging all the women to get off their pity party and stand for their rights,” Akothee said, “I shot the video at a time when I was meant to be in the hospital and on bed rest for exhaustion. Never stop believing in yourself. My fans should expect more hits and entertainment, after all, my life, your entertainment.”

Set for a Thursday, March 29 release at 9pm on Akothee Kenya’s YouTube page, the music video for Oyoyo will definitely be a fan favourite.

Akothee did not spare any expenses in shooting the music video. She went all out to showcase her lifestyle as a boss. A showbiz boss.

Costed 5 million

In the music video there is a private jet, luxury car waiting to pick her once she walks down the blue carpet, a presidential suit to chill in at top hotel and fine dining.

“I can tell you for sure the budget came up to Ksh 5m,” Nelly Oaks, the star’s manager revealed.

Adding, “The video was a collaborative effort between Akothee and top brands like Silverstone Airline Limited, Moet & Chandon and Acacia Premiere Hotel in Kisumu.”

Akothee explains why this time round she has shot the music video, not only in Kenya but in her home county, Kisumu.

“I stopped shooting videos abroad because I want to promote my culture and my country let the resources revolve around my country. The video was shot in my home town of Kisumu and I am proud of that,” Akothee said.

Akothee is not one to do anything in a subtle manner. During the shooting of the music video with MC Galaxy, she brought Kisumu to a standstill. The set of the music video that was shot on the street was swamped with spectators.

The track, Oyoyo, is produced by Spell “MagikBoi” while the music video was shot by One Montage Production.

Here are the photos:

Akothee discharged from hospital after minor injury

Singer Akothee yesterday strained her foot forcing her to seek medical help as revealed on her Instagram page.

The singer made the announcement through her social media pages moments after checking herself into hospital for a check up. She went on to reveal that the tendon stretch will not allow her to wear heels for a while now but she is glad that her foot will heal in no time. She wrote saying;

“Never seen a stupid girl like you Akoth , the problem is you have thorns on your arse, you can’t sit down, I don’t even know what you are chasing , now see tendon stretch, #nomoreheels asiyesikia la ndwele sipite miguu”

Anyway, judging from her recent photo seems that the mother of 5 is carrying her usual errands.