Harmonize will perform at Wasafi festival- Diamond’s manager insists

Diamond Platnumz manager Babu Tale has come out to reveal that Harmonize will perform at Wasafi Records despite what many are saying.

Tale, who also confessed that they are tired of chasing Ali Kiba to perform, said that Harmonize has a busy schedule but they hope he’ll change it to fit theirs so that he can perform.

“Festival ni yetu sote, Harmonize, huku ndio nyumbani kwake. He has his own schedule but we believe he will reschedule it, so that he will come for the festival,” said Babu. 


The statement comes after Harmonize left the label and now he’s no longer in good terms with Diamond. Harmonize on his end has not also confirmed he’ll perform in the show.


Diamond forced me to pay him 500 million before leaving Wasafi- Harmonize cries

Singer Harmonize has come out to reveal that leaving Wasafi wasn’t an easy thing at all.

Speaking in an interview, the singer said that he had to part with a clean Tsh500 million(Ksh 25 million) before he can leave Wasafi records and start Konde Gang.

“Kuikweli kule sijaondoka kwa ubaya, tumefuata sheria na taratibu za mkataba!

“Nilitakiwa kulipa million 500 na baadhi ya gharama, kiukweli ckuwa na pesa lakini nimeuza baadhi ya mali zangu ili nifanikiwe kulipa hiyo pesa na kwa asilimia kubwa nimelipa bado asilimia chache tu ili niweze kutumia kitu chochote kinachomuhusu Harmonize” he stated.


Harmonize was speaking at Clouds FM when he opened up about the issue also speaking on why the Wasafi Team had to miss his wedding.


Harmonize is not joining politics, Singer clarifies

Singer Harmonize has come out to shoot down allegations that he’s thinking about joining politics in the near future.

Word had it that the popular singer ditched Diamond Wasafi Records because he has started his own label and will then move to politics after that.

But in an interview with global publishers, Harmonize said those were just baseless rumors and he’s not interested at all in politics.

“In short, I do not think of venturing into politics. Instead, I want to take our music to greater heights. My dream is to take our music international. That is where I put all my energy. I will do anything and everything for music and nothing else, not even politics,” he said.


Harmonize on follow me

Though the singer has been helping a lot in his hometown in Mahuta village, Tandahimba in Mtwara and guys have been requesting him to run, Harmonize seems not yet interested.

Awkward moment as Alikiba walks out of funeral moments after Harmonize arrived

Alikiba has shocked many after a viral video showing him walk out at the late Mafik singer Mbalamwezi funeral which was held a few days ago.

The Rock Star CEO is seen standing up before exiting just a few moments after Harmonize arrived with his entourage.

Not quite sure why Alikiba chose to walk out just when Harmonize had proven to be interested in starting a fresh with him now that he followed him on Instagram.


Kiba holding grudge?

A while back during socialite Masosange’s funeral, Harmonize brought out a weird vibe after he greeted everyone and publicly ignored Kiba without minding the environment he was in.

The two again met but this time around seems that Alikiba was not ready to go through the drama again and instead left.

End of Wasafi? Lava Lava also announces he’s leaving troubled label

Diamond Platnumz is losing artists from his record label Wasafi Records. He has already lost Harmonize who ditched the label to go start his own called Konde Gang.

Lava Lava, another member of wasafi Records is also stepping out and he’s going to start his own that will focus on uplifting younger talent.

Lava Lava recently told journalists that he’s already working on leaving the label to start his own called BiteGang but didn’t reveal why he’s stepping out of Wasafi.


Lava Lava brings Harmonize on board for Saula

Wasafi has been trending for the wrong reasons for the better part of this month as artists under Diamond Platnumz have been hitting things are not rosy at the label.

Diamond later called Harmonize greedy proving that it’s true things haven’t been going the planned way.



Trouble for WCB? Harmonize follows Alikiba on Instagram

Word making rounds the blogs is that Harmonize has been planning to exit Wasafi Records for reasons best known to him and the WCB team.

This comes shortly after Rich Mavoko also  decided to embark on a solo career that has seen his music somehow go unnoticed due to lack of publicity.

Anyway Harmonize also seems to be making changes as seen on his Instagram bio as he recently deleted ‘signed to Wasafi’ tag and also followed AliKiba has been beefing with Diamond Platnumz for ages now.

Manager warns singer

Having been told that Harmonize is planning to leave the record label, Mkubwa Fella went on to advise him not to be lied to and exit WCB as this will affect his career.

Mkubwa went on to add that he knows those influencing Harmonize to exit the record label since they also tried to buy off Diamond Platnumz from the label in the past. He wrote;