Harmonize is not joining politics, Singer clarifies

Singer Harmonize has come out to shoot down allegations that he’s thinking about joining politics in the near future.

Word had it that the popular singer ditched Diamond Wasafi Records because he has started his own label and will then move to politics after that.

But in an interview with global publishers, Harmonize said those were just baseless rumors and he’s not interested at all in politics.

“In short, I do not think of venturing into politics. Instead, I want to take our music to greater heights. My dream is to take our music international. That is where I put all my energy. I will do anything and everything for music and nothing else, not even politics,” he said.


Harmonize on follow me

Though the singer has been helping a lot in his hometown in Mahuta village, Tandahimba in Mtwara and guys have been requesting him to run, Harmonize seems not yet interested.

End of Wasafi? Lava Lava also announces he’s leaving troubled label

Diamond Platnumz is losing artists from his record label Wasafi Records. He has already lost Harmonize who ditched the label to go start his own called Konde Gang.

Lava Lava, another member of wasafi Records is also stepping out and he’s going to start his own that will focus on uplifting younger talent.

Lava Lava recently told journalists that he’s already working on leaving the label to start his own called BiteGang but didn’t reveal why he’s stepping out of Wasafi.


Lava Lava brings Harmonize on board for Saula

Wasafi has been trending for the wrong reasons for the better part of this month as artists under Diamond Platnumz have been hitting things are not rosy at the label.

Diamond later called Harmonize greedy proving that it’s true things haven’t been going the planned way.



Diamond denies he’s losing popularity to Harmonize: People try to put me against my own artists 

Singer Harmonize denied it. His team also denied, and now his boss, Diamond Platnumz has also come out to deny it.

Several sources have claimed that Diamond is losing his popularity to Harmonize but the two have completely shut down insisting that Diamond is still the king.

Still the king

The Wasafi Records Boss recently spoke to Bongo 5 where he played down the whole rivalry with his mentee, saying it is not the first time he has been compared to his own artists.

“We as Wasafi are already very big. Especially me individually that is why people are trying to compare me with other artists. For a long time every upcoming artist has been likened to Diamond. Since they can’t beat me they have started putting me up against my own artists,” he claimed.

¨Jamani shetani anawaibia jaribu Yesu¨ Ringtone´s piece of advice to Diamond, Rayvanny and Harmonize

Controversial Kenyan Gospel singer, Ringtone, has struck again.

The Tenda wema nenda zako hitmaker is done hitting at Willy Paul or Bahati for now, he´s now onto the Tanzanian bongo music scene.

WCB record label artists, (from left) Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize and Rayvanny

Diamond Platinumz, Rayvanny and Harmonize are now his victims.

All, who are signed under Diamond´s WCB record label.

The letter

Dear Diamond, Harmonize and Rayvanny, I write to you, not because I hate you, but because I sympathise with you.

The gospel singer began with the opener.

Imagine the devil is misusing you guys.

He continued with the same horrible grammar he was recently put down with:

According naile bidii na kazi mmefanya kila siku hamlali kazi ni kutoa mawimbo.

Yaani shetani anawazungusha sana.

Anawainamisha, anawafanya mvue nguo, mranderande dunia, mkose usingizi lakini kwa kweli mapato ni madogo na hata mkipata shetani anamake sure mmepoteza na warembo.

Ringtone clearly seems to be pretty conversant with what the devil has been doing to these three.

To be honest if you guys were singing gospel music right now mngekua mabillionaire na ma range rover, ma LX 570, manyumba hapo masaki, ndege zenyu etc.

He however seems too honest for life:

Honestly how come hamjahama vijijini, magari bado mnakodesha, nguo mnavaa mitumba, chain ambazo sio original etc

Red light: Shades thrown!

Sisemi kuishi kijijini ni vibaya but kwa ile bidii mmeonesha jamani shetani anawaibia jaribu yesu.

The artist vocalised his message to the bongo flava artists sympathising with them and reassuring them that ´kwa Yesu kuna raha´.

Yaani Yesu ni mzuri sana, nyimbo zangu hazijaenea kama zenyu, sina followers na views kama nyinyi lakini mapato ya Mungu anayafanyia multiplication ndio mnaona ninadanga na kutesa kuwashinda nyote wasafi pamoja.

He proudly admits.

Try Jesus you will thank me later.

Gospel artist, Ringtone

This was the piece of advice that Ringtone was trying to put across to the Wasafi record label artists.

Was the message driven home?

Let´s wait and see.


Mixed reactions

Katika msafara wa mamba kuna mburukenge ?, wewe ni mburukenge ???, unataka kukula mabaki ya mamba na huna makali ???

iammkenya did not spare the controversial gospel artist.

Ringtone that was good, but the approach of making Jesus known is not godly.

We don´t serve God to get money but to win sould to Christ.

m_cecil_kenya supported but corrected Ringtone on that.

shida yako inakuanga gani, si uende uchunge ngombe zako

clyve_caleb had that to leave to the singer to meditate on.

Ukweli huuma, but ringtone has spoken the truth, Jesus is the only way thank you so much for saying this be blessed.

A lovely lorainekevy shook his hand in agreement.

Wewe ndio the biggest devil ?? we nk nani wa kujudge wengine, kubali uli sha isha fashion, acha kuletea wengine njaa zako

One monicaa_ke gave the artist a piece of her mind.

If you are truly a man of God and anointed by the Holy Spirit, go talk to them face to faceand the Lord will be with you and they will listen to you and maybe be convinced to change and follow the God you serve..bibilically you´re not suppose to embarrass the people you want to change publicly.

min2082 gave the artist a sincere piece of advice.

It is definite that Ringtone´s post aroused mixed reactions but their point is, Ringtone did take a brave step but not necessarily the right way.