Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

Singer Lava Lava now earning more money after replacing Harmonize? Check out the posh car he gifted himself

Wasafi Records singer Lava Lava seems to be doing quite well with his new projects and his latest ‘Saula’ which he featured Harmonize.

Word making rounds on social media is that the Wasafi team have been grooming him up to replace Harmonize who is left WCB.

Lavalava of Hatuachani

So far we have seen Sallam SK praise Lava Lava while on interviews and now the young singer is said to have purchased a multimillion convertible which he flaunted on his Instagram page the other day.

Lava Lava’s emotional post

In a Well detailed post, the Wasafi singer opened up about the struggles he had before joining WCB.

Apparently he never imagined that one day he would buy his own car or even live the life he has been enjoying for the last past few years.

He wrote saying;

Kwanza Kabisa Nimshukuru M/Mungu kwamaana Bila Yeye Nisingefika Hapa Nilipo pili Wazazi Wangu Tatu CEO @diamondplatnumz Nauongozi Wote Wa @wcb_wasafi @babutale@sallam_sk @ricardomomo@kameboy_j @mkubwafellatmkkwakuhakikisha Tunapata Haki Zetu Kihalali Ili Nasisi Tuendeshe Maisha Yetu Nakusaidia Familia Zetu NNE Nikushukuru Wewe Shabiki Yangu Uliekuwa Unanisapoti Tangu Nilipoanza Mpaka Sasa Nilipofikia Kijana Wenu Nimeongeza Kausafiri Nahii Sikwasababu Mimi Nitajiri Sana hii Nikwasababu Ya Sapot Yenu Tangu Mwanzo Wa Safari Yangu Ya Muziki Ewe kijana Mwenzangu Dada kaka Nawote Waangaikaji Tusikate Tamaa Mungu Yupo Anatuona Tusali Natufanye Kazi Kwa Bidii Nakumbuka Miaka Mitatu Nyuma Nilkuwa Sina Uwezo Wakununua Hata Baiskel Ila Maombi juhudi Nakumuheshimu Kila Mtu Ndo Nguzo Yamafanikio Tusikate Tamaaa MUNGU ANATUONA #Wcb4Life,”

End of Wasafi? Lava Lava also announces he’s leaving troubled label

Diamond Platnumz is losing artists from his record label Wasafi Records. He has already lost Harmonize who ditched the label to go start his own called Konde Gang.

Lava Lava, another member of wasafi Records is also stepping out and he’s going to start his own that will focus on uplifting younger talent.

Lava Lava recently told journalists that he’s already working on leaving the label to start his own called BiteGang but didn’t reveal why he’s stepping out of Wasafi.


Lava Lava brings Harmonize on board for Saula

Wasafi has been trending for the wrong reasons for the better part of this month as artists under Diamond Platnumz have been hitting things are not rosy at the label.

Diamond later called Harmonize greedy proving that it’s true things haven’t been going the planned way.


Lava Lava´s ¨Hatuachani¨ video is now out but fans think it is too explicit for the Ramadhan season

WCB latest signee, Lava Lava releases ´Hatuachani´ jam video contrary to his previous ´Tuachane´ anthem and fans can´t keep calm.

Roughly 3 weeks ago, the bongo artist released ¨Hatuachani¨ jam featuring Rhumba artist, Salha and it´s video is now out.


Funny thing though is the release that speaks volumes particularly fact that he will not let go of his lover.

Lava Lava strongly condemns friends and close allies that pretend they care and know how to handle marriages.

But end up splitting a couple for selfish gains.

He affirms to his lover that they will not break up.

Additionally, that she should watch out and stay away from ticks that are out to suck out the blood.

Achananao manyambafu wasikupande kichwaniiiii

Midomo yao michafu isikunyime amaniiii

They ought to ignore the petty noises the crowd makes, mind their own business and stay tight together.

Because that is what haters dislike most.

They should bother less about the haters who should not even be a reason for their sleepless nights and headaches.

Nipende kama sarafu unifiche kwapaniiiiii

Naunigane siafu hata tukiwa njianiiiiiii

Unfortunately, the crowds might feel jealous because they are thriving, but they shall not succeed.

If anything, they should dance to the beats of their love song, going down to Rhumba dance moves.

The lesson

Interestingly, Lava Lava claims to have learnt his lesson from his Boss, Chibu and Zari´s marriage that crudely got torn apart.

Naomba Zifikisheni Habari Kwa Ricado Momo

Purukushani Za Mondi Na Zari Zimenipa Somo

This comes contrary to his previous ¨Tuachane¨ jam where he was focused on breaking up with his girlfriend for cheating allegations.

Lava Lava´s trend in the bongo land and in the WCB label are proof he is able to tend to the needs of his audience as well as stay relevant in the industry.

He will remain known for his Rhumba and RNB genres that he stars on, most of the time.

The 3-day old video is currently trending on Number 14 with over 375,000 views on You Tube.


Unfortunately, fans on social media feel that the timing and video content of the jam is wrong and way too explicit especially for this Ramadhan season.

Wewe ni shetan ramadhan na bongo fleva tofauti eti na wewe unategemea allah akupe mwisho mwema


@ben_joho kwl ulichosema yan hapo kafanya kusud wakat anajuwa kabisa hii no ramadhan jamn


@asmajlly allah atamuangaza na dunia mana anafanya kusudi anajua na anafanya

However, there will always be two sides of a coin as others just fall in love with the jam:



Achana Nao Manyambafu ????????


????mawinguni ????????


Hii umezingua


Kaka video imetishaaaaa sana watu wawai mi nishacheki????????????????




Roumba mama roumba ????????????????????????????apoo apoo i like ????????????




Lavalava mbona ni msumbuvu yan????????kila nyimbo????????
Mziki mzuri Upo wcb
Mzee wa hit song

But there are some who feel he ever complains in his videos:

Nawewe badilika bana nyimbo za kulalamika kila saa!!


Check out ¨Hatuachani¨ video below:

Wasafi’s Lava Lava sympathizes with Kenyan female fan who was dumped by her boyfriend after she groped his genitals

Wasafi Festival in Nairobi on December 31st 2018 was not without drama, some female fans went wild when Lava Lava took to the stage to perform.

A section of randy female revelers groped Lava Lava’s genitals as he was performing at Uhuru Gardens. The incident was caught on video which was widely shared on social media.

One of the ladies who groped Lava Lava’s genitals was reportedly dumped by her boyfriend after the video went viral on social media.

Lava Lava talked about the incident during a recent interview with Wasafi TV. He sympathized with the randy girl who was dumped after she groped his genitals.

“Kitu ambacho kimenistaajabisha kwenye lile tukio ni kwamba mmoja kati ya msichana ambaye amenishika sehemu zangu za siri, nilisikia amewachwa na boyfriend wake na imekuwa kama stori kubwa sana. Nashindwa kulielezea kwa kiasi hicho,” said Lava Lava.

Not my fault

Lava Lava absolved himself from any blame saying that he was the victim in the incident. He also said that he shouldn’t be blamed for the indecent video since he wasn’t the one who shared it online.

“Mimi sikufanya watu ndo wamefanya, watu ndo wamefanya. Mimi kuwakosea Watanzania sijui nimewakosea wapi kwa sababu watu ndo wamenishika. Umeona kwenye Instagram yangu nimepost? Sijapost kwenye Instagram yangu kwa sababu najua maadili yetu hakipendezi. Watu, blogs na vituo fulani Kenya ndo wamepost watu wameona sasa nimewakosea vipi?” said Lava Lava.




Is this your girlfriend? Outrage as Wasafi singer Lava Lava lets Nairobi ladies feel his Mjulubeng on stage(video)

Tanzania’s WCB-signed artiste, Lava Lava has hit the trending list after pulling a stunt that will sure annoy Tanzanian body Basata which has been on their case lately.

The singer, while performing at the Wasafi Festival held in Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi on December 31, let ladies touch and hold his manhood. The singer moved to the edge of the stage and placed his manhood strategically leaving the while crowd to stroked it.

No morals

The stunt impressed the ladies who got a chance to feel his Mjulubeng but might sure anger Tanzanian authorities who had banned them from performing at the show because of their deteriorating conduct.

The Wasafi Festival, which was graced by among others, Tanzania’s finest acts Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Queen Darleen, Mbosso, Lava Lava and Harmonize had been banned by Basata after Diamond performed “Mwanza” which had also been banned.

Watch the video below:


Lava Lava thanks Diamond with sweet message gifting him with a brand new car

Wasafi Records signee Lava Lava has thanked his boss Diamond Platnumz for gifting him a brand new Toyota Harrier.

A day ago, Diamond surprised Lava Lava and Mbosso Khan, another signee, with the cars.

Means something

Speaking to Wasafi TV, the Utatulia hit maker, said that such gifts from the boss means that he has value in the company.

“Namshukuru sana.Unajua sisi tumepitia Maisha magumu sana. Mtu anapokuchukua anakupeleka sehemu nyingine inamaanisha unachofanya sio kitu kidogo. Imaanisha anakujali anakuonyesha udhamani wako na anakupongeza kwa kufanya kazi mzuri. Ni jambo la kushukuru sana. Mimi nashukuru sana uongozi wetu kuanzia Diamond, Babu Tale Salam na watu waote wanaofanya kazi WCB nasimama kidete.”

“Nawashukuru sana. Sina maneno mengi sana lakini Mwenyezi Mungu ndio atawalipa. Tunawashukuru sana, tunawapenda sana muendelee kutusupport sio leo tu ata siku nyingine pia,” he said.

Diamond spends Kes 5.4 million to buy Wasafi singers Lavalava and Mbosso brand new Toyota Harriers

Diamond Platnumz has made it a habit to buy cars for artists signed to Wasafi Classic record label. The singer has previously bought Harmonize and Rayvanny cars.

Diamond himself was bought a Kes 8 million 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser by his managers. The managers Babu Tale, Sallam SK Mendez and Mkubwa Fella bought him the expensive SUV so that he could stop driving himself in his BMW X6 to corporate meetings.

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Harriers for Lavalava and Mbosso

Diamond has bought two Toyota Harriers for Wasafi’s latest signings – Lavalava and Mbosso. Lavalava has been given a silver Harrier while Mbosso got a black Harrier. The two brand new Toyota Harriers are estimated to cost Kes 5.4 million.

Video: Popular Wasafi singer faints on stage after receiving kiss from hot female fan 

At first, fans thought it was all an act but quickly realized it wasn’t a joke after medical help was demanded on stage. This is after Wasafi Records signee Lava Lava shocked fans by collapsing on stage seconds after kissing a female fan.

On Instagram, the singer said that he didn’t know what happened after he kissed the fan but he thanked God he’s OK.

“Kwanza Nimshuru Mungu Mana Pengine Nisingeamka Mpaka Sasa Sielewi Nini Kilinifanya Nikazimia Bado Sielewi Kama Huyu Dada Ndie Aliesababisha Ama Kitu Gani Lakini Pia Ahsante @arbaabmb Mana Uliweza Kunisomea Bila Kujali Mazingira Gani Tuliopo Sema Huyu Dada Kunikisi Huku Veep Alitaka Kuniauwa Mana Anajua Kabisa Mimi Nina #Gundu Mambo Haya Sijawahi Kufanyiwa,” shared Lava Lava.

No clue

The organisers, Arbab Mb, were also shocked after he fainted and couldn’t explain what really happened.

“Moja ya kitu ambacho kilinishangaza sana ni baada ya mdada mmoja hivi kupanda jukwaani na kumkiss @iamlavalava halafu @iamlavalava akawa kama kabutwaa mara akaanguka chini mi nikajua utani ila dakika kadhaa naona zinapotea @iamlavalava hamkii nikaona mmhh!! Ninin tena Mungu wangu ikabidi sasa nichuchumae chini na kuagiza maji huku nikimsomea dua ilichukua kama dk fulani hivi ndio @iamlavalava akapata nguvu na kurudisha kumbukumbu nakuendelea na show daah hata sijui ilikua ni nini ila ghery” shared the Event Organizer.

Watch the video below:



Pure madness: Fan gets permanent tattoo of Wasafi Records artist’s name on her tiny waist

There is no doubt that Diamond Platnumz has been recruiting the best artists for his record label. So far he works with Harmonize, Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen and the newest member Lava Lava.

The new singer has so far released two projects that have left most Bongo lovers craving for more. His first hit song ‘Bora Tuachane’ has already hit over 1 million views in a span of one month – something that many artists are yet to accomplish.

Away from that, Lava Lava seems to be driving many women crazy especially with his fine looks and sultry voice that leaves you playing his music over and over again. One lady has proven her loyalty to the singer after she permanently got his name stamped onto her backside of her waist.

Crazy as it seems Lava Lava shared the photo on his Instagram page creating room for the internet to make fun of this tattoo while others wondered what her future husband will say after she gets married. Anyway checkout the photo below;


The new kid on the Wasafi Records block giving Harmonize and Rayvanny a run for their money, his voice is priceless!

Wasafi Records owned by Diamond Platnumz first signed Harmonize who dropped Ayiola and we all liked it. Then came Rayvanny who confirmed that the baba Tee was determined to run the music industry by using singers with amazing vocals. He also went ahead to sign Rich Mavoko who was previously signed under kaka empire and having the three boys on board it was clear that there was no stopping the Wasafi family.

Lava Lava

When we thought Diamond Platnumz was done, the fella has gone ahead to introduce a new face with an amazing voice….and yes he sounds waaaay better Rayvanny. He goes by the name of Lava Lava and boy is this man gifted. His first single which was dropped under has been trending since yesterday and so far even Diamond Platnumz has admitted that Lava Lava is one to look out for.

Though his song was written by Rayvanny who is known to write most songs done by the Wasafi family….there is no doubt that Lava Lava is about to take over Tanzania as the new kid on the block. He has a different twist of ‘taarabu-bongo-rob’ type of singing that makes him unique in his own way. Checkout the audio on Diamond Platnumz bio and be the judge.