“You need to be arrested” Betty Bayo bashed for risking underage son’s life for a publicity stunt (Video) 

Betty Bayo and pastor Kanyari have two children; but before we learnt that Kanyari was Dan’s father – the 11th hitmaker had done everything possible to keep this a secret.

During an interview with SDE Kanyari himself denied being responsible; citing that she got pregnant after publicly denying being his wife during the ‘310church scandal.’  With Kanyari denying the pregnancy in 2015 we were all convinced that he was indeed cheated on but oh well – it is life!

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari

However 2 years after the boy was born, the two parents went on to reveal that this was their second child. I mean wow! So despite their online drama this two were still seeing each other on the low? Toxic love must be addictive right? Anyway I guess these two are as normal as any other ex couple in Nairobi…..

Betty risking son’s life

Anyway fans have been forced to call out Betty Bayo for risking her son’s life as seen in a new video shared by the singer on her page. From the video contents, one can clearly see a 4 year old boy behind the wheels; and although Betty was with him for parental guidance; the video left many mums quite disappointed.

All grown up! Betty Bayo’s son

One of her fans went on to warn Betty Bayo for posting the video; yet it would land her in trouble with the official. She wrote;

mercy.w.kamau1; I can’t risk my child’s life for publicly.

mr_pompom._ ????????????do you know you can be arrested because of posting this video you should just pull it down because i know hii itakuletea shinda????????????

While another one went on to add;

mwendaconnie; This is so wrong in every way..please don’t risk your son’s life for nothing.There is time for everything the reason why driving licenses are given to over 18.Wacha mtoto akuwe mtoto please .If he must drive,but him the big toy cars which he can still drive but this one is a big NO

mercyrashierl; Kwani huyu dem hakusoma… honestly watoto wetu wote wanajifunza but kisiri sana coz you might end up in jail… foolish betty nakai kweli nguku ya kienyenji itwaritwo town ikeruo ndi kuhuria????

Watch the video below.

Pastor Kanyari on being called deadbeat dad: I pay Ksh 450K every month and my kids are in one of the bests schools 

Controversial Pastor Kanyari has come out to prove he’s not a deadbeat dad and a stingy man as his ex-wife Betty Bayo once claimed in an interview with radio Jambo’s Massawe.

“We are neither enemies nor friends, but we coordinate where it is possible. He is a stingy man who only provides little for his children, Bayo said in the interview. 

Spends a lot

In an interview with Mpasho, Kanyari said that  he sure takes care of his kids and make sure they live well and attend good schools.

The pastor said that he does most of the heavy lifting while Bayo mainly provides food.

“I take care of my children and pay. She only provides for food which we also help each other sometimes. It costs me sh450,000 every term because they are in one of the best schools,” He said. 


Betty Kyalo on getting a new man: I have met so many nice guys but I am being intentionally patient

Four years after her ugly break up with ex-husband Dennis Okari, news anchor Betty Kyalo is yet to find a man to settle down with but don’t get it confused, it’s a choice she has made.

The K24 TV presenter recently opened up in an interview with Parents Magazine about her relationship status saying that she’s taking her time before she settles down again majorly because of her ugly break ups with Dennis Okari and Governor Joho.

“I have met so many nice guys but I’m still hesitant because of my past experiences. Even when I meet someone new who seems nice, I am always walking on eggshells.That said, I know nice guys exist, I am being intentionally patient just to get someone who I feel is ideal for me,” she confessed to Parents Magazine.

Not about money and cars

She added that she’s no longer interested in a man who has big cars and money but just looking for a man who is more all-rounded.

“It goes beyond the big cars or money and comes to the little things like being kind to the waiter or to children, I love love so I would want someone who truly loves me back and sends me flowers to the office or buys me cake, for me it’s the simplest things that make me pay attention,” she confessed.

Kwani ni uhai? Betty Kyalo tired of Kenyans asking her to get married 

Former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo divorced with fellow news anchor Dennis Okari almost three years ago after being married less than an year.

Since then, the popular news anchor has never really gotten another man who she can call “hers” and Kenyans are beginning to get impatient.

30 years

Kenyans have been pestering her with questions on when she’s getting married now that she’s 30 years old and Kyalo is tired.

“Please use this opportunity to enjoy your marriage please when you are still young,” a fan asked her pissing her off. 

Betty could not help but wonder why everyone was so keen on marriage like it was the only thing life was about.

“Surely is marriage the ultimate life goal?” she retorted.

This is how Betty Bayo celebrated her handsome young man as he turned 2 years old

Motherhood must be the best experience any woman will ever have and Betty Bayo knows this very well. The 11th hour hit maker has a daughter with pastor Kanyari and after their divorce the singer welcomed another child with an unknown fella.

So far it has been two years since Betty Bayo welcomed her son and she is thankful for the experience. On Monday 27th November the young man turned 2 years since his birth. And expected his mother had to celebrate him on her social media pages.

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Through her Instagram page, Betty shared an adorable photo which she captioned saying;

Happy birthday Son your now 2yrs … mummy Loves you .to moon and back your a gift from God ..i love the way mi hufunga mlango to take a nap during the day ..naskia uki knock knock . Saying ..”mummy ,mummy , bettyayo wake up Danny loves you “… ..

In yet another post she talks about how she has been looking for a man to settle down with only to end up with none. She is however proud to have a son who she will mentor to grow up to a fine young man. She wrote saying;

“Happy birthday to me and my adorable son … the last thing I wanted was to bring you and your sister out of the family setup. If you want you can call me a strong woman .. I have been single looking for a man .. I have been married trying to keep a man. And now dating a man ..and finally, a mother trying to raise a man … your not only blessed with a hardworking mum but also an intercessor who always there interceding for your life … I have learned very important lessons in life through the hard way … above all what a mighty God we serve,”

Betty’s marriage to Kanyari

Well the two dated for a while before welcoming a baby girl. However, their relationship did not last for long as the two split after Kanyari was exposed for being a conman robbing people through his church.

Kanyari’s ex wife unveils her second born’s face for the first time (Photos)

Controversial Pastor Kanyari’s marriage fell apart a few years ago after he was exposed for being a fraud. His ex wife, Betty Bayo walked out of their marriage and went on to add that she was never married to the fella.

A few months after their ‘divorce’ Betty Bayo announced that she was expecting her second child. This left many speculating as to whether the baby was Pastor Kanyari’s.

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The pastor however came out to deny being responsible for the pregnancy. Kanyari went on to make it public that his ex wife had moved on way before announcing her divorce with the man of God.

The singer then threw her baby at the Well of Worship Centre in Massachusetts, USA. After pulling this move, most of her fans were convinced that she was definitely involved with a white man.

Her son

Unlike what many thought, Betty Bayo’s son is not Caucasian. He is a handsome African boy with a little swag judging from his hair do.

His mother introduced him on her Instagram page for the first time where she shared his photos and wrote saying:

“First time on instagram ..big up son …much love,”

Betty Bayo's children
Betty Bayo’s children
All grown up! Betty Bayo’s son