“Just DjMo her” Zero chills as Betty Bayo’s shares blunt advice to men who have wronged their spouses

Betty Bayo has lately been sharing word of advice to married and divorced couples using her social media pages. Although Akothee had exhausted this category of life; gospel singer Betty Bayo has come with a new angel of helping broken or almost broken marriages.

So far we have seen the singer urge Size 8 not to leave DJ Mo just because he cheated on her. According to Betty Bayo, cheating is no longer considered a good reason of leaving a marriage; and to our surprise Size 8 actually never left.

Betty Bayo

The ‘gospel’ couple marked their 7th wedding anniversary just recently; leaving kamati ya roho chafu asking what happened as they expected Size 8 to walk out on the cheating DJ. But again, this was good as it has taught many to mind their business when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Betty to all men

Away from this, Ms Betty is back with a new post directed to all men. As seen on her post, Betty has gone ahead to address men who think or know they wronged their wives.

The singer went on to remind these men that women adjust to something really fast; and just because a man may have cheated – chances are that this wife will take him back. She wrote;

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari


with all due respect .

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If you have wronged your rib and you know ulimhurt sana until she walk away … if you know you still love her . Just DjMo her dont take too long to apologize.. nowadays women adjust very quickly .si unaona ata corona tushazoea .that woman who is crying for u today and begging you wont do that forever one day she will wake up and move on…..dont follow her when it’s too late . Some can’t wait for the coming of christ and still wait for you …dont allow her to know apart from youtube movies Kuna Netflix.. dont allow pride to make you loose your family .go for her now that she is waiting for you..dont say I dint tell you …..

#enjoying Netflix.

This could be true – can she speak for herself and not generalize all women? Isn’t Kanyari still living as a bachelor after she walked out on him?

Single and searching! Pastor Kanyari’s ex Betty Bayo reveals 10 qualities she’s looking for in an ideal husband

After a failed marriage to the infamous Pastor Kanyari, Betty Bayo has revealed what she looks for in an ideal future husband.

She admitted she has grown tired of a flurry of men ever flooding her inbox seeking her hand in marriage.

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This comes weeks after she went back to her husband’s home and gave back the bride price he had paid for her.

Betty Bayo back to factory settings

In a short list as seen from her Facebook page, the born-again mother lists a God-fearing man as her benchmark.

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Well, birds of a feather, flock together and the young mum wants a divorcee whom she can relate with and have it easy with while starting their own family.

Pastor Kanyari’s ex, Betty Bayo

Interestingly, having gone through so much, Betty clarified she needs no cry baby or young man, rather someone who has been through it all and mature enough to take it up from their past.

vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force

Popular gospel artist, Betty Bayo

Having borne 2 children from her previous marriage, Betty wants a man who can love her children equally and bring peace in her life.

no shouting or violent I love peace.

Betty Bayo’s kids

Closing up, she hilariously mentioned she doesn’t need a man who speaks broken English like her – they can’t be the same! He needs to be better.

Finally, she needs someone who can light up her life but authentically so.

Know english, we can’t both talk broken english my fans must see the different..not too serious I don’t want a boring life.

Ukiachwa achika! “I don’t know why Betty keeps speaking about my relationship with her” Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari is not comfortable with how his ex wife has been talking about their past relationship on social media.

According to the pastor, Betty has been mentioning her everywhere; yet she also happens to have other exes she can talk about on her page.

He went on to add that after their break up, he now has no reason to fight for what they had;
I don’t know why Betty keeps on speaking about my relationship with her, yet she had other relationships before me.

She should not be worried that I may appear and fight for love. I am a good man and I don’t fight for love,

Speaking during his interview, Kanyari for the first time also disclosed how in love he was with Betty Bayo; who later on left him stranded and lonely after being exposed for being a fake ‘prophet.’ He went on to add;

Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo

I have never been with a person I loved that much to make me fight for her to love me. When we separated, it’s a decision we made so I cannot go back to her.

Daddy duties

Despite having parted ways with Betty Bayo, Pastor Kanyari has made it known that he is still present in his children’s lives no matter what.

The Kanyari’s

He opened up saying;

I respect separation but don’t neglect children. Take care of them and support them and give the woman a chance to get someone else to love her. She might get a ‘Jesus’ or a saint. I don’t regret it, just that I love my children so much but I can’t regret that we separated. Let her look for a Mzungu, when they die she will come looking for you.

Betty Bayo opens up about the nightmare of moving in a man she had only known for 3 weeks

Betty Bayo is not shy to talk about her past life; now that she has fully healed from her previous relationship with Pastor Kanyari!

Just the other day, the mother of 2 opened up revealing that her ex boyfriend was the reason she bleached her skin; leaving her looking like 2 different people but still in the same body!

Well, Ms Bayo is back with yet another new story as seen on her social media pages. Turns out that back when Betty was still a young girl with no children or husband – she met someone and 3 weeks of knowing each other they comfortably moved in together!

Betty Bayo talks about skin bleaching

Betty Bayo’s big mistake

As seen on her post, at 3 weeks she had not learnt much about him; leave alone his full official names that remained a mystery to her.

Through her IG, the lady wrote;

In my past relationship i made mistake from day 1, followed by more than 1000 more mistakes Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man 3 weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna ,unlike the expectation of many ,nilienda come we stay sorry i mean come we fight ???????? I moved in with a man who I barely new his full mpesa names .everyday things were unfolding i dint keep the social distance I got pregnant kidogo kidogo .pregnant aaagain????????

Betty Bayo back to factory settings

Pastor Kanyari

Reading between the lines, you’ll understand that Betty has been talking about Pastor Kanyari. This is because he is the father of Betty’s 2 children; and the only man Betty has ever said to be married to!

Through her social media pages the lady went on to declare herself a warrior who did not die of blood pressure or depression – a clear indication that all was definitely not okay.

The rest is history i was forced to say i did a wedding then was naive .. nani hapa alikula mchele ya harusi yangu,??? Did I do my wedding in Jupiter ?????????,one day ill give my story maybe it will help or entertain some1 somewhere ,for those saying an still in love yes it’s true but in love with my future not my past if God was not a forgiving God i deserved to be in a Christian Jail ..if I dnt die of depression .high blood pressure then..i assure you am living to 100 and something years.. am vaccinated for depression #selfblogger #truthhurts #unfollow me at your own risk #ifired my English teacher I can do it????#Godofonotherchance.

“You may not be a good husband but you’re a good dad!” Betty Bayo to Pastor Kanyari

Betty Bayo was once in love with her husband Pastor Kanyari; but after the controversial preacher got exposed for conning members of his church, things then took a drastic change.

According to social media, the two had an ugly ending but with Betty Bayo’s new post shared on Father’s Day; we have remained humbled after learning Kanyari is the father of Betty’s son too.

In the past the two made us believe that the baby boy had been fathered by a different man; and to make things worse Kanyari also publicly denied knowing anything about the pregnancy!

However turns out that these two were secretly still involved and after 9 months they welcomed a son.

Betty Bayo and Kanyari’s son

Betty Bayo’s Father’s Day message

As the world came together to mark Father’s Day; Betty also decided to celebrate the father of her two children. Through her facebook page the mother of two appreciated Kanyari for being the best dad to their kids saying;

Happy father’s day to the father of my kids…you may not be a good husband but you’re a good dad…

Although they are currently coparenting; Betty Bayo says Kanyari has been giving her nothing but peace for the past 4 years.

Unlike other men, she says Kanyari has respected the boundaries set and although he was never a good husband; the father of two has showered their children with nothing but love. She went on to add;

The Kanyari’s

Thanks for accepting my decision to move on it has been 4 yrs ..unlike many men you have never stalked me or made my life miserable just because we parted ways. You’re the least of my worries, every time you watch couples killing each other on tv coz of separation you do call and condemn the action.

From the message above, it’s obvious to see that both Betty and Kanyari value their children more and instead of making life harder; they choose to work hand in hand for their children’s sake.

Betty Bayo warns women against walking into marriages blindly — like she did with Kanyari

Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari might have children together – but are now Co parenting after their marriage failed to work.

According to reports, the two had a bitter split after Pastor Kanyari was exposed for being a fake pastor stealing from innocent people looking for salvation at his church.

Betty Bayo performing at Mr Seed’s event

Betty Bayo at that time decided to walk away with their daughter as she relocated to the United States where she stayed for a few months before welcoming her second baby.

Betty Bayo speaks to women

Away from that, Betty Bayo for the first time has opened up about her failed marriage to Pastor Kanyari who is said to be the father of her two kids.

Betty Bayo and Kanyari

Speaking just recently Miss Bayo shared a few words of advise to women who are stuck in violent relationships and marriages. According to Betty Bayo this is one of the few mistakes she made in her previous marriage since she did not have the strength to walk out.

 “I’ve learnt marriage is not easy. I have learnt to forgive and let go. No one wants to marry anyone who is embarrassing you on TV. If it’s not working, just let go. The mistake I made was to get into a marriage without really knowing my partner. I didn’t take my time to research the background. I didn’t consider things like character, personality. We differed in a lot of things. Every topic was an argument.”

Speaking about the domestic violence and killings reported around the country; Betty Bayo says that women should walk away to avoid the unexplainable from happening. She went on to add;

Sometimes, agree to disagree for the sake of the kids. I’m sad to see all the killings on TV. I decided to walk away and in the beginning, I didn’t want any support because it was not about the money.


Pastor Kanyari reveals why his marriage to Betty Bayo failed

Controversial pastor Kanyari has opened up about his marriage with Betty Bayo 4 years after they called it quits.

According to most tabloids, Betty Bayo apparently left the pastor after he was exposed for being fake and a conman!

Betty Bayo and Kanyari

Speaking to Word Is, Kanyari confirmed that indeed Betty Bayo was the best woman he could have ever settled down with but it turns out they did not go so far.

Betty was the best woman I have ever met but I think when we met we were both still childish, I was only 31 years,”

Why she left the Controversial pastor

Unlike what many believe, Betty Bayo did not walk out because Kanyari got exposed but because they were not mature enough to understand each other. Kanyari confirmed this by saying;

She was overcome by Pastor Kanyari’s scandalous life. Like when she wanted me to come home early, it was always a problem for me. The TV expose was not the main reason because she stood by me.”

When asked whether he still loves Betty, Kanyari said,

“You cannot force love to anyone. Na ukiachwa achika. I would say, if she loves me, I love her too but if she does not, then why should I force myself to her? If you are mature enough you let things unfold themselves without forcing them to happen because it could affect both of us. Love is a journey, and I loved her then but for now, I don’t know what her heart has.”


Pastor Kanyari’s ex wife opens up about the new man in her life!

Betty Bayo who is a popular gospel artist seems to have moved on 4 years after her break up with Pastor Kanyari.

Betty Bayo’s kids

The lady is now a mother of two with a new man in her life and from the look of things she is quite serious about her new life.

Speaking during an interview with the Star, Betty Bayo opened up about her rumored engagement and up coming wedding. However unlike what many expected Bayo said;

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

“Right now, our relationship is still on the basics, but when the time comes I will say.”

Private life

The gospel singer went on to add that her new man is quite private and prefers to be kept on the low.

Betty Bayo

“The guy am dating is not comfortable with me posting and talking about him, so that is why I will not be posting or revealing too much about him. Hataki mapenzi ya magazeti,”

She however concluded that details of her wedding will be released as soon as they are made.

Betty Kyalo: “2019 I’m hiding my lover from social media. And No, i’m not pregnant.”

If you haven’t noticed, Betty Kyalo has added some weight this year and we at Ghafla have been preaching that it’s all because she’s in love.

The K24 news anchor recently opened up about her love life saying that she has a man now but is not going to post her on social media like Vera Sidika and all these other ladies.

Also, just because she’s in love doesn’t mean she’s going to settle down any time soon.

“Tulisema 2019 tunawaficha. I want to enjoy time with him silently. It’s better and sweeter. I’m not in a hurry to get married again. For now, mbele iko sawa,” kyallo said.


People have also been speculating that she might be pregnant considering her recent weight gain. Kyalo denied this adding that even her daughter is not yet ready for a sister/brother.

“Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention,” she said. 

Pastor Kanyari on being called deadbeat dad: I pay Ksh 450K every month and my kids are in one of the bests schools 

Controversial Pastor Kanyari has come out to prove he’s not a deadbeat dad and a stingy man as his ex-wife Betty Bayo once claimed in an interview with radio Jambo’s Massawe.

“We are neither enemies nor friends, but we coordinate where it is possible. He is a stingy man who only provides little for his children, Bayo said in the interview. 

Spends a lot

In an interview with Mpasho, Kanyari said that  he sure takes care of his kids and make sure they live well and attend good schools.

The pastor said that he does most of the heavy lifting while Bayo mainly provides food.

“I take care of my children and pay. She only provides for food which we also help each other sometimes. It costs me sh450,000 every term because they are in one of the best schools,” He said. 


Tired of dating celebrities! Betty Kaylo promises never to date another celeb

TV news anchor Betty Kyalo has dated several well-known people. This has not been a good experience for the mother of one.

She has now vowed never to fall for a public figure because it comes with a huge price. Speaking with Jalang’o, Kyalo, who has just turned 30, she confessed that dating a celeb comes with a huge set of drama and she’s not ready to entertain all that.

“I’m happy financially, and the other thing is I said I don’t want to date anyone who is in the public limelight, again,” she said.

Bad encounters

We all know how her relationship with Dennis Okari turned out a few years ago. And when she later moved on to Joho, things switched to worse. So maybe she has a reason for saying all that.

We are neither enemies nor friends but Pastor Kanyari is a very stingy man- Betty Bayo

Gospel singer Betty Bayo has said that her ex- husband Victor Kanyari is a stingy man and doesn’t help her much when it comes to taking care of her kids.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe on Radio Jambo, Betty Bayo hinted that the controversial pastor is the kind of father who needs to be reminded to provide for his children.

“We are neither enemies nor friends, but we coordinate where it is possible. He is a stingy man who only provides little for his children,” she said. 

“Don’t think he is that man you wake up and ask him for everything. He helps kidogo but I believe as a woman you are not supposed to depend fully on men, so I provide for them. With an attitude like mine, unaumia coz not all men can provide without being reminded.”


Betty Bayo and Kanyari parted ways three years ago after the pastor’s life was surrounded by all kinds of negative controversies.

She however said she doesn’t miss him at all and learnt a lot from the failed marriage.

“I don’t miss Kanyari. I am so occupied with life and I even don’t follow up on what he does. I am enjoying the freedom of being single. Every marriage has issues. There are those you can stand but others you can’t. It is every woman’s dream to have a family, but I learnt that it is good to never cover up for the wrong things just because of love. If it is not working, walk out. Don’t die because of what people will say after you walk out.”

She also went on to deny that she got a baby out of their wedlock as rumors had earlier stated.

“It has been three years since I left and when the time comes, I will get married again to a good person, because I don’t want to find myself in a similar situation,” she said.

“I wish there was something I would have done to save the marriage, but I tried my best. All my kids are his but everyone has a right to say what they want. You can’t be affected if you know your truth.”


Betty Kyalo reveals the man who helped her build Flair by Betty

K24 news anchor, yes K24, Betty Kyalo impressed many after launching her salon Flair by Betty early this year after her relationship with Susan Kaittany went to the dogs.

The two had started Posh Palace but were forced to part ways after they became enemies.

Betty recently took to social media to thank Allan Mjomba, the man she contracted to beautify her salon.

According to Betty, Mjomba did the salon’s look on the walls, the floor, plumbing and also the ceiling.

“Appreciating my talented contractor and surface artist @fundi_mjomba he’s the guy who made @flairbybetty the beautiful salon it is. From the bespoke Textured walls, to the flooring, plumbing, Italian textured ceiling. He’s good,” said the news anchor.


The news anchor also reportedly poached her former staff at Posh Palace, including stylists and beauticians.

Flair By Betty is housed inside the Sh1.3 billion architectural marvel -FCB Mihrab – which is designed like a mihrab that symbolizes an entry towards purity and goodness, adds a lot to its appeal and an awesome customer experience.

Here is Betty and Mjomba.

Dennis Okari worried of how Betty Kyalo is exposing their daughter online

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo, just six months after exchanging vows, went their separate ways something that up to date still amazes many.

The two were in a hyped marriage that was well broadcasted on social media but ended before it really began after rumors that Betty had been cheating all along.


Betty Kyalo and her daughter

Their shot union was however blessed with a girl who now stays with her mother. In an interview with Nairobi News, Dennis stated that he’s worried of the levels of social media exposure her daughter is getting. He said that he prefers she get’s a private life out of social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he told the website. 

Okari and Joho dragged by Kenyans into Kyalo’s suggestive ‘I can make you feel better’ post 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo recently sent out a rather suggestive post but Kenyans in the end just had to bring back history and ruin the moment.

Donning a red dress top, sensually sipping tea while giving fans a snippet of the insides of her thick caramel thighs in an Instagram photo captioned: I ain’t a doctor but I can make you feel better. ?, Kyalo’s photo was meant to be just another light suggestive poke.

Joho and Okari

Kyalo’s post

Her fans however, ended up remembering her exes who enjoyed what she was advertising.

Please describe any medication to DennisOkari,” Phillip Denno tweeted.

Trevor Kasyoka replied, “Where is your Husband???????????????”.

“Please do, but don’t forget I too come from county 001,” another user, Stephen Morang’a said.

nimmoh_macharia You are a true definition of beauty and brains. You’re also an inspiration that one shouldn’t let a situation in life define who they’ll be. Instead focus,work smart &hard but above all with prayer nothing is impossible. Keep the fire blazing.??

Huyu jamaa anahitaji matibabu

You are 001 in a million ??

Betty Kyalo: This is why I hate watching myself on TV 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo spends almost half of her life in front of a camera. However, as much as she might be shooting a lot of videos, she doesn’t watch them later unless it’s completely necessary.

“I don’t like watching myself because I’m always critical. ‘Betty that angle you were sitting wasn’t nice, you should have sat better.’ At times, I watch myself to see the areas I can improve on.” She told the Star newspaper.

“I also don’t like to hear my voice on TV or on radio, not because it’s bad but because I find it weird,” She added.

Same dress code

On her first day on TV, Kyalo was tensed mainly because of a scar she has on the neck.

“I was sweating and also conscious of the big scar on the neck. If my bosses see my scar, maybe they will say I’m not good for TV. I was like, oh my goodness, let me hide it. The first time I went on air, I wore a high-collar shirt to hide the scar. I did that for such a long time but slowly by slowly, I started feeling comfortable in my skin.”

Betty Kyalo burns with anger after pervert fan asked for unexpected ‘favour’ on social media

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo is one cute single mother. And her cuteness brings a lot of drama that in most cases pisses her off.

The news anchor was recently forced to angrily shoo off a fan after posting an offensive comment on her Instagram page.

Show me what your mama gave you

While shooting a live video on Instagram, a fan identified as Sukhdeep, annoyed the news anchor after posting, “Show me your boobs.”

Kyalo fired back saying:

I will not show you boobs that is very wrong. Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257. As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why? Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever its fine”

Would Betty Bayo get back with her ex husband, Pastor Kanyari if he changed his ways? She responds

Renowned gospel singer Betty Bayo has opened up about her life with Kayari years after breaking up. The two apparently had a bitter ending after the lady realized that her husband had been running a false ministry.

Betty Bayo then walked out and maintained her silence for months despite the media wanting to hear her side of the story.

But thanks to a recent interview done by Jeremy Damaris; a presenter on a US based TV station (Kikuyu Diaspora), Betty Bayo opened up about her life revealing some details we knew nothing about.

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When asked whether she stuck around with the husband after he was exposed she said,

“At first I was so wounded with the whole issue, and as you know, no one would want to be in that situation where everyone is looking at you as a bad person, but sometimes God uses such situations so that other people can learn from your issue.”

Was her career affected by the scandal

According to Betty Bayo, she did not let the stories get in her head. She moved on with her life without focusing on what was going on around her. Her career also had to continue growing in order to provide for her family.

“I have never missed any performance even after the incident. Can you imagine how hard it was? The whole world knew what was happening, but you still have to compose yourself and rise above that situation and face it no matter what. It was not easy. What I can say so far about my family is that it is at flight mode.”

Would she take Pastor Kanyari back?

When asked if she would she take him back if he ever changed, the lady said;

“I don’t think I would go back to him but that is a topic not to be discussed. But if you ask me about music, I would answer but not anything about my family because I am living and enjoying everything in God.”