Katrue and Peter Miracle Baby promised a fully compensated vacation to Mombasa.

Kenyan musician Peter Miracle Baby and his partner Carol Katrue have been granted a fully paid trip to Mombasa, courtesy of Zunguka Africa Tours and Travel.

The three-day holiday aims to provide the couple with a well-deserved break and an opportunity to spend quality time together as a family, following Peter’s prolonged health struggles and numerous hospital visits.

Samson Kimani, CEO of Zunguka Africa Tours and Travel, emphasized the importance of offering the couple a chance to unwind and bond amidst the challenges they have faced. He expressed his wishes for Peter’s swift recovery and announced the generous gesture via social media platforms.

“We’re thrilled to announce that we’re gifting Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue an all-expenses paid trip to Mombasa this weekend for 3 Days, 2 Nights. Amidst Miracle Baby’s health battles with gastrointestinal issues, we hope this getaway offers them some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Here’s to healing and making unforgettable memories,” Kimani stated.

Miracle Baby, formerly of Sailors, has been grappling with gastrointestinal problems, sharing his difficulties with his friends during a recent birthday celebration. Despite his challenges, he remains hopeful for his recovery, eagerly anticipating the simple joys of everyday life, such as using the toilet independently.

Since January, Miracle Baby has been hospitalized, with Carol leading efforts to raise funds for his treatment. The community has shown support, with activist Eric Omondi notably contributing over one million shillings towards medical expenses.

‘Krg Asked Me To Pay Journalists’-Miracle Baby’s Wife Carol Katrue Denies Embezzling Funds Donated

Carol Katrue, partner of the ailing “Miracle Baby,” has refuted accusations from Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don. KRG alleged Katrue exploited Kenyans by using her child’s illness and disrespected President William Ruto’s assistance.

In a recent interview with Kenyan Online Media, Katrue denied acting entitled or making unreasonable demands regarding treatment options. She explained requesting to keep the same surgeon familiar with Miracle’s medical history. However, pressure from intermediaries, allegedly Jaguar and KRG, sent by the president, led them to accept the recommended hospital to avoid appearing disrespectful.

“They took us to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH),” Katrue stated, “but I pleaded to keep the same surgeon. However, they said refusing KNH would make us look arrogant to the President. So, we cooperated.”

Katrue further clarified the use of funds donated by President Ruto. She revealed KRG suggested using part of the Ksh300,000 for media purposes, with Ksh10,000 allocated to journalists. The remaining amount covered basic needs like rent and food.

“KRG told Kenyans I used the money for PR, with Ksh10,000 going to journalists. The Ksh300,000 was a gift from the President, whom we deeply respect. I only contacted him because I wasn’t receiving any help,” Katrue explained. “They told me not to give the hospital a single shilling. It was used for groceries and rent, as I’m not working.”

Katrue concluded by criticizing KRG for his insensitivity. She emphasized that he never offered assistance yet criticizes their alleged “ungratefulness.” She also criticized content creators who exploit her family’s situation for personal gain.

Jaguar: Despite the President’s invitation, Miracle Baby turned down entrance to KNH

Former Starehe MP Charles Jaguar has reacted to a viral video depicting ongoing fundraising efforts for Miracle Baby, also known as Peter Mwangi, despite an earlier assurance from President William Ruto to cover all his medical expenses.

President Ruto had pledged on 5th March to cater for Miracle Baby’s medical bills and arranged for his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

However, an update from US music promoter Bernice Saroni revealed that financial support was still needed, citing a daily requirement of Sh135,000 for Miracle Baby’s nursing care at home.

Bernice explained in her video that despite assurances of financial aid from the President, Miracle Baby’s family faced challenges, prompting them to organize fundraising events to cover medical expenses.

This development raised questions about the status of Ruto’s assistance, leading Nairobi News to seek clarification from Jaguar.

In response, Jaguar disclosed that Miracle Baby had declined admission to Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to Jaguar, Miracle Baby felt uncomfortable after just two hours of admission and opted to return home to await a scheduled surgery four weeks later.

“I advocated for assistance for Miracle Baby and his family from President Ruto. They received Ksh300,000 for home care, and an ambulance arranged by the President transported him to the hospital,” Jaguar revealed.

“Despite being offered a private room with daily specialist checks and free care, Miracle Baby chose to leave after only an hour.”

Expressing frustration with the situation, Jaguar questioned the next steps and the President’s response, given his direct involvement in facilitating help for Miracle Baby.

“How can we progress when such opportunities are declined?” Jaguar wondered.

“I personally introduced Miracle Baby to the President, who agreed to help. The situation has been further complicated by the refusal to provide medical supplies.”

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized at a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery, indicating a challenging medical journey for the artist.

Efforts to reach Carol Katrue for comment by Nairobi News remained unsuccessful at the time of publishing this story.

Carol Katrue Shares Miracle Baby’s Hefty Daily Hospital Care Costs

Carol Katrue, partner of musician Peter Mwangi, known by his stage name Miracle Baby, recently opened up about the financial challenges they face due to his ongoing medical needs.

In an interview, Katrue revealed the daily expenses incurred for Miracle Baby’s care, amounting to nearly Ksh 30,000. She mentioned seeking financial assistance from musician Jaguar and comedian KRG The Don to help manage these costs.

Thankfully, with the intervention of Jaguar and his associates, Miracle Baby was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment. They were able to secure presidential assistance to expedite his admission.

Katrue previously informed the public that Miracle Baby underwent a successful surgery, but requires ongoing medical care for full recovery. She also shared that he currently relies on a tube for waste removal due to complications from the surgery.

Miracle Baby’s health struggles are rooted in a past surgery gone wrong, leading to ongoing intestinal issues. The couple previously faced a medical bill of over Ksh 1.4 million, with comedian Eric Omondi leading a fundraising effort. However, a significant portion of the collected funds were used to cover daily expenses.

President Ruto would pay Miracle Baby’s medical expenses from Mugiithi

President William Ruto has taken on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses for the ailing Mugiithi artist Peter, popularly known as Miracle Baby, and has instructed his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

Musician-turned-politician Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi expressed concerns about Miracle Baby’s deteriorating health despite his recent discharge from the hospital.

Jaguar revealed that President Ruto not only committed to covering the musician’s medical bills but also provided financial assistance of Sh 100,000 to his girlfriend, Carol Katrue, to manage additional expenses at home.

“I am headed to pick him up from Kiambu Level Five and transfer him to Kenyatta National Hospital. The President will take care of the bills as of now. We have been raising funds to support the family, but the bills continue to soar even after he was discharged,” said Jaguar.

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized in a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery.

Comedian Eric Omondi led fundraising efforts to facilitate his discharge.

Jaguar highlighted the financial strain faced by the artist, stating that he incurs over Sh 20,000 daily to meet basic needs and tend to post-surgery wounds at home.

Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby’s girlfriend, provided updates on his condition, revealing the complexity of his surgery due to ruptured intestines, which necessitates the use of a tube for restroom needs for the next six weeks.

Miracle Baby earlier urgently appealed for financial support to settle his hefty hospital bill, amounting to Sh 1.6 million.

In a heartwarming show of solidarity, politicians and online well-wishers raised over Sh 1 million in January.

During a live Facebook session hosted by Kikuyu artiste Karangu Wa Muraya from the hospital, over 12,000 viewers tuned in, expressing hopes for Miracle Baby’s swift recovery.

Miracle Baby’s health struggles date back to 2018 when he underwent a misdiagnosed appendectomy.

CS Moses Kuria, Dennis Itumbi, KRG The Don, Cassy Pool are among public figures who have publicly fundraised for the artiste.

Miracle Baby’s wife Carol Katrue describes the terrible disease that is plaguing him

Ex-Gengetone artist Peter Miracle Baby has been hospitalized since January 16th, prompting an outpouring of well-wishes from concerned fans. His wife, Carol Katrue, has been diligently by his side, offering her support. In an interview with Kikuyu singer Karangu Muraya, Carol Katrue provided insights into Miracle Baby’s medical condition, revealing that their medical expenses have already reached one million shillings.

Miracle Baby has been grappling with stomach issues since 2018, leading to his first surgery. The initial procedure aimed to address a growth, but subsequent complications arose. In May 2023, the problems resurfaced, leading them back to the hospital. An Ultrasound and a CT Scan revealed that Miracle Baby’s appendix had been mistakenly removed during a previous surgery, causing intestinal obstructions.

The situation worsened, with frequent closures of his intestines, requiring repeated hospital visits for temporary solutions. On a recent hospital visit, they anticipated a routine procedure, assuming it was a familiar issue. However, a CT Scan unveiled persistent problems with his intestines. Emergency surgery was performed, uncovering a ruptured intestine that had spilled waste into the abdomen. The abdomen was cleaned, and Miracle Baby underwent the operation, but complications arose when the wound began leaking.

Stitches were removed, and valves were inserted to drain the pus due to severe infection. Miracle Baby, though on oxygen, has not stabilized, and his condition requires continuous monitoring. Carol Katrue shared that he would be on the machine for one week, emphasizing the challenges they’ve faced during this medical ordeal.