Khaligraph Jones dragged to court by baby mama for neglecting son

Rapper Cashy Karimi earlier this morning shared a photo posing in front of a Nairobi Court and from her caption – we knew the lady was upto something and that is suing Khaligraph Jones for child support.

Well yea, we weren’t wrong and thanks to the post we now know that Khaligraph will soon get served for neglecting his firstborn son, Xolani. Not quite sure whether this move will help (yall know how the system works) but again – that’s for them to figure out.

This new development however comes months after Cashy Karimi branded her ex as a deadbeat dad neglecting their son yet he takes care of his other kids; adding that he keeps claiming he is broke yet he is building a mansion for his family.

Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

Baby number 4

Cashy has also moved to court just a few hours after Khaligraph’s new wife Georgina announced the arrival of their 3rd baby; a well kept secret we knew nothing about.

If you think about it…could the new information on Khaligraph Jones growing family be the reason Cashy Karimi decided to move to court? Mmmh maybe. Maybe not. No?


Khaligraph Jones taken to court by ex girlfriend for neglecting 2 year old son (Photo)

Rapper Cashy who is Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend has finally confirmed that her son, Xolani was actually fathered by the her ex Mr Omollo.

This comes almost 2 years after Cashy welcomed her baby boy; but just like most celebrities she chose to keep him on the low until he turned 1 year. At this point no one really knew who the father was since Khaligraph had moved on with his current wife, Georgina; who also happens to have a 15 month old daughter.

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On Sunday, 27 September Cashy however decided to finally reveal her son’s paternity; and just when we thought it couldn’t be baba Amali – turns out that he is actually responsible for the young boy.

Child support

This comes after the lady went on to reveal that she had taken the rapper to court for neglecting his son. Through her social media pages, Cashy shared a detailed post saying;

Cashy to Khaligraph Jones

In the caption Cashy went on to reveal her reasons for suing Khaligraph who seems to have forgotten about his son, Xolani. According to Cashy, all she needs is for her child to be well taken care of; and in detailed caption she went on to explain this saying;

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Cashy post

Looking at the photo below, it’s evident that baby Xolani looks everything like his father; but the sad thing is he has never really acknowledged him in public.

baby Xolani