Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Darassa is back after his latest collaboration with Nameless. This time he is back with a new tune dubbed Yumba. In addition, he has teamed up with Tanzania’s finest, Harmonize. Simply this is where Darassa seeks king of the Konde Gang.

Yumba is the duo’s song for closing the year. It is not clear if they will all have their own individual songs to close the song.

Harmonize brings on his Bongo Fleva feel whereas Darassa brings out his poetic style. Am telling this is the best song of the day. It has two styles incorporated and I assure you it is worth your time.

Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Yumba is a Kiswahili word which simply means sway. In this case, it is easy to understand the deeper meaning of the song and how it is easy to relate with.

Actually, this song is very interesting. The duo is talking about having a crazy night in bed where they were in a steamy sex session with their lovers.

In the introductory part, they talk of how they left their clothes lying everywhere during the night only to find them all over.

Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Interestingly, for them, there is a line they call on the girl to teach her what she is not gonna lean in school. This Yumba song by Darassa and Harmonize will be the end of me.

Yumba gets interesting deeper when one learns that what this girl will be taught is all about sex by some drank guys. Hapo kati hata mabubu wanatoaga sauti. In short even the deaf and dumb feel the sweetness in between the legs.

Darassa and Harmonize have left me laughing my lungs out. I mean the title Yumba is not even close to what they have in their lyrics.

The video is great and the creativity is on point. I beg to end my review here so that you can go deeper into the song. In conclusion, Darassa and Harmonize get a rating of 7/ 10.

Video below.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in ‘PAH’

After a long while, Nameless is back with a new tune dubbed PAH.  The Kenyan king has teamed up with Tanzanian singer Darassa.

PAH comes a time when most thought the talented singer had taken a break from the music. It is a tune that has adapted the Kenyan and Tanzanian style of music.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless performs the song in his own style while Darassa goes for his sayings style. Also, PAH is a perfect example tune of Kenya meets Tanzania.

The highly hyped tune is very lit and am sure it will hit in the Kenyan airwaves for as long as it is nameless work.

PAH by Nameless and Darassa is a love song

To start with, we have to understand what this hit is all about. It is more of a love song that has been delivered in a very unique way.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

PAH has been Produced by Bern Mziki. The song narrates some of the things a guy is willing to do to this lady who has swept him off his feet.

Pah has been used symbolically to illustrate how the guy’s heartbeats every time he sees her.

“You make my heart go Pah! You make my heart go Pah! What a strong line in this jam.

Actually, the song is unique as Nameless and Darassa opted to use a male vixen giving PAH a strong lead.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless also takes the opportunity to introduce to his fans to his newly unveiled brand icon.

I would say that the song is relevant to today generation considering that it is well written. In addition, I will be right to say that nameless and Darassa demonstrated a very strong lyrical prowess.

As many would say, the video is very quality and Hascana does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Nameless and Darassa did a good job in PAH giving their fans something to smile for. Last but not least, PAH gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.

Darassa and Jux’s “Juju” is the love for the African woman

There is new “Juju” in town courtesy of Darasa and Jux from Tanzania. The duo, who’s hook up has proven not to be a disappointment.

They  have once again dropped a club banger,  party hit and all names nice for an exquisite afropop song  “Juju”

Once again, they  have proven their worth when it comes to collabo after their previous successful hit ‘Leo’ produced 5 months ago.

As they put it on their caption on Youtube, this single is about how African women are beautiful, it’s set to define the party vibe across East Africa to the World.


Even better, the song is in praise of the indisputably beautiful African woman.

Darasa aka Mr Burudani, drops the words, line by line taking a huge chunk of the song while Jux does the chorus.


“….. Utatamani kuimba na kuitikia kama kinywaji unaongeza, rangi yake mavazi na shape, katikati ya mfupi na mrefu, mi nadhani Mungu aliangalia akaumba Mwanamke aupendezeshe dunia.”

Within first few lines, Darasa brings out the appreciation intended in the song without giving a limited standard of the beauty of an African woman.

Juma Jux in his part played well with his voice in the bridge with ...Ale ale aleeeeee….  however in my opinion he should have had more lines than just that.


The video directed by Hanscana.

It was is shot in a simple exquisite indoor set up with a cool blue.

Then is it’s adorned with the graceful African beauties.

Further on , the  color scheme is good, very little editing has been done giving viewers reals images of the African woman.

Besides,  the indoor set up there is also a nature-forest set up and a beach scene as well.

Some dance in the video would be appreciated but well who knows ?

“muziki bila fujo” it is.

Further more, this is a song you would just sit and listen to. When?

While enjoying the captivating video or one that can make you leave your seat and shake a muscle or two.

Undoubtably the DJ will keep playing this song again and again, its definitely a 9/10 rating.

Darassa features Maua Sama in his new Jam ‘Shika’

Darassa features Maua Sama in his new jam Shika. He is known for his poetic style in music. A style in which he has adopted since his inception of the music world.  Also I must say that this poetic style helps to break the monotony of bongo music from Tanzania.

Darassa is known for a couple hit songs which he still performs in his poetic style. This time round he has featured another talent from Tanzania Maua Sama. The duo has a great taste in music and a great way in which they have performed Shika.

Shika is a Swahili word meaning hold. We are only left to find out what it means in Darassa’s work as we know he is always full of surprises. Although he takes quit sometime before releasing songs, he always has a way to people’s hearts due to the great poetic lines.

Darassa features Maua Sama in his new Jam 'Shika'

I know most people prefer to listen to his work rather than the most common things other artist have. The duo has delivered this song with a lot of love and energy.  The mastery of the lyrics and beats is just wow. I can listen to this dudes work over and over again. The duo compliments each other giving this jam Shika their best and the best feel.

What is ‘Shika’ all about?

Mguu pande mguu sawa Tembea, tembea Nataka uwanja nitambe Sogea, sogea. This line is just awesome. Look at how well articulated it is. The poetic nature in it will make you recite the words over and over again. Also he applies repetition in his work for emphasis and rhyme.

Darassa features Maua Sama in his new Jam 'Shika'

Also there is this line that you can’t miss; Jembe la kulima, tifua tifua Navua papa itakua kamba, dagaa, kibua Mshike mshike segele langu unalijua Ngoma inoge kelele zangu mpaka napasua.
Shika has been produced by Abbah and mixed Mr. T Touch. The music video was shot in Tanzania and directed by Hanscana.

In conclusion, Darassa and Maua Sama gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.