Diamond Platnumz’ father begs Tanasha and Diamond to let him attend anticipated wedding 

It’s not a secret Diamond Platnumz and his father Mzee Abdhul Naseeb don’t see eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz has always left him in the dark on when handling his stuff and now, mzee Abdhul has come out to public beg the singer to invite him for his much anticipated wedding.

Speaking to Showbiz Xtra, mzee Abdhul confessed that he has been hearing about the wedding like any other normal person but has been totally excluded from the talks.


He pleaded with Diamond to invite him, saying that it would be very sad for his son to wed Tanasha Donna in front of the nation and he wouldn’t be present.

‘No one has told me anything about any wedding, I have heard it from people in the hood. Above all, I only want the wedding to be successful. But I just want him to invite me, if he fails to do that he will have disrespected me a lot, I will not be happy.” Mzee Abdhul said.


 BASATA warns singer Diamond: Don’t try and perform in Kenya unless you want more trouble 

Things are not looking good for Diamond Platnumz, his team and their scheduled performances set to take place in several counties in Kenya.

Despite Diamond’s manager recently promising that the shows set to happen in Embu, Nairobi and Mombasa will take place, Basata acting chief executive officer Onesmo Kayanda has warned the singer not to try and perform.

The Law

The body has banned the singer from performing in and outside Tanzania after he performed “Mwanza” which was initially banned by the body. The body has also canceled the Wasafi Festival. Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya; that’s in Embu on December 24, Wasafi Festival in Mombasa 26th and on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi.

“Sisi Basata we are the substitute of the government. Kama akiamua hivyo (perform in Kenya), hii kanuni ya Basata huwa inakuwa ni substitute ya sheria za nchi na akiikaidi lile suala linakuwa la kijinai. Likishakuwa la kijinai linakwendwa kwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali sisi tunawakabidhi mahakamani. Kwa hiyo mtu akikuika kanuni zetu za Basata, amevuka na kwenda kwenye ishu ya kijinai,” said Onesmo Kayanda.

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale, shared in an interview that they are working on getting the ban lifted and hope that Diamond will hit the stage soon.


Diamond reveals how much he charges per show and it’s enough to buy you a bungalow in Syokimau

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is one paid kid. While some artists are struggling to make money in the industry, the singer is really making a killing from his music.

Diamond recently had to remind the Tanzanian government how much he makes per show after they banned Rayvanny’s new hit “Mwanza” because of its explicit lyrics.

On Instagram, Diamond said that his music targets a bigger fan base than just Tanzanians therefore he puts a lot in consideration when making the songs.


He went on to explain that he’s called for performances in other countries and they pay him at least $70,000 for a performance which is same as Tsh168, 300,000 or Ksh 7 million. How much does a 3 bedroom bungalow in Syokimau cost again?

He added that banning of his songs would not only affect his career but also the government in terms of taxes.

“Wazee wetu, vijana wenu ama wasanii wenu sasahivi tumefanikiwa kuingia kwenye masoko mbalimbali hivyo sio kila nyimbo ni kwajili ya soko la nyumbani Tanzania tu, mfano: UGANDA kuna Tamasha Linaitwa NYEGE FESTIVAL….na kwa nafasi niliyonayo UGANDA na kwajinsi nyimbo hii ilivyovuma kwa kishindo kila kona ndani ya siku tatu tu Viewers 1.5+ Millions Youtube, basi naamini kabisa Mwakani lazima NYEGE FETIVAL waniite kutumbuiza…na kama mnavyofahamu bei zangu huwaga si chini dola elf Sabini za kimarekani ( $70,000) kwa show
sawa na milioni (160,300,000 za kitanzania).…mbazo kwa show moja tu ningeweza kuchangia pato la kodi si chini ya milioni (48,090,000 ya kitanzania)…hivyo naomba mlitazame na hapo Balaza letu Pendwa” 
wrote Diamond.


Professor Jay pays last respect to late father with emotional message

Tanzanian rapper Professor Jay has paid his last respect to his late dad who died on September 7th at the St. Kizito hospital in Tanzania.

The rapper, who is also a member of parliament, lost his dad, Mzee Haule, following complications related to high blood pressure after suddenly falling ill. He was to be transferred to the Muhimbili National Hospital for specialized treatment but he did not make it.


Mzee Haule

Jay took to social media to update his fans on the funeral which was held yesterday.

“TAARIFA. Mazishi ya Baba yetu mpendwa Mzee LEONARD STEPHEN HAULE yatafanyika siku ya Jumanne, Tarehe 11 September 2018 Nyumbani kwake KIKWALAZA, MIKUMI. Tafadhali sana mpe TAARIFA na mwingine, Asanteni sana. Bwana ametoa na Bwana ametwaa jina la Bwana LIHIMIDIWE, Amina,” posted.

Jay has not shared much about the funeral which was attended by top Tanzanian artistes, the who-is-who in the Tanzanian entertainment and residents of Mikumi.



Diamond Platnumz plans to buy yet another multi-million house in South Africa 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is planning to buy a second house in South Africa. Without disclosing much, the singer shared that he’s looking for a second house in the country after his first impressed him.

His first house is now occupied by Zari Hassan and the kids. The house costed a whopping R2, 480, 00 (KSh18.6 million) when the bought it in 2016.  The house is located in Moreleta Park in Pretoria.

After buying the house, the singer boasted on social media saying:

“They are busy bragging that they are rich while their kids are staying in a rented house… and now a person, whom they abuse daily and say he is broke, has bought a house so that their kids can have a better life as they always wish on social media.” he said.

Diamond posted on Instagram about the house while spending time with her kids in South Africa. It becomes the third time he has claimed he wants to buy a house after announcing that he’s looking for a house in Kenya and Rwanda.

In January, Diamond also expressed interest in buying another  mansion in Rwanda “Looking for a property to buy in #Kigali. My future new home for the Simbas! My Rwandese fam, any ideas….? Ningependa kuwa na kakibanda Kigali, Rwanda, Maana ni moja ya nchi niipendayo… hivyo ningefurahi kuwa na moja ya makazi yangu hapo…. Eti ndugu zangu wa Rwanda ni maeneo gani huko panaweza nifaa?”


Diamond’s sweet message after Tiffah turned 3

Most followed celebrity kid in the world turned three years old yesterday and her dad, Diamond Platnumz, is one proud father.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platnumz wished his daughter a happy birthday with a very sweet message as they anticipated for the official party that will see over 30 guests being flown from Tanzania to South Africa on August 16.

Here’s what Diamond had to say:

“I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than anything in the World…. sometimes i even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why i can’t sleep without praying for you… i can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come to my mind i feel like i owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama??” said the singer. 

Diamond Platnumz bodyguard shares photo showing how freak accident damaged him(photo)

Diamond Platnumz’ most trusted bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter, was recently involved in a freak accident that left him in hospital with a cracked skull after the motorcycle he was riding collided with another as they both tried to overtake a lorry.

Lucky to be alive

Mwarabu has now come out to share that he’s lucky to be alive and updated fans on his progress saying that he’s feeling much better.

“Namshukuru mwenyezi mungu kwa kuniwezesha kuiona siku ya leo maana kama sio mapenzi yake inawezekana kabsa leo hii nisinge kuwepo kutokana anajali mbaya sana nilio nusurika…” mwarabu said.

Here is the photo that show how the accident could have killed him:

Diamond: I visit Zari yes but I have not asked for forgiveness

Word has be doing round that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has reconciled with estranged wife Zari Hassan after the singer was spotted several times in their South African home.

Diamond however claims that he was just visiting his kids who are with Zari. Speaking to a local website, the singer shot down any link that he has been asking for another chance.

Hao wanaosema kwamba sijui nimemuangukia , nafikiri itakuwa ni maoni yao tu na stori za kutunga lakini kimsingi ni kwamba hayana ukweli wowote, Zari ni mama wa watoto wangu na itabaki kuwa hivyo,” he said.

Just went to see my kids

Diamond and Zari

He went on to add that he’s been visiting his kids Tiffah, Nillan and nothing more.

“Ni kweli ninaenda. Siyo mara moja au mara mbili nimeenda. Nakwenda kule si kwa maana ya kumuomba msamaha, hapana. Nakwenda kule kwa ajili ya kuwaona wanangu. Haiwezekani eti niwe natuma fedha za matumizi halafu nimeenda Sauz nisiende kuwaona wanangu, hilo litakuwa jambo la ajabu sana,

Samantha Bridal leaves Kenyans shocked after organizing party with KSH 1 million entrance fee 

By now, you’ve probably seen the poster making its wild rounds allover social media and no, its not a hoax.

As His Royal Highness Prince Harry will be walking down the aisle next to his gorgeous TV star bride Meghan Markle, millions, maybe billions, will be watching the historic wedding live from all corners of the Universe.

And in Nairobi, lovebirds and royal fanatics will get a chance to watch the spectacular nuptials at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club.

Susan Kaittany

And as the Archbishop of Canterbury will be officiating the event in London, our very own Susan Kaittany, an avid travel buff and decorated beauty guru, will be the official MC for our own Royal Spectacle – LIVE from Windsor.

Guests will be treated to a scrumptious English brunch prepared by the seasoned English chef James Dennis as dazzling fashion shows, commentary and fizzing champagne flows endlessly.

Kaittany, a lifestyle connoisseur and the Priestess of Beauty Haven Posh Palace will be on hand to sail the day away as Harry and Meghan say ‘I Do’ to a lifetime of untold happiness.

Oh, and there’s the little matter of the charges, but for a day so splendid, complete with a romantic night for two and a Chopper ride to the breathtaking slopes of Mount Kenya, a million Bob per couple is not so much to ask.

And may you live happily ever after…

Diamond’s unexpected gift to Professor Jay on his wedding raises eyebrows (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz was among the celebrities that attended Professor Jay’s wedding which was held over the past weekend.

The popular rapper-cum-politician exchanged vows with the love of his life Grace Mkonja at the Joseph Catholic Church located at Posta, in Dar Es Salaam.

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Diamond showed up at Professor Jay’s wedding reception where he performed a few songs before he gave the rapper his wedding gift. Baba Tiffah raised eyebrows when he gave Professor Jay five boxes of his recently launched ‘Diamond Karanga’ peanuts and Chibu Perfume.

Diamond gives Professor Jay his wedding gift

“Nimekuletea hizi box (Diamond Karanga), unajua uko kwenye ndoa, ndoa nayo inataka uongeze mwili ili watoto watoke wengi,” Diamond told Professor Jay as he handed him his gift.

Watch the video below to see Diamond’s performance at Professor Jay’s wedding: