Zari gives fan a piece of her mind after calling her daughter bipolar

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan recently had to check a fan after posting a rather unexpected comment on her instagram page.

We all know Zari manages her daughter Tiffah Dangote’s Instagram page which has almost two million followers now.

Zari recently got angry after one fan who called her out for using the word bipolar on the daughter’s photo caption.

“Mama said act and sit like a lady. Well, am counting fingers before my ‘biopolar’ kicks in”, posted Zari On Tiffah’s account. 

Sip tea

Not many were happy with the caption which means a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

“How on earth can you use such a illness on your little girl, please when you come back to the UK be my guest and come to our mental hospital to see people who suffer from bipolar.” a fan complained. 

Zari had to check the fan telling her to mind her own business.

Zari’s interesting reply to a fan who suggested she’s really missing Diamond 

It’s been almost five months now since Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan broke up. Zari has rejected a bunch of men such as Ringtone and opted to stay single while Diamond has been enjoying the company of different ladies.

Fans however, believe that Zari is missing his ex-hubby.

In a post on Instagram, Zari made a rather eye-popping caption when posting her daughter’s photo leaving fans asking whether she’s moved on.


Wrong signs

Zari shared Tiffah’s photo saying how she misses Diamond a thing that left fans confused.

“How I wait for my papa to call…..”said Zari on the photo.

A fan then quipped: So @zarithebosslady yeah You do miss him… he gave fame, u have power though” commented one fan.

Zari wasn’t so impressed with the comment and fired back: @monaymbaruti but I don’t have his number incase I missed him, I don’t have to express it through my daughter’s account. Don’t project your behavior on me”

Diamond: I visit Zari yes but I have not asked for forgiveness

Word has be doing round that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has reconciled with estranged wife Zari Hassan after the singer was spotted several times in their South African home.

Diamond however claims that he was just visiting his kids who are with Zari. Speaking to a local website, the singer shot down any link that he has been asking for another chance.

Hao wanaosema kwamba sijui nimemuangukia , nafikiri itakuwa ni maoni yao tu na stori za kutunga lakini kimsingi ni kwamba hayana ukweli wowote, Zari ni mama wa watoto wangu na itabaki kuwa hivyo,” he said.

Just went to see my kids

Diamond and Zari

He went on to add that he’s been visiting his kids Tiffah, Nillan and nothing more.

“Ni kweli ninaenda. Siyo mara moja au mara mbili nimeenda. Nakwenda kule si kwa maana ya kumuomba msamaha, hapana. Nakwenda kule kwa ajili ya kuwaona wanangu. Haiwezekani eti niwe natuma fedha za matumizi halafu nimeenda Sauz nisiende kuwaona wanangu, hilo litakuwa jambo la ajabu sana,

Zari Hassan: Keep on thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen overnight

Many people are always quick to argue that socialite Zari Hassan is a gold digger who just got lucky after landing a rich man. Zari Hassan, however, has one message for all of them: Keep dreaming if you think a man will change your life.

It’s me behind it all

Taking to Instagram, Zari shared a message hinting that she’s the one who pushed the men she had to success. In other words, she’s the woman behind it all.

Here’s the captioned:

“Pale unaposkia pesa za urithi… apo vipi. Success isn’t sexually transmitted my dear. Endeleeni kudanga thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen overnight. Even if he did you will be like part of the furniture he has a right to take out old ones and bring in new ones, as for me it’s not easy to get rid of me. IAM THE FOUNDATION not the roof…haha, She said. 



Diamond Platnumz manager to announce Zari and Chibu’s wedding date in three months

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz wedding date will be announced in 3 months! This was revealed by Babu Tale who speaking at Diamond Platnumz brother’s wedding this past weekend.

According to the Wasafi records manager, he will personally announce his bosses wedding as soon as a date is set. To them, it’s about time the singer settled down for good and Zari Hassan seems to be the perfect woman.

Babu Tale who is married expressed how happy they would be to have Zari in the family. This however comes as a surprise since earlier on word had it that Zari does not get along with Tale.

Diamond and Zari re-unite

After theirbLondon trip, Zari jetted back to South Africa while Diamond Platnumz apparently met  Hamisa Mobetto in Dubai.

This raised many questions as fans concluded that Diamond Platnumz was just toying around with Zari. Looking at her social media posts, it was evident that Zari had received the news. For sometime Diamond and Zari’s relationship looked dead but after reuniting in Tanzania seems that the two are still holding on strong.