Diamond Platnumz launches new Talent search show

Days after announcing Wasafi Festival, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has made yet another announcement concerning Wasifi.

The singer has launched a new talent show set to premier on his TV channel Wasafi TV.

On social media, Diamond said the show dubbed “The Next MVP” will be airing every Friday and will be about nurturing young talent.

Here is what he’s announcement said:

“Kama nilivyoahidi mwanzo kuwa leongo kuu la kuanzisha Vyombo, Bidhaa vitu mbalimbali ni kuona ni namna gani naweza kutengeneza Fursa za Kuwashika Mkono, ama kuwakomboa vijana wenzetu mbalimbali wenye uwezo lakini pengine labda hawajathaminiwa, ama kupewa nafasi ya kuonyesha Taaluma walizojaaliwa na Mwenyez Mungu….

“Hivyo Ijumaa hii tunazindua Rasmi kipindi kinachoitwa #TheNextMVP kipindi ambacho kitakuwa kina wapa nafasi vijana mbalimbali ambao tunaamini wanauwezo mkubwa na wakipewa Support Watakuwa wawakilishi ama Wapepwrusha bendera vyema wa Sanaa zetu na Taaluma zetu mbalimbali tulizojaaliwa Tanzania…

“Tafadhali Usikose Kutazama ijumaa hii Saa Mbili na Nusu Usiku ndani ya @WasafiTv … pia nisaidie kuwatag Wana wote ambao Unaamini wanakipaji mtaani ili @wasafitviwaone……. #SanaaImezaliwaUpya#HiiNiYetuSote” shared Diamond.


On Monday the singer also announced that he’s planning to start Wasafi Festival on November 24 and even tried bringing in Alikiba who turned down the offer saying he wouldn’t be in the country at the time.

Zari Hassan’s son now a rapper, releases his first track called “Goal”

Zari Hassan was a singer, she married a singer and now, her second-born, Raphael, has now officially joined the club after dropping his first rap song called “Goal”.

The young kid, who goes by the name Lil Flex, took to Instagram to share about his new song, asking his followers to support him by sharing.

“Guys please go do the most on my new track ❤❤??” he posted,

Zari Hassan and Raphael,

Nothing from Zari

Zari Hassan not yet talked about the song on her social media but she might soon considering how she supports her kids.

Listen to his new song which he features DOWAP and KXLVIN HERE 

Diamond Platnumz scared that his daughter will be used by men if she joins music business

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been in the music business for a long time and he knows some of the evils it comes with.

The music and entertainment business is a tough job and people in power know that most entertainers can do all most anything to get an edge in the field.

Scared for her

Diamond Platnumz knows this all and is now afraid that his daughter Tiffah might be used also.

“Naogopa iwapo tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi,” said Diamond.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Diamond has a reason to be concerned. Ladies are mostly used in the entertainment industry as many men try to sleep with them in exchange for different favours . As a parent, lets hope that it won’t happen.





“Wema Sepetu is the only woman I shed tears for while dating!” Diamond Platnumz confesses how real their relationship was

Diamond Platnumz has graced several media houses after arriving in Nairobi to launch his album. Being a popular artist in Africa; many could not wait to host him and discuss some of the burning issues about his relationship.

After his baby mama walked out on him, the singer has since been linked to Wema Sepetu. Many claim that they could be back together; but the two continue to deny this saying they are just working together.

Wema Sepetu with Diamond Platnumz

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Anyway, we are keeping an eye on the two just in case they decide to change their plans. Away from that Diamond Platnumz recently revealed that the only time he cried was when he was involved with Wema Sepetu.

Diamond Platnumz spills unknown details his ex

Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto, Diamond Platnumz went on to confess that the only time he cried was when he was with Wema Sepetu.

According to him, the love he had for her was a bit too extreme that it sometimes left him in tears. Well, watch the interview below courtesy of Mambo Mseto.