Kusuguliwa ile mbaya! Eric Omondi gets steamy dance from girlfriend as birthday gift(video)

Comedian Eric Omondi on Saturday celebrated his birthday surrounded by family and friends at a popular club in Nairobi.

Omondi, who Wikipedia claims he has just turned 41 but we highly disagree, posted a video enjoying an erotic dance from his woman Chantal at the popular club.

“A little Birthday Gift for the President from the first lady,” he wrote. 


The two enjoyed the night together as they celebrated the big day. In the video, Omondi also warns Joe Muchiri who they had a rather shocking bet that in case Manchester United beat Arsenal, Muchiri will take Omondi’s wife.

Well Arsenal won but we don’t think it will happen at all. Watch the video below:


Eric Omondi denies she conned woman accusing her on Facebook of hiring her car and failing to pay 

Comedian Eric Omondi was recently on the spot for allegedly conning a woman who goes by the name Wambui.

According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui. Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car. The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line and the car keys had been thrown under the car.

Not in Mombasa

Omondi has however insisted that he doesn’t know the woman and will report her to the police for tarnishing her name.

“Hata sijui huyo mama ni nani. Nitampelekea polisi. Amenipatia free publicity. Everytime watu wanataja eric omondi, mimi hufurahi. Amenipatia free publicity.” said Omondi. 

Omondi further added that he wasn’t even in Mombasa during that time as the woman suggested. But apparently, fans think that’s a straight lie. A quick look at his instagram, Omondi was actually in Mombasa on January 19th so someone is playing games with us.

‘Eric Omondi I want my money’ Woman claims a ‘broke’ Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay 

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself in yet another scandal following money he owes a car hire agent.

According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui.

Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car.

The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line and the car keys had been thrown under the car.

Since the car had been left at the airport parking lot for a few days, the police kept an eye on it hoping the owner would should up.

However, no one did and this is why the car was towed. With this there is now a bill to be settled inorder for the car to be released.

Eric Omondi dodging the bill

The comedian is however said to be dodging the bill and judging from the screenshots shared by the lady; you one can see that Eric Omondi giving her blue ticks.

Now the story is out, we are waiting to hear what Eric Omondi has to say.

Eric Omondi’s girlfriends warns Kenyan women who like backbiting her: Just know I can hear Swahili

Comedian Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli aka Miss Chanty recently had a public service announcement dedicated to all those who think she’s not as “Kenyan” as other citizens.

Taking to social media, the fly cutie pie stated that she clearly understands Swahili and reminded followers that she’s also from Kiambu, so, she definitely speaks Kikuyu too.

Caught pants down

In total, she speaks five languages; Kikuyu, Swahili, English, Italian, and Spanish. Her post comes after two ladies were discussing her thinking that she doesn’t understand Swahili.

“Habari zenu? Mko poa? Hata mimi niko poa. Sasa mi niko hapa kusema mimi naongea kiswahili fluent. In fact naongeanga lugha tano. Kiswahili Kizungu, Kikuyu, Spanish and Italian.” she said in the clip. 

Grazioli, who is a half cast of a Kikuyu and Italian, said that the two women discussed her in Swahili thinking she doesn’t understand only to find out later she knows the language when they came to say hi.

Watch the video below:


Eric Omondi’s brother laid to rest in Ugenya Kisumu(video)

Eric Omondi’s brother,  Joseph Omondi, 40, has been laid to rest in their home in Ugenya Kisumu County three days after his Sudden death.

“Ifikie vijana!!! Rest Well bro,” posted Eric alongside a video of a crowd at his sibling’s grave site. Born in 1978, Joseph was the first born in a family of four and before his death he had been in and out of rehabilitation centres.

19 years into drugs

Eric revealed how they tried helping his brother who was deep in drugs but it didn’t help. He added that rehab didn’t help his bother because he didn’t have a strong will.

“He would come out clean and then, out of the blues, slip out of our sight and go missing,” he said. “We would only get calls from places as far as Mombasa: “Come pick your brother. He is in Mombasa. He is very high.”

He shared a burial video for his brother who had been an addict for almost two decades.

Tanzanian MP’s songs banned by government, labeled as an inciter

Mbeya MP Joseph Mbilinyi, popularly know as MC Sugu is currently facing a serious career dilemma after his rap song was banned by Baraza La Sanaa La Taifa (BASATA), a Tanzanian government institution that regulates music, movies and other creative works, for inciting Citizens.

In a press release, BASATA claimed Sugu’s new song dubbed #219 could lead to war among citizens.

“BASATA has officially banned Joseph Mbilinyi’s song #219 because of its violent nature and incitement nature. The institution also blocks the rapper from performing, recording or distributing his music,” the press release reads.

It went on:

”We have received a lot of phone calls and questions from the public, especially music stakeholders with most people complaining about content of the song. The song does not only contain incitement messages but also did not follow the due process of release according to BASATA laws.”


The Tanzanian government has been strict on content released and has been filtering out any “harmful” material released by creatives in the country. Diamond and Nay Wa Mitego are among a string of other artists who have also been banned.

President Uhuru to Eric Omondi: You need to eat more young man

Comedian Eric Omondi, some have complained many many times, is too thin. When he started out as a broke comedian we all thought he’ll increase his weight once the money comes, like many other entertainers we have seen.

Ten years down the line, Omondi is still as thin as a stick and even the president is now concerned.

Time to eat

In an Instagram post, Omondi, who has just released a new song featuring Kidum called “LOLO”, opened up on how president Uhuru Kenyatta told him he should eat a little more to buff up.

The two were pictured exchanging a few words and Omondi shared that the president was not impressed with his weight, of course of a lighter note.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Eric Omondi

But I seriously need to eat… I met the President today and all he had to say was “Kula bwana” ????????” Omondi captioned the photo.

Here’s what fans said:

Eric Omondi suffers the wrath of Tanzanians on social media for being Diamond Platnumz ‘puppet’

Comedian Eric Omondi has managed to penetrate into the Tanzania entertainment industry through his comedy but also thanks to Diamond Platnumz who seems like a close friend of the Kenyan funny man.

However, some Tanzanians seem to be fed up with how Eric Omondi tries to be too nice to the Bongo singer – when they themselves are tired of his (Chibu) stunts.

This was after he shared a couple of clips from Wasafi records new song dubbed “Zilizopendwa” on his Instagram attracting negative comments.

Below are a few comments from the fans.