Catherine Kamau schools the youth on the importance of living with their own means!

Actress Catherine Kamau left her serious side showing after her sharing a detailed post dedicated to the young talent. As seen on the post, Catherine Kamau usde her online platform to help build some of her young followers in a way most parents would!

According to Catherine, the Youth need to understand that saving up for rainy days is important. She went on to advise these young talents to avoid carrying the pressure of pleasing their fellow friends with the little they have; since she already knows how things up looking like in the end.

Catherine Kamau who started hustling at a young age; went on to urge these youths to master the art of saving and growing their money through investments. She went on to post saying;

Dear young talent , I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too.. 1. STOP USING YOUR LITTLE Savings or profits TO PLEASE FRIENDS OR YOUR FOLLOWERS .You work so hard , grow your money , invest,save for a rainy day . When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will Run too ????.

Be Content!

Having worked extra hard to have a brighter future for her children; Catherine says she can now afford to live however she wants but she chooses to save instead. This is the very first time the lady shared such an important message that has left many congratulating her for her wisdom. The mother of two went on to say;

2. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS . I earn enough to live in the the boojiest neighbourhoods but hey priorities ????????‍♀️, I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for , so I stay focused, please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart.
3. CHOOSE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WISELY: may God grant you wisdom here , this is a struggle , if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same ! Sweetheart people are cruel , pray , good friends give you peace , encourage you , cheer you , and protect your dignity.

To conclude her letter, the lass went on to say;

I really wish you the best . You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did ! We are here for you . We did better , you can too .
With love … Aunty Kate ????????

‘Muziki’ hit marker Darassa leaves many shocked after his latest photo surfaced online, is he abusing drugs?

Darassa is not a new name in the entertainment industry. A while back his music ruled most East African airwaves; but it has been a while since he released a new project.

His last song was released about 11 months and since then he has gone missing in action. However, just recently he was spotted hanging out with a group of guys and from the photo many believe that they were all not sober.

The photo has since sparked several speculations including that Darassa could now be abusing hard drugs.

Rapper responds to his photo

With the news spreading like wild fire, Darassa has been forced to respond. Speaking to a popular Tanzanian news outlet the singer said;

Jamani Mimi niko poa kabisa, maneno yanayosemwa na watu sidhani kama yanahitaji kuaminika kama sijasema mimi au pasipo na Ushahidi. Niko poa na naendelea na mitikasi yangu, studio kama kawa na pale nitakapoweka mambo yangu sawa kwa maana ya kuwa tayari kuwafahamisha chochote mashabiki wangu watajua tu. Ila kwa sasa nimeamua iwe hivyo inavyoonekana”

Here is why Allan Namu Proposed twice to his wife 

Former news anchor Allan Namu proposed to his wife and former boss, Sheena Makena, twice.

Makena and Namu exchanged vows 8 years ago as some 650 guests watched in Limuru. During an interview with Ebru TV, the couple opened up about their love life with Makena sharing that her man proposed twice.

That’s how much in love he’s fallen for her:

“He proposed twice. We don’t really talk about the proposal because it’s kind of a private moment, it was like super private. But it was really at a time when we were both ourselves and there was really no hoo-ha around it,” said Makena. 

Namu and Makena

She continued:

“And he asked me to marry him and I remember the first thing I asked him was ‘Are you serious?’ Because at even that point I wasn’t absolutely sure that this is what we should be doing and I had a lot of uncertainty whether we were doing for the right reason. Is he doing it because he feels that he needs to as he doesn’t want to shirk responsibility or is he doing it because he does truly care about me and about our baby?”

About the proposal, Namu said it was simple. Wasn’t fancy at all.

“About the proposal, it wasn’t like a wham-bam, ati ooh I fly you to this remote destination and you turn around and there is this big ring and there are doves. I am not that kind of person. I think I can be romantic but at that point, I just wanted to be sincere.”

Tanzanian singer Diamond moving to live in leafy suburbs in Nairobi? Here’s why this might be true

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has bought a house in Kenya, different sources have pointed out.

Rumours of the rich singer getting a house in the country have been flying around for sometime now but it seems it has finally happened after a new word emerged that he splashed some serious amount for a new house in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs recently.

Diamond’s new house in Nairobi adds to the list of his many apartments in Tanzania and South Africa, where his wife Zari and kids usually stay.

Sleeps at top hotels

Considering the number of times the artist is usually in the country, he chose to buy the house other than keep jumping around Five Stars hotels. At one point, Diamond was forced to sleep in a guest house below his standards after missing a room in the top five-stars hotel in Nairobi which were all fully booked.

Rumor also pointed out that Diamond, who is currently in Kenya with american singer Omarion to launch his album,  is a big player in the real estate industry in Tanzania and wanted to expand his portfolio to Kenya.


10 hilarious photos that prove Kenyans celebrated Christmas on a different level

There are several hilarious photos from the on going Christmas holiday making rounds on social media.

However, unlike other people who chose to celebrate in church and with their families, the photos show a different level of partying that left most Kenyans unaware of their actions.

Though they are embarrassing to some level, we can all agree that they are also hilarious. So far the photos have been used to produce memes online and while others are using them as a learning lesson to not over drink.

Checkout the photos below

If you thought drinking and driving is the only dangerous thing, then the photos below will rove you wrong.

Mike Sonko allegedly shares screenshots of his conversation with sassy preacher, Reverend Natasha (Photo)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is said to have shared a screenshot of his conversation with Reverend Natasha Lucy. The photo which is making rounds on social media shows the two talking about an upcoming all night prayers.

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However Reverend Natasha’s main reason for their conversation is to see whether the governor would approve 2 of her church posters to land on billboards in the city.

screenshot of their conversation

Since the two are good friends, the governor probably thought of sharing the post to support the event. He went to caption the photo saying;

Thank you for remembering me in your prayers Reverend. I’ll attend the CROSSOVER NIGHT prayers at Mawingo Ha, Lilian towers during the New Year’s Eve Kesha

His Facebook followers however could not help but make fan of the two.

Friendship, business or a relationship? Akothee’s manager leaves tongues wagging after posting these photos with his boss

There is no doubt that Akothee and her manager are  really close. In fact there photos at times leave people thinking that they have a deeper relationship than just business.

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Though they never respond to the rumors, Nelly Oaks continues to fuel the stories claiming that he is Akothee’s man. In his latest photos the manager describes Akothee using possessive words like ‘my’ and goes on to write ‘she is my business’ a statement that is quite ambiguous.

From Akothee’s post we believe that she traveled with Nelly Oaks to Mombasa where the above photo was taken.

So who is fooling who?

The two are even stepping out in his and hers matching outfits leaving many wondering if this is how bosses and their managers slay together.

Anyway, whatever it is they have going on seems to be putting a smile on both of them – which is all that matters.

Ministry or business? KamemeTV resident pastor caught in a scandal

Gospel singer and a pastor, Wamucii wakinyari who runs a show on Kameme TV and radio is in trouble with her congregation.

The lady is said to have a large following thanks to her ‘holy’ ways, which have all along been fake. Apparently she has left her followers and fans shocked after it was revealed that she got married while pregnant.

This being contrary to what she has been preaching through her gospel show – a close source has informed Ghafla about her scandal which has left people questioning the baby’s father.

The pastor’s husband

Word has it that she got hitched to a motivational speaker by the name of William, but at that time she was already pregnant but hiding it.

Why her followers are calling her out

Well, having come up with a show that focuses on educating girls to be virtuous, the lady now looks like a hypocrite. Her followers who feel betrayed are also questioning her ministry which she used to criticize women who had children out of wedlock.

But now, Wamucii Wakinyari cannot hide the fact that she is no different as she recently welcomed a healthy baby boy.

However, as for her ministry…the source cannot confirm whether it will go on or Kameme FM might do away with her. But as for now, Wamucii wakinyari seems to have ignored her messages about virtue as she ended up going contrary to her preaching.

Her wedding

Our source goes on to add that her wedding was attended by National leaders and big church people who had no idea about her pregnancy.

Anyway, I tried reaching her for a comment but she was unavailable.