“Itabidi tumeshare“ Socialite Gigy Money tells married women

Popular media personality, video vixen and a very close of Diamond Platnumz has not had any successful relationships; since her baby daddy walked out on both her and their daughter.

From what we know is that Gigy and her baby daddy who is a known radio presenter in Tanzania parted ways following infidelity. He has however been trying to get close to his daughter – but coparenting doesn’t seem to work for them.

Gigy however moved on with a certain Nigerian man whom she supported and paid bills for. In the end the Nigerian turned out to be a serial cheater – and just like that; Gigy kicked him out.

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Anyway with one year of being single since her break up with the Nigerian; Gigy has come out to speak for herself now that married women keep looking down on single mums.

As seen on her page, Gigy went on to encourage fellow women on the importance of sharing their husbands with single mums. This is probably because over the years women have proven to be more than men hence making the 1:4 – but of course who would agree to this. In the post Gigy wrote;

Kama wadada wenzangu mnataka mwanaume wa peke ako inabidi uhame Africa kidogo mana uku kwetu tuna share Na atuna noma

But hey, come to think of it….isn’t she a Muslim? Then I guess she is allowed to have all the fun in the world.

Face beat gone wrong! Fans troll Gigy Money for wearing too much make up!

Fame, stardom, love and money all come at a price for our favorite celebrities who definitely don’t have it easy.

With the availability of social media, everyone is constantly under the scanner and celebrities, especially, are frequent targets to trolling.

Gigy Money

From Tanasha Donna who was called out for photoshopping her photos, Akothee for parading her privates on stage to now Gigy Money wearing too much make – proves that there is anything and everything under the roof that a celebrity, mostly women, can be targeted for.

Gigy Money Make up

Tanzanian singer and socialite Gigy Money has faced the wrath of social

Media users after her IG live session that left her looking like a clown.

Gigy Money

From the screenshot shared online, it is only fair to say that Gigy Money’s make up was definitely a NO! The lady seems to have applied too much or the wrong foundation on her face and the lighting used during her live session did not make it any better.

Her Tanzanian fans have not only trolled on her on IG but now feel that Gigy Money should stick to her natural looks. We cannot confirm whether this will be the last time she will step out looking like this but chances are that this is just the beginning.


Gigy Money has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Usinisumbue’ and it’s too lit (Video)

Tanzanian video vixen and singer Gift Stanford, better known as Gigy Money, has released a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans.

In the song titled Usinisumbue, which is a Swahili word that means ‘don’t disturb me’,  the Kiki hitmaker talks about her humble beginnings and how she had to struggle to be where she is now.

Gigy Money claims no one believed in her when she was starting off and after gaining success her phone will not stop buzzing. As such, she’s telling the naysayers to stop bothering her and allow her to spend her money.

Gigy Money
Gigy Money

The truth is that I didn’t take this lass seriously for a long time, I thought she was just making music to pass time but in the last few months, my perception has really changed and I think she’s actually talented.

You have to agree with me that Gigy Money has some dope wordplay and rhymes and she’s not just putting together some random words because there’s a story that you can follow. Her punchlines are also lit.

The beat for this joint was awesome since it blends so well with Gigy Money’s flow. Maybe it’s just me but some point you kind of pitty her because of how the public perceives her. Okay, now I am pushing it.

Listen to Usinisumbue below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Video vixen Gigy Money: I would rather work with Diamond than Alikiba

Popular Bongo video vixen Gift Stanford alias Gigy Money has publicly stated her reasons why she prefers to work with Diamond Platnumz than his rival Alikiba.

Gigy Money is part of Wasafi Festival, she opened up about her experience working with Diamond during an interview with Bongo 5.

Gigy Money twerking on stage during Wasafi Festival in Morogoro on December 2nd 2018
Gigy Money twerking on stage during Wasafi Festival in Morogoro on December 2nd 2018

Gigy Money says that Diamond is a down to earth person whereas Alikiba has attitude, she reveals that Kiba once snubbed her backstage during a show with him in Kahama.

“Alikiba anakunja sana kuliko Diamond na siku ambayo tulienda kufanya wote shoo Kahama Ali Kiba alinitenga kabisa backstage,” said Gigy Money.


Alikiba and Gigy Money have their past having dated years ago. Sometimes in June 2018, the controversial video vixen confessed that she slept with both Alikiba and his brother Abdu Kiba.

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Gigy Money promises to have a baby with Zari’s eldest son after the boss lady insulted her

Gigy Money who is a former video vixen turned rapper is not one of those chicks you play with. For years she has branded herself as bad b!*ch and she is not afraid of having the media talk about her.

Before changing bet career the lady made appearances in most of Wasafi records videos; hence the sudden rise in the entertainment industry.

Anyway she is now a rapper who has been releasing some entertaining music for her fans. During a recent gig with Diamond Platnumz a fan happened to compare her with Zari Hassan; however Zari was not having it judging from the response she gave.

Gigy Money out to revenge

Well, happens that Gigy learnt about Zari’s reaction which left her bitter. In several different interviews, the rapper is heard warning Zari not to joke with.

In the latest interview Gigy reveals her ultimate plan to teach Zari not to talk badly about people. She confesses that in a few years she will look for Zari’s eldest son and have a child with him. She said,

Nitasema hivi, whatever it is yeye ni mwanamke mimi ni mwanamke. Japo mimi ni mwanamke nina mtoto mmoja yeye ana watoto zaidi ya watatu kwa hivyo ni mtu mzima ambaye anajitambua na anajielewa. Narudia tena Zari wewe ni inspiration na a lot of people wanatamani kuwa kama wewe mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa mmoja wao but not anymore coz umeshanikashifu tayari. Ila ulichokosea kwamba huwezi kumjibu mtu ambaye ana thoughts zake. Mimi nachokuahidi kitu kimoja, lazima nizae na mtoto wako wa kwanza alafu wewe utakuwa bibi wa mwanangu ndio utaniheshimu kama alivyofanya China. Atakuwa mama mkwe wangu na hatoamini.


“Zari ulitoka chini, usiniongelee vibaya tena wewe ni rika ya mamagu” Gigy Money responds to Zari Hassan

Controversial Tanzanian video vixen Gigy Money has savagely fired back at Zari Hassan after the mother of five looked down on her.

The whole drama started when a fan commented on a photo of Zari Hassan which she was launching a school. The fan tagged Gigy Money on the post and urged her to launch similar projects.

Zari responded to the fan saying that she should not be associated with Gigy Money whatsoever. The Tanzanian video vixen hit back at Zari during an interview with Bongo Stars.

Gigy Money said Zari should not despise her since she has everything that Zari has. She even claimed that she could take Diamond if she wants.


More savage response

Gigy Money went on to attack Zari telling her that she was like a mother to her (because of her age) and that she shouldn’t hate all Tanzanians just because Diamond broke her heart.

“I know in mama yangu. Mama, mgeni, nchi jirani tumekupa kiki usiniongelee vibaya tena. Nakuomba yani sector ya mapenzi isikufanye ukatuchukie Tanzania nzima. Aliyekuchifua ni Chibu sio Gigy, do not talk shit about anybody. So my dear Zari i don’t know you, i appreciate you and even if we are not on the same level am growing, am gonna be there so watch me madam,” said Gigy Money.



Video vixen Gigy Money expresses interest to be impregnated by Diamond and Idris Sultan

Gigy Money is yearning for a piece of Diamond Platnumz and Idris Sultan. The sultry video vixen publicly stated that she wished she could be knocked up by the two celebs.

Gigy Money only gave birth some three months ago and she is already looking forward to be pregnant again. The socialite revealed in a past interview that she doesn’t know who fathered her daughter.

Good genes

Speaking to Times FM, Gigy Money revealed that she yearns to have a kid with Diamond and Idris Sultan because their child would have good genes.

“Natamnai kupata mtoto na Idris na Diamond kwa sababu naamini mtoto atakuwa mzuro kweli kweli , mimi ninapenda sana wanaume warefu kwakweli. Lakini pia siwezi kuwa kwenye mahusiano na Nay wa mitego,” said Gigy Money.

Pregnant Gigy Money turns herself in hours after the authorities announced she is wanted

Yes, Tanzanian naughty video vixen is heavy with child! The lady has finally reported to the office of the current Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports. However she was rocking a baby bump.

According to reports, Gigy Money among other women are wanted for promoting nudity on social media. However seems that no one was aware of Gigy Money’s current condition.

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Judging the photos shared by Millard Ayo, Gigy Money must be in her second trimester. She reported to Juliana Shanzo’s office in the company her of boyfriend; who is said to be responsible for her pregnancy.

Fans shocked to see Gigy pregnant

Having kept a low profile over the December holiday, their is no doubt that Gigy was hoping to keep her pregnancy on the low.

Anyway, below are more photos of Gigy Money looking decent and heavy with Child. Photo courtesy Millard Ayo.

Video vixen Gigy Money wanted by the authorities for posting explicit images online (Details)

Tanzanian singer and video vixen Gigy Money is in trouble for her photos and videos. This comes shortly after a fellow singer by the name of pretty Kind was sentenced to 6 months in Jail.

According to Juliana Shonza who is the current Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports; these ladies will have to punished for promoting nudity on social media.

As reported by Millard Ayo, Gigy Money was apparently asked to visit Juliana’s office but she never showed up. For this reason the law is now after her and if anything she might end up spending 2018 behind bars.

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President Magufuli bans explicit videos

A few months ago President Magufuli urged parents to talk to their daughters on matters concerning nudity on social media. He also called out the young musicians using the ladies to promote their music videos.

Gigy Money performing

Anyway, seems that being a socialite in Tanzania will no longer be hustle for most women.

Drama in Tanzania! TID warns Prezzo to use condom when sleeping with Amber Lulu as Gigy Money calls him ‘chawa’

Drama king Prezzo left Tanzania in shambles following his romantic escapade with popular Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu.

The controversial Kenyan rapper was in Tanzania a week ago and he’s already dominating headlines in Bongo for all the wrong reasons.

Prezzo hooked up with popular Tanzanian  video vixen-cum-socialite Amber Lulu the moment he touched down in Dar es Salaam. The two lovebirds were seen in public display of affection at various places including hotels and bars.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Prezzo’s involvement with Amber Lulu prompted onetime Bongo superstar TID to warn him. The ‘Siamini’ hit maker advised Prezzo to use a condom when making out with Amber Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

“Prezzo kula bata mwanangu fanya mambo na Amber Lulu, Prezzo pole sana jiongeze mtu wangu, tumia mpira (condom) ya gharama zaidi ambayo hujawahi kutumia kabla, kwa sababu sehemu unayokwenda ni moto,” TID said.


The Kenyan rapper told EATV that he was disappointed by TID decision to warn him in public, he said that the singer ought to have called him because he had his contact.

“Namshangaa mshkaji wangu, kuna watu huwa wananiingia kwa kona mbaya, ukiingia kwa kona mbaya mimi ni msela nitakuzingua, kitu ambacho sijafurahia ni kwenda kutangaza kwenye TV, yeye ni mshkaji wangu angenipigia simu akaniambia, na sio kuniharibia ‘mood’ yangu”, Prezzo said.

Meanwhile another Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money was not pleased that Prezzo hooked up with fellow socialite Amber Lulu. Gigy Money told EATV that the Kenyan playboy was a louse (chawa).

Gigy Money

“Prezzo chawa tu kama chawa wengine tunaweka, we kamshobokea katoka Kenya kuja Bongo unashangaa nini, umemuona Lulu ameenda Kenya mzuri huyo sio mbaya kwa hiyo nyiye tulieni tu na wengine watakuja kutoka Mardagasca, UK,” said Gigy Money.