Eric Musyoka, the iconic producer who took Kenyan music to greater heights

It’s hard to talk about Kenyan music without mentioning the name of Decimal Records CEO Eric Musyoka, popularly known as Musyox. He has been very instrumental in shaping the Kenyan sound.

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In the early to mid 2000s when Calif Records and Ogopa Deejays were beefing, the award-winning producer, who is now 38, was working at Homeboyz Entertianment.


While at the stable which is owned by the Rabar family, Musyoka produced songs for the musicians like; Prezzo, TID, Mr Lenny, Nameless, AY, Wyre, Peter Miles, Nikki, Nonini, just to name a few.

He then took a break and went for further studies at the SAE Institute in the US in 2006. Upon his return, he formed Decimal Records and signed P-Unit.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the group that was made up Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu is one of Musyoka’s greatest achievements to this day. He literally propelled them to greater heights.

Musyoka and Bon Eye

What most people do not know is that the three started off as Nonini’s dancers and back-up singers and by 2010 they had won several awards including a MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA). Take a moment and let that sink in.

At Decimal, Musyoka has also worked with Just A Band, Juliani, Daddy Owen, Sauti Sol, Elani, Octopizzo and many more. Put simply, there is a high chance that he has produced a jam for your favourite Kenyan artist.

When all is said and done, he will be remembered for nurturing talents and taking Kenyan music to the continental stage because he started  producing music at a time when most artists were just focusing on their local audiences.

Musyoka is one of the producers who changed the game by ensuring our music could transcend our borders and this led to artists getting so many shows outside the country.

He’s a legend in his own right and it saddens me that most people will realize this after he hangs up his boots because as they say, you never miss something until it’s gone.

Watch one of his most popular jams dubbed Furahi Day by Nonini and Nameless below.


TID features Lulu Diva on ‘Bamba’ (Video)

Legendary Tanzanian singer Khalid Mohamed, better known as TID and famed for jams such as; Zeze, Nyota Yangu and Siamini, has released a new track with his countrymate Lulu Diva and it’s totally worth your time.

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The song dubbed Bamba has been getting good airplay since it came out a few hours ago and to be honest, we’re also feeling it.


If you are a fan of both TID and Lulu Diva – like myself – then get ready to be entertained because this is the treat of a lifetime ladies and gentlemen.

Bamba is infectious and if you ask me, it has everything to do with Lulu Diva’s amazing voice. This lady sings like the world is almost coming to an end and that is what she has to do to save humanity.

Put simply, she’s awesome and I swear I can listen to her music all day. This is also a reminder that you should check out her  Extended Play (EP) titled The 4some if you’ve not listened to it yet.

Lulu Diva

As expected, TID also killed it. He has this hoarse yet melodic voice that I can’t seem to get enough of. To add to that, his voice complements that of Lulu Diva and I think they should become a duo. Okay, I’m joking.

The beat and instrumentation on this track are also dope. Other than the fact that they make the song catchy, I know that after listening to Bamba you  will agree with me that they blend well with the voices of both TID and Lulu Diva.

About the video, I think it’s really dope and brilliantly executed. Some of the things that caught my eye, other than its crisp quality of course, are the lighting, styling and flawless scene transitioning.

Watch Bamba below and tell us what you think.

TID & Mr Blue have linked up with KJ Tripple on ‘Carolina’ and it’s a hit (Video)

Award-winning musicians TID and Mr Blue have featured in KJ Tripple’s latest jam and we are feeling it ladies and gentlemen.

The song titled Carolina is about this lass whose beauty is driving many men crazy so much so that they are willing to do just anything to have her.

TID and KJ Tripple
TID and KJ Tripple

I really love this jam. It’s so catchy and well arranged. To add to that, KJ Tripple made a good decision to do the song with TID and Mr. Blue. The three of them really blend well.

The hook by TID is on point. I don’t know about you but his singing took me back to the days of Siamini and Zeze. It’s very likely that you will find yourself singing along.

KJ Tripple is not that bad either. Actually, I’m ashamed of myself because I discovered him after this jam was released but as they say better late than  never. I totally loved his flow.

As expected, Mr Blue’s flow was out of this world. I loved his wordplay and witty rhymes. I had to rewind his verse a couple of times.

The beat on this joint is also sick. I was literally dancing on the seat as I was writing this review. Props to the producer who goes by the name Kitonzo.

Watch Carolina below and tell us what you think.

TID and Lady JayDee make a comeback with a new break up jam “Anymore” and we love it(Video)

The legendary Bongo Flava artists are back to the music scene like they never left. Lady Jaydee and TID have recently treated their fans to yet another juicy jam of the real bongo flava with their recent song ‘Anymore

As most of us know, the two who were huge in the industry few years ago and clearly they  are back to reclaim their glory.

Lady Jaydee on her part seems to have mastered the art of collaborations and has thrived on them most times.

Lady JayDee

In addition, she has worked with artists such as Ali Kiba, Kidum, Matonya, Prof Jay, Spicy and Mr Blue among others.

All collabos have been as successful as this one that she teams up with the ‘Nyota Yangu’ star; TID.


The video is set on the outdoors complete with bystanders armed with smartphones recording their fare share of the drama as it unravels.

The child ‘Maya’ is an important element in the video as she brings the input and viewpoint of how separation impacts on children.

Her role playing as subject of the authenticity in the message being put across-Separation.

Further on,the conflict of the two once lovers is clearly shown in the faces of Jaydee and TID throughout the video besides us feeling it in their voices.


I can’t take it anymore, tumalize tofauti zetu

Evidently,the jam is on separation,though from the look of things its not mutual.

Why?Because the man TID feels that the union can still be salvaged. He tries to woo his wife back but seems not to be working.

However in Jaydee’ words,

“Sina hamu. Una madharau wewe
Tabasamu sina tena kwako wewe’
Sina hamu, hata bure sitaki. Ni afadhali ninikagongwe na gari”

On the other hand, Lady Jaydee  has made up her mind that it’s not workable and can’t stay.

She prefers being run over by a car than make amends. Tough situation it is!Clearly she is done.

On the hand, regardless of the conflict in the song, the fans have well received the song with accolades queuing in the comments section.

For a comeback this is just about it.Clearly fans want more.

Rating I will go for 7/10.What do you think?

Video: Singer TID beaten like a burukenge after going back to confront goons who attacked him

Tanzanian singer TID is currently in hospital following an attack by unknown people.

The singer, first shared a bloody photo after the attack on Instagram saying goons attacked him because they were jealous of his music airing in the media.

“Washamba Bwana Wakiona tu Unasikika wanaamua kukupiga hivi …. It’s so Sad Jambazi anaeza kukufanyia chochote sababu yeye Jambazi na Yuko na Back Up za Kijambazi,” he said. 



He later added in the comments after fans pushed him further to explain what happened.

“Nimepigwa na mtu mwenye hasira. nimeumia, nashukuru mungu hawajaniua,” he said.

A clip has now emerged showing the fight between the singer and the goons. Apparently , the singer went back to the goons and got another serious beating which left him in hospital.

Watch the video below:


Legendary bongo sensation, TID reveals how music producers lured him into drugs, crashing his career

Legendary bongo artist, TID makes shocking revelation about his drug addiction that pulled him down and made him go under.

Speaking to The Trend´s Amina Rabar, Khalid Mohamed better known as TID reveals he has been in the music career since he was 17.

The bongo sensation has been a hitmaker before he met the cruel world of drugs expressing:

As a young upcoming artiste, I met different producers who wanted to coach me but some ended misleading me.

Still too young for the cruel world, producers led him into drugs the likes of cocaine, that derailed his course and purpose in the career.

Through addiction, I ended up losing great opportunities that would have bettered my career but I had lost focus and direction.

However, he might have lost his career, but not who he was created to be.

People will always have different opinions and you can´t stop them.

People think celebrities are not humans and expect too much from them that we cannot live a normal life.

Additionally, announcing his comeback, he reveals he will be dropping an album pretty soon that all should look out for.


Fans of the ¨Zeze¨ hitmaker could not believe the bongo sensation is back and express mixed reactions:

Hey TID hazeeki, taking us back to early 2000. Welcome back.


why he dancing like he jus stepped out of a rainbow parade though?


A perform zeze..


Mnyamaaa ????


Still looking the same. Oh my goodness. Good to see you Sir.


Your music lives on TID!! You’re a pioneer, leave them bad mind alone. More work King ???? and less hype!


Cku mingi


TID is a bongo flava musician from Tanzania whose stage name stands for ¨Top In Dar [Dar es Salaam]¨ back in the days.

The 38-year old is best known for hits: Kiuno, Nyota Yako, We dada, Zeze and Siamini.

Back in 1994, TID started singing with the group ¨Black Gangsters¨ before backing out 5 years later as a solo artist.

He is an award-winning artist having toured East Africa, the UK as well as the US.

However things didn´t go well for him in 2008 when he was sentenced to one year jail term for assault before his release 4 months later.

TID: I will not go back to drugs again because it has cost me a lot

Tanzanian singer TID has vowed never to go back to drugs after what they did to him.

Speaking to, the once popular singer who was greatly immersed into drugs and had to be taken to rehab, said that drugs ruined his life and there’s no way he’ll even think of going back. The singer said that he’s now thinking about making music and putting the ugly stint past him.



“I’ve been through ups and down and at the end of the day i go back to the focus. I will not go back to drugs again because it has cost me a lot. But you know what, people think i was born a star but i am human being i deserve happiness. I need to socialize. I will never go back to those stuff because its bad. The society doesn’t like it.” He said. 

Other artists in the country whose careers have been ruined by drugs include Ray C, Mr Nice, Langa Kileo among others.



TID calls out Harmonize for ‘copying’ Nigerians 

Singer TID has called out fellow Tanzanian singer Harmonize for allegedly neglecting Bongo music and copying Nigerians.

In an interview with DLucas TV, the veteran singer who is among the first to shape Bongo music, shared that Harmonize has been recording his music with international artists, especially Nigerians, in mind rather than focusing at home.


“Unamcheza Mnigeria lisali limoja it means lazima umlipe. Unamlipa mtu wa nje unashindwa kumsaidia mtu wako Uzalendo umekosekana. Come on man hizi sounds za kinigeria nlikuwa sizijui. 2010 zilikuwa hazipo hizi. We were the best African sound, sisi na Wakenya. Ulikuwa unaskia sound ya Bongo flavor na Kenya uko South Africa na wapi tunatamba sisi.” said TID in the interview.

Stick to your roots

He went on to criticize Harmonize specifically for borrowing from Nigerian artists and dropping Bongo feel. His attack comes after Harmonize’s hit song “Kwangwaru” which has topped charts in East Africa.

“Imagine sasa hivi namskia Harmonize anacopy My love oh my love oh, where the hell are you going men?, what the hell are you doing? Are you trying to be Nigerian or what? Stick to your roots man. Get out of here”, he added.

TID: Since I left jail my fan base increased and my popularity rose 

Tanzania singer TID has opened up about serving time in 2008 after he was found guilty of assaulting Ben Mashiba by lobbing a crate at him, injuring his arm and head in the process. The singer confessed to Nation that the saga ended up being a blessing after all since it boosted his career.

“Since I left jail, my fan base increased, my popularity rose and I believe this was because many wanted to get to know and understand me better. After all, I am only human, I am bound to make mistakes like any other person,” he said.



The singer also went on to add that after the jail term and increased popularity, he started doing drugs which ended up slowing his career and ruining his financial status.

“We (him and other artistes) tried ecstasy and a little bit of cocaine. However, I am glad this experience didn’t last more than two years, otherwise, I would have turned out to be a junkie. I lost a lot of time deviating from doing music, I lost a lot of money that I made from shows, I sold my cars to keep up with the habit, I couldn’t develop my properties anymore and then I realized I was losing so much. The then president (Jakaya Kikwete) also got concerned and summoned me. I had to quit to save the little that was left and be an example to the others,” He confessed

TID lays it bare, explains why he strongly advised Prezzo to always use a condom when smashing Amber Lulu

Khalid Mohammed popularly known as TID has opened up about the controversial advice he gave kenayn rapper Prezzo sometimes in October 2017.

TID caused tongued to wag when he warned Prezzo against smashing Amber Lulu raw just when the two came out to reveal they were an item.

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Speaking during an interview with Nation, TID says his advice to Prezzo was blown out of proportion to make him look bad. He explains that Prezzo is his friend and that he was only looking out for him.

“Prezzo is my friend of many years, I was just trying to look out for a brother, you know? I was just reminding him to play safe, but you guys in the media decided to blow the whole issue out of proportion,” said TID.


The onetime Bongo sensation is in Kenya to launch a new album here. He believes that he can get back to the top once again if Kenyan audience accept his music.

“I am here for work. I came to launch a new single from my latest album “The Vocalist”. It’s the fifth album that I am releasing after “Sauti Ya Dhahabu”, “Burudani”, “Jembe”, and “Prison Voice”. I so love Kenya and I believe my fans here do love me as well. That’s why my songs, such as “Zeze”, “Siamini”, “Kiuno’, “Nyota Yako” among others, received massive airplay here back then. I am back to rekindle that after being silent for a while. The last two songs even went on to win two Kisima Awards. I believe I can do this again,” said TID.

Drug addiction

TID also addressed his struggle with drug addiction. The singer reveals that he sold most of his property to keep up with the addiction before he finally got into rehab.

“I lost a lot of time deviating from doing music, I lost a lot of money that I made from shows, I sold my cars to keep up with the habit, I couldn’t develop my properties anymore and then I realised I was losing so much. The then president (Jakaya Kikwete) also got concerned and summoned me. I had to quit to save the little that was left and be an example to the others.

“I didn’t get to be a junkie because I mainly used ecstasy, which isn’t necessarily addictive. However, I did therapy classes for two months in Germany,” TID narrated.



TID brags about dating Wema Sepetu before Diamond hooked up with her

Wema Sepetu dated Diamond Platnumz for years before they finally broke up in 2014. TID brags about dating Wema before Diamond hooked up with her.

Speaking during an interview with Chipukeezy on Ebru TV, TID confessed that he is one of the many celebs whom Wema Sepetu has been in a relationship with.

TID revealed how much he loved Wema, he disclosed that his hit song ‘Nyota Yako’ was a special dedication to her then girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

“Kwa mfano nkisema nyota yako this song of mine I was really singing for this girl called Wema Sepetu but that time she was Miss Tanzania, not now,” said TID.

Wema lost value

TID also bragged about dating Wema before she hooked up with Diamond. She dated Wema in 2006 when she was Miss Tanzania and a very respectable woman.

“I swear to my own God that when she was Miss Tanzania that was the first time I dated her. Not sasa hivi Miss nyanganyanga whatever. But the Miss Tanzania, she was proper Miss Tanzania,” said TID.

Watch the full interview in the video below:





TID starts new beef with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz recently indicated he had ended his beef with his archenemy Alikiba. Now veteran Bongo singer TID is dragging Diamond into another beef.

Diamond sent Alikiba congratulatory message during his wedding. The ‘African Beauty’ hit maker also shook hands with Alikiba at Agnes Masogange’s burial.

Well, Diamond will either choose to ignore TID or get involved in another unnecessary feud. The veteran singer is literally begging for Diamond’s attention.

All because of a name

TID is starting a new beef with Diamond because of the name ‘Simba’. The ‘Sijiamini’ hit maker claims he owns exclusive rights to use of the name ‘Simba’.

TID told ETV that he was the first musician to refer himself as ‘Simba’. He claims he was given the name because of his impressive performances on stage.

“Kwa mfano mimi perfomance zangu wanasema ni kali, yaani za kinyama, kwahiyo mimi nilikuwa nafanya kinyama ndipo mashabiki walipo amua kunipa jina la mnyama, mpaka sasa mimi ni mnyama kutoka unyamani. Lakini sio mbaya sasa hivi nasikia kuna wengine wanajiita Simba, nimewa-inspire kuwa hivyo, kuna wengine ni wakufungwa, lakini ndio mnyama wenyewe,” said TID.



Wema Sepetu’s ex and TID caught in a love triangle and it’s getting really ugly

Onetime Bongo music superstar Khalid Mohamed popularly known as TID is threatening Wema Sepetu’s ex Calisah who he accuses of fooling around with his girlfriend.

TID and Calisah are now eating from the same plate and the former doesn’t like the idea of sharing at all. Calisah dated Wema Sepetu before they broke up a year ago after their sex video leaked.

The Tanzanian model is now romantically involved with the same woman TID loves. The ‘Zeze’ hit maker recently introduced his girlfriend who he says is everything to him.

“My melodies Sing back,Half human half Mnyama she is my Nusu kwa Nusu,” TID captioned a photo of his sweetheart and him he shared on Instagram.

Threats from TID

Calisah says ‘Siamini’ hit maker has been threatening him ever since photos of his girlfriend (TID’s girlfriend) and him were shared online.

The photos show Calisah and TID’s sweetheart enjoying quality time in a swimming pool. Calisah explains that she met the lady at the swimming pool and they became good friends.

“Ni kweli nimekuwa nikipokea vitisho kutoka kwa TID anadai namchukulia demu wake sio kweli. Huyo demu nilikutana naye kwenye bwawa la kuogelea akajoin na mimi basi tukawa washkaji kabisa mpaka sasa tunaongea vizuri na ni watu wa kawaida,” Calisah told Bongo5.

Below are the photos of Calisah and TID’s girlfriend enjoying themselves in a swimming pool:







Drama in Tanzania! TID warns Prezzo to use condom when sleeping with Amber Lulu as Gigy Money calls him ‘chawa’

Drama king Prezzo left Tanzania in shambles following his romantic escapade with popular Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu.

The controversial Kenyan rapper was in Tanzania a week ago and he’s already dominating headlines in Bongo for all the wrong reasons.

Prezzo hooked up with popular Tanzanian  video vixen-cum-socialite Amber Lulu the moment he touched down in Dar es Salaam. The two lovebirds were seen in public display of affection at various places including hotels and bars.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Prezzo’s involvement with Amber Lulu prompted onetime Bongo superstar TID to warn him. The ‘Siamini’ hit maker advised Prezzo to use a condom when making out with Amber Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

“Prezzo kula bata mwanangu fanya mambo na Amber Lulu, Prezzo pole sana jiongeze mtu wangu, tumia mpira (condom) ya gharama zaidi ambayo hujawahi kutumia kabla, kwa sababu sehemu unayokwenda ni moto,” TID said.


The Kenyan rapper told EATV that he was disappointed by TID decision to warn him in public, he said that the singer ought to have called him because he had his contact.

“Namshangaa mshkaji wangu, kuna watu huwa wananiingia kwa kona mbaya, ukiingia kwa kona mbaya mimi ni msela nitakuzingua, kitu ambacho sijafurahia ni kwenda kutangaza kwenye TV, yeye ni mshkaji wangu angenipigia simu akaniambia, na sio kuniharibia ‘mood’ yangu”, Prezzo said.

Meanwhile another Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money was not pleased that Prezzo hooked up with fellow socialite Amber Lulu. Gigy Money told EATV that the Kenyan playboy was a louse (chawa).

Gigy Money

“Prezzo chawa tu kama chawa wengine tunaweka, we kamshobokea katoka Kenya kuja Bongo unashangaa nini, umemuona Lulu ameenda Kenya mzuri huyo sio mbaya kwa hiyo nyiye tulieni tu na wengine watakuja kutoka Mardagasca, UK,” said Gigy Money.