Baba DJ Evolve denies dropping son’s case against Babu Owino for money

John Orinda who is DJ Evolves dad has come out to speak after rumor had it that he traded his son’s case against Babu Owino for money. From what people are saying is that Evolve’s dad settled for the money and not justice for his son; but again, he says many will not understand.

Babu Owino

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Speaking to Standard Digital, Mr John Orinda denied the allegations saying he is a Christian man who wouldn’t accept any bribe; but having sat down and discussed a more thoughtful settlement – he opted to accept the help offered by Owino and his team. He said;


I hear some people claiming that I exchanged my son’s case for money. What do people take me for? A callous man who would sell his son’s welfare the way a farmer would sell his goat at the market? I am a Christian, and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that.

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My son comes first – John Orinda

According to Mr Orinda, he is aware that most people would have preferred having Babu Owino behind bars; but that wouldn’t have benefitted his son in any way – that is in terms of medical bills, movement and even where he resides.

The fella who recently lost his wife following some complications, explained himself saying;

I know there are people who would wish to see Babu Owino in jail. But, what would we gain if he is sent to prison and my son dies?


“Si mtu mbaya sana,” DJ Evolve’s dad fiercely defends Babu Owino, angers Kenyans (Video)

Barely days after DJ Evolve’s interview on NTV went viral and touched the hearts of many, his dad, John Orinda has come out in defense of Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino.

The expectation is that a parent would at the very least, defend and stand up for their child especially if they were a victim of injustice, instead of siding with the opposite party.

However, that was not going to be the case for DJ Evolve, popularly known as Felix Orinda.

DJ Evolve alias Felix Orinda

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DJ Evolve’s dad speaks

Speaking to the media yesterday, Mr John Orinda expressed delight in the major improvements his son was reflecting so far.

He was however quick to note that all this was courtesy of Babu Owino born Paul Ongili. Right from the issuing of medication to the medical staff that had camped at their home to keep watch of DJ Evolve’s health.

Since my son arrived home, I have seen improvement and there is medication he is being given and the person bringing those drugs is Babu Owino. He also provided the nurses that attend to DJ Evolve, day and night.

DJ Evolve´s dad, John Orinda

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To this regard, Evolve’s dad showered Babu with unending praise, attesting that were it not for the financial and physical support the legislator has been providing, then the situation would have been worse.

All I can say is Babu Owino is not such a bad guy even though I am yet to meet him and have a talk. He has however not disappeared and I don´t think he will. I am also praying that Babu Owino helps us because we are not able to take care of Felix on our own.

Evolve recuperating from home

Before taking a swipe at Nation media for their exclusive coverage on DJ Evolve’s well-being that didn’t paint such a good picture of Babu.

I would like to ask the Nation media & the media to stop haunting him because when DJ Evolve keeps seeing his stories on TV it brings back memories of the fateful day.

Comment section

Well, Kenyans felt utterly disappointed by the DJ’s dad who had the audacity to pick sides and not of his son.

However, a section explained that Mr John Orinda had no choice but to praise Babu Owino, lest they foot the financial burden their son’s condition has caused.

“He can’t sit down or walk” DJ Evolves father refutes stories claiming his son was discharged from hospital

DJ Evolves instagram account left many talking this past weekend after he made a post on his Instagram page. For a minute many thought that he was finally okay and ready to get back to the entertainment scene.

However turns out that the post shared on his IG was made by someone else who misinformed the public. Word has it that it could be the same person who shared a post on B Club’s instagram welcoming back Elvove to the party life. the post read;

However thanks to Mpasho who had a follow up on the story; we now understand that DJ Evolve is still in hospital but is now in the general ward where he is receiving his treatment.

DJ Evolve paralyzed from the face down

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His father John Orinda opened up about the hard situation his son has been facing since being shot by Babu Owino. The old man says his son cannot sit on his own and so far his legs remain unresponsive.

The bill has accumulated to Ksh 16 million and only 5 million had been settled by Babu Owino. Speaking to the popular tabloid, Felix Orinda’s dad said;

He is still in hospital and as we speak im in the ward with him. The bill is still too high. Babu paid only sh5 million of the 16 million bill.

unable to move

He went on to add that as for now Felix aka DJ Evolve cannot move but his upper body has been responding quite well for now. However his lower body remain unresponsive but they are hoping everything goes as planned. Mr John Orinda went on to say;


He has been moved to the general ward but he can’t sit. His upper body is okay, his hands can move, he can talk but he has a pipe in the oesophagus to pass out mucus. so he cant talk when it’s inside. His legs legs are still unresponsive.