“I regret calling my man a community husband. I need to learn to stay calm before reacting” Lilian Muli ashamed by her post 

Citizen TV Lilian Muli is still regretting her viral post she sent on Christmas day last year demeaning her husband who had cheated on her.

In a recent interview, Muli once again opened up about her Viral December post that saw her call her hubby a community husband. She said it was her lowest moment.

 “My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not proud of it because it got Kenya talking about me and even the Diaspora. It was those oops moments you are like ‘Oh my God, really Lillian? I hope the affected persons can make peace with it as well and peace with me eventually.” she said in an in an interview with Malkia Africa.

Lesson learned

Muli said that she’s learning how to stay calm nowadays before rushing to social media to post anything.

“People will just take what you give them and run with it. I think sometimes I underestimate my brand, even with the knowledge about social media power, especially now. As a word of caution to any upcoming brand, anytime you are emotional, take your time before posting anything on social media,” she said.

“I can’t say it did not happen but I have made peace that it happened. If I could take it back I would, but I cannot act like it didn’t happen ’cause, of course, something that I am not proud of happened that made me react that way,” she said.


“I have learnt to count to 100 by the time I get to 25, you will have calmed down. Some of the things you put out there you can’t take back.”

She concluded, “I have made peace with myself and with the affected persons because some of these things affect even the family. I am a weak person but I am learning. I hope the affected will also make peace with me as well and even forget about it.”

Lilian Muli glad to be a wife once again, shares how baby daddy apologized

Citizen TV News anchor Lilian Muli recently confessed she was in a very dark place in December mainly because her baby daddy Jared Nevaton had cheated on her several times.

She took to Instagram then to blast and dump him saying that he’s been cheating on her and therefore shouldn’t be associated with her name.

It seems the two have now kissed and made up.

Muli took to social media to hint that they are back together by first changing her bio on Instagram to include “wife” and also sharing a glass of moet to show how Nevaton apologized.

Not the first time

It’s not the first time Muli has hinted that they have reconciled. Since her viral post in December, Muli has shared a few photos while in Kisii, where Nevaton comes from, or generally just enjoying a beautiful day with him.

Lilian Muli back to working out after doctor’s green light

Citizen news anchor Lilian Muli is back to the gym six months after delivering her second baby.

Lillian Muli gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Liam on July 22nd 2018 at the Nairobi hospital and she has been struggling to lose baby-fat since then because she delivered through cesarean section which takes time to heal.

New show

The news anchor shared that she has now fully recovered and she will be hitting the gym to flatten her tummy. She hinted that she might be starting a new show to document her journey.

“I had a CS my Baby will be turning 6 months next week. Losing my tummy has been a struggle because after a cesarean section you have to be careful not to hurt yourself as the healing process takes a while. I’m excited the Doctor says I can now go full out,” wrote Lillian Muli.

Lilian Muli reunites with community husband Jared Ombong’i

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has been sharing photos lately with her ex-lovers.

The news anchor was recently in the news after posting a photo with his first baby daddy Moses Kanene while he was visiting his young boy.

Baby day

Muli has now topped headlines yet again after sharing a photo with her second estranged husband Jared Nevaton Ombong’i. It seems Jared was visiting his baby Liam.

It’s no clear whether the two are together or he was just visiting but it seems things might have cooled down and now they are in talking terms.

Muli broke the internet in the beginning Dec last year after claiming Jared cheated on her and that he’s become a community husband. He asked Kenyans never to associate her with his name since they are no longer together.

In return, Baba Liam claimed that all what Muli brought on the table was sexiness, a reason why he got bored with her.

“She was always on my phone. Wanted to know everything. She was just simply jealous and that couldn’t work between us. Am happy that it has ended. She could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in our house. She also had multiple boyfriends the reason I could not continue being in the relationship.” Jared said. 


“Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new me” Lilian Muli takes another dig at her “community” ex-husband Nevaton? 

Just like her other past break-ups, Lilian Muli believes she’s glowing and feeling much better after her recent one with the father of her second son, Jared Nevaton.

The mother of two took to social media to share stunning photos of herself with a message directed to her ex, quoting Alicia Keys’ song “Brand New Me” to show she has moved.

“It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before
You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore
Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it’s clear to see
Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me
Can’t be bad, I found a brand new kind of free,” she posted the lyrics with a few photos.

But has she really moved on?

Many Kenyans believe she has actually moved back after she took to social media to share several photos with her ex-husband Moses Njuguna Kanene after the break with Nevaton.

A quick history about the two; they were once married but had an ugly divorce which left Muli accusing him of cheating (just like Nevaton) and domestic violence.

But maybe it was just a photo the two took, right?

Lilian Muli to Kenyans: I paid more than 250k so stop being jealous 

Lilian Muli has fired back at all those unimpressed after hearing she might have paid at least Ksh 250 to give birth.

In a long Instagram post, the Citizen TV news anchor attacked Kenyans who were complaining because she parted with such a figure.

“I’m only going to give this my attention because it’s becoming BORING. If I could spend 10 million or more that God has given me the ability to afford to spend I would spend it to give my baby the best experience…if you wanted to know how much I spent you should have just walked into Nairobi Hospital and asked how much it cost trust me if you are upset about 250k that’s a GROSS UNDERESTIMATE!” she said.

She went on:

“It was much more so prepare to get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive. And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!! I will never under any circumstances shy away from enjoying the blessings that come my way and YES my children are such a big deal to me if I want to shout that they are from the mountain top or everywhere I can I will.”

And finally adding:

“If it hurts you pole sana you could just choose to look away or not listen! Don’t hate me coz I’m Blessed pray for the same to come your way! Jealousy is the same thing as witchcraft it is evil check yourself! The next time you talk about me just know you are exposing how bitter you are about your life! All the bad things you’ve ever wished me will never come to pass it’s wishful thinking and I suggest you give up. I keep saying Hate has become the veil that frustrated people use to cover up their own insecurities don’t be mad at me I’m not the one who hurt you. That’s the last time I will ever address this nonsense.”

Did Lilian Muli actually pay almost 250k to give birth?

Kenyans were left curious after Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli posted a video showing the private maternity ward where she delivered in Nairobi Hospital.

While thanking everyone that made her delivery successful, the news anchor posted a clip showing the insides of the private ward and it’s not your typical maternity ward.

 “It’s a Late post but here goes. Thankyou Nairobi Hospital for taking good care of me as I delivered my baby and after. From the CEO Gordon Odundo who stopped by to say hi ( what a cool CEO no wonder he is at the helm of leadership at the Hospital) and the nurses who took care of me especially Esther who always made me smile and was so patient with me as she Showed me how to hold baby when breastfeeding and how to bathe him.” she said. 


“Many Thanks to the kind Matrons who always passed by to say Goodmorning. My Doctors Professor Koigi Kamau and his son Dr Kamau koigi, Dr Nyambura Kariuki (paediatrician) I am grateful. Baby and I had a wonderful time at the Hospital because you made us so comfortable. @official_cessp thanks for taking this.”


The mother of two now might have paid a cool 250,000 if she had C-Section Delivery while at least 100k for a normal delivery at Nairobi Hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Kenya.


More blessings! Lilian Muli welcomes second child 

Kenyans have been patiently waiting for Lilian Muli’s baby to arrive and finally it’s here.The Citizen TV presenter and her tycoon lover, Jared Nevaton have finally welcomed their bundle of joy.

Sources have hinted to Ghafla that Lilian gave birth to her second child, a boy, named Liam. The good news was shared by her colleague Anne Kiguta yesterday before the prime time news.

Second baby boy

“Congratulations @lilmuli on the birth of your baby boy! ❤❤??❤❤” said Ann. 

Muli has been taking time off social media and told her fans she will make a come back once she delivers. We don’t know when exactly that will happen but we are hoping it will be soon.


Lilian Muli sends beautiful message to her mum during her birthday, they look so much alike

TV girl Lilian Muli is already a mother and soon, she’ll have her second baby. A lot of excitement has surrounded her pregnancy as Muli has been hosting a show on Viusasa speaking about the pregnancy.

Muli was recently on Instagram to wish her mother, Muli Penina Mwende, a happy birthday. Lilian Muli’s looks so much alike with her mother and it is without doubt that she inherited her beauty from her mom.

I picked everything from her

In her message Muli said that she has learnt a lot from her mum and glad she has a been her pillar. Her mum has been working a broad with an NGO and in several instances, Muli has confessed of missing her.

Here’s her post:

“Happy birthday Mummy…I have learnt so much from you. You are my pillar. God Bless you and may you never lack for anything @mulipeninamwende God Bless and keep you,” she said.