Lilian Muli: What you read online about me is not true. Did someone clone me?

Did Lilian Muli bleach her skin? Is she paid a lot of money at Citizen TV?  She’s a lose woman who cheats. Her hubby once beat her up and ruined her face. She has a bad attitude.

Well, if you are familiar with such statements regarding Lilian Muli, she wants you to know you have been misled. Badly.

Taking to social media, the controversy-magnet news anchor said that a lot of things being said online about her don’t mirror her true personality.

“Everyday I read stuff about me that surprises and amuses me. I mean is that me y’all write and read about or did someone clone me? she said on Instagram just days after hinting she has rekindled her relationship with hubby Jared Neveton.

“Please find me that Lillian these guys write about and let me shake her hand she is so full of drama and so many people feed off it. That free Publicity is good but i’m not looking for fame.”


Muli, who has been a hot topic in all kinds of jaw-dropping discussions, urged Kenyans to stop the mongering and focus on things that can have a meaning.

“No popularity ever paid anyone’s bills unless it translates to a huge pay Cheque! But Thanks anyway. Let’s direct that energy to my new projects shall we???i will need your attention there. Panganga aka mdomo tuache.” Wrote Lillian Muli.


Lilian Muli reunites with community husband Jared Ombong’i

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has been sharing photos lately with her ex-lovers.

The news anchor was recently in the news after posting a photo with his first baby daddy Moses Kanene while he was visiting his young boy.

Baby day

Muli has now topped headlines yet again after sharing a photo with her second estranged husband Jared Nevaton Ombong’i. It seems Jared was visiting his baby Liam.

It’s no clear whether the two are together or he was just visiting but it seems things might have cooled down and now they are in talking terms.

Muli broke the internet in the beginning Dec last year after claiming Jared cheated on her and that he’s become a community husband. He asked Kenyans never to associate her with his name since they are no longer together.

In return, Baba Liam claimed that all what Muli brought on the table was sexiness, a reason why he got bored with her.

“She was always on my phone. Wanted to know everything. She was just simply jealous and that couldn’t work between us. Am happy that it has ended. She could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in our house. She also had multiple boyfriends the reason I could not continue being in the relationship.” Jared said. 


Fashionably late! Lilian Muli joins Vloggers Janet Mbugu and This is Ess with new YouTube channel 

Despite being a well-followed, and controversial figure, Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has never had a Vlog.

The popular news anchor took to instagram recently to share that she’s however planning to join a list of other media personalities that have joined the vloggin business with her very own YouTube Channel.

Muli plans to start an online show that will discuss biting social topics. The show will not only have a panel but also a small audience.

“Hey guys. I’m a late bloomer but finally working on content for my YouTube channel. I’m so excited because finally I can put out content on issues I’ve always felt needed a platform to be discussed without holding back. Dm me your profile if you wanna sit on my panels as we have started filming. I will select you for conversations that fit your profile. Hugs and kisses.” She announced on social media. 

Pregnancy journey

Previously, Muli highlighted her second pregnancy on Citizen’s streaming platform Viusasa where she had a show dubbed “Pregnant with Lilian”. She will now join Janet Mbugua, This Is Ess, Miss Mandi Vera Sidika among others as media personalities with a YouTube channel.

Sexy back! Lilian announces she’s now ready to get back to the gym just a month after delivering

Though Kenyans were recently impressed by Lilian Muli’s body just days after giving birth to her second child, Lilian Muli is promising more is on the way.

The Citizen TV new anchor has announced she’s ready to hit the gym just a month after having Liam.

“So excited finally starting my fitness journey with @smartgymske @vinitaotieno Fitness just got affordable #EveryBodyIsWelcome #FollowMeToFit I’m looking forward to the results #revengebody” shared Lillian Muli.

Some Kenyans however, wondered why she’s rushing to do it. Some claimed it was too early for her to focus on her body yet she has a very young baby.

kemusheila @lilmuli sweetie is it not too early pressure ya nini? Breastfeed and enjoy food kidogo you have a nice body that will snap back.” said one fan.

Mind you business

Kenyans have closely followed Muli’s pregnancy from the word go. Many were wowed after learning that the news anchor might have spent almost Ksh 500,000 to deliver her baby. She was however not impressed by the fact that people were speculating how much she might have paid.

“If you wanted to know how much I spent you should have just walked into Nairobi Hospital and asked how much it cost trust me if you are upset about 250k that’s a GROSS UNDERESTIMATE! It was much more so prepare to get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive. And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!!” she said. 


More blessings! Lilian Muli welcomes second child 

Kenyans have been patiently waiting for Lilian Muli’s baby to arrive and finally it’s here.The Citizen TV presenter and her tycoon lover, Jared Nevaton have finally welcomed their bundle of joy.

Sources have hinted to Ghafla that Lilian gave birth to her second child, a boy, named Liam. The good news was shared by her colleague Anne Kiguta yesterday before the prime time news.

Second baby boy

“Congratulations @lilmuli on the birth of your baby boy! ❤❤??❤❤” said Ann. 

Muli has been taking time off social media and told her fans she will make a come back once she delivers. We don’t know when exactly that will happen but we are hoping it will be soon.

Lilian Muli left excited like a little kid after these two people visited her before she delivers 

Lilian Muli’s second baby is on the way and a lot of guys have been visiting her or just checking up to see how she’s doing.

It seems however, two childhood friends she lost contacts with long ago decided to pay her a rather surprise visit, a thing that left her more than excited. It meant so much.

Keep your childhood friends

She took to Instagram to ask her fans to always maintain that bond with her childhood friends.

“My childhood friends Ciru and Njeri visited me over the weekend. I was sad that we all grew up and went separate ways…sometimes didn’t speak for years; but as we spoke I realized some bonds cannot be broken by time spent apart,” said Muli in the post.

She went on

“It’s sad that we subconsciously forget those who were there from the beginning to accommodate newcomers who are only there because they like what the finished product looks like. Remember your childhood friends; they were there when you were a work in progress and they Loved you just as you were. It’s beautiful to make new friends in every season of our lives but they should never take the place of those that knew us and appreciated us when the Potter was still working on us.”

Lilian Muli on Coast break: I needed time to think about my future plans 

Lilian Muli is currently vacationing at Swahili Beach Resort where she also had her baby moon. The Citizen TV news anchor has been sharing the photos online giving fans a taste of how her holiday is coming through.

The trip, which has been sponsored by a local tours company is all about relaxing and finding her true self as she waits for her second child.

For Me

“This baby moon was so important to me because i needed time to reflect. I’ve been up and down and just felt so exhausted all of a sudden. I also needed time to think about my future plans, bearing in mind i am carrying my second child. Securing my children’s future is my top priority,” she said in an interview with the Star. 

“My pregnancy photoshoot was inspired by the fact that i didn’t do it during my first pregnancy and have always wondered why i did not. Pregnancy changes a woman. You may not believe this if you are pregnant, but it is such a beautiful season for a woman, and you need to embrace it and celebrate it.”

Here are the photos:

Lilian Muli’s message to people who take advantage of others will leave you thinking about your life

Lilian Muli has started a new show on Viusasa called “Pregnant with Lilian” to detail some of the difficulties women face when pregnant and some tricks they can pull to make things easier.

It seems some are not happy with her new venture and have been posting harsh comments on her social media with them claiming that she’s using her pregnancy to stay relevant.

Forced to fire back

In her career, Muli has been attacked uncountable times by Kenyans and in most cases she has opted to ignore them all. This time however, she took to social media to collectively answer people who have been hating on her new show.

Lilian Muli

“Some people out here desperately trying to get hits or gain relevance by maligning others names. Build your own Brand don’t use others sweat to get to the top you will never get there that way! Actually think of it this way it’s the person you are writing about that people are interested in not you! How about you get a life then write about yours. But then again I wonder if anyone would even be interested in reading about a person as toxic as you…yawn it would be piriton overdose.” she said.


Zero chills: “Stop lying, you bleached!” Fan angrily tells Lilian Muli after she denied bleaching her skin

Lilian Muli’s throwback photo has given her fans a reason to judge her. From the look of things, Lilian Muli appears quite dark skinned on the photo making many assume that she bleached her skin.

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Moments after comments started streaming, one fan posted a question asking her why she bleached her perfect melanin skin.

Lilian Muli

Well, of course Lilian denied this saying that she still looks the same but she now has a better phone with a high quality camera.

Fans react to Lilian’s respond

Judging from the comments, seems that most people are convinced that Lilian did indeed bleach her skin. This could be the main reason she has been hiding her dark knuckles whenever she is on air, but oh well who knows!

Below is a comment left by her fan that has attracted some attention on the post.