Lilian Muli is a good friend- singer Kasolo screams while sharing how much she has supported him 

Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo was the first artist to feature Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli in a music video and apparently he didn’t take it lightly.

Speaking in an interview, the singer shared that Muli is a good friend of his and that’s why he decided to feature her in his song Kyaa Kya Ngai (Finger of God).

“Lilian is a friend. She has been sharing my music and when we met, I asked her to feature in the song,” Kasolo told Word Is.

More to come

The Kamba artist topped headlines a few months ago after featuring Muli in his song as a vixen. Fans were also happy that Muli supported him. Kasola promised another collabo might be on the way.

“We might do another collabo with her.” he said.

Muli after the song came out and thanked Kasolo on social media saying: “May God continue to uplift you. This is a good one. I’m so Blessed by this song,”


Now a video vixen! Lilian Muli appears in popular Kamba song 

Citizen TV news anchor has surprised her fans by appearing in a new Kamba song.  The song, dubbed “Kyaa Kya Ngai (What belongs to God belongs to Him), is a gospel song done by popular singer Stephen Kasolo. 

Muli in the song makes an appearance dancing to Kasolo’s rhythm. Many were impressed by Muli’s cameo in the song which has attracted a good number of views.

First appearance

It’s actually the first cameo Muli has done unlike other news anchors who have been in several songs before making a name in the media industry.

The last time Kasolo was topping headlines was after he dropped Hautasumbuka Tena featuring Tanzanian gospel superstar Rose Muhando a few months ago. Muhando was coming off an ugly encounter with Kenyans following a prayer session with controversial Pastor Kang’ang’a.

Watch the song below

Lilian Muli glad to be a wife once again, shares how baby daddy apologized

Citizen TV News anchor Lilian Muli recently confessed she was in a very dark place in December mainly because her baby daddy Jared Nevaton had cheated on her several times.

She took to Instagram then to blast and dump him saying that he’s been cheating on her and therefore shouldn’t be associated with her name.

It seems the two have now kissed and made up.

Muli took to social media to hint that they are back together by first changing her bio on Instagram to include “wife” and also sharing a glass of moet to show how Nevaton apologized.

Not the first time

It’s not the first time Muli has hinted that they have reconciled. Since her viral post in December, Muli has shared a few photos while in Kisii, where Nevaton comes from, or generally just enjoying a beautiful day with him.

Lilian Muli left excited like a little kid after these two people visited her before she delivers 

Lilian Muli’s second baby is on the way and a lot of guys have been visiting her or just checking up to see how she’s doing.

It seems however, two childhood friends she lost contacts with long ago decided to pay her a rather surprise visit, a thing that left her more than excited. It meant so much.

Keep your childhood friends

She took to Instagram to ask her fans to always maintain that bond with her childhood friends.

“My childhood friends Ciru and Njeri visited me over the weekend. I was sad that we all grew up and went separate ways…sometimes didn’t speak for years; but as we spoke I realized some bonds cannot be broken by time spent apart,” said Muli in the post.

She went on

“It’s sad that we subconsciously forget those who were there from the beginning to accommodate newcomers who are only there because they like what the finished product looks like. Remember your childhood friends; they were there when you were a work in progress and they Loved you just as you were. It’s beautiful to make new friends in every season of our lives but they should never take the place of those that knew us and appreciated us when the Potter was still working on us.”

Lilian Muli: I can’t tolerate bullying

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is one lady who has persevered a lot to reach the position she currently holds at Royal Media. It’s like every major thing she does, Kenyans mock her. But what most don’t know is that she grew up around bullies as a young kid so she knows how to deal with such people.

“I come from a background of bullying even when I was a small girl in school,” said Muli in an interview.

“When somebody says something bad about me, it comes from a very personal place in me. It is always an instinct to react because I grew up fighting bullies and I am not gonna take that as an adult.”

Fighting for girls

Muli has been trolled several times by Kenyans but that has never stopped her from following her desires. She said that what keeps her going also is the fact that she knows she fighting for many other girls out there who look up to her.

“When I speak up, I always speak up for every other girl that is getting bullied or even a woman who is pushed in whatever way by a partner or a colleague at work who is male.” she said. 


Lilian Muli: I became a drunkard after my divorce

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has come out to confess that she struggled with alcohol and stress after her ugly divorce in 2016. The news anchor was married to Moses Njuguna Kanene for 7 years but was forced to end the marriage after it hit rock bottom and he become violent.

“I started drinking a lot when I left Josh’s dad. I had moved from Karen, got a new life with Josh (her son), but one day, after three years, I realised that I was actually separated and trying to wear a face that everything was OK, all while still looking good on TV,” she said. 

Lilian Muli

End of a fairy tale

In a recent interview with True Love magazine, Muli said that she had to move after her marriage went down but came out with an important lesson: marriage is not a bed of roses. The news anchor is now pregnant by Jared Nevaton’s who, she said have been dating for almost two years.

“I had a public meltdown. I screamed at someone at a restaurant and a patron recorded the entire incident which later went on social media. Now if there is someone who gets affected by social media it would be me,” said the controversial anchor.  

Lilian Muli on being pregnant for a second time: It feels like a new experience 

With baby number having taken so long to come, Lilian Muli can’t remember how it feels to be pregnant. She feels like it’s the first time.

The Citizen news anchor who is expecting her second child with city millionaire Jared Nevaton said that her second experience feels like it’s her first probably because it has been seven years since she she carried a baby in her belly.

“One day at a time. It’s been Seven years since I was last Preggers this feels like a totally new experience,” said Muli on IG. 

Look at her baby bump

Here’s what her fans said:

Pregnant Lilian Muli educates women how to avoid sagging breasts and tummy

Lilian Muli has given birth and knows some of the effects it may have on a woman’s body.  With another child on the way, Muli decided to share some of the tricks that helped maintain her sexy look even after giving birth to her firstborn, Joshua.

She asked ladies to be carefull with the time a baby spends on each breast to avoid stretching or making them an equal.

“This is what Breastfeeding can do. FYI you have to balance the amount of time the baby spends suckling each tit otherwise one will stretch more than the other and eventually look bigger than the other (lol not an old wives tale I’m serious) that’s not very cute.,” said Muli on her TBT photo.

Lilian Muli six months after giving birth

Looking forward to a curvy body

She also added that the first time she gave birth she was a bit skinny but now hopes she’ll have a curvier body once she delivers.

“Thank God I was told this early enough my boobs didn’t get affected. This is just 6 months after I had my baby Josh he was a big feeder thankfully I had enough milk. I think I was too skinny though looking forward to some curves this time God willing. I had a CS (not elective) so healing takes some time but I watched what I ate and also noticed the more I breastfed the more weight I lost and that applies to the tummy as well. I only worked out after a year.

Revealed! This is why fans including Wahu Kagwi want Citizen Tv’s news anchor Lilian Muli to get a second baby

News anchor and popular lady, Lilian Muli only has one child from her previous marriage and judging from her son’s age, seems that she might be planning to create a 10 year-age-gap between her kids or maybe she is not even planning to have a second born.

Just recently after sharing an adorable photo to flaunt her son, fans flocked her Instagram page asking whether she was planning to have a baby anytime soon as time was no longer on her side.

One comment was from popular singer Wahu Kagwi who wrote saying;

Wahu’s comment

Other fans also delivered the same message as they pleaded with the lass to at least add one more child now that her son is a big boy who probably needs a playmate.

Lilian Muli however did not respond to the comments, probably because she was not ready to explain herself….but hopefully she will soon have another child.