Ben 10 continues to confuse Mama Diamond with new love tricks as seen on new photo

Mama Dangote and her young husband always know what their fans want; and that is to see how they live together despite their age difference.

The two allegedly got involved a few years back when the guy was married to one Iffah. However after tasting the type of love mama Diamond has, the fella never returned home.

The Tanzanian coupe is now living as man and wife as they held an Islam wedding to mark the new milestone in their lives. However what we don’t know is whether Shamte gets to enjoy Mama Dangote’s money freely or if he has to borrow since he once called her stingy!

Mama Dangote with young lover, Rally Jones

Romantic photos

Well, so far the couple has been serving couple goal photos on social media and looking at some of their photos one would assume they live like teenagers.

They not only play games in the pool and carry each other around; but also flirt just to prove they can as they enjoy life now that Diamond has the money to spoil his mum.

In the latest photo, Uncle Shamte who is also known as Kiben 10 was caught red handed lusting over his woman’s behind – just for fun. Mama Dangote who seems excited about the photo went on to share it on her page killing many with jealousy!

Grandma’s her age definitely don’t pull such stunts on stunts but we cannot blame Mama Dangote!

Struggled through out her life

As many know, Mama Dangote struggled to raise her two children with no father around. Diamond Platnumz dad allegedly walked out on her leaving her with a broken heart; and no food to feed her son and daughter, Esma.

Years later Diamond Platnumz has risen to top as the most celebrated artist from East Africa – breaking a record that has never been witnessed in Eastern Africa!

Rally Jones with Baba Diamond Platnumz

His father on the other hand has not had the chance to enjoy life like Uncle Shamte; and this could be punishment for abandoning his family years ago – but who know!

Mzee ni Wewe! Mama Dangote continues to romance her young husband on social media

Mama Dangote will not let anyone or anything take away the love she shared with her young and handsome husband, Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte!

The two love birds have however had their good and bad days in their relationship; and the last fight left mama Dangote announcing that Shamte was now out of her life!

However just a few weeks later, the couple is back together and from the look of things the young husband definitely knows how to tune his wife!

Uncle Shamte

Shamte cheating

So far he has fathered a child with another woman while still married to mama Dangote; and the lady seems just fine despite knowing that her husband cheated with a younger lady.

Although the two are together, rumor has it that mama Dangote has ensured have all her properties registered under her name; and not that of her husband’s – a smart move indeed!

Young love

Just a few weeks after another of their nasty break ups; the couple has shared a new photo paraffin their love on social media.

Mr and Mrs Shamte

From the photo shared by mama Dangote it is evident to see that the two are in love and will not be ending this anytime soon! So far, Uncle Shamte has proven to be close to Esma Platnumz who is Diamond’s elder sister!

Family drama

Sadly rumor has it that Uncle Shamte’s sisters have been against his marriage for years now; and no longer see eye to eye with their brother.

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan

The ladies however continue to support their brother’s son who shares quite shocking resemblance with Uncle Shamte. It is however not clear as to whether Shamte is a dead beat dad or is active in his son’s life especially with Mama Dangote’s alleged dark heart.


Away this is not the first time the two are parading their love affair on social media and below is a copy of the latest romantic photo shared by mama Dangote!

Mama Dangote with hubby

They grow up so fast! Diamond Platnumz small brother looking handsome and all grown up!

Mama Dangote’s husband Uncle Shem aka Rally Jones fathered his first child with one of his side chicks despite being married to Bi Sandra.

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

The news about his affair with a lady by the name of  however left him in a lot of drama as he denied getting her pregnant only for her to deliver a son that looks exactly like him.

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan

Well, this also caused tension between Mama Dangote and Iffah as they went on to insult each other on social media now that they were sharing a husband.

Handsome young man

Despite being born at a time with so much drama and rejection from his biological father; it appears that the small baby boy is growing up just fine.

Rally Jone’s son news

His mother recently left many complimenting the boy after sharing his latest photo on Instagram that proves how healthy he is. Also it’s quite evident that he got his looks from his daddy.

Mama Dangote makes comeback to trolls of nagging romantic photo-shoots with Rally Jones

Diamond Platnumz´ mother, Sandra isn´t sparing fans after dishing out romantic snaps of herself with hubby, Rally Jones.

There will be the likes and the dislikes from any social media gang and Sandra hasn´t been spared either.

Critics have come out to plead with her to leave such kind of photo shoots to her young son and his lover Tanasha because this just doesn´t suit her age and time.

Well, she claps back to them haters and speaking to Wasafi media, she questions:

Don´t old people know about love? Love starts from the old people then the young can learn.

Are we not allowed to love? Photos are not about age, it´s just one´s decision.

Hubby, Rally Jones defended his 51-year old lover by insisting that Mama Dangote doesn´t look anything her age.

Look at her? She is not old, can you see any wrinkles?

Sanura Sandrah Kassim is sure not about to give her followers a breather.