Why Bahati will always have to fight over Diana Marua

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Bahati did not pay any men mind when he announced that he was going to make his “prayer partner” his wife. The lady in question was Diana Marua and when word of the fact was announced, I recall listening in as I headed out to high school and everyone was laughing about it.

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I have to admit that I had no idea who Diana Marua was but we all knew who Bahati was and I was listening in on a show that used to air on Kiss100 every Friday morning. And now that I have found out even more about who Diana Marua used to be, I am inclined to actually agree with a lot of the people who have raised their doubts.

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I say this because as my mentor (one of the guys who was on the Kiss show I mentioned) says, a man should be as concerned about his woman’s past as she is about his future. Bahati should have been warned or informed that given who his wife used to be, he will never truly be ever to hold his head high in a circle of men because she would always be the Achilles heel that they would attack.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

Think about it, he married a woman who had a storied history of past lovers and this is always going to be something a man cares about. To make matters worse, his sworn frienemy came out to claim that he too was a name on the list of Diana Marua’s past lovers. And you wonder why he has been silent over the entire issue?! What is Mtoto wa Diana to do? And Willy Paul is such an asshat that he came out to chide him over having slept with her before she was with him… That is a low blow.

Diana Marua

And what option did Diana Marua have other than to allege assault? I mean, it is a dastardly evil to pull on a man but I get it. It is a despicable thing to do to anyone but I can understand that she had no alternative in her brain because she knew how Bahati feels about his “brother” and she knows this might actually be the point at which her marriage is shaken to its core. Thing is, Nicah the Queen came out to offer an alternative account of how things played out. According to her, when she saw Diana Marua with Willy Paul, she was happy to be in his presence and was dancing and bouncing along to his music.

Bahati is in a tight fix -between a rock and a hard place because as a man, his instincts to defend his wife have doubtless kicked in but he has also come to the realization that she is always going to put him in this same situation. Yup, his wife will always leave him with egg on his face and looking to knock a few teeth loose simply because she allowed certain men between her thighs nd some of these men are precisely who her husband has told her he finds distasteful.

But he made a choice. He chose to settle down with this woman and as a result, Bahati will forevermore be in this position especially given the fact that she is the mother of two of his children. Damn! You had doubtless not factored that in. He is literally tied to Diana Marua for the rest of his life (assuming he doesn’t outlive their children). But this is where he should show the world just exactly how ignorant he is. He needs to actually ignore all the whispers because the happiness of his home is at stake.

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