DNG, Jalang’o and Shaffie Weru have left a void in event MCeeing

Whenever you think of event MCs, whether corporate or otherwise, three names stand out like 3 colossi: DNG, Jalang’o and Shaffie Weru were the names you almost always expected to come across.


The three have since moved on to a new chapter in their careers whether voluntarily or otherwise and their absence is dearly felt because of how good they were at what they did.

Kenyan Hype-master DNG

Two of them left voluntarily to pursue their political ambitions. DNG is now an MCA after successfully competing on a Kenya Kwanza ticket to win the Woodly/ Kenyatta Golf Course seat.


Jalang’o’s battle was less clear cut as he first had to fight the rank and file within the coalition of his choice; Azimio to get the ODM ticket after it was denied to him because he was an untested upstart whose loyalties were in doubt.

Shaffie’s departure wasn’t done voluntarily. He was kicked out of Homeboyz and radio Africa Group where he had worked for over 15 years because the feminists that populated the companies that were customers of his employers were baying for his blood.


Shaffie Weru had made an off-colour joke on the radio about a woman who had been tossed off a balcony after a date gone wrong. She survived but the feminists saw an opportunity to make a statement and they went in for their fill of blood.

Jalang’o looking dapper as he beats the morning cold

His career was ruined and so he had to find his feet in the business. That has subsumed his focus and he has since stopped MCing events.


The three have left a void that is difficult to fill. DR Ofweneke is doing his bit as is Oga Obinna but beyond that, the market is pretty much fair game. And you can tell from the dearth of talent just how tall an order this is.

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No wonder most quit! DNG reveals the most money he ever made as a gospel artist

DNG has tried almost every career he came across while starting out in the entertainment industry. Being among the pioneers of this industry he of course had several options to try out; but apart from being an hype man (which paid quite well) DNG also had also tried joining the gospel ministry.

Being a gospel for DNG was however not so successful nor did he make enough money. The former hype man revealed this in a  post shared on his social media pages where he talked about his life as an artist.

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Horrifying moment DNG nearly lost his life in the hands of armed car jackers (Video)

According to DNG, back then he was all about the ministry; meaning visiting schools, prisons, children homes among other things people do for free. Of course being part of the ministry there is no way DNG would demand for payments; but in the end he still had bills to pay.

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Reveals amount he made

Through his IG stories, the former minister of the word (through music) opened up about his experience from back then saying;

One of the most important chapters of my life is; The birth of an MC. This is where everything changed – financially.

He went on to talk about the amount of money he every made as a gospel artist adding;

Truth is, as a gospel artist, I made absolutely Zero cash in perfomances. The only money I ever made was a 3,000 shillings. Honorarium from word of life. (This was the most money anyone had ever given me because of getting on a stage)

Although he did not share the post complaining about his experience from back in the day; no, DNG is actually happy to have served many though his ministry as he got to meet and mingle with people from all walks of life! In conclusion the hype man wrote;

For me, It was all about the ministry. I’d rock crowds, visit schools, prisons, campuses, children’s homes  etc and never ask for payment – ever.



“I have not given up on marriage, I am still looking to settle,” DNG reveals 5 years after ugly divorce

Kenya’s ladies’ man, Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG, is a proud father to a 7-year old daughter, born into a marriage that only lasted 9 months.

The A-list celebrity and musician had his daughter with ex-wife, Yvette Nungari, back in 2013, wedded in March 2015 and divorced in December 2015.

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A 9-month period that taught him so much and left one of the most painful scars he nurses in his heart to date.

The divorce and marriage expectations

During his interview on CTA, the father of one admitted that even though he made so many mistakes in his young years, he believes that some day, his daughter will look at her dad and be proud of him.

“I’ve always wanted to settle down. Also because I came from a single family, I wanted to have a nuclear family of father, mother and children. I may not have been successful then, but I’m gonna be successful now,” he confidently affirmed.

DNG’s colorful wedding

According to him, a broken marriage did not make him give up on love. But admitted the divorce took a toll on him.

“It turned my world upside down and everything disintegrated. It was shattering, one of my most difficult patches in life. I was in it to win it. Why would I spend on a wedding like that for a joke? I would rather go to the AG or have a come-we-stay,” DNG confessed.

DNG talks marriage and dating

Sadly, having given his all, it still never worked. Reason being, they had different goals in life and fundamental ideological differences about things like tradition and wealth.

“I had seen all the red flags, I had even cancelled my engagement but our best couple still cheered us. Also, because I was in love, I did not pay keen attention to the red flags,” he added.

Despite it all, he appreciates that he went through that stage.

Kenyan Hype-master DNG

It is on that note, that the popular media personality has sworn to settle in life, complete with a nuclear family of father, mother and children.

Revealing that divorce saw him gravitate towards the older generation, who have since matured his thoughts and expectations. Have a listen;


Horrifying moment DNG nearly lost his life in the hands of armed carjackers (Video)

At age 23, Kenyan hype-master DNG felt the cold chill of a pistol run through his veins.

All her ever did was to become a victim of circumstances, encountering armed carjackers while driving into his estate in the late night.

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A story he vividly narrated during his recent interview on CTA.

The nasty night ordeal

So it so happened, that as he was driving into the estate with his Voxy, he met another guy driving out of the estate and right at the gate, armed hit-men took the life of the other guy and now dealt with DNG.

This left the popular MC shaken and scared for his life.

Hype master DNG

They immediately turned the firearm to his head and having witnessed what just went down, DNG was not about to mess with these guys so he gave in, was kicked out of his car and into the floor of the backseat, to now fight for his life.

They hit him with the firearm on his head, with blood gushing out of his forehead and carried along the guard at the gate as well.

DNG handed over the car to the carjackers, headed to the ATM and emptied his account. They then stopped at a police check, dished out some couple of notes to the officers and were handed over an AK47, then allowed to proceed.


Meanwhile, DNG who tried to peep out and call for help, felt the heavily loaded AK47 right on his forehead with the thug asking him to look right into it because this is not a kitchen sieve.

An ordeal that DNG lives to remember, with memories so alive like it was yesterday.

“It was one of my worst experiences, it taught me a lot. I went through defensive driving and lots of training. Even being able to normalize going out at night, it took some time,” DNG explained.

For him, his worst 3 experiences were his divorce, the carjacking and the loss of his grandmother.


5 male celebrities we hope to see settle down before the end of 2021

Kenyan men are quite reluctant when it comes to settling down; and I’m thinking this is because the ration between the boy and girl child is 1:4. However does this mean that despite all the years the celebrities listed below have never fallen in love even once?

Anyway below are just a few celebrities we hope to see settle down at least by the end of 2021. No pressure so don’t get me wrong with this!


Sleepy David

Apart from that time he was rumored to be Jacky Vike’s baby daddy; honestly Sleepy has not introduced any of the women he has dated and broken up with in years. If I am not wrong, very few know anything about this young man’s girlfriend or partner. But looking at his agemates, most seem to have started children as they continue to chase the paper; meaning Sleepy can do this too.


DNG with ex, Yvette

At least we know DNG married and divorced his ex really fast. Their reason for their break up remains unknown to the public; but judging from a post shared by DNG back then – he made many believe that his ex wife was the problem. He wrote;

 “I dumped a really hot chic (Yvette) who had a really dark heart and a shitty personality,”

And 4 years down the line DNG is being accused of being a fisi who has been exposed severally on social media. So between him and ex wife, who really had the problem? But hey, the clock is ticking!


CMB Prezzo

Apart from being a father of many, rapper Prezzo should by now be thinking of settling down. At 40 ‘something’ this man should now be a family man. His ex Michelle Yola already settled down with a French man who is now the father of her 2 daughters.

However, since Yola left there are no signs of the fella settling down – but hopefully he too will meet someone soon.

Mustafa Colonel

Marya and Colonel Mustafa

After Noti Flow exposed Colonel Mustafa for being being… Im not sure whether we should be talking about marriage since same sex marriage is prohibited in Kenya. But hey, he also dates women meaning Mustafa can also settle down if he wishes.

After his break up with Marya (whose marriage to Kevin was shaky) Mustafa has not thought of having his own family. Right now he must be in his early 40’s and still no family to show like his peers i.e Nyashinski, Nonini, Jua Cali among others.

Fundi Frank

Fundi Frank

Just to be safe, ill start by saying Fundi Frank who was quite popular back in the day has never introduced his family on social media; leave alone being spotted with a woman suspected to be his lover.

This could be because he is a low key fella; but hey, even just once? Anyway lets not judge what we can’t see but honestly he should give us a reason to talk. Right?

How DNG’s bitter fallout with mom shaped his career as an MC for the better (Video)

Kenyan known hype master, Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG has for the first time narrated how he nearly ran homeless after a bitter fallout with his mum, during his early campus days.

Like every other teenager transitioning into adult life, there will always be that 7th sense’ that makes you think you are wiser than your parents. Or that parents just don’t want you to enjoy that hype ‘youth’ kind of life.

DNG was no different a kid.

DNG rubs off wrongly with his mom

During his interview with CTA, the media personality recalled how he started his MC gigs during his very early days in Campus-USIU, that saw him spend most days and nights hopping from event to another.

DNG during his campus days

So the A-List MC would duck into his parents house, quickly grab a shower, eat and leave. A routine his mom had observed to the point that one day she told him to his face “this is not a lodging”.

Being the egoistic and ‘wise’ DNG he was at the time, he got fed up with his mum’s nagging and once dared her that he can leave for good as well.

MC Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG

To his face, his mom said that was fine and the kid woke up the next morning, packed all his stuff into a pickup but had no idea where he is going next.

Fortunately, he hit up one of his good friends at school and requested to share a room with them, then they can split the rent charges. Fair enough, so was it!

But it became tricky when either needed to bring in their chiq.

A-list celebrity DNG

Anyway, the two would survive on simple dishes for meals, remember, DNG did not have a source of income, so how he will pay the KSh5k rent, remained a headache for him.

He tried his luck as a DJ on a minimum Ksh5 monthly, just enough to pay his percentage of the rent.

Hype master DNG

Since then, it has been history, DNG stands as one of the best MCs the country has ever had, having worked across the country and across organizations both local and global.

Have a listen;


Kenyan secular artists are getting saved for all the wrong reasons

Every now and then, you’ll hear that a certain secular musician has seen the light and crossed over to the gospel industry. I, however, doubt whether most of them are genuine.

First of all, most of them never have a backstory to their salvation. It’s an impulsive move in most cases. My assumption is that if you decide to get saved, there’s a series of events that led you there. You didn’t just wake up one morning and saw it fit to seek redemption.

Secondly, for most of these musicians, it’s a business move more than anything because you’ll never hear that so and so who is a secular musician saw the light and quit music or became a pastor. They always dash to the gospel industry which is often perceived as more profitable.

DNA’s collabo with Isaac Kahura and Kambua dubbed Mtoto Wa Sonko

You see, Kenya’s gospel industry was much bigger than the secular industry until recently. 5 or so years ago, at a time like now, the biggest hits in Kenya were gospel songs. Bahati, Willy Paul, DK Kwenye Beat, Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro, etc ruled the airwaves.

If you remember, most secular artists got saved and switched to the gospel industry around this time. Interestingly, the secular industry started improving and somewhere along the way it overtook the gospel industry. But that’s a story for another day.

For a long time, the gospel industry was bigger because it had structures that were working. Simply put, it was more organized. That’s why award ceremonies such as Groove Awards are still relevant to date.

Sponsors could trust event organizers with funds. Artists also had faith in event organizers unlike the secular industry where you were likely to be swindled. And no, I don’t imply that people have never been conned in the gospel industry, the probability is just low.

At the end of the day, most artists got paid for their work. Then there’s the obvious fact that gigs were more because the gospel industry was bigger at the time. The likes of Bahati or Willy Paul had a show almost every weekend. This seems to have enticed their secular counterparts so much so that they decided to seek salvation.

Willy Paul performing before a huge crowd

Lastly, when you cross over to the gospel industry you are likely to grow your fan base. Think of it like this, gospel music cuts across demographics. Your song will definitely reach more people if you throw in the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘Bible’, so why not?

A gospel artist can also perform at both secular and gospel gigs whereas a secular artist is limited to secular gigs.

These are just some of the reasons why I feel that most secular artists were getting saved for all the wrong reasons. This theory is backed by the fact that most secular musicians who crossed over to the gospel side did not even last for long.

The gospel industry has an unwritten code of conduct, i.e. you are expected to behave in a certain way. When you switch to gospel you are expected to stop some things that you had gotten used to like partying. Some of them find it hard so the quit and go back to doing secular music.

DNG quit gospel music after he was photographed drinking on several occasions

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Kurukwa Kipetero Kiyesu! DNG dumped by girlfriend on social media

DNG was last week exposed for hitting on slay queen on Instagram; and unlucky for those who fell in love with him, were left hanging as he moves on faster than a Jaguar!

Well, his current girlfriend identified as Fionah James has come out to reveal that she is no longer with the community boyfriend she had been dating. This comes about a week after Totoray exposed DNG for not only using her but also exposing her nudes on Telegram.

The lady who claims to have fallen in love with DNG was left hanging after realizing that the hype man had other women on the side; and to make matters worse, a main chick who has now also dumped him.

DNG dumped by Fiona James

DNG dumped

What goes around comes back around and DNG is not having it any especially with his main woman who publicly denied him; like Peter did with Jesus in the Bible.

This however happened during a question and answer session where one can posed a question inquiring whether Fiona James has dumped DNG since she edited their family name ‘Ngubuini’ on her IG Page. Fiona on the other hand responded;

Weeh I don’t deal na simu za jamii

Fiona’s post

DNG the community boyfriend

In yet another post, Ms Fiona who was the main chick and alleged wife to be to DNG added that she is currently single and will not be going back. She revealed this whole responding to a fan who asked her whether she was now single to which Fiona said;

No I am very single


He who laughs last….

Seeing how DNG disrespected his first wife after calling off their marriage; it’s evident to see that the guy has since found no peace.

DNG with ex wife

Rumor has it that he hits on anything wearing a skirt and is light skinned! According to Totoray who couldn’t believe DNG dumped her also revealed that the hype man is bisexual.

We cannot confirm this, but it seems that DNG has been using his failed marriage as an excuse to jump into bed with young naive social media slay queens.

Yet another main woman has left him stranded, is DNG really cut out for this relationship business?

Bitter DNG exposed for leaking former lovers naked photos on social media

DNG has been making headlines for the wrong reasons for years now and many agree that he changed after he broke up with his wife in 2016.

According to DNG he parted ways with Yvette Nungari who hard a dark heart; that came with a beautiful face and figure. He revealed this while responding to a fan who reached out then, asking about the new bride’s where about.

DNG on the other hand seemed quite bitter as he replied asking the fan to marry Yvette now that she is single. DNG responded saying;

  She (Yvette) is single. The two of you can hook up????????.

He then went on to talk about Yvette saying that she was beautiful however her dark heart is what forced him to leave her. Through his Instagram page the hype man added:

DNG and ex wife

“I dumped a really hot chic who had a really dark heart and a [expletive] personality. I’d rather be with a chic who scores 1/10 when it comes to looks but who has a heart of gold. It takes a really mature mind to understand such depth.

Years later

Well, as you know DNG has been moving from one woman to another and sadly he allegedly preys on light skinned women.

Things got out of hard after he was exposed for sliding into a minors DM, something that almost cost him his career. Anyway, the guy never really learnt his lesson and now in 2020 he is said to have used yet another Instagram slay queen.

Leaked nudes

After dumping the alleged lover, DNG has been exposed for sharing her nudes in social media; and surprisingly it’s actually one of his friends who shared the news with Edgar Obare.


Since DNG has nothing to lose, he shamelessly circulated the photos leaving the alleged ex lover explaining herself on social media.

DNG exposed

Below are the some of the photos of Totoray they have left the girl making noise on Instagram as she fights to her justice.

How old is DNG again?

Totoray exposed

Totoray and DNG

It’s a trap!DNG warns Nyashinski against working with his new wife

Media personality DNG has come out to warn Nyashinski among other celebrities from working with their spouses; especially when it comes to audios and music videos.

Speaking during an interview on Switch TV, Daniel Ngibuini who is popularly known as DNG made it clear that working with a person someone is dating is a grave mistake. He went on to warn Nyashinski against working with his wife saying;

Nyashinski do not sing with the person that you are married to, it’s a trap!

According to DNG there are a few celebrities in Kenya who have already proven that working with their spouses has been a mistake; and for this reason there wouldn’t be any need of others making the same poor choices.

DNG’s advice

DNG went on to add that the likes of Otile Brown who worked with Vera Sidika, Khaligraph Jones and Cashy among others are now stuck with projects they featured their women in!

But now that things have changed, the internet still holds memories of their past relationships; something he hopes will never get to happen to any other person in the Entertainment industry!

He went on to open up saying;

Its very horrible, in fact it’s the worst idea to date and sing with somebody you are dating. We have Otile Brown and Vera Sidika, Otile akaimbia Vera Wakaachana, We have Khaligraph and Cashy wakafanya collabo mbaya sana, Cashy akapenya wakaachana.

He went on to conclude saying;

We have Tdat and Kush Tracey waliimba pamoja collabo wakaachana, Tdat anakuanga na mangori nyingi he also dated Della wakaachana. Recently Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha, her big song wakaachana

DNG failed marriage

After disappearing from the entertainment scene for a while now, DNG is now back with a bang!

DNG with ex wife

He is however a man who understands the pain of a heartbreak thanks to his ex wife. A while back he was said to have had a bitter break up with his ex wife barely one year after their wedding!

Anyway he now seems to have moved on and life couldn’t be treating him better than it is right now!

DNG´s spare rib, Fionah expresses her love for him on his birthday

DNG turns a year older and his spare rib, Fionah James sends a special message his way.

Davidson Ngibuini better known as DNG walked into new love after crude divorce with wifey, Yvette Nungari and has never looked back.


For the last 5 plus months, the hype master and his new lover have served goals whether in romance or lifestyle.


The new couple will probably be scheduling their nuptials at this pace.

However, first things first as the former radio host turns a year older and Fionah believes he is a special being.


Her post reads:


DNG shyly expresses:


Happy Birthday to him!

Wedding bells! DNG set to walk down the aisle again after bad luck with first marriage which only lasted 11 months

Self proclaimed number one hype-man Davidson Ngibuini alias DNG is set to remarry some two years after divorcing first wife Yvette Nungari.

DNG married Yvette Nungari in March 2015 but by February 2016 the two had gone their separate ways. The hype-man announced end of his marriage on social media describing Yvette as ‘a really hot chic with a shitty personality’.

DNG and Yvette Nungari during their wedding
DNG and Yvette Nungari during their wedding

DNG became a f@ck boy after the breakup with Yvette, last year he was exposed by multiple women as a thirsty nigga who was hitting on anything in skirt.

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The hype-man has finally found his soulmate, apparently DNG is even engaged to a woman called Fionah James. The lady revealed she is engaged to DNG on her Instagram profile, she introduces herself as Mrs Ngibuini.

DNG and Fionah celebrated their anniversary a few days ago at Sopa Lodge in Naivasha. Fionah shared their photos on IG and captioned ‘Happy Anniversary love ❤️ I penda you sana?’.

DNG and Fionah James
DNG and Fionah James

In another post, she captioned ‘My happiness ❤️??Btw @dngkenya babe tumeanza kufanana sana?’





DNG disses ex-girlfriend after buying brand new car, she used to call him useless for driving a van  

After buying a brand new Mercedes Benz worth 2.5 million, radio host DNG has been excited a lot and has been posting the car on social media almost hourly.

while in this new-car mood, DNG looked back and remembered how many people told him he won’t amount to much. But his most painful memory it seems, was when his ex-lover compared him to aging sponsors and then told him ‘ain’t sh***.’

On Instagram, an emotional DNG shared his story while showcasing the brand new C200 2013 model.

“A woman I loved once told me that I wasn’t shit because I used to drive ‘mummy vans’. She used those words to describe the Activation Vans we hire out to our Corporate Clients @254EntOfficial. Our business may not be prestigious, but it pays.  Our small, legitimate hustle is what God ordained. It’s what He put in our hearts. It is what He has & will always use to bless us & elevate us,” he said. 

Kept going

He said the estranged lover didn’t appreciate his hustle at all but this didn’t break his heart.

“Spitefully, she then went ahead to compare me to the older men who her friends were dating & sleeping with (MPs, Governors, Nigerians & Somalis) who would dish out cash left & right.
I told her it was unfair to compare me to men who started working before I was born. We parted ways, but I knew one day, I’d achieve everything she said I never had,”

“Moral of the story: Never let anyone break your spirit. Never let anyone put you down. Embrace your humble beginning & work towards greatness, He captioned.

Radio host DNG in host soup for allegedly leaving 13K bill to women he had invited to club, bragging he got them drunk next day 

There was a time just spotting Radio DNG in a club drinking a soda or a soft drink was a big deal. He was a born again christian then and never touched alcohol. But that was a long time ago, these days, he’s all about balling in clubs and buying rounds of alcohol to friends.

Ordering for others without money

DNG in the club with the ladies

Singer Mumbi, however, thinks DNG went from a “no, I don’t club” type of guy to an Instagram con who brags for what he hasn’t done. This is after DNG allegedly invited her and a few friends to a party then ducked before footing the bill.

DNG and Mumbi

Apparently, he wanted the invitees to clear the 13K bill he had left behind after ordering several drinks. In a series of leaked screenshots, Mumbi is seen complaining how DNG didn’t have money to pay for the drinks but yet went online to brag how he spoilt them. The singer is angry that the One FM breakfast show host made them look like a bunch of cheap groupies who were with him because he was buying drinks.



Over 10 women label DNG ‘Ultimate Fisi’ for begging for s3x from them on social media

Davidson Ngibuini popularly known as DNG can’t keep it in his pants. Ladies have unanimously agreed that DNG is the thirstiest man in Kenya.

Kenyan ladies have crowned DNG as the undisputed king of mafisi. The popular 1 FM presenter is a pro in sliding into the DMs.

Ladies on twitter reveal how the self proclaimed East Africa’s number one hypeman is overtly sexual. The women opened up about how DNG had been desperately begging for a piece of them.

His thirst can only be quenched by the flood of Noah

Some ladies confess that DNG was hitting on them plus their sisters, friends and relatives at the same time. Some said DNG’s sexual thirst couldn’t even be quenched by all prostitutes plying their trade on Koinange Street.

See the conversations on the screenshots below:





Top 5 celebrities who dumped their girlfriends through their social media pages

There is no one who enjoys getting dumped via social media. It is the worst experience a lady or a gentleman can go through – especially when other people join in to leave harsh comments.

Anyway, so far we have had a few celebrities leaving their girlfriends/wives via social media and even going to the extent of exposing them instead of having a one on one private conversation.

I have compiled a list of the notorious men we have seen do this in the past few months and the one to start off is;

Diamond Platnumz

Well apart from his scandal with Wema Sepetu, singer Diamond Platnumz shocked many after exposing his baby mama in a post that left many shocked. According to Diamond Platnumz, Zari was apparently now involved with a certain Ugandan Tycoon called Williams Bugeme only for it to turn out that the Tanzanian singer was wrong. Checkout what he posted below;


Well, we are used to his on and off relationship with Michelle Yola but at some point rapper Prezzo went on a rant talking about how much he was done with his young girlfriend. However, having gotten used to their ways we can really not tell whether they these two ever break up for real or just for a season.


This singer has had his share of women in the entertainment industry. After breaking up with Marya, Colonel Mustapha hooked up with Huddah only to publicly bad mouth her when things didn’t work out as planned. We are told that even his latest girlfriend was left hanging after the singer decided he was through with her.


His break up with Wolper came as a surprise as no one was aware that Wasafi Records singer Harmonize was cheating. He however recently confirmed that he had dumped his Tanzanian girlfriend and was now involved with a Caucasian lady who is also expecting his first child. If this is not mean, then I don’t know what to call it.


Kenyan MC and former radio presenter DNG actually deserves an award in this sector. A couple of months back the guy announced through his social media pages that he had left his wife after he wedded her in a white wedding that trended for a whole weekend. According to him, he had married a lady who was focused and for this reason he publicly left her without thinking twice.


Ex Vitimbi’s Nyasuguta dresses down top hype man-DNG after he told her the truth that turned to be so painful

Self-proclaimed number one hype man Davidson ‘DNG’ Ngimbuini struck Eunice Wambui aka Nyasuguta where it hurts the most.

A week ago DNG took a swipe at politicians who are asking the electorates to contribute towards their political campaigns. The hype man asked such kind of politicians to trash their ambitions if they didn’t have money to campaign.


“Watu wa siasa aka ‘ma-aspirants: Acheni kutuitia fundraising please. Whatsapp imejaa mainvite na maposter. Kwani tunakuwanga na nyinyi mkipewa mshande ya 850k? Na mnatugawianga mkisanya mkwanja? Nkt! Roho safi, kama hauna doh, sare jo… Achana nayo! Hii election ni ya pesa, la sivyo utembee door to door uconvince wazeiya,” wrote DNG.

Nyasuguta, who is eying Embakasi South MP seat on a Jubilee ticket, is among politicians who have asked the public to donate money towards their campaigns.

The former Vitimbi actress was irked by DNG’s sentiments, she replied to him arguing that even President Uhuru calls for fundraisers.

“Calling upon people to help you doesn’t mean you are poor. Even Waiguru, Uhuru and other bigwigs call for fundraising. Who is DNG to tell us not to ask for help?” Nyasuguta was quoted by the Star.