5 celebrated Kenyan couples we should admire and learn a thing or two from 

Nairobi is one big bedroom and we can’t deny that. However even with this big bedroom, there are a few couples who continue too inspire the youths without even knowing it.

Well, this is because they are drama free nor do they feed the public with matters concerning their private lives.

1.Wahu and Nameless

Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless

It is no secret that Wahu and Nameless’ marriage has helped save a few young women and men out here. This is because these two have already proven that Marriage is sacred; and if handled well it blossoms well outgrowing petty issues like ‘why did you let her grind on you.’

With virtues like trust and determination to focus on the big goal, both Nameless and his wife have managed to achieve quite a lot.

2. Catherine Kamau and Phil Karanja

Phil with his wife, Catherine Kamau

Phil Karanja met Catherine Kamau as a single mum but the fella did not let this drown his goal of being with the gifted actress.

This is because he did not just see his current wife as an object or even a mother; but a woman who would build him into becoming a better man. As I write this, these two are said to be running a successful production company that they achieved together.

3. Njugush and Celestine Ndinda

Having met back in colleague, Njugush and Celestine never gave up on each other due to the small financial issues they had been facing at the time. In fact Njugush says his wife (who was a girlfriend then) was the one helping him with money back in collage.

According to the fella, Celestine did not stop there as held on tight while they both tarmacked looking for greener pastures. This is not because Celestine couldn’t bag another man but because she believed in her man who has come to fulfill her dreams years later.

4. Abel Mutua and wife, Judy

Abel Mutua with his wife, Judy

They say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are! Just like Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau who are best friends with Abel and his wife, Judy Nyawira; this couple has used their marriage to help many youths.

This is because they met back in the day when they were both broke but made it their mission to achieve great things in life together. Looking at how far they have come and the challenges they faced including an unplanned pregnancy; it’s only fair to conclude that these two were meant.

5. Eddie Butita and Mammito

Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito

Last but list is Eddie Butita and Mammito who fully invested in their friendship before jumping into the dating pool. For years any knew nothing about their relationship and achievements in life. These two are not your ordinary online couple – in fact they avoid any social media love unless necessary but truth is with this; they keep many guessing.

Both having been brought up in a ghetto environment they both adopted to the ‘hustler’ mentality; and looking at them now, we can clearly see a couple that will dominated the comedy industry.

Comedian Eddie Butita speaks the truth, and KOT calls him out for hypocrisy citing his love alliance with Mammito

The popular comedian and talk show host Eddie Butita stirred the hornet’s nest by slamming netizens falling over themselves to wish American rapper Nicki Minaj good tidings for her alleged pregnancy. While the outspoken media personality is known for witty comebacks on The Trend show, his post on Twitter elicited mixed reactions.

Immediately after the sassy American rapper broke news of her pregnancy online, her Kenyan fans were quick to congratulate her. This is what prompted Eddie Butita’s blunt bashing on Twitter, calling out netizens for double standards.

In a nutshell, Butita had branded this as mere hypocrisy. How do you rush to shower a star living in a faraway continent with love and good wishes, while closer home, you continue to ignore friends, family and relatives?


This post prompted a barrage of savage trolls, with KOT brashly referring to the actor’s clear alliance with popular comedienne Mammito. The Kenyan comedy power couple has since confirmed their relationship. They had taken the good wishes aftermath in stride, though none of their fans really knew them.

Ain’t that a similar scenario to the Nicki Minaj pregnancy breaking news?

In a wider view, though, Eddie Butita is right.

Kenyans have peculiar habits. A typical Kenyan lady will ignore the neighbor with a Mama Mboga stall full of fresh vegetables and fruits. She’s bound to shop for the same – stale and refrigerated – at the high end mall for double the price. Kenyans do not support each other.

This is why youth may opt to rock the latest NBA gear, at exorbitant prices. Yet, they live with a gifted stylist dealing with Ankara fabrics, but doesn’t once consider to rock this authentic wear. Where’s the sense of belonging?

Comedienne Mammito (file image)
Comedienne Mammito (file image)

On the art scene, a Kenyan is up to date with the latest box office release and affords the narcissistic Hollywood personalities a significant portion of their devotion. How many Kenyan film productions and actors do you know?

Nil. Nada. Zero.

Why do we not build our own?


Blessings on blessings! Comedian Eddie Butita and wife, Mammito expecting their first child? (Photo)

Funny man Eddie Butita will one day make an amazing dad; ask how I know this? Well, apart from his jokes, the young man has proven to be hustler….and I am assuming all this is because he looks forward to giving his family nothing but the best he can offer.

Growing up in the ghetto (Kayole) not only taught him the art of survival; but also gave him a reason not to ever wish that kind of life to his children and his children’s children!

Butita with wife, Mammito

Well, despite Churchill show the comedian has been making major moves through his social media projects; and unlike other comedians who complain about joblessness – let’s just say Eddie has been working street smart to ensure he survives this Covid-19 period.

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Mammito pregnant?

Away from that, we have every reason to believe that Eddie Butita will soon be joining the father’s league; thanks to a post shared on his IG story!

Eddie Butita hinting about Mammito’s pregnancy?

From the above post it’s evident that Butita was trying to pass a message using his post – or he was drawing himself some attention? Well, we can’t say but I can confirm that unlike other celebrities – this fella rarely pulls social media stunts to remain relevant!

So could Mammito be with child? Well, after reaching out for a confirmation – the comedian did not confirm nor deny whether his long term girlfriend is expecting their first child together!

Private life

Although the two continue to make money together; they often try to avoid parading their private life on social media!

However, truth is we can’t help but wonder how the two spend their free time together; do they crack each other up or teach each other new jokes? Well, who knows!

Never before seen photos of Eddie Butita cozying up with his Bae, Mammito!

Yes we love them and just for as a by the way…Mammito is proving to be one of the most hilarious female comedians we have come to see in the entertainment industry.

However these two have always opted to keep their relationship on the low; but being celebrities, it’s quite hard to keep bloggers away.

Butita with Mammito, his bae

Anyway, just recently I bumped into a short video shared by one of their friends; and for the first time we finally get to see the two getting cozy together! Well just by looking at the photos below it’s evident to see the chemistry between the two comedians.

Settling down

We can however not confirm how serious the relationship is; but having dated for years only means that they are thinking of settling down together in the near future as time is no longer on their side.

The Butita’s

Mammito on the other hand seems like one perfect wife material who knows how to keep chasing her own money; unlike most ladies who would prefer to enjoy the lime light without bringing anything to the table!

Butita has also been chasing his money through his several projects including Campus tours that have helped build his brand. He is no longer just the dark comedian from Kayole but also an artist who has released one project so far.

Butita with the love of his life, Mammito

Churchill not paying

As many comedians continue to complain about payments – the above couple has since said nothing concerning the matter.

This is probably because of their side hustles that have helped generate good  money which helps cover most of their bills; and still invest. However truth be told, many can’t wait to witness the two walking down the aisle soon…..that is if they finally feel the need to formalize their relationship!

Comedian Eddie Butita showers his girlfriend with love as she turns a year older!

Although Eddie Butita has been trying to keep his relationship with Mammito on the low, the two love birds continue to hint that they are indeed a couple; and if anything still in love like the first time.

As Mammito turned a year older on 18th September, Eddie couldn’t hold back from celebrating his woman on his Instagram page where he literally poured out a couple of heart emojis. He wrote;

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mammitoeunice

Butita’s post

In yet another post the comedian wrote;

Butita’s girlfriend, Mammito

Secret lover

Well, unlike most celebrities who enjoy publicizing their relationship…Butita and Mammito are clearly good at keeping their love life on the low.

We can agree that these two might just be the cutest couple in the industry and how they maintain their privacy makes it even better.

Mammito flaunts legs for Days in tiny outfit like never before!

Comedian Mammito recently posted a new photo on her Instagram page and it’s totally fabulous.

She captioned it “usiniletee makasiriko” and the most striking part of the picture is her incredibly long legs. She wore a jungle green leather romper which she paired with a matching Beret!

The comedian has lately been attracting quite an audience on her Instagram page thanks to her creativity. And after her ‘thirst trap’ photo most of her male fans could not help but drool over her thighs as seen on the comment section.

Love life

Although Mammito continues to maintain a low profile when it comes to her relationship; seems that most of her followers are now aware that she is dating Butita.

Eddie Butita with rumored girlfriend, Mammito

Well, it’s obvious that the two will not be opening up about their love life anytime soon therefore we shall continue working with the small details we have!

Check out the sexy photo below!


Ni mapenzi tu! Comedian Eddie Butita steps out with his rumored girlfriend

Seems that comedian Eddie Butita and Mammito are now kicking things up a notch after sharing a new photo together.

The apparent couple who have been said to keep their relationship on the low are seen together in a new photo; something we rarely see on their social media pages.

Eddie Butita who is currently doing quite well with his Eddie Butita campus tour did not caption the photo leaving room for assumptions from fans and tabloids.

Unlike most couples who prefer taking ‘romantic’ photos; the two decided to do something different but looking at Mammito’s facial reaction we can agree that she liked what she was looking at.

Eddie Butita with rumored girlfriend, Mammito

Money Moves!

Away from his love life; Eddie Butita has been nominated in two categories as African comic of the year and Audience Choice awards in Africa’s top comedy awards.

Through his Instagram page Butita went to say that being nominated for the Savanna comic choice awards was already a win for him.

This is already a win for me am just a boy from Kariobangi making global moves! Vote link on bio.


“There is no way I can be pregnant. I always use protection” Churchill Show comedian Mammito comes clean after word she’s heavy with a baby 

Churchill Show comedian Eunice Wanjiku Njoki has fiercely denied being pregnant with Eddie Butita’s child insisting that a condom is always in use when never getting intimate.

Last year rumors were rife that Mammito was expecting Butita’s baby after it emerged that the two comedians were in a relationship.

In an interview with Buzz, the comedian denied she’s carrying Butita’s baby because they always use protection.

“There was a time I posted a photo after lunch so my stomach was protruding, I guess that is where the rumours came from. Let me just put it clear that I always use protection, the ones that are studded with ribs, so there is no way I can be pregnant. I use the ones with banana or strawberry flavour because they give extra pleasure, keep me safe, and leave my house smelling very nice. People will believe anything they read on blogs so I am not even shocked,” said Mammito.


The comedian in the interview also revealed that she now planning to revolutionize her comedy by introducing English jokes.

“I am going into English comedy so the world can hear this girl from Kibera, and we are establishing comedy clubs so grassroot comedians can also have opportunities. Every first Saturday of the month it goes down at the Blues club at Barclay’s plaza and we are hoping more venues will take this up. We need to build an industry for next generation; If my kids choose to be comedians I don’t want them to struggle like I did.”

Unakaa Otile Mwitu! Kenyans troll comedian Eddie Butita after spotting new hairstyle(photos)

Celebs once in a while usually go for new hairstyles to change their look and sought of re-brand.

Fans in the end usually become the judges and tell the celebrities whether the new hairdo was all worth it or they should rip it off.

From Diamond, Ali Kiba, Otile Brown, Vera Sidika and many more, celebs usually get either negative or positive responses from fans after their re-brands some even being forced to change the new hairstyles.

Enemies of progress

Comedian Eddie Butita recently had his fair share of criticism after deciding to dye his hair brown and post it on social media.

Fan took to social media to troll the comedian for the hairstyle which comes just a few weeks after Omondi also dyed his hair.

Butita took to social media to acknowledge the trolls saying: Enemies of progress.. #EddieButitaCampusTour as Kenyans created memes mocking him.


Here’s what guys said:

landlord_wa_gachie Umeamua kumatch nywele na macho?

de_praizer Should I say blondita butita..?

vincentkogo  Unakaa posta ya dura coat

mis_maryah Umekaliwa brathe, kichwa inakaa hizo viti nyuma yako ?


“Mammito is not pregnant” Butita finally speaks out

A few weeks ago comedian MCA Tricky shared a photo hanging out with Mammito; but what caught many people’s attention is the bulging bump seen on Mammito’s top.

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For a minute we thought that Butita and Mammito had already started a family. How turns out that this was just another ordinary photo taken early last year after MCA Tricky, Mammito and other Churchill shows comedians travelled to Dubai.

Butita speak up

In a recent interview Headsup Butita denied impregnating his girlfriend. He brushed off the stories saying;

“Mammito is not pregnant. I don’t know how someone can start such a rumour. When we will be pregnant, we will tell the world.”

He however did not deny being in a relationship with the lady. The two comedians have been in a stable romantic relationship for about a year now and from the look of things they will not be partying anytime soon.

Mammito and Butita expecting their first child?

Seems that Eddie Butita and Mammito have a baby on the way. This is if the photo shared by MCA Tricky is anything to go by.

From the position Mammito is seen posing on the selfie; one can see the bulging baby bump that is seen protruding on her vest. Also seems that lately the lady has not been sharing any of her photos another indication that she is keeping things on the low.


Butita and Mammito’s relationship

The two comedians are said to be in a serious relationship and judging from their social media posts, this is true.

However, they have been keeping their relationship on the low to avoid being stalked but their celebrity status doesn’t allow.

If indeed their is a baby on the way, then it’s congratulations from us!

MCA Tricky with Mammito


Are Comedians Mammito and Eddie Butita in a romantic relationship? (Photo)

Mammito has once again left many guessing whether she is involved with fellow comedian Eddie Butita.

A while back several tabloids revealed that the two had been secretly dating for about a year. The rumors went on to add that they even moved in together and were now living somewhere in Pangani.

However, they both maintained silence and did not confirm nor deny the stories. Well, it now seems that we are back to the same topic.

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On Tuesday the lady shared her bae’s picture where she celebrated him as her MCM. Mammito wrote,

Disables her comments

However unlike most of her photos, the comedian disabled the comment section blocking fans from sharing their opinions.

If I am not wrong, this was just another strategy to indirectly announce their relationship. Anyway they both make a lovely couple and should probably make it official now!