Exray Pays Tribute To Late Music Producer Byron Papi

Kenyan gengetone artist Exray has paid an emotional tribute to his late music producer and friend Byron Muhando Kivisi, also known as Byron Papi. Exray took to his Instagram page to share his deep sorrow, commemorating their cherished moments together and their collaborative efforts in the music studio.

The grieving artiste shared several photos and videos of Byron, showcasing their enduring bond and the countless hours they spent crafting music. One particularly touching post captured a scene from Byron’s candle-lighting ceremony.

Exray, who is renowned for his chart-topping hits, expressed the profound impact that Byron Papi had on his life, both personally and professionally. He emphasized that Byron was not merely a music producer but, in essence, a brother to him.

In his tribute, Exray wrote:

“I have never felt like this in a long time, have tried sleeping so that I could wake up from this nightmare of so much pain to lose you as a friend, brother, my producer, you and I have done so much.”

He also expressed his gratitude for Byron’s guidance and support, and for the many lessons he learned from him.

“Hit after hit we have recorded more than 100 songs together. It’s ok we have to let you go, but we will never forget you, and we will always keep you in our hearts forever.”

Exray’s tribute is a moving testament to the deep friendship and professional bond that he shared with Byron Papi. It is also a reminder of the profound impact that Byron had on the Kenyan music industry and on the lives of those who knew him.

Exray Welcomes First Born Child With His Girlfriend Wangui

Boondocks Gang member Exray Taniua and his video vixen girlfriend Wangui have welcomed their first baby today morning. The two lovebirds are yet to reveal the gender of their kid, but Wangui has been congratulated by several other Gengetone artists over the successful delivery.

Sharing via Instagram stories, Exray flaunted videos of him in tandem with the love of his life at the Komarock Modern Healthcare, where they have been for about a week now or so.

What was clear however about the videos is that in one of them, the petite video vixen was seen lying on the bed while taking a drink and looking at their child, who was lying in a crib.

The Sipangwingwi hit maker shared the news of the pregnancy in style through new song ‘cinderella’ ft Masauti and Daddy Andre.

Some of the Gengetone artists who showed up at Wangui’s delivery include celebrated rapper and Gengetone singer Ssaru.

Congratulations are in order for the two.


Exray apologizes to fans after flopped Gengetone festival in Machakos (Video)

Exray has finally addressed an issue that left many of Gengetone lovers and fans disappointed this past weekend at at the Gengeton Festival that went down in Machakos.

According to Exray who was part of the listed artists to perform this past weekend; the event organizers allegedly refused to pay the performers. However there could be no show without payment which brought in a few complications that ended up affecting the fans.


Through his Instagram page the young man went on to reveal that Genge fest’s complications were caused by Covid 19. This is because the original plan was for the event to go down in April; but due to the lockdown, the event was pushed to October.

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Having been paid the deposit at the beginning of the years, the artists expected the other half which the organizers apparently did not have at the time the event was going down.

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According to Exray, the organizers suggested they wait for the tickets to be counted in order for them to be paid. However this could not be since they also have bills to pay!

Anyway check out the detailed video shared by  Exray below;


Sailor’s Miracle baby finally addresses bisexual rumors sparked by Boondock’s Exray!

Miracle Baby aka Peter has taken his time after Exray exposed him for being gay. In a video shared by Exray on his instagram page, the gengetone singer accused Miracle of having relations with a fellow man; and to prove this, he dared Miracle to speak up if he wanted the videos shared on social media.

This topic brought about different reactions from fans and celebrities who advised the two to solve the matter privately! However these two don’t seem to be taking the advice and finally we have a response from Miracle baby.

Speaking to Kartelo on his Rieng Radio show, Miracle baby got to share his side of the story. Although it comes at a time when many assumed he opted to stay quiet following Exray’s threat; atleast we can now hear straight from the horses mouth.

Miracle Baby and Kartelo

Miracle hits back

Well, as expected Miracle baby denied this saying he already has 12 children with different women around; and will soon be adding more children since he is capable of it.

For him, this was just another baseless threat following their beef that has left the gengetone comminuity tensed up; as both these boys continue to escalate the beef.

When asked by Kartelo whether the rumors had any truth to it, Miracle responded by challenging his buddy to lend him his girlfriend for confirmation. He said;


Mimi ata siexplain tena. Wewe leta dame yako atakuambia niko wapi. Kama ukiniletea dame yako tulale na yeye siku mbili atanielezea niko aje.

According to him, the stories were nothing but propaganda. On the issue of being returned back to the village, the Gengetone artist challenged those saying this – to prove they have the power to do that.

Judging from the conversation he often has with Kartelo…its also obvious to see these two fella are good friends; and with the new show, they might just be the next hot thing!


Exray accuses Peter Miracle Baby of the unthinkable as beef gets out of hand

The beef between Boondocks Exray and Miracle baby is getting out of hand; that is if both are clout chasing or hyping a new song!

Just a few days ago the two boys called out each other on social media leaving fans confused. Exray accused Miracle baby of being a snitch; while he was accused of being lazy in bed.

At first it all seemed as fan and games until Exray’s new revelation that has left fans and friends wondering how far they are willing to go. According to the fella, he has been friends with Miracle for quite long and even see each other as brothers.

Gengetone artist, Exray

Exray’s interview

This opened an opportunity for  him to know the sailors artist well – adding that this is why he can confirm the guy is bisexual.

Exray claims that Miracle baby was locked out by his landlord due to delayed rent payment and since he had no other place to go; Miracle decided to pay Exray a visit. Of course being brothers meant he would accommodate him for a while before getting a permanent solution.

However things started going south after Miracle took some few alcoholic shots to calm him down. Instead of acting like the visitor, Exray says his friend started misbehaving in a weird way.

According to the Boondocks singer, he accuses Miracle of breaking things in his house among other things thus explaining the cause of their beef.

Miracle Baby

He is gay, I can prove it!

While on it, Exray confidently confirmed that his former friend was gay and if anything he is ready to provide evidence to back up his statement.

For this reason, he urged Miracle baby to stop replying to his IG posts or else they would take this beef to the next level. Not to judge, but would  someone in their right mind bluff about something as sensitive as that? Or does he really have the evidence to back up his claims?

Boondock’s Exray proves he is man enough weeks after Miracle accused him of being poor in bed! (Photo)

Gengetone Exray is proving that men from the ghetto can also be gentle when it comes to love; despite having faced the harsh side of life that has hardened men from those areas.

Luckily for Boondocks who are currently doing amazing in the entertainment industry; the fellas have now been exposed to the good life which is not so bad for them. Together with Sailors, these boy ‘band’ groups have managed to attract a huge following that unites them as brothers.

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However just a few weeks ago Exray from Boondocks was said to be beefing with Sailorz Miracle baby; and from the look of things, these two young men were ready to face each other in court.

Exray accused Miracle baby of snitching – but we never learnt what the problem was. Miracle Baby on the other hand laughed off at his ‘brother’s’ remarks as he called him out for his poor bedroom skills. According to Miracle baby, Exray couldn’t satisfy his lady forcing other men to step in to help out.

Exray and girlfriend

Exray gets new tattoo

Well, Exray has gone ahead to prove that he is man enough to love his woman in any way; and in this case he recently got her name tattooed on his hand.

The gengetone artist went on to share the good news by parading his hand and that of his lady to show their new tattoos. Through his instagram page the fella wrote;

Exray gets girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm

Standard of relationship ???????? We can’t beef kaa yenyu ni boyfriend na girlfriend ???? #taniuamovement

Well, not many would agree to such an agreement but the love between these two seems real, so why not?

Comedian Chipukeezy is also one who got his lady’s name (Kibanja) tattooed on his hand only for them to part ways months later.

Why Sailors’ Miracle Baby thinks Ex Ray from Boondocks is not man enough!

The last few days have not been easy for both team Sailors and Boondocks thanks to the ongoing beef between miracle baby and Exray.

It all started with a post from Exray who issued a warning to Miracle baby for being a snitch. As seen on the post, the Boondocks member went on to add; the only way to solve this was to either to meet face to face or in court.

In response Miracle baby decided to add more injury as he abused Exray for being a lazy man in bed. According to Miracle who proudly prides in being a village boy; Exray’s woman has apparently been getting help from other mwn to satisfy her needs.

Weak bedroom skills

In the post which was deleted just a few moments after posting, Miracle baby went on to write saying;

Sikatai mimi ni proudly waOcha atleast najua kulima…silimiwi dame

Miracle babyWith this post there are those who felt Miracle baby overstepped the boundary. However since they both have some serious beef, then all fans could do is watch from the sidelines.

Exray responds

Responding to the poor bedroom allegations, Exray also went on to share new information about Miracle baby. In several posts shared on his page; the singer accused his former friend of being gay. He went on to back this up using a video where Miracle baby is seen shaking his booty!

Miracle baby accused of being gay

Looking at the clip, one can see that this might have been a harmless dance; as Miracle is seen entertaining his friends. However a member from the Boondocks management confirmed that the ongoing beef is real. He went on to to add that things have not been looking so good for the boys however with time they will be solving this too.

With the current lockdown, fans were however expecting new projects and not drama from these two artists. At least now that everything is on standstill; they should manage their time getting creative. But all in all a little drama wouldnt hurt right?

“Umbwa sana tupatane kortini” Exray beefing with Sailors, Miracle baby

Exray from Boondocks seems to be beefing with Miracle baby from Sailorz. He made the beef public through a post shared on his instagram calling out Miracle baby for being a snitch!

Although we are not aware of what could have occured between the two; one thing for sure is that Exray is not joking about this beef as he went on to ask Miracle baby to meet him in court.

He went on to add that if Miracle doesn’t present himself in court then he should get ready to head back to his rural; leaving fans wondering this was a threat or clout chasing for another upcoming project. One post he wrote;

Someone tell uyo snitch…yeni @petermiraclebaby Umbwa sanaaaaa na kesho tupatane kortini ama urudi ocha

Beef brewing?

Well knowing how serious some of these beefing cases get, one can’t help but hope this is all for the gram. However in yet another post Exray goes on to add that his beef is with Miracle baby and not the Sailorz gang as a whole.

Sina bee na Sailors…we are always bros but to that baby snitch….it’s personal

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He went on to point out that this was personal and for this reason, he only wants to deal with Miracle who allegedly snitched on him. Going through Miracle’s page it seems that he is unaware of the current situation between him and his former friend; which means this might just be true.

New project?

Well, this may also be another strategy to promote an upcoming project since the two gengetone artists haven’t dropped a new project in weeks. Being members of the top loved music groups in Kenya, fans are already digging deeper to get more information on the ongoing beef.

As for now all we can do is hope that these two will either solve their beef in peace or if it’s a new project; then they should drop it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary tension between their various fans.