What Jalang’o’s graduation means for every Kenyan with a dream that seems far-fetched

By now, I’m sure you are aware that popular media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o graduated from Daystar University with a degree in Community Development.

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I have been thinking about the funny man and how far he has come from his Kiss FM days and what I can say is that he is a huge inspiration to every Kenyan with a dream, he really is.



There is that famous picture of Jalang’o selling fish on the shores of Homabay and to image that that same man is the biggest media personality in Kenya at the moment is something that is beyond me.

He has shown Kenyans from all walks of life that if you put your mind to something you can definitely achieve it by pursing it with all your might.

There was a time when Jalang’o was asked what makes him work so hard and he said that having been poor he is trying to run away from it as far as he can.


As someone who looks up to the popular media personality, I can say that I really admire him and his journey. He just makes me want to work hard and get to the levels where he is today.

There have been whispers that he is eyeing a certain political seat in Nairobi and I don’t know whether the rumors are true or not, I would advice him not to get mixed up with the political class.

The likes of Jicho Pevu and Mohammed Ali who were adored by Kenyans for the roles that they played in the society are now a shadow of their former selves and have lost public trust.

Jalang’o forces Pascal Tokodi to cry during Live interview (Video)

Jalang’o had Kenyan screen heartthrob Pascal Tokodi on set, flashing opulence for a better part of the interview before sending the actor breaking down to tears.

Pascal revealed that his big break in his film career was when he once cried on set until mucus flowed out from his nose. That is how he got picked for the now popular Selina TV drama series.

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The curiosity of the comedian saw him force Pascal to show fans how good he is at naturally drawing tears from his eyes and within no time, the kid was already bursting in tears.

Thespian, Pascal Tokodi

Shocked from the challenge, Jalang’o quickly turned away, looking embarrassed that his call had actually been answered but not so good a call to make after all.

Pascal eventually dried his tears but his natural prowess in the art left fans in shock.

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Pascal Tokodi & Ekirapa’s marriage

The film star avoided answering whether he was seeing someone or not and therefore failed to disclose his claimed secret wedding affair with Grace Ekirapa that went down over the weekend.

Grace Ekirapa allegedly weds Pascal Tokodi in private affair

However, it would be no shock that the two might be an item since they both are very religious, into singing as well as celebrated public figures. Plus, their ethnic backgrounds are not as distant.

But to his secret admirers, he stated “I am grateful you are seeing.”

Have a look at what went down during the interview;

Jalango’s new photo with Taita bae while on first vacation since cheating scandal sparks mixed reactions

Celebrity radio presenter, Jalang’o left masses with the assumption that he is just like any other guy who never sticks to one woman after his viral boys’ club saga early in the year.

The kid was on the spotlight for all sorts of wrong reasons after screenshots of the Boys’ WhatsApp group leaked into the public space, with many calling him out for being disrespectful to his woman.

Jalang’o with wife, Amina Chao appears together in public

Recently, he decided to re-ignite the spark once more after going on baecation with his Taita babe, Amina Chao, spotted on the sandy beaches of Kenya’s coast, all stunning in white.

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Villa Ameera, Malindi was the couple’s preferred travel destination with the caption:

What an amazing weekend with Jaber…

Jalang’o with bae, Amina Chao

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His sweet yet confusing post ignited mixed feelings among fans. One Instagram user was quick to notice that unlike Jalang’o a dear Amina did not seem content and happy in life.

Jalango with his wife

As some openly drooled over what they could not have, others suspicious he buys his loyalty to the coastal beauty through his accumulated wealth.

tanashadonna Eish yawa ????????

???????????????? Our people ???????????????????????? God Bless ???? Jaber and Jadoung????
Hata ukikata tukutane Tuko jiani ???? in a few ????

alex_mwakideu Napenda jamani napendaaaaa!!! ????????????

but the lady doesn’t look happy.

you guys i honestly like your chemistry..”mtoto mzuri,rangi nadhifu

tunasubiria jalango junior

Money is sweet.
You can misbehave in a relationship as long as you have money.
Make money brother ????

???????????? try it without money, u no go be anyone’s visitor????????

????????????????????uuuuii ww misbehave bilaa ganjee kama hutaachwa ukashutie mbalii n mkono mkavu????????????

So hawa wanaume wanapenda wanawake wanono for passing time but they marry slim ones

It has been at least 3 months since the Boys Club drama went down.

Jalang’o splashes KSh15M on sleek luxury ride (Photos)

Jalang’o alias Felix Odiwuor loves his rides polished, a man of status and class and when he is into good money, the world will have to know.

The multi-talented personality’s YouTube channel has only been a blessing in disguise, being a risk enough to start his own show amidst a pandemic, but his goals were never going to get crushed.


In fact, ever since he started off with online content creation, soon as the pandemic sipped through our Kenyan borders, the guy has been into good money. Just the other day revealing he received his first KSh1.8M payment from YouTube. Instagram bags him almost double the amount.

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New kid on the block

Being a man well known to reward his successes, the kid recently made a handsome purchase of a posh luxury Range Rover Velar, which many would opt to refer as a black beast. An edition estimated to be upwards of KSh15M.

Information he let out during his recent road trip to Kisumu county ahead of the late Kevin Oliech’s burial on Saturday. Despite the diverse climatic changes on his way to and fro, we must admit this guy is playing in a different league.

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This comes barely weeks after pimping his Land Rover Discovery 4WD, just for a different feel. His fleet consists of a BMW X6, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a convertible Mercedes Benz, majority having an all-black exterior.

Radio personality, Jalang´o

His fleet of cars are if anything fuel guzzlers. I guess it would only be fair to admit that Jalang’o is the kind of guy who takes pride in his cars and shoes. No Lie! Check out his new all-black luxury British machine.

Comedian ridicules Jalang’o’s horrible dancing style in hilarious video

People often poke fun at Kiss FM presenter Felix Odiwuour, better known as Jalang’o, because of his terrible dancing style and now an online comedian has decided to take it a notch higher.

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Fans and haters of the renowned media personality claim that he dances the same exact way to different songs and it seems that is what pushed Crazy Kennar, to make a video that demonstrates how Jalang’o dances.

Crazy Kennar

A few hours ago, the comic whose real name is Kennedy Odhiambo uploaded a video that shows him mimicking the radio personality’s dancing style and it has left netizens in stitches.

In the video, Crazy Kennar is seen dancing to different jams, including Mugithi, while maintaining the same dancing style where flaps his hands and thumps his feet on the ground.


The video elicited mixed reactions from social media users. While some thanked him for the comic relief, other took a swipe at Jalang’o for lacking good dancing skills.

“Your comedy is on another level,” Tosh Naire commented.

Haha hananga style ingine????????,” Shah Onyi wrote.

“Bro this is so true. You have nailed it man,” Lameck Kasinga posted.

Watch the video below.


Kamene Goro finally addresses rumors of being intimate with Jalang’o

Kiss FM presenter Michelle Kamene Goro has finally responded to claims of being intimate with her co-host Felix Odiwuor.

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A few hours ago, a fan asked her whether the two of them had a sexual relationship since they seem to be very close. He might have implied that there is more than meets the eye between the two.

Jalango and Kamene Goro

Kamene had asked her fans one thing that they want to know about her when one of them wrote, “Hi I’m Robinson from Gilgil wewe na Jalas mnabang.”

She, however, did not seem amused with the question and categorically stated that the two of them were not doing the nasty.

“No. and we just finally accept that a man and a woman can work together and just be friends….let me never have to answer this puny question again!” Kamene wrote.

Jalang’o, whose real name is Felix Odiwuor, joined Kiss FM in July following the exit of Andrew Kibe who has also had to answer to claims of having a thing with Kamene.

KISS FM’s Kamene Goro

“Sitawahi onja pombe tena!” Jalang’o boldly declares courtesy of Alex Mwakideu

The bond between Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu has grown them career-wise and personally, with the comedian now declaring her has stopped drinking from today onwards.

This is in solidarity with the Milele FM presenter, Mwakideu who gave up alcohol late last year after 18 years of alcoholism.

During his show on YouTube, Jalang’o expressed pride in the stand Mwakideu took towards alcohol before Alex urged Jalang’o to do the same, for a brother.

Alex Mwakideu

Mwakideu assured:

Niliwacha na sirudi kabisa! Nilikuwa napiga Whiskey chupa moja tu kila siku for 18 years, kistaarabu. Maji kwa wingi, kuku inakuja pale. Mpaka leo, sijaonja pombe na sitawahi!

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With Jalang’o coming in:

Ungependa niwache pombe?


Jalang’o with former co host, Alex Mwakideu

As Mwakideu firmly responded:

Wacha! Kwani shida gani? Kama mimi tu! One touch na unawacha. Unapiga maji tu! Saa hii mimi ninaelekea mwezi wa nane.

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Impressed and taking up the challenge, the MC and radio personality declared:

So tuseme leo hii, ikuwe the last time. Sitawahi onja pombe tena! If that is the only gift you want from me as a friend, Bas! Nimewacha pombe! Hutawai niona na pombe tena! Tumewachana nayo!

Radio personalities, Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o

To this, Mwakideu promised to celebrate Jalang’o an year from now, if he keeps his promise.

We celebrate you baada ya mwaka moja, July 11, 2021.  Tukihang out, tunapiga maji tu! Maji, chai….

Scared by his bold move, Jalang’o stated:

Nimejiingiza kwa mtaro mbaya sana. Pombe zilizobaki nyumbani, nitapeana. Lakini tukitaka mzuqa ipande, tutatumia nini jamani?

“You will kill us!” Jalang’o finally exposes people behind Kasee’s death

Celebrated Kenyan radio personality, Jalang’o has come out public to reveal the individuals behind youthful comedian Kasee’s death.

The local entertainment industry lost the budding creative on Sunday, June 28, in what was labeled “unclear” circumstances around his death.

Words have been thrown all over accusing this individual or the other for the multiple deaths among young comedians but none of it gave evidence of the actual cause of Kasee’s death.

Comedian Kasee

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So now, Jalang’o decided to bite the bullet and spill the beans on what has been ailing the local comedy scene, that has cost the industry major loss of its creatives.

He emotionally started off:

It is sad that in the past few Months we have lost several artists in my industry…ART! This Saturday we lay to rest Kasee of Churchill show…May God rest your soul in Peace… Where do I even begin with this message?

Felix Odiwuor better known as Jalang´o

Before calling out fans who put pressure on these comedians to lead a lifestyle that they cannot afford and one that is just not the reality.

My message goes to the fans! When you see us on TV doesn’t mean we are rich! We are just normal Kenyans who are known or famous so dont judge or set standards for us! You will kill us!!

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How? You meet a fan in a kibanda and their first question is..Jalas, Tricky, Sleepy wewe pia ukula hapa? You meet me in a mat and all you ask is why Mamito ako kwa mat!

Former Milele FM presenter, Jalang´o

Unknown to many, this usually forces certain standards among comedians, who eventually sink into depression and eventually death.

So what sinks in me is that Iam a superstar and I should not be in a mat yet thats what I can afford! So I lock myself in my house until I can afford an ubber. Or afford to eat at Miale that’s when I come out!  All this time I sit in my house drinking my sorrows away hoping I get the money everybody thinks I have..I will be in my sorrows that will sink me into depression…when I die all you say is type on my page RIP! ????????????????


Just like you did in Kasee page not knowing that maybe it’s you who killed him by trying to set for him standards that he could not meet ! You tweeted or posted how he was not funny!