How did you become so rich, when are you planning to start a family? Huddah Monroe answers intimate questions 

Huddah Monroe opened up to divulge private and personal details about herself in a rare questions and answers session with her fans on Instagram.

The petite socialite revealed that she was looking forward to settled down by 2023. She also disclosed that she would love to have seven children when she gets married.


Huddah also talked about her wealth, she however doesn’t see herself as a rich woman despite being an employer and owning several businesses and high-end cars.

4 SUVs for a girl! Huddah Monroe shows off her insane car collection (Photos)

Huddah Monroe is in love with European-made Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The petite Kenyan socialite owns four high-end SUV.

Huddah has four vehicles, she decided to show off her car collection in a rare post on Instagram. Her car collection comprises of Range Rovers, Audi Q7 and Toyota Landcruiser V8 2018 model.

Can’t show off 4th car

The Landcruiser V8 is the newest vehicle that Huddah Monroe owns, the socialite opened up about her love for big machines when she bought the V8 early this year.

“People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8, 2018 and they wonder, small Body Big Machine… I Love Big things, Big houses, Big D**ks, Big Big Big ..Big anything! I was born small, let me have it all Big. I Brag different coz my case different. BORN CHAMPION” wrote Huddah when she acquired the V8.

Huddah Monroe: When Alikiba married another lady people laughed at Jokate, now everyone is congratulating her

Jokate Mwegelo recently landed plum government job thanks to her loyalty to the ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), she served as deputy secretary (Mobilisation) in the CCM youth wing prior to the appointment.

On Saturday July 28th, President John Magufuli awarded CCM loyalists with plum government jobs. Jokate was appointed District Commissioner for Kisarawe, Coast Region.

The former Miss Tanzania runner-up received congratulations galore following her appointment by President Magufuli.


Huddah Monroe has come out to throw shades at some of the people congratulating Jokate Mwegelo. The Kenyan socialite says the same hypocrites who mocked Jokate when Alikiba failed to marry her the one who are now congratulating her on her appointment.

Jokate dated both Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz. She was in a relationship with Kiba for a long time and everybody actually thought she was the girl the singer would marry.

“Fikra zenu kutiana tuu” Huddah Monroe fires at a critic who called her out after she commented on Diamond’s post

Some people think Huddah Monroe is a call girl or something, the socialite commented on Diamond Platnumz’s post and someone believed she wanted to bed the singer.

Diamond was recently featured in a new song ‘Time To Party’ by Nigerian singer Flavour. Huddah took to social media to congratulate Diamond on the new collabo.

“CHIBUDI CHIBUDENG! DENG Blaza meni … unangarisha East Africa vinoma,” Huddah commented on Diamond’s post.

Sexualization of everything

A critic replied on Huddah’s post saying that the socialite will finally get laid having commented on Diamond’s post praising him.

A furious Huddah Monroe fired back saying the critic was thinking like a sheep. She further cautioned people against sexualizing her posts.

“I weigh less than 50kgs” Huddah Monroe reveals intimate details in Q&A session with fans

Huddah Monroe recently gave her fans a chance to ask her questions in a special Questions and Answers (Q&A) session on Instagram.

The petite socialite opened up about weight and fitness during the session. Huddah says she doesn’t work out to keep fit unlike most celebs.

Matter relationship

Huddah also advised her fans on relationships, the socialite seem to encourage women to fool around with married men as long as they don’t get caught.

Huddah Monroe: I have always wanted to marry Chris Kirubi

Huddah Monroe has been smitten with Chris Kirubi, the socialite recently took to social media to reveal how she wishes the billionaire could marry her.

Kirubi had been missing on social media for a while, he flew out in 2017 to seek treatment for colon cancer and has been recuperating for a while now.

The billionaire usually uses social networking platforms to dispense advice to young people who aim to repeat his feat. CK’s wisdom is what has made Huddah fall heads over heel in love with him.

Trees instead of flowers

Huddah was drawn to a post shared by Chris Kirubi in which he was advising men not to buy flowers for their ladies. The socialite was inspired by CK’s post and she declare her love for him.


Huddah Monroe: I’ve been in a relationship for 10 months and am looking forward to settle down

Huddah Monroe is really looking forward to settle down with the man of her dreams. The petite socialite recently revealed she has been in a relationship for the past 10 months.

Huddah says she will quit social media for good once she gets married. She explains that she wants to enjoy a quiet life with her husband without being disturbed by haters on social media.

“I’ve been in a relationship for 10 months straight and what it has taught me is that the day I will get married I will disappear from the face of social media for good. I will be in a quiet place enjoying my husband’s manhood with no disturbance,” said Huddah.

Achieved all goals

Huddah admits social media has been her cash cow but she is ready to give it up all for the sake of her husband. She claims she has achieved all her goals.

“If you are wealthy, achieved your goals, with a good husband and beautiful kids, what else will you be looking for on social media? We are all hustlers on social media, marketing this or that for the coins.”


“Kenyan men are very stingy” Huddah Monroe reveals why she distastes Kenyan men and why she has the hots for Harmonize 

Huddah Monroe has confessed that she would date Harmonize if given a chance. The petite socialite says the Tanzanian singer is the kind of man she wants for a boyfriend.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV, Huddah explains that Harmonize is a very humble guy and that she also thinks the singer loves her.

“Nikiambiwa nimdate a Tanzanian guy, nasema tu Harmonize. I think he is a very humble guy, nilimmeet like two years ago through Zari and Diamond na hakuangi mtu na maneno mengi. Nadhani ananipenda sana (Harmonize),” said Huddah Monroe.

Kenyan men? Never

Huddah also says that her experience dating Kenyan men has made her conclude that men in the 254 are very stingy. The socialite says this is the sole reason why she doesn’t date Kenyan men.

“Kwa Snapchat nliandika huwa sidate wanaume wa Kenya because Kenyan men wana shida moja, sijui kama it’s a problem ama it’s the way people are raised. Nime date wanaume from different communities, different countries kwangu mimi nafeel like Kenyan men are vert stingy. Shida yangu tu ni stinginess yani mimi nataka mwanaume anisaidie because i fell like a relationship is a partnership,” Huddah explained.

Watch the full interview in the video below:

Huddah Monroe cancels high end beauty event a day after Vera Sidika launches her beauty parlor 

Huddah Monroe raised eyebrows after she cancelled a high end beauty event. The cancellations comes only a day after her rival Vera Sidika launched her own beauty parlor.

Vera opened her beauty parlor – Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor in Westlands on Sunday June 24th. The Sunday event was attended by celebs including Anita Nderu and Bonfire Adventure CEO Simon Kabu.

Vera Sidika during the launch of her beauty parlor
Vera Sidika during the launch of her beauty parlor

Huddah Monroe, who has also invested in beauty industry, was set to host a high end beauty event on Saturday June 30th dubbed ‘Face by Huddah’. Huddah cancelled her gig hours after Vera launched her beauty parlor, she said that she will announce later when the event will go down.

Kes 4000 a seat

The petite socialite was charging Kes 4000 to reserve a seat at her gig. The cancellation made some people ask whether Vera had something to do with it.




Huddah Monroe reveals why she loves parading her private parts on social media

The boobs and the nether regions are customarily kept covered by clothing in public venues and conventional settings. But Huddah Monroe does not conform to this rule.

The socialite has been seen in her birthday suit multiple times. Unlike other people whose birthday suit photos get leaked by somebody else, Huddah herself loves sharing photos of her naked body.

The petite socialite particularly loves sharing photos of her breasts. She went to the United States for breast implants and ever since she has been parading her twins for everyone to see.

I love my body

Huddah explained the reason why she loves parading her body on social media while speaking in an interview with Tanzania’s Times FM.

The Kenyan socialite claims she is confident with her body, she says she would even walk in public without any clothes if it was possible for her.

“You know I love my body so much, if it was possible I could be walking without clothes everyday because I am very confident with my body,” she said. Huddah


Huddah Monroe opens up about past drug addiction 

Just a day ago Eric Omondi lost his elder brother who was a drug addict. The comedian said his sibling was addicted to cocaine and other hard drugs.

Eric also revealed that the deceased had been in and out of rehab for the past 19 years. His brother died only a few hours after he narrated his story.

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Huddah Monroe has also come out to talk about past drug addiction. The petite socialite reveals that she used drugs for a period of two years.

Bad company

Huddah says she started doing drugs because of her boyfriend. She explains that she was dating a man who was using drugs and she too ended up doing drugs.

Huddah reveals that her participation in Big Brother Africa (BBA) gave her a break from substance abuse. She claims BBA was some sort of rehab for her.

“The reason why they picked me is because I really begged them that I really need to go for a rehab or something. Big Brother was like my rehab. I came back na sikutaka kuwa kichekesho ya town. sikutaka watu waseme ulijua Huddah? muone sai amechizi ama amekuwa on drugs. so I decided to just let it go,” said Huddah Monroe.



“I adopted the baby because I feel like kids are very fragile” Huddah Monroe opens up about her adopted daughter

Even though Huddah Monroe doesn’t have a kid of her own, she is a foster parent to a girl whom she pays school fees for and caters for her basic needs

The socialite has however expressed interest in having her own kids. She said she was looking forward to have a Tanzanian man father her kids.

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She really wanted to go to school
Huddah Monroe

Huddah also opened up about her adopted daughter. She explains that she decided to be the kid’s foster parent because her biological parents couldn’t afford to put cater for her basic needs and pay for her school fees.

“I adopted the baby because I feel like kids are very fragile and the kid’s parents couldn’t afford to pay the school fees. I used to ask this kid ‘do you want to go to school?’ and I saw her dream; she really wanted to go to school. I took her, she’s still with the mother but I pay for school and stuff like that. I love kids. I have my own foundation, Huddah Foundation. I started Huddah Foundation so that half of the money goes to my foundation to help kids, especially those that are disabled,” said Huddah.


Huddah Monroe expresses interest to settle down with a Tanzanian man

Huddah Monroe might soon be settling down to start a family of her own. The Kenyan socialite opened up about her desire to be a mother during her trip to Tanzania.

Huddah traveled to Dar es Salaam over the past weekend to attend Wasafi Record and Harmonize’s event dubbed ‘Kusi Night’.

The petite socialite expressed interest in settling down and having babies while speaking in an interview with Times FM’s presenter Lil Ommy.

“‘Yes, definitely, that’s something I always think about because at the end of the day I feel like after the life am living right now I will get to that point when I will want to settle down, married with kids and it will be an amazing thing,” She Huddah.

Bongo baby daddy

Huddah also said she wouldn’t mind having a baby with a Tanzanian man. She explains that having a Tanzanian lover would be convenient for her because of the country’s proximity to Kenya.

“I dont mind getting a Tanzanian baby, because its just here. All I will need to do is just cross the border. There is no need of going far. I mean I want a collabo, betweent Kenya and Tanzania it will be great,” she said.



Huddah Monroe regrets smoking shisha, wants to cash in on shisha ban in Kenya

Huddah Monroe was a habitual smoker of water-pipe tobacco commonly known as shisha. The socialite used to smoke shisha in clubs before the ban came into effect.

The government through the Ministry of Health banned the use of shisha in Kenya sometimes in December 2017. The move followed a similar ban of shisha in Tanzania and Rwanda.

Then Health CS  Cleopa Mailu stated that smoking shisha posed grave health risks as shisha smokers in a single session would inhale smoke of 100 or more cigarettes.

We were killing ourselves

Huddah Monroe regrets smoking shisha, the socialite admits smoking the water-pipe tobacco poses great health risks. She further revealed plans to cash in on shisha ban in Kenya by introducing her own cigars.

“I am glad they banned SHISHA in KENYA….Paved way for HUDDAH CIGARS ?….. Gosh, we all looked ratchet as fuck smoking this piece of shit! Sharing pipes with strangers, soo disgusting! We were Killing ourselves thinking issss coo! ?,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


“Nitumieni wazee wote” Huddah Monroe responds after being criticized for having a fetish for old wazungu men

Huddah Monroe is currently gallivanting about in Europe, the Kenyan socialite has visited several cities in France and Spain in her pursuit of pleasure and entertainment.

Old Caucasian men can be seen in the background in most of the photos Huddah shared on social media. This has made critics conclude Huddah is chasing after old men in Europe.

Huddah Monroe having a good time in Barcelona, Spain. Notice the old men in the background.
Huddah Monroe having a good time in Barcelona, Spain. Notice the old men in the background.
Old men my foot

Huddah Monroe lashed out at critics in a video she posted on her IG. The socialite sarcastically asked detractors hook her up with old men.

“Alafu nimeskia ati nko na mzee. Kama wazee wanaweza fanya mtu aglow hivi basi nitumieni wazee wote wale wako hii town na wazee wenu pia waniglowishe,” said Huddah.

Adding that:

“You know talk is cheap and anyone can afford it, ndio maana watu wengine wanajuanga maisha ya watu wengine kushinda yao.”

“I had to find God” Huddah Monroe explains why she deleted all her Instagram photos and temporarily kept off social media

Huddah Monroe’s verified Instagram account has only 21 posts, the socialite wiped clean her Instagram account a while back in a move that shocked her 1.2 million followers.

Huddah has been a victim of hacking multiple times, when her posts were deleted from her IG most people thought she had been hacked again.

But it turns out Huddah deleted her posts herself. The socialite has since explained why she decided to deleted all her Instagram photos and temporarily kept off social media.


Huddah explains that she was undergoing spiritual transition at the time. She claimed she had to find God first before she could find herself.

“My Bosses, I think I like this photo better ? So lets delete the others , I also promise to never delete photos again.
I was undergoing a transition. Spiritually . I had to find God, then find myself …?? #StarGal⭐,” Huddah Monroe captioned a photo she posted on her IG.




Huddah Monroe laughs off star-studded royal wedding Kenya that was held at Windsor Golf Hotel


Last Saturday Kenyan celebs gathered at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.

The event was dubbed “Royal wedding Kenya”; and guests supposedly paid Kes 1 million just to watch the British Royal wedding air live on TV.

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All you so called Kenyan celebs, be realistic

Huddah Monroe is amused by “Royal wedding Kenya”. The petite socialite says whole event was just a comedy judging from how celebs dressed.

Vera Sidika at at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club last Saturday
Vera Sidika at at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club last Saturday

“The comedy that was Kenyans at “Windsor” Royal wedding .. not to start with the outfits. Let’s start being true to ourselves.A lot of young people are looking up to us. All you so called Kenyan celebs, be realistic. Stop leading kids astray,” wrote Huddah Monroe.

Huddah further says “Royal wedding Kenya” was mediocre;

Huddah Monroe bags herself a new sponsor, enjoys exotic trip

“Why is it that 99% of women married to black men are always unhappy? Frustrated, they have low self esteem , looking sad & disappointed life? It’s like being married to a black man is modern day slavery.” 

When you get such words from a woman, be sure African men have been definitely canceled out from her dating list.

Huddah Monroe, the originator of those words, has gone ahead to live them, getting a new Spanish boo and saying NEVER to African men who have been frustrating and playing her.

Forget African men

The socialite took to social media to share photos of her hot mzungu she probably met while in Barcelona, Spain. Lately, Monroe has been talking a lot about love, settling down and having kids. Could this be the guy evoking those emotions?

Well, only time will tell whether Huddah will cuff this and, also how “un-African” he’ll turn out to be. But for now, let’s just keep watching. 

Huddah Monroe scared love is driving her to a new phase of life – kids, husband and family

Huddah Monroe has finally found a man she thinks can make a good husband. The petite socialite is however scared about what the future holds for her.

Huddah has been praising her new catch on social media over the past few days. The socialite waxed lyrical about her man whom she claims is good in bed.

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Love is driving Huddah crazy. The socialite admitted that she broke the first rule and ended up falling heads over heels in love with a man.

“Damn im so in love ….it’s driving me crazy guys . I forgot RULE 1 . Pray for me and Bare with me as i I go through this phase of my life,” wrote Huddah in part.

Huddah Monroe is even thinking about marriage and having kids. The socialite is however apprehensive about the next phase of her life.

“I’m scared of the next phase of my life. Which is the beginning of a great LIFE!…… KIDS , husband .Family Oriented HUDDAH…” wrote Huddah.

“Am D whipped” Huddah Monroe rejoices as she finally scores herself a rich boyfriend who is also a bedroom bully

Huddah Monroe has never been happier about a boyfriend before. The petite socialite has however been smitten with a man she recently met.

Huddah had such a wonderful time that she decided to talk about it on social media. The socialite has finally bagged herself a man who is all round.

She praised her new man for taking her to cloud nine. Huddah went into raptures about her new man because she claims he is a bedroom bully.

The good feeling of a lifetime

Huddah affirms that her new man is the ultimate bull. She says that the man gave her sexual satisfaction that is beyond comprehension.

“But i like this guy man! WTF man! Like my feeling, the D got my feeling some top of the way. For once am totally di** whipped man, i can’t even deny it man. The feeling is so strong like…” said Huddah.

Watch the video below:

Huddah Monroe shares Bible verse that socialite Agnes Masogange posted moments before she died

Huddah Monroe has sent a late condolence to fallen socialite-cum-video vixen Agnes Gerald Masongange. The Tanzanian socialite passed away on April 20th at the Mama Ngoma hospital in Tanzania.

Masogange died of pneumonia and low blood pressure. The socialite had been at admitted at Mama Ngoma hospital for four days prior to her death.

Masongange was buried a few days ago in Mbeya, southwest Tanzania. Her burial was attended by musicians, actors and socialites including Diamond and Alikiba.

Gave her life to Christ?

The fallen socialite spent her last days on earth getting close to God. Huddah Monroe shared a Bible verse Masogange posted online before she breathed her last.

The verse Masogange shared was from the book of Philippians chapter 4 verse 6-7;

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus,” the verse reads.


“Kenyans are enemies of progress” Huddah Monroe comments on Suzanna Owiyo’s accident on Langata Road

Suzanna Owiyo ended up in a ditch on Langata road last weekend. The Afro fusion singer was driving her Range Rover at the time of the accident.

Witnesses at the scene of accident said Suzanna was drunk at the time of the accident. The accident happened when it was raining in the city.

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Suzanna has since come out to set the record straight about the accident. She lamented that people were saying so many things without knowing the whole truth.

Suzanna Owiyo’s Range Rover on Langata Road after the accident

“Last Saturday i was involved in a minor accident on Langata Road. I thank God no one who was with me got hurt. I would like to set the record straight. I had left club Pitstop from a function celebrating my friend’s birthday. Fellow Kenyans let’s learn to be humane. The least thing you can do to someone in danger is to help out. It’s unfortunate what people are willing to do to drag your name into the mud,” wrote Suzanna Owiyo.

We are a hating Nation

Huddah Monroe also expressed her thought about Suzanna Owiyo’s accident. She Kenyans have a habit of hating on everything without considering the feelings of the people involved.

“Kenyans are enemies of progress. It’s just sad that people rejoice at others misfortunes and downfalls. They get so happy to even spread malicious rumors of why what happened not knowing what will happen to them in the future. We saw it with Chris Kirubis photos. We are a hating Nation. God help us get out of this darkness. Glad you are okay mom. Be blessed always,” wrote Huddah Monroe.





“Start raising the bar” Huddah Monroe tells cheap Kenyan slay queens who spread legs for men who buy them alcohol

Huddah Monroe is one of the most successful Kenyan women in the oldest profession. The socialite is however puzzled by how Kenyan slay queens stoop so low.

About three years ago Huddah Monroe revealed how much she charges her clients. Back then in 2015 it cost $10,000 or Kes 1 million to bed Huddah.

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Raise the bar

Huddah wants Kenyan slays queens to up their game and stop spreading legs for men who buys them alcohol. The socialite says no Kenyan man will pay a lady $5000 or Kes 500k for taste of the cookie jar because Kenyan ladies are desperately cheap.

Huddah also blasted men who impregnate women and refuse to take responsibility. The socialite says single mother problem has become a national disaster.


“All black men cheat” Huddah Monroe names the only two things that would make her leave her future husband

Huddah Monroe asserts that she would NEVER leave her husband even if he cheats on her. The petite socialite says all black men must cheat.

Huddah’s revelation comes in the wake of a cheating scandal involving American basketball player Tristan Thompson and his reality TV partner Khloé Kardashian.

Tristan cheated on his pregnant sweetheart Khloé with multiple women. Khloé gave birth and ultimately forgave her cheating partner.

Two conditions

Huddah says wives who leave their black men because of cheating are stupid. The socialite says she would only leave her husband if he becomes broke and if he is poor in bed.

“If i ever get married, I’m not leaving my man coz he cheated …. I’ll leave him coz he is BROKE! And maybe coz he can’t F@CK! CHEATING? , Nah! No bitch alive can Make me leave my husband . WTF!

“ALL BLACK men cheat, i don’t know about whites … WTF! Is everyone on this Khloe Kardashian shiiitt like it’s a surprise. Karma or not , our black brothers can’t let a skirt pass. That’s why it’s too many Single mothers out here , esp in KENYA!” Wrote Huddah Monroe.


Huddah Monroe talks about her fears of having a baby hours after Vera’s announcement

Vera Sidika confused many people with her major announcement on April Fools that she’s pregnant.  Kenyans are still stuck between believing her and fear of getting fooled but rumors insist that it’s true the flamboyant socialite has a life in her belly.

Interestingly, another socialite –actually Vera’s nemesis — came out to share her own fears of having a baby. Huddah Monroe  recently shared that she fears being a single mother, in what still can be seen as another indirect attack to Sidika.

“It’s just sad that people crave to be baby mommas and baby daddies. No longer – MOM and DAD typa family settings…. and you wonder what’s the next generation gone be like?” said Huddah on Snapchat.

Why she doesn’t have a kid yet

She went on to share why she still kid-less and her biggest fear as a mum.

“For those asking why I’m not having a kid yet…. I’m waiting on God’s timing – plus MY BIGGEST fear in life is to be a single mom. I CANT raise my kids without a father. Or a father figure. It’s important to me that my kids have their dad there,” she said. 


Huddah Monroe shares the last time she was in bed with a man and it’s pretty surprising

While most people have been led to believe Huddah Monroe is some kind of “sex machine” which can’t last a day without getting or giving some, the opposite might be actually true. Or at least she’s working towards achieving that.

No action for three months

The socialite took to snapchat to share the last time she got some action under the sheets and, it was a shocker. She has stayed three months without sex and hopes to clock at least half an year before she can be ready for any intimacy again.

She urged her fans to join her for the remaining three months though mentioned men on Snapchat are really hot and tempting her celibacy.

Huddah’s post on snapchat