“5 other bedrooms are unoccupied” Huddah Monroe shows off 7 bedroom mansion she lives in (Photos)

Huddah Monroe is pitying homeless people who are spending cold nights out in the street this rainy season. The socialite shared photos of a mansion she lives in just to show how sorry she is for homeless people.

Huddah stays in a huge mansion that is too big for her to live alone. The petite socialite reveals that she stays in a 7-bedroom house.

Empty room in Huddah’s mansion
5 empty bedrooms

Huddah says she only occupies two bedrooms in her house will the rest are just empty. She expressed sorrow for street kids without a roof on their heads but ultimately stated that she couldn’t live with them.

“Just thinking i’m in a room – 7 bedrooms . 5 Empty and there are Homeless people out there in this rain esp the Street kids, yet i can’t live with them. MAY GOD almighty EASE their pain and their struggle,” wrote Huddah Monroe.



Huddah Monroe: I am scared i can get pregnant the next time i have unprotected s3x

Huddah Monroe is worried that the next man who sleeps with her without protection could end up being the father of her child.

It’s seem both Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe could get pregnant at the same time. Huddah is talking about the possibility of her getting pregnant just a few days after Vera revealed she was ripe to be a mother.

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No E-pills!

Huddah reveals that she has been buying baby stuff even though she eventually ends up giving them to friends who have children.

The petite socialite however says that she might not take any precautions to prevent pregnancy when she sleeps with the next man without using protection.




Huddah Monroe’s confession supports claims she slept with the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea

Huddah Monroe has confessed to sleeping with head of state and governments. The socialite’s confession sheds light on her June 2017 trip to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Huddah was among high end escort girls invited to the exclusive birthday party of Teo Nguema. Teo is the vice president of Equatorial Guinea while his father is the president.

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Huddah Monroe at Teo Nguema’s 48th birthday party in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Teo is a well known skirt chaser, he used to drive his lovers in a fleet of Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Porshes among other high-end vehicles in Paris before a French court issued his arrest warrant on money-laundering charges.

Huddah is thought to have slept with Teo during her visit to Malabo. Rumors ran rife after the socialite shared photos she took at Teo’s birthday party.

Huddah’s confession

Huddah Monroe confessed to sleeping with presidents, vice presidents and kings after BlacChynas’ s3x tape leaked. She explains that she can’t bang ‘ordinary men’ because they have nothing to lose in the event that s3x leaks.

“Guys are so mean . Posting BlacChynas video giving NECK on their IG stories. That’s why I’m always with men who also have something to lose (Presidents , Vice Presidents, kings) they will never expose your shit!” Wrote Huddah Monroe on Snapchat.




“Keep on hawking your crab infested nunu” Zari Hassan savagely tears into Huddah Monroe after she mocks her

Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe’s beef has taken an ugly turn. The two socialites used to be BFFs back in 2016 before they split and started beefing.

Huddah used to host Zari All White Parties together with Zari but they split after Zari warmed up to Vera Sidika. Huddah and Zari’s breakup was evident in August 2016 when Vera was invited to Tiffah’s birthday while Huddah was snubbed.

Huddah’s joy

Huddah Monroe has been mocking Zari ever since Diamond decided to cheat on her. She once claimed that Diamond was a ‘public property’.

Zari and Huddah recently locked horns after the Kenyan socialite took a swipe at her. Huddah mocked Zari for flaunting iPhone X at a time when ‘everybody’ had already bought one.

“Funny how people buy iPhone x after it came out long ago and social media can’t sleep. Some of us been using iPhone x from the first day it came out and we don’t flaunt these small things coz we used to it! Act like a boss! Tumia pesa ikuzoee,” Huddah Monroe wrote on Snapchat.

Zari however couldn’t take Huddah Monroe’s insults lying down. The mother of five called Huddah a prostitute and asked her to continue hawking her nunu to Nigerian singers.

“Why don’t you carry on smoking your weed in silence and hawking your dun out crab infested goods to Wizkid and Jhus. everything is gravy over here,” wrote Zari.


“Girls are whoring to make cash coz they under pressure from parents” Huddah Monroe reveals how her mom raised her differently

Huddah Monroe blames societal problems like prostitution on the way African parents are raising their children. The socialite says African parents always expect not caring where the money comes from.

Huddah states that most African mothers advise their daughters to marry rich men because of their own selfish reasons. She says most young girls between age 16-18 are whoring because they are under pressure to help their families.

The petite socialite sensationally claims that being born in African family is like slavery. She says African children are born so that they can slave for their families for the rest of their lives.

My mom is different

Huddah praises her mother for subscribing to a different school of thought contrary to typical African mothers. She says her mom always told her that she deserve the best in life.

Huddah Monroe calls on the rest of Africa to boycott Nigerian music

The ‘resist spirit’ has taken over Huddah Monroe. The petite socialite is now asking the rest of Africa to boycott music from Nigeria.

For years musicians from several countries in Africa have complained about Nigerian media not playing music from other countries on the continent.

Most people find this unfair because Nigerian artists enjoy airplay in most African countries. Ghanaian dancehall star Shatta Wale announced in November 2017 that he had banned Nigerian music in Ghana.

Shatta Wale’s decision was prompted by the unfair practice in Nigeria. He wanted Nigerian music to be restricted in Ghana the way Nigerians deal with foreign music in their country.

Africa should boycott Nigerian music

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has also joined calls to boycott Nigerian music. The Kenyan socialite reiterates that Nigerians don’t listen to music from other African countries.

Huddah further claims that Nigerian artists charge other African musicians exorbitant price for collaborations with them.

“Nigerians don’t even listen and support other African artists music unless it’s collaboration which artists from other countries pay so much for them to be in their songs. We the rest of AFRICA we should just boycott. Be your brothers keeper,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


Huddah Monroe sold her Range Rover? D-List socialite flaunts Huddah’s Range Rover and the internet is confused

Huddah Monroe’s Ranger Rover has been seen with another socialite and people are asking questions. It’s not clear whether the SUV is now owned by the sprouting socialite.

KCB 001H is the most iconic Range Rover in Kenya because of Huddah Monroe. The socialite painted her British machine pink but now it’s grey again.

Who is the owner of the Range Rover?

The same KCB 001H Range Rover has been spotted with another socialite Joy Agunjah aka TBaby. The socialite caused tongue to wag when she was seen flaunting the Range Rover which everybody knows is Huddah’s.

It’s not clear whether Joy Agunjah has bought the Range Rover or she’s just showing off Huddah’s SUV.

Joy Agunjah aka TBaby



Huddah Monroe wows Cyprian Nyakundi and his boy child brigade with her new year resolutions

Cyprian Nyakundi is totally opposed to any form of exploitation of the boy child. Huddah Monroe’s new year resolutions are in line with Nyakundi’s preaching.

Boy child defender warns against men spending on ladies who are not their wives. Nyakundi has been running a campaign aimed at flashing out materialistic ladies.

Cyprian Nyakundi

The blogger argues both men and women should equally shoulder the burden of their relationships in as far as money is involved. Do me i do you kinda of relationship.

2018 is a year of reciprocating

Huddah Monroe has vowed to spoil her man/men come 2018. The socialite says her new year resolution is to spend on her sweetheart and treat him like a lady.

Huddah Monroe

“Buy HIM food, play with HIS hair, take HIM out on a date, Suck HIS Titties! ….. 2018 We reciprocating ladies. ?
#StarGal⭐️,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


“Kaangalie mwili wa mamako pumbavu” Huddah Monroe savagely insults Diamond’s photographer Kifesi

Huddah Monroe caught a major one after Kifesi told her the truth. The petite socialite abused Diamond’s photographer while responding to him.

There is no doubt Diamond’s official photographer loves drama. Sometimes in September Kifesi clashed with Zari Hassan when he shared a photo Diamond enjoying a swim in Zanzibar.

Diamond allegedly cheated on Zari with Dillish Mathews during his trip to Zanzibar. Diamond and Dillish were both at the popular island at the same time.

Diamond and Kifesi

Kifesi unfollows Huddah

The beef between Huddah Monroe and Kifesi started when the latter unfollowed the former on Instagram. Kifesi explains that he decided to unfollow Huddah because she no longer posts raunchy photos like before.

“Imebidi nimu unfollow huddah anapost story nyiiingi akati tulimfollow tuone mwili,” wrote Kifesi.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe was totally offended by Kifesi’s lame excuse. The socialite savagely insults Diamond’s photographer in her reply.

“Kaangalie mwili na mkundruu wa Mamako au pumbu za babaka pumbavu …” Wrote Huddah Monroe.

“We can now party without worrying” Huddah Monroe cozies up to Mugabe’s son after his father resigned as president

Robert Mugabe finally resigned as Zimbabwean president ending his 37 year rule. Huddah Monroe is now offering Mugabe’s son a shoulder to lean on following his dad’s resignation.

Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday evening. Zimbabwean parliament had already began an impeachment process.

Uncle Bob is hated by his countrymen and women because he ruled the country with an iron fist. There was wild jubilation in Zimbabwe after parliament speaker announced Mugabe had submitted his resignation in a letter.

Mugabe’s extravagant sons

The tyrant’s son have been enjoying a life of unimaginable wealth at the expense of Zimbabwean taxpayers. Mugabe’s youngest son Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe caused uproar two weeks ago. He was seen pouring a bottle of Kes 27,000 champagne on his Kes 6 million diamond-encrusted wristwatch.

Robert Jr. (left) and Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe

On Sunday November 19th Chatunga encouraged his dad to remain in power. He taunted Zimbabweans saying that they couldn’t fire his 93-year-old dad.

Leave Chatunga alone

Huddah Monroe has come out to defend Chatunga from online trolls. Huddah states that Mugabe’s sons shouldn’t be condemned for his father’s sins.

“I can’t stand to see people hate on people coz of what their parents did. His dad’s sins are not his sins. Chill the F out,” wrote Huddah Monroe.

We can now party without worrying

Huddah says Mugabe’s resignation is good news to Chatunga and her. She says that they can now party without Chatunga worrying that he’s the president’s son.

“MY FRIENDS – MUGABES SON – Missing the good times at F1. We can now party without worrying that you are a Presidents son. Hip Hip hurray. Now people can start loving him for him. Zim people , stop hating. To him,it’s Blessing in Disguise,” wrote Huddah.


Huddah Monroe explains why she routinely dumps her sponsors before the relationship takes off

Huddah Monroe says dumping sponsors is her habit. The socialite explains that the strategy works for her since it creates demand for her business.

While some socialites are in a desperate search of sponsors, Huddah is not. The petite socialite  has mastered the trick to woo rich men.

Rich men don’t stay for long

Huddah says rich men don’t stay for long no matter how good the lady is in bed. So to create a demand Huddah regularly dumps her sponsors so that they can still yearn for her services.

The socialite shared her trick on social media in a series of posts. Take a look at the screenshots below:

“They should let their bodies get eaten by dogs” Huddah Monroe gets insensitive as she mentions what should happen to those young men dying during demonstrations!

We can all agree that we are not happy with how young men and women have been demonstrating on the streets since the IEBC officials have refused to step down. The demonstrations are not only slowing down the economy but are a sneaky way of these youths looting businesses within the CBD.

Sadly, the police have been engaging with the protestors and the results have not been pretty. So many young men have been left lying dead after being hit by a stray bullet and since the government is not ready to get involved in the Nasa-police issue…their families are left with no one to compensate for their loses.

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Anyway…one Huddah has left many shocked after sharing some insensitive comments on her snapchat talking about how these dead bodies should be left out in the streets for dogs to feast on them and goes on to add that their families should not even bother to mourn for them.

Huddah’s post

She however forgets that as much as the protests are now ‘illegal’ these young people lack the knowledge of understanding that even after engaging with the police…things wouldn’t change unless their own leader decides to battle with the opposition come 26th October.

Anyway below are a few screenshots from her snapchat!

Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post

Huddah Monroe reveals why she’s currently not charging men to sleep with her

Sex for money, not with the current Huddah Monroe. The petite socialite has revealed she’s no longer charging anyone to sleep with her.

Some two years ago Huddah Monroe used to charge people who slept with her. She sold her stuff at exorbitant price that was out of reach of most middle class Kenyans.

Huddah charged clients $10,000 in 2015

Sometimes in March 2015, someone masquerading as a potential client contacted Huddah for her services. The socialite revealed she was charging $10,000 for a taste of her cookie jar.

Huddah Monroe currently doesn’t charge anyone for sex. The socialite explained that no one can afford to pay for her cookie jar.

Huddah revealed that rich men were desperate to pay her any amount to sleep with her just because they want to add her name on the list of women they have slept with.

Huddah Monroe pulls down controversial Raila Odinga and CJ Maraga post after public backlash

Huddah Monroe castigated Chief Justice David Maraga claiming that Supreme Court’s decision to annul the results of August 8th election was influenced by Nasa’s November 1st 2016 meeting with the CJ.

The socialite shared a photo of Nasa leaders’ meeting with the CJ last year and claimed the meeting happened during ‘the countdown’.

“Politics is a dirty game! MARAGA with NASA team during the COUNT DOWN! Who can you REALLY trust? Poor us Kenyans we came out – we voted peacefully and we have to pay for things we didn’t do – anyways Lets all meet on the ballot boxes 17th October! #VoteWisely#MaintainPeace #KenyaDecides2017” Huddah posted.

Huddah’s decision to question the credibility of the Supreme Court drew widespread criticisms prompting her to pull down the post.

The socialite hit back at her critics in a subsequent post, she was specifically irked by people who claimed her business would suffer as a result of her decision to stick her nose into politics.

“Yoooo! This shit gotta stop!

DO NOT TELL ME who I can support and who I can’t!

I am not even trying to get 100% of Kenyans to support my business! 70% of my business is not even in KENYA to start with!

I am no PREACHER! I am a HUSTLER! I have survived this far and I can survive anywhere!

Unfollow if you feel like I am not on your side!

DONT take “YOU ARE A BUSINESS WOMAN” to stop me from posting my decision!


AND – I TURN OFF commenting so you can shove your opinions up your assholes! ??

#BushMentality #CaveMentality #UncivilizedMentality”


While Huddah is in the country to vote, Vera Sidika reveals what she has been up to in the UK

Socialite cum businesswoman Huddah Monroe is excited to vote for the first time and since she is a public figure, this will definitely motivate the youth to do the same as most of them look up to her.

Her fellow businesswoman Vera Sidika is however in UK where she seems to be having a lot of fun shopping around in some of the fancy designer stores.

In one of her posts, Vera Sidika revealed she spent £1,657 on clothes. She goes on to take shots at haters who are telling her off for being a spendthrift. Vera posted to say;

Vera Sidika

In another post she is heard explaining to the store attendant that the reason why people are taking photos of her is because she is a Kenyan celebrity.

I guess she now joins the list of people who will not be voting in the Kenyan general elections 2017.

Huddah Monroe announces her preferred presidential candidate two years after criticizing Uhuru Kenyatta

Two years ago at the height of Al Shabaab terrorist attacks in Kenya, Huddah Monroe expressed her frustration with President Uhuru’s government for failing to curb extremism and terror attacks.

Huddah lashed out at President Uhuru and demanded that he should give the order to withdraw KDF from Somalia so that they could be stationed at the Kenyan border with Somalia to protect Kenyans from Al Shabaab terrorists who sneaked into the country to carry out terror attacks.

“Come 2017 . Uhuru and his people will need to sit their ass down ! Between 2012 and 2015 lots of lives have been lost. Our economy has totally deteriorated. There’s No money circulating in this country . We are broke. They lied to us they defeated Alshabab , but they only dispersed them out of Somalia.We dont need prayers only , we need to demand for SECURITY! Upgrade our ammunition, bring back KDF out of Somalia and into our borders instead of Training police recruits and sending them to fight militants with less experience, what are they going to use ? Sticks and stones ? Remember the 38 young policemen who were gunned down at the valley of death in Samburu? Kenyans need to react because afterall this The only thing we end up with is a hash tag #PrayForKenya #WEareONE and nothing is ever done ! #Navumilia Na #NajihurumiaKuwaMkenya,” Huddah Monroe wrote in April 2015.

Two years later, Huddah’s frustrations with Uhuru’s government could be the likely reason why she announced her support for Raila Odinga.

Huddah Monroe and Raila Odinga

Huddah revealed that she will be voting for the first time on August 8th and that her presidential vote would go for Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga.

“MY PRESIDENT! 1 DAY TO GO! I am VOTING for the FIRST TIME! KENYA DECIDES 2017 #VoteWisely #OneKenya #45MillionStrong #45MillionVoices,” Huddah Monroe wrote on Instagram.


Huddah Monroe exposes a high government official who stole her project idea

Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman has come out to reveal that she is the one who came up with the peace concerts aiming to use local artists to reach out to the youths and all Kenyans together.

However even before she could sit down and draft a plan on how the project would would work, she felt the need of sharing the idea with one high government official she thought she could trust – only to be stabbed in the back.

Huddah Monroe at KICC

Apparently the unnamed politician went ahead and executed the idea without involving Huddah and till date still claims the project without giving the socialite any credit. Through her social media pages she wrote saying;

“I came up with the peace concert idea bringing all Kenyan artists, new talent together to perform. I shared with a high government official and they did not let me execute it! They have stolen three of my ideas while I watch.”

She went on to add;

Then I see Nigerians line up at our own peace concerts. How does that bring Kenyans together? This is not just any concert! It’s for the people of Kenya by Kenyans.
Its high time Kenyan artists stop doing free appearances and charging peanuts for shows! If you want great music and videos you must pay for it. How do you do it doing free sh*t? Or asking for peanuts?

Huddah Monroe attends the birthday of Teo Nguema – the son of Africa’s most brutal dictator and Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President

Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue popularly known as Teo Nguema is Africa’s most extravagant VP.

Teo is the son of Africa’s most brutal dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has ruled Equatorial Guinea with an iron fist for 37 years.

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The flamboyant Equatorial Guinean Vice President is a seasoned skirt-chaser; he is well known for driving his lovers in a fleet of Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsches among other high-end vehicles. He also parties with his girls in luxury yachts.

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Teo recently turned 48 and guess who was among escort girls at his birthday party? Huddah Monroe travelled all the way to Malabo to attend Teo’s 48th birthday bash.

“On some Crystal at the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea @TeddyNguema birthday ? Thank you for the invite. You are Truly an amazing Man . May God grant you all your hearts desires. ??” Huddah captioned photos she took at Teo’s birthday.

Huddah Monroe: I just want to fall in love and disappear

Huddah Monroe’s biological clock is ticking. Of late the petite socialite has been preoccupied with matter marriage and relationship.

Huddah Monroe likes hanging out with boys who are heavily loaded, the socialite made Nigeria’s Timaya cough out 800k during his recent trip to Kenya.

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The socialite is now contemplating getting hitched, recently Huddah revealed that she wouldn’t think twice if Wizkid was to ask for her hand in marriage.

Also read: ‘I will marry Wizkid but not any other Nigerian” Huddah Monroe opens up about her hatred for West African men

Huddah has once again stated that she is ripe for a relationship, she said she yearns to fall in love, disappear from social media and make babies. Huddah is however being held back by the fear that no man is worth risking it all for.

“I want to feel it…even if it hurts!I just want to fall inlove and disappear . Delete all these social media! Focus on that love! Make 10 babies!??❤️ But there’s no one worth the fall! So let’s continuuuu with them ONS?? #STARGAL ⭐️” Wrote Huddah.

‘I will marry Wizkid but not any other Nigerian” Huddah Monroe opens up about her hatred for West African men

Huddah Monroe has travelled to Nigeria countless times to have a good time with Naija boys but apparently the petite socialite has a deep-seated aversion towards West African men.

Most women wouldn’t think twice when the lovey dovey Nigerian men propose to them, but not Huddah Monroe. She can’t stomach Nigerian men.

The pretty socialite maintains that she has no buzz for West African men despite the fact that she has been seen countless times having a nice time with Naija men.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah’s apprehension of Nigerian men has been fueled by stories of Naija men being violent in nature and the fact that they also can’t resist polygamy.

“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man. These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a NO to me,” Huddah Monroe wrote on Snapchat.

But Huddah doesn’t hate everything Nigerian, the socialite still has time for Nigerian food and for ‘Ojuelegba’ hit maker.

Wizkid is the only Nigerian man who is immune to Huddah’s detestation of West African men, the socialite said that she won’t mind marrying the ‘Daddy Yo’ hit maker despite of her Nigerian roots.

“Just stick to whoring in Intercontinental” Angry Kenyans tear into female rapper after she attacked Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe’s legion of followers was quick to defend her with zeal after a popular female rapper attacked her.

Attacking Huddah is a bad idea, Noti Flow learnt this the hard way when she launched unprovoked attack on the petite socialite.

The female rapper claimed Huddah Monroe was copying the way she dresses, she shared a photo of Huddah and her on Instagram as proof of her claim.

“These Bitches be copying my swag I wonder if I can copy some of theirs ? Ain’t nobody slays like #queennoti doe ??” Noti flow captioned the photo she shared online.

Huddah’s loyal fans didn’t spare Noti Flow, they tore her apart mercilessly. Below are some of the comments posted after Noti Flow attacked Huddah:

truth_for_truth: This is really stupid. Was the outfit designed for you? Dumb

sweetangel1940: Noti I won’t lie to u ,just stick to hoeing in inter continental and giving blow jobs to white men but never in ur dream think uko league moja na msee ka huddah ,butch the furthest you’ve gone in ur life is tz,I have the same shoes ur wearing bought them for 3k,shit ur mouth u have never worn any design label in ur life ,just shut and stick kwa lane yako ya kuvuta ma Bhangi

naomi_waigiI: totally disagree..huddas jacket is a desighner jacket..we can all see that..im not even gonna talk about the tee… and I ain hating

luluove: Really??? You can’t be serious.. Now eti Huddah amekucoppy.. Big joke. Pwahahahahaha

zillahkemuntoIs: this lady @notiflow very normal upstairs??????? Like for real why all this attention seeking?????

magy_njeri: ??ati @huddahthebosschick copied @notiflow ????joke of the year

munnsally3992: Huddah is known internationally not like u cheap hoe slut who things she is a musicians lol!! Ati benyonce got the same shoes like mine my dear to get such shoes u hv to save ur salary for one year biach!!!

Kokilyno: But @huddahthebosschick looks waaaaaaaay better than u

double_essvee: And let the war begin lol

magy_njeri: But huddah wore it better toa io synthetic kwa kichwa

magy_njeri: @huddahthebosschick come see this teenager oooh

olivia_trevors: Huddah wore it better.huddah all the way

k_aranja_: Your style?? Geeez enough people have exhausted this look before you even purchased any item from your outfit.. Don’t claim what can’t be owned… It’s fashion.. Everyone is doing it.. But seems you just discovered this now..well you are kinda late boo…

wayneclara: Copy this copy that., like if people don’t want to be “copied” Atleast come up with an original which ain’t in the market period.. I mean we can find these looks everywhere for fuxks sake

getrydiana: Queen Noti on Fleeeeek ? No one slays like you. And you are all natural. ??

sylviahmarshalls: Until we tell you that’s your invention….Seat down….be humble

gracehailey22: Ati Huddah sasa acopy noti ????????????..funniest shit I’ve seen plus Huddah looks amazing in errythang she has the skin n the body

marrielynecorale: Huddah rocked that outfit, seriously @notiflow how can you compare yourself to someone who ain’t in your league..kuonekana kwa episodes tatu ama sijui ngpy don’t think you are a star ?..be humbled and stop hating…@huddahthebosslady keep on slaying queen?

kelly_rockyz: Y’all don’t get it… She meant other people are copying her style, why shouldn’t she also copy… The thing was she has copied @huddahthebosschick style. That was what @notiflow meant

pesh_karay: Huddah all the way. Stop trying be on top even when you not. Huwezi fika class ya @huddahthebosschick. Wacha kuforce class stay in your lane and be patient utafika league hao…but Hio time watakua higher

lily_annka:@notiflow huddah might be old in the game but you beat her on this one ?????????

margiemignon: Look at you! ?? wewe mwenyewe you want to be rihanna so badly..

noni_karanja: Paaaaaaaaahaahahahahahahahaha

yung_octo: Wee nyonya mboro ya colonel Mustapha na utulize nyege

gee_prettyboss: hehehe cant stop laughing,,I like you @notiflow but tryina throw shade at the @huddahthebosschick suck

vennabosset: Viatu ratchet sana.. All over town? wig ….nay… Dont ever try to compare uaself with huddah aki.. Endelea na mtumba zako za beba na soo pole pole @huddahthebosschick onako huyu

stolen_princes: Honestly noty @notiflow you are ratchet, you don’t know class??? stick to your thing but cause it’s seems like deep down you wish to be huddah, yall know she the one who is king in this game @huddahthebosschick ,


Huddah Monroe makes a move on Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai

If Samuel Abisai is not careful he will be smitten with fake coquettish glances from Huddah Monroe – the socialite has her eyes fixed on him.

Samuel Abisai became the most handsome man in Kenya after he won Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot last week.

Samuel Abisai

Even snobbish chicks who blue ticked Abisai when he was still broke have suddenly developed a strong linking for him over night.

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Well, Huddah Monroe has also taken notice of Samuel Abisai’s presence. The petite socialite has asked Kenyans to inform Abisai that she is very much available.

Huddah took to social media to joke about how she heard that Abisai was desperately looking for her, she asked her fans to link him with her.

”Nimeskia huyo chali wa Roysambu who won 221M was looking for me juzi…Ati Amenitafuta Sana..sasa Apewe Number fashtaaa!!!” Wrote Huddah.

After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola

Colonel Mustafa says he doesn’t mind eating Prezzo’s leftovers and he’s not about to back down just yet from his intentions. Knowing all too well what Prezzo is capable of doing, then you don’t be wrong to say the two rappers are on a collision course.

Both Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa have eaten from the same plate before – the two rappers had a fling with Huddah Monroe. Actually Huddah revealed Prezzo was the lucky man who popped her cherry.

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And there was also a time when Prezzo and Mustafa were beefing and Huddah Monroe was said to be the cause of their fight.

Also read: Mustafa Finally Talks About His Crazy Beef With Prezzo. It’s Not Huddah Monroe That Tore Them Apart This Time

Well, Mustafa has now joined Nairobi Diaries and he’s already causing drama. The controversial rapper caused a stir when he revealed that he won’t mind having a thing with Michelle Yola.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

“I don’t have any beef with Prezzo, but if he has bile against me then that’s his problem. Kama hawezi chunga bibi then tutamchungia. Prezzo joined the show when his career was flat lining; I’m here and at the top of my game,” Mustafa told Showbuzz.

Michelle Yola and Colonel Mustafa

Prezzo hasn’t responded yet but be sure he won’t take Mustafa’s words lightly – remember Prezzo didn’t want to let go Michelle Yole at the first place.


Bahati seeks his grandfather’s blessings as he plans to marry Diana Marua

Bahati is now talking about walking down the aisle with Diana Marua in a real wedding. The ‘Nikumbushe’ hit maker took his sweetheart to meet his grandpa.

Bahati made Diana Marua become a popular figure when he exchanged vows with her in a fake wedding; Diana was the main video vixen in Bahati’s song ‘Mapenzi’.

Bahati and Diana Marua during their fake wedding

The young gospel singer recently travelled to Makueni County to have a serious talk with his maternal grandfather.

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Bahati and his grandfather

Apparently the purpose of Bahati’s trip to Makueni was to introduce Diana Marua to his centenarian grandfather. Bahati revealed that he sought his grandfather’s opinion for his plan to marry Diana Marua.

“After So Many Days of Prayer #PrayerPartners – I took her to my GrandpA Aniambie kama ako Sawa Tufanye harusi ? GUESS WHAT GRANDPA SAID?” Bahati posted on social media leaving his fans guessing what his grandfather said about Diana.

Meanwhile Bahati has also thanked Huddah Monroe after the socialite was seen listening to his song ‘Nikumbushe’ while she was driving.

“Thank You Dear ? @huddahthebosschick #NIKUMBUSHE” Wrote Bahati.


This is why Huddah Monroe regrets why she bought VIP ticket to watch Victor Wanyama live in action against Chelsea

Huddah Monroe was among thousands of spectators who thronged Wembley Stadium in London to watch Tottenham take on Chelsea in a thrilling FA Cup semi-final.

Harambee Star’s captain Victor Wanyama was in action against Chelsea last Saturday April 22nd, unfortunately Tottenham were bundled out of the competition after being hammered 4-2 by The Blues.

Victor Wanyama in action against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium

Huddah Monroe regrets why she bought ticket for the Saturday match, but not because Wanyama’s team was beaten or the game didn’t excite her – not at all.

The socialite says she missed the real action, the ticket she bought was for a seat at the VIP section where everyone was courteous – Huddah wanted the noise and shenanigans of fans who were seated down below her.

She wished she could have bought regular ticket so that she could mingle and have fun with high-spirited fans at the lower section of the stand.

“The issue with siting at the Top Rows is that people act so classy ! VIP and shiiii ,Next time I go to a football match I’ll stay where the hooligans are, down there?? – that’s the real fun ! Screaming , making noise , slapping ? Overall , I had fun , it was a first for me but I did enjoy the moment ,what an ADVENTURE! THE WEMBLEY STADIUM – I made it!?” Huddah Monroe wrote.

Watch Huddah at Wembley Stadium in the video below:


Huddah Monroe causes chaos as she drives to KICC grounds in her pink Range Rover

The petite socialite brought business to a standstill at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) grounds when she drove there in her Range Rover.

It was clear Huddah Monroe’s huge following on social networking sites transcended social media boundaries when she arrived at KICC grounds.

The socialite was mobbed by wild fans even before she got out of her car. Huddah’s admirers scrambled for selfie moments with her.

What happened at KICC was repeated at a primary school when Huddah showed up, pupils went berserk shouting when they saw the socialite.

The two events proved Huddah’s influence on social media (she has a million followers on Instagram) is also felt on the ground.

Watch the video below to see what happened when Huddah made her way to KICC and a primary school: