The conviction of Jowie Irungu for the murder of Monicah Kimani

Jowie Irungu has been found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani, according to a ruling by Justice Grace Nzioka. The judge stated that Jowie stole an ID, armed himself, wore a kanzu, gained access, and murdered Monica Kimani. The evidence presented left a strong conclusion that Irungu committed the murder, and the prosecution met the threshold, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed Monica Kimani. Justice Grace Nzioka emphasized that the perpetrator intended instant death, and the first accused person had knowledge of how to commit the act.

The judge also addressed the issue of Jowie’s acquaintance with Monica Kimani before her death, refuting Jowie’s claim that he did not know her. Justice Grace Nzioka found the evidence supporting Jowie’s lack of knowledge of the deceased untenable, insincere, an afterthought, and false. She determined that the first accused person was known to Monica as they were together at Kenya Polytechnic, sharing the same class and course.

Additionally, the ruling highlighted corroborative evidence regarding the clothes Jowie wore when Monica Kimani was killed. Testimony from a witness named Pamela, indicating Jowie’s attire of a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cap, and brown shorts, was found to be supported by other witnesses. The judge affirmed the presence of corroborative evidence regarding Jowie’s clothing on the material date.

In her ruling, Justice Grace Nzioka also concluded that Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was in Monica Kimani’s house on the material date. There was enough evidence establishing Jowie as the last person seen with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence, accessing the estate using an identity card belonging to another person.

Jowie and Jacque Maribe have been on trial since 2018, with the prosecution calling 35 witnesses. The defence chose not to call any witnesses. Monica Kimani’s body was found in a bathtub with her throat slit, and her hands and feet tied behind her back, requiring more than one person to execute the murder.

According to Justice Nzioka, Monica Kimani’s death was a homicide.

ustice Grace Nzioka of the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi has declared Monica Kimani’s death a clear case of homicide. Speaking on Friday, Justice Nzioka stated that the prosecution successfully proved the death was unlawful based on evidence from a doctor’s examination.

According to Justice Nzioka, Dr. Njenga, who examined the body, did not testify to circumstances that would indicate excusable homicide. The doctor clarified that there was no evidence of strangulation, gunshot wounds, or anything unusual in the pancreas. He explained that the blood oozing from the nostrils was due to the throat being slit at the level of thyroid glands and emphasized that the wound would not have been inflicted after death.

Consequently, Justice Nzioka concluded, “Therefore, this is a clear case of homicide that falls outside the excusable homicides, and so, the finding of this court is that the prosecution has proved that the death was unlawful.”

The murder trial involves Jowie as the first accused person and Jacque Maribe, charged in 2018. Monica Kimani’s body was discovered at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani. The prosecution called 35 witnesses during the trial, while the defence opted not to present any witnesses.

Following Maribe’s illness, the High Court postponed Jowie & Jacque Maribe’s ruling

This morning, in the Monica Kimani murder case, former TV anchor Jacque Maribe requested the court to postpone the delivery of her judgment, citing illness. The court, originally scheduled to pronounce the judgment at 9 am, had only her former lover Jowie Irungu present.

Maribe’s advocate, Katwa Kigen, urged Trial Judge Grace Nzioka to consider accommodating her due to her severe illness. While the nature of her ailment remained confidential, state prosecutor Gakoe Gichuhi requested access to the medical details. Gichuhi did not object to the adjournment, acknowledging that sickness is beyond one’s control.

Maribe, expressing her expectation of recovery within the next seven days, conveyed her willingness to travel to Naivasha, where the trial Judge typically sits, for the judgment.

Katwa explained Maribe’s indisposition, highlighting that both her parents were present in court, signaling her desire to be there. Consequently, Katwa requested an adjournment, emphasizing this as the only instance she has not attended court.

Jowie, through his advocate Professor Hassan Nandwa, expressed readiness to proceed but expressed willingness to accommodate Maribe due to the uncontrollable nature of sickness. The victim’s family also requested a nearer date, citing their anxiety over the case’s outcome.

After hearing from all parties, Justice Nzioka approved the adjournment, dispelling claims that it was Maribe’s first such request. The court noted two previous instances of adjournment during the hearing due to her unavailability. Justice Nzioka urged counsels to inform their clients about the reason for the adjournment.

The matter was rescheduled for March 15, and the request to deliver the judgment in Naivasha was declined due to resource constraints.

The night Monica Kimani was murdered I spent the night with Sonko – Jackie Maribe

Jackie Maribe shocked the court when she gave testimony about her movements and whereabouts on the night Monica Kimani was murdered. According to her, she was partying with the former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his entourage and they chose to go to a club based in Westlands called 40 Forty.

Monica Kimani update: Jackie Maribe denied knowing anything about murder

It should be remembered that she is charged with being party to the murder of a Nairobi businesswoman called Monica Kimani was found in her apartments with her head nearly completely decapitated.

The late Monica Kimani

She is accused together with her former fiance, Jowie Irungu of having either planned or helping to cover up the murder of the deceased. Her co-accused on his part revealed the gun he was found with belonged to his former neighbour and friend.


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Day Jacque Maribe led a ‘protest’ at Citizen TV over bread (Video)

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jaque Maribe recently shared a video that showed her staging ‘protest’ with her colleagues while asking for bread from their boss – Peter Opondo.

In the video, the gorgeous media personality and her co-workers were seen holding up papers while saying that they would not get back to their work stations unless they were given bread.

“Tuko njaa na hatuwezi andika hoe hae shagala bagala hatuandiki story bila mkate hatuandiki story bila mkate, comrades power,” they sang in unison.

They claimed that they were hungry and it was hard for them to do any kind of work on empty stomachs. Some of the known faces in the video include Sylvia Chebet, Steven Letoo, Francis Gachuri and Sam Gituku.

Meanwhile, their boss, Peter Opondo, was seen smiling at them as he looked at them. He then went to confront Francis Gachuri but he did not give in.

Maribe resigned from Citizen TV in July 2019 after she was charged as an accomplice in the murder of Monica Kimani. Some of her colleagues in the video have also moved on to other stations.

Watch the video below.

South Sudan president: The people accused of laundering money with Monica Kimani may be in Juba

Slain Kenyan businesswoman Monica Kimani was said to be carrying large sums of money from South Sudan to Kenya in her routine trips.

One theory suggest that Monica was murdered because her killer(s) wanted to rob her of the money she had brought back with her from South Sudan.

South Sudan president Salva Kiir spoke of Monica’s alleged involvement in money laundering during an interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV.

Jeff sought to find out what the president was doing to stop the loot of public money which was finding its way to Nairobi and Kampala. Kiir however claimed that foreigners were facilitating laundering money.

“The people who are accused of laundering money with her (Monica Kimani) may be in Juba but it may not be South Sudanese who are laundering the money,” said Kiir.

Army general

Kiir also spoke of his general Awet Akot who was linked to Monica. Akot was said to be the one financing Monica’s flamboyant lifestyle even though he denied it all.

“That General can be put to question. I will not stop him from going for investigations or going for any questioning, no. Even where you come from, there are many things happening, but I do not believe my brother President Uhuru is aware of. It is not each and everything that is brought to the attention of the President,” said Kiir.

Watch the full interview in the video below:



Jacque Maribe: The first time I met Jowie was at a Jubilee Party function 

Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe on Monday in a court hearing shared how she first met Joseph Kuria Irungu.

According to the embattled journalist, she first bumped into him during Jubilee Campaigns in 2017.

“The first time I met Jowie was in mid July at Jubilee Party functions one at Bomas of Kenya and later at Kasarani,” she said. 

Maribe, who together with Irungu are facing murder charges after Monica Kimani’s death, went on to tell the court that Jowi was working as a VIP guard to former Taita Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Lay and also a private military firm in Dubai then.


Jacque also told the court of how things played out that fateful night when Irungu shot himself.

She said that she panicked after Irungu shot himself but when she went for her phone, she returned only to find Irungu gone.

“”He kept crying, saying ‘Jacque I am sorry’ but I ignored him. I heard what sounded like a gunshot. I jumped out of bed and went to the closet. He was lying on the floor, he had blood on his upper left chest area.

“I ran out and found Jowie lying down. Brayan and his wife Kate ran out to where Joseph was lying bleeding,” she narrated.

“Jowi aambiwe sijamsamehea” Monica Kimani’s mother sends message to Joseph Irungu

Joseph Irungu is the main suspect in the brutal murder of Monica Kimani, detectives are certain they have evidence to pin him to the murder.

Monica was found murdered in her house on September 20th. Her throat had been slit wide open, her mouth had been covered with tape, her legs bound and hands tied at the back.

Monica’s mother Miriam Kimani has spoken to the media for the first time since her daughter was brutally murdered. She talked about her late daughter in an interview with K24.

Message to Jowi

Miriam’s mother stated that her daughter wasn’t murdered because she was involved with a sponsor. She also sent a message to Joseph Irungu telling him that she had not forgiven him for killing her daughter.

“Kitu inanipea amani ni kujua Monica hakukufa ju ya pesa ya mwanaume. Ni uchungu na ni kitu inauma. Na mimi nlisema Joe aambiwe sijamsamehea,” said Miriam Kimani.