Music Producer Motif Di Don Shares The Potential Arbantone Music

Producer Motif Di Don is a strong believer in the future of Arbantone, a new music genre gaining traction in Kenya. In a recent interview with SPM Buzz, he shared his thoughts on why Arbantone artists have the potential to become very successful.

A Genre on the Rise

Motif Di Don sees Arbantone as a unique sound that’s resonating with audiences.

“It’s a new genre that has won the hearts of many,” he said, highlighting its popularity on YouTube. He believes this genre’s rise shouldn’t be ignored.

In Motif’s view, Arbantone’s novelty holds the key to financial success for its artists. “This is something more unusual than the rest,” he explained, suggesting it has the potential to generate millions.

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Defense Against the Critics

Motif Di Don addressed the criticism Arbantone artists have faced for using pre-made beats. He argues that these artists deserve recognition for their ability to create hit songs despite their initial struggles.

“The fact that they can be able to make a hit song is something that should be acknowledged and not criticized,” he stated.

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Motif’s Motivation

Motif Di Don’s decision to support Arbantone artists stems from his desire to foster innovation in the Kenyan music scene. “He wanted to try and do something that has never been done in the country,” the article reveals.

While he initially provided online beats, Motif Di Don clarifies that Arbantone artists have transitioned to using original beats since January. “[The online beats] were to send a message and help them pick,” he explained.

Kenyan Music Producers Deserve More Appreciation, Says Motif Di Don

Kenyan music producer Motif Di Don has spoken out about the lack of appreciation for music producers in the Kenyan music industry. He believes that producers are not considered as vital creatives as musicians, and that this is why he and other producers often go unrecognized for their work.

Motif, who recently won the Music Influencer of The Year award at the Pulse Influencer Awards, said that it took over ten years for him to receive his first award, despite all the big hits he has produced. He expressed his frustration over the situation, saying that he doesn’t understand why Kenyans don’t appreciate their own music producers.

Motif believes that this lack of appreciation starts with the artists themselves. He said that Kenyan artists need to learn from their peers in other countries, such as Tanzania and Nigeria, where musicians often have their own dedicated producers who travel with them to shows.

Motif’s comments have sparked a debate about the role of music producers in the Kenyan music industry. Some people agree with him that producers deserve more credit for their work, while others argue that musicians are the ones who deserve the most attention because they are the ones who perform the music.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is clear that Motif Di Don is a talented producer who has made significant contributions to the Kenyan music industry. It is hoped that his comments will raise awareness of the importance of music producers and lead to them being given the recognition they deserve.

Motif Di Don hints about a forthcoming hot banger by Ethic Entertainment

Just when fans are still enjoying #MotifCanGetItChallange, popular Kenyan music producer Motif Di Don has a new song with Ethic Entertainment ready for release to their fans to enjoy.

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This follows a post published by the producer on July 23, 2020 on his Instagram feed clearly sharing out the news to his fans.

‘’Another banger coming your way,” Motif wrote.

Looking at the post, fans were quick to react to this news by sharing their sentiments that include Nebulazz Kenya who commented with fire emojis, Shanty Music who said ”we are ready” and Elee Global just to name a few who simply said Bazuu, a slang associated with greatness that became popular with Ethic Entertainment’s brand after the group released Daktari.

The fast-rising producer who is working to uplift needy artists through his record label, however, did not share any information regarding when the song will be released or what the title of the song is making the fans even more anxious.

Motif Di Don talks about his journey to success, working with Khaligraph and sampling beats
Motif Di Don

Looking back at Ethic’s previous releases, you can’t help but notice the many hits that Motif Di Don has contributed to in terms of production and so much more and so fans can only anticipate that the song gets released soon.

Ethic Entertainment who are considered as the Godfathers of Gengetone are signed to AI Records under Universal Music Group and

The group consists of Rekless, Zilla Droppa, Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice and Seska with Jonte as the manager. Deejay Katta is the Official DJ for the quartet with countless hits to their name that include Lamba Lolo, Daktari, Position, Pandana and Thao ft Boondocks Gang.

Ethic Entertainment

Motif Di Don first rose to fame after producing the hit single titled Embesha by Khaligraph Jones back in 2014 and has ever since gone ahead to work with many celebrities including Otile Brown, Masauti, Rayvanny, Skales, Nadia Mukami, Ethic Entertainment, Ycee, Konshens and Mr Eazy.

Motif Di Don talks about his journey to success, working with Khaligraph and sampling beats (Interview)

Morris Kobia, better known as Motif Di Don, needs no introduction. If you like Kenyan music, chances are high that  you’ve listened to a song that he has produced.

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We called him up a few days ago because wanted to know about his journey to success, thoughts on Gengetone, how he started working with Khaligraph Jones, future plans and whatnot.

Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones
Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones

Motif explained that he was just making beats and giving them to his friends when it hit him that he should send one to Khaligraph because he was really popping at the time.

The Juu Ya Ngori hitmaker really liked the beat and they ended up being friends and that explains why he has been producing his songs since 2015.

Motif did not go to school to learn how to make beats. He told Ghafla that he learnt most of the things that he knows on YouTube.

Asked whether he can sustain himself whether the can sustain himself with the money that he gets from producing songs, he answered in the affirmative and explained that it was hard when he was starting but things got better.

Motif Di Don with Ethic's Mtoto wa Eunice
Motif Di Don with Ethic’s Mtoto wa Eunice

He also shared his thoughts on Gengetone and explained that most Kenyans are vulgar and that is the main reason why genre went viral.

I also asked him about sampling jams seeing as he was in the center of the drama that led to Figa by Ethic being and he explained that the group’s management could not reach an agreement with the owners on how to split revenues.

Lastly, I’m sure all the ladies who are reading this article are wondering whether he has a partner and apparently he does. Sorry I had to be the bearer of this news.

Listen to the full interview below.

Lazy producers are hurting the local music industry

I’ve always held Motif Di Don in high regard until recently when news emerged that he had, for lack of a better word, copy pasted the beat for Ethic’s latest jam titled Figa.

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The beat maker, who is behind hits such as Ipepete, Dondosha and Kiboko by Masauti, Ethic’s Pandana and several songs by Khaligraph Jones, has really disgraced himself.

If you listen to the beat for the original song titled Cono, you’ll notice that there is little difference with Figa. In my opinion, there’s none at all. Zilch!

Granted, Motif might have modified the beat but I still find it interesting because Ethic parted with a large sum of money for work that was largely copy pasted.

Ethic Figa

This incident got me thinking about Kenyan producers and how lazy they are. Truth is, there are many who have done something like this before and they were not caught.

Such actions are really hurting the local music industry because the person who stands to lose the most at the end of the day is the artist and not the producer.

Ethic must have spent a lot of money shooting the video for Figa and marketing it only for it to be pulled down after it had clocked 3 million views.

Previously, producers could get away with copyright issues because songs were largely confined analogue TV and radio.

However, with the digital revolution, it means that producers won’t be able to do this anymore because once you put a song out someone will definitely notice.

Motif Di Don with Ethic's Swat Mtoto wa Eunice
Motif Di Don with Ethic’s Swat Mtoto wa Eunice

Magix Enga Vs Motif Di Don: Who is the baddest producer?

These days, almost every song begins with the words, “Motif Di Don” or “Magix Enga on the beat”. You would be tempted to think that the two are the only music producers in the country which is not the case.

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While the are are countless music producers in Kenya, the work of Magix Enga and Motif Di Don really stands out. They have a distinct approach and this explains why they are a cut above the rest and the most-sought after beat makers.

Motif Di Don
Motif Di Don

Each of them has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry and in a way they have helped propel the new Kenyan sound that made many people realize that they can actually enjoy local music.

Magix Enga has worked with the likes of Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Arrow Bwoy, KRG The Don, P-Unit, Zzero Sufuri, Ethic, Alvindo, King Kaka, Kristoff, Khaligraph Jones, Prezzo, Naiboi, Mejja, Rankaddah. The list is endless.

On the other hand, Motif Di Don has produced songs for Masauti, Ethic, Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones, Masterpiece, Nadia Mukami, Qritical, Pro & Lava Lava and Rayvanny who are both Tanzanian singers.

If you are a fan of Kenyan music, like yours truly, then I’m sure you’ve seen your favourite local musician in the aforementioned names. What’s even more is that most of them are big acts which also means that Magix Enga and Motif Di Don are the baddest producers around.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

In as much as they are both incredible and doing their very best to grow the local industry, at the end of the day, one of them has to be better than the other and that’s what I want to find out from you. I’d like to know your perspective of them.

So tell me, who do you think is the baddest producers between Magix Enga and Motif Di Don? Leave a comment below.

Masauti’s new jam dubbed ‘Leo Ni Leo’ is probably his best work yet (Video)

Kenyan singer Masauti, also known as Kenyan Boy, is back with a new banger that I can’t get enough of! Maybe you’ll also feel the same way, maybe not.

The song dubbed Leo ni Leo is probably his best work yet and it’s because he’s singing along to Kwaito beat and acing it.

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We never thought we’d see this day but it’s finally here ladies  and gentlemen! Who in their wildest dreams would have thought that?

The song was released barely a fortnight ago and it has already clocked 80,000 views. Anyone will tell you that this is a good performance for a song that does not even have a video.


The beat was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don and if you listen carefully, you will realize that he sampled some polular hits and the result was a superb South African beat.

From the look of things, nothing will stand in the way of Masauti in his pursuit to become a housheold name. He is really proving to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s only a matter of time, trust me ont this.

Watch Leo ni Leo below and tell us what you think.