Bridget Achieng should stop playing the blonde socialite trope

Bridget Achieng was one of the more ratchet of the Nairobi Diaries cast members. And that is saying a lot because the show got to the zenith of its popularity by having a cast of blonde and ratchet socialites.

Bridget Achieng speaks about her alleged club fight with small sister, Catherine Atieno

It never really made sense to me why she would insist on playing this trope because she seems smarter than we give her credit for being. Yes, you read that right, Bridget Achieng is actually much smarter than you think she is.

bridget achieng

Understandably, because of her upbringing and cultural exposure or lack thereof, there are some topics that she cannot relate to but Bridget Achieng actually is smart enough to lift herself from abject poverty to being a recognizable brand and personality.

I packed his belongings in a gunia and sent them in an Uber, to his workplace – Bridget Achieng on breakup

Bridget Achieng started off as a house help. that is how she began her later teenage/ early adulthood. She worked as a mboch in Kibera mind you so how’s that for context?

bridget achieng

And from there, she ended up owning and operating a stall which was actually doing well in the early and mid-tens (2010s) and we were first introduced to her when Pendo was accused of stealing from her and she dealt with Pendo savagely. After that beating, a few years passed on and we were once more introduced to Bridget Achieng on Nairobi Diaries.

¨I have kept aside all evidence for my son about his dad, when he grows up – Bridget Achieng confesses

And even looking through her social media account, you can see that she isn’t a dumb lass. She routinely hires out her services for promotional work on her page. Aside from that, she is constantly marketing the wares she imports and sells which is more than what a lot of her contemporaries use their pages for.

bridget achieng

And perhaps, it can also be argued that she is smart enough to have read the situation and realized that the only way she would have an extended run on the show Nairobi Diaries was for her to dumb it down and play the stereotypical buxom bimbo.

Alikiba denies dating former Nairobi Diaries actress, Bridget Achieng

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“Weh ulienda wera ukafunga!” Pendo shades Bridget Achieng after getting pregnant for her Nigerian ‘client’

Nairobi Diaries is back and so is the drama and gossip that will definitely keep many busy especially those who enjoy show.

At the moment we understand that former friends, Pendo and Bridget no longer see eye to eye. This is apparently after Pendo allegedly had an affair with Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy!

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

However Pendo has denied the story saying she is not the kind of person to sleep people’s men and in fact she no longer dates light skinned men (ouch!).

Bridget Achieng got pregnant for her client?

Thanks to a short clip shared on the Nairobi Diaries Pendo is heard saying that Ms Achieng got pregnant while she was at ‘wera’ (work).

Not quite sure why Pendo said this but it’s evident that the lass was hinting that Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy was only looking for a good time but ended up impregnating the lass who now has a baby boy.

With this out, a few close sources to both Pendo and Bridget Achieng also seem to be looking for an opportunity – where they will reveal who Bridget’s baby daddy was to her before the pregnancy.



Kwisha! Popular TV show Nairobi Diaries is back

After a long wait, a very long wait, hit TV show Nairobi Diaries is back.

The reality TV show had gone on an extended hiatus with rumours of disagreements between the station that airs it, K24 and the producer and creator of the show but it seems they have managed to work out their differences and now the show will be starting this Tuesday.

Long break

Pendo took to social media to share the poster which also has Mishi Dorah, meaning the two will be really going at each other this time round in the fourth season.

It’s not yet clear who will be in the show for now but all we know is that it will be starting this Tuesday. The show had taken a break for almost 9 months.

Nairobi Diaries Glam Pam’s deep cleavage lands Larry Madowo and other BBC bosses in trouble

Senior BBC editors are currently getting a lot of heat from the public after blurring the cleavage of a Kenyan socialite who appeared on a recent documentary shot in Nairobi.

Just like the first documentary from the media house that attracted numerous complaints from Kenyans after socialite Bridget Achieng accused the media house of portraying her as a prostitute, this one also had controversies of it’s own.

The Guardian on Sunday reported that senior staff at the British media house were divided on the decision to censor socialite Glamour Pam’s cleavage in the documentary dubbed  Fake Me: Living for Likes.

The decision to deal with Pam’s cleavage was made at senior editorial level at BBC Africa,” the Guardian reported.


BBC’s spokesman later explained that the blurring was done to comply with some of the strict watershed regulations in some African countries.

“#thesheword is broadcast via a number of BBC partner stations in Africa which are subject to watershed rules similar to the UK’s. As the majority of our partner stations show the programme pre-watershed, we ensured the film was suitable for broadcast in those markets.” he said. 


Kwisha! Nairobi Diaries finally makes a return looking waaay ratchet than the other seasons (Trailer)

It’s has take long but drama-packed K24 TV hit series Nairobi Diaries has made a comeback.

The show, which has been has been off air since its eighth season ended several months ago, is set to make a return soon and recently hyped fans by releasing their first trailer on social media.

Familiar faces dominate the new series but more details on who has been added will be released later. The cast include Ghetto Princess Pendo, Bridget Achieng’, Mishi Dora, Aliiptisam, Colonel Mustafa and others such as Trap King Chrome, Ella.

Word about the show being canceled because of poor pay dominated the blogs in the recent past forcing a few of the cast members to publicly shoot down the rumor.


On Instagram, Nairobi Diaries posted the first promo saying: “Justice has to be served cold to our’s just ice and this promo is just the tip of the iceberg..more promos coming through. This time round ???..old is new and old is gold……#comingsoon #growth & maturity..”

Watch the trailer below:



Nairobi Diaries director Janet Mwaluda’s hubby laid to rest

Nairobi Diaries director Janet Mwaluda lost her fiance Ian Mukuria on Tuesday after he succumbed to his illness at the Nairobi Hospital.

Ian was laid to  rest yesterday at the Lang’ata Cemetery in a small ceremony attended by family and friends. Ian, who served as the Vice Chair of the USIU-Africa Alumni Association died after a few days in the hospital.


His burial was attended by celebs such as Shaffie Weru, Brian Muiruri among others. USIU-Africa Alumni Association first broke the news saying:

“Dear fellow USIU-Africa Alumni, It is with deep sorrow that we wish to inform you that last evening at 9.45pm, we lost our Vice Chair, Ian Mukuria, who has been critically ill at Nairobi Hospital since Friday last week.

As the USIU-Africa Alumni Executive Committee, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to his fiancée Janet Mwaluda, all family, friends and colleagues.

As a team, we thank God for his life, his contribution, hard work, camaraderie, his warmth & generosity while serving on the Alumni Executive Committee.

Please remember his family in this time of loss. May the Lord God rest his soul in eternal peace.”


Ladies don’t let Sharon’s death scare you to the point of dating these broke ass niggas -Struggling socialite Nicole

Struggling Nairobi socialite, Nicole Batate, is back with her usual madness.

While everyone is warning girls to stay away from sponsors after Sharon Otieno’s case, the socialite has come out to ask ladies to focus on going for moneyed guys.

Sharon Otieno, a Rongo university student was killed and her body dumped in a forest after a love triangle went sour. Batate has asked women to go for married men with a plan, not just anyhow.

“Ladies don’t let Sharon’s death scare you to the point of dating these broke ass niggas! All you need is play smart and follow the rules! 1: no unwanted pregnancies- a married man can only want a child outside if one,” said the socialite. 


She went on to break down her silly rules of how women can survive dating other women’s husbands without being engulfed in drama.

“His wife doesn’t have any or has only one sex and he needs another (I mean a boy or a gal). 2: never ever threaten them! Remember they are powerful than you and most rich and powerful will do all it takes to protect their names. 3: be nice always – that’s what most of them lack back there at home so be as nice as possible even if you’re faking it..Make him feel better all the time.”

Noti flow curses Nairobi Dairies: They wasted me and my time. Mustapha also used me

After spending much of her time on Nairobi Diaries and Mustapha, rapper Noti Flow has nothing to show other than disappointments.

The rapper, in an interview with Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu on 10 over 10, Flow attacked the show saying that it didn’t have any impact in her life or career.

“Nairobi Diaries wasted me, it wasted my time,” she said. ”I don’t regret it, because I don’t regret anything in my life.”

Wasted on all levels

She went on to add that Mustapha too wasted her and did not love her but only wanted to ride on her fame.

”Everyone wasted me, the show, I mean even Lipunda (Mustafa), listen guys I was in love but he wasn’t, he just wanted to use me for my fame now that he is irrelevant in the industry,” she said. 

Mishi Dora mourning yet again after losing dad a few weeks ago

Early this year former Nairobi Dairies actress Mishi Dora lost her father, Ojenge.

The socialite was recently on Instagram to share that she has just lost a good friend who died in a car accident.

Lost a friend

She first broke the news via her social media saying:

“Life !!! What is LIFE??? …. so this guy who happens to be my business partner and a friend calls me yesterday to check on me since he heard that I was rushed to the hospital, I tell him I’m stable but can’t talk much still. He disconnects the line after telling me that he’d better see me at the spa on Wednesday or Thursday when he is back from Kisumu where he was headed to at that very moment he was speaking to me.

She went on:

“He was to work on my hair since he is the one that coloured it and made me believe that I can look good in different colours besides black.. So at 7pm last evening I get messages and pictures of him involved in a terrible accident and that he is dead.. How?? Just how I’m I gonna stop your voice from playing in my head?? Why Brax?? Why now my friend @tha_salonguybrax .. I can’t question God.. He knows best.. R.I.P bro ???? Nobody knows tomorrow.”

Mishi Dora opens up about losing her unborn baby

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has finally answered a question many have been asking. Speaking to Dr Ofweneke on hi Talk show, Mishi for the first time admitted that she was no longer pregnant.

The lass went on to talk about how she lost her pregnancy stating that it was not an abortion. According to her she carried the pregnancy until the second trimester before she lost it.

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Mishi Dora went on to add that she her pregnancy had issues and so did her body. This is because of an accident she was involved in – and the fights on Nairobi Diaries did not make it any easier for her.

Though the video shared by Ebru TV is not audible, one can hear some of the things she is talking about.

The baby’s father

Mishi Dora is still convinced that Rayvanny was responsible for her pregnancy. However, the two no longer talk as he does not understand why the lady got rid of the pregnancy.

Watch the video below for more details:

Pendo responds after Mishi accused her of aborting the child she was expecting with Dennis Oliech

Nairobi Diaries might not be the type of reality Tv most people would sit down to watch since many find it average but truth be told, it is a show that has good rates and at the end of the day we get to hear some of the top kept secrets about our socialites.

From the last episode aired this week, Mishi Dora who is part of the cast happened to reveal that Pendo aborted Dennis Oliech’s baby – shocking many who had no idea about this.

The socialite went on to say that as much as people have branded her a liar, she has information that would destroy these ladies.

Well Pendo has responded to this allegations hoping to set the record straight. She said;

“Why would you have to mention Dennis Oliech on this thing? Ati nilitoa mimba ya Dennis Oliech? Come on I’m not like you, I don’t just get pregnant here and there and I don’t remove my wraps, I love condoms, ukimwi unaua nilifunzwa”

We are however not sure who is telling the truth since the two seemed close a while back and could have shared secrets. But we can clearly see Pendo denying this.

Also, Mishi happened to mention that the house Brian is claiming to build for his fiancé (Risper Faith) endoactually belongs to his mum and will be a family house meaning all of them will be living under the same roof. But Brian is yet to respond.