Pendo speaks on failed engagement, says mzungu fiancé ghosted her without a reason

Singer or rather socialite Pendo is struggling to revive her music career, now that we all know Nairobi Diaries isn’t coming back.

Okay, for those who don’t know – Pendo shot into the lime light at a very young age. Back then, she used to roll with the big fish in the entertainment industry, from radio presenters to gospel artists and of course – she too was a star!

However at the time she was known for her partying ways if not her fights. If my memory serves me right, one of her former colleagues ended up nicknaming her ‘Conje’ like the boxer – simply because Pendo couldn’t stop throwing blows and punches at her ‘enemies.’

And now I’m thinking….why didn’t she use that opportunity to grow her music? But again – she was young and not so smart.

Clears air about engagement

Anyway now that she is back, the lady recently held a candid interview sharing stories from her past. Among the stories was her engagement that failed overnight after bagging a mzungu bae.

Responding to the question below;

In February 2019, you got engaged but broke up, what was the issue?

Pendo opened up saying she too doesn’t understand why her mzungu fiancé ghosted her after he proposed. According to Pendo, bae left for his country knowing very well that she still planning for their wedding….not knowing he had other plans in mind.

To say the truth, I have never understood. After Joseph Kner engaged me, he went back to his country and I was planning a wedding. I had fit my gown and everything was ready.


Later he denied the engagement and said we were acting and I even paid him to pretend.

But through it all – she managed to work on herself and well being hence her current happy life. The lass says she is happily dating some now and will not be making the mistake of parading him online like she did with her ex fiancé.

I’m really happy. I made the mistake of showing my man before but right now I want to keep it private.

Mmmh….let’s see how it works out for her now that she’s sober and ready to build from scratch.

Socialite Pendo shares her side of the story, reveals why sponsor ditched her with Ksh. 208,000 hotel bill

Former socialite Pendo who doubles up as an artist had a tough 2020 following hotel drama in the coast region where her man left her with a Ksh. 208,000 hotel – forcing her to be arraigned in court.

Well, for those who don’t remember – back in 2020 Pendo found herself in trouble with the authorities after failing to pay hotel bill at English Point Marina. With the case in court, Pendo wasn’t allowed to speak on it until the bill was settled – and finally her man managed to clear it.

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Pendo arraigned in court

However what many don’t know is Pendo’s side of the story – on how she found herself in such a situation. But, speaking to Buzz central recently, Pendo opened for the first revealing how her prominent man (at the time) booked in an expensive hotel – only for him not to show up due to ‘business.’

I was seeing someone and this someone, booked a flight for me and my friend and booked us to the apartment complex. He was supposed to join us but said he couldn’t make it as he was busy. He said he could not make it due to ‘Business’.

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Pendo in court after mubaba claims he is broke

Having had an on and off payment plan for the hotel – Pendo says this the bill accumulated in days; hence putting pressure on Pendo and her mubaba who at the time was having a few issues with his business.

Pendo in court

The balance that he was about to settle so we leave, he said he did not have it and that he needed to talk to the hotel. The hotel said they could not let us go. So the bill continued to accumulate. The more he paid, the more we were being held since the bill was not cleared.

With no money to pay the bill, Pendo was then taken to court but was later released on her on a Sh100k bond or alternative cash bail of Sh35k. Probably because the said Mubaba was known and of course couldn’t dodge with the remaining bill.

However, when asked why she never revealed the identity of the man who sponsoring her stay at the beach hotel, Pendo said;

I am a good person, he is a prominent business person and I did not want to disappear because of 200k.


While I was in court, he didn’t care coz the worst I could do was mention his name.

Boogie not so boogie Socialite Pendo arraigned in court over unpaid hotel bill after client abandons her

Socialite Pendo has been arraigned at a certain court in Shanzu, Mombasa following failure to pay Sh. 208,000 bill which she owes English Point Marina hotel in court.

According to the stories making rounds on social media; Pendo was allegedly abandoned by her male companion who checked in with her on the first night. With no man to pay the hotel bill, socialite Pendo was then forced to pay.

But unfortunately with how the pandemic has left people broke; Pendo could not afford to pay back forcing the English Point management to have her arrested.

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Pendo arraigned in court

Pendo in court

Apparently out of Sh.330,000 Pendo only managed to pay Sh. 145,000; while the rest of the bill was left pending. However after being arraigned in court, Resident Magistrate David Odhiambo ordered the lass to have the bill settled by March 15th, 2021.

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The socialite was however released on Sh100,000 bond enabling her to go back to her hustle; hoping she will manage to settle the bill by the time her case is heard in 2021.

Pendo in court

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Pendo’s name is being dragged in a hotel bill scandal. Back in 2018 she laughed off after being exposed in Nairobi; only for her t0 face a more serious case in 2020.

Anyway, with her ‘business’ now back to operating; lets just say the remaining Ksh Sh. 208,000  will just be a walk in the park for her.

Pendo serves fans with fresh love ballad ‘Piece Of My Heart’ (Video)

Kenyan socialite and singer Stacey Brown, alias Pendo, has released a new track and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans.

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The song titled Piece Of My Heart proves that you should not judge a book because it proves that Pendo is a talented songwriter and to add to that, she is also an amazing musician.


This track is well arranged and it sounds very pleasant to the ears thanks to Pendo’s beautiful voice. If you have been looking for as song to dedicate to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, then look no further.

As you listen to this song, you get to connect with Pendo on a more personal level and believe you me, this is the kind of song that will give you the courage to pour out your heart to your ex or that guy/girl that you’ve been eyeing.

If you ask me, Pendo would be so far right now if she decided to quit everything and focus on building her career as a musician. The only thing that is lacking is consistency because she is mad talented.


I love the instrumentation on this jam, it’s mellow but still lively and if you are the lovey dovey kind I’m sure you will have this song on your play list for many weeks, perhaps even months.

The video is dope. I love the up close shots as well as the flawless video transitioning. They were brilliantly done and this doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing as it was directed by the one and only Moses Osidiana.

Watch Piece Of My Heart below and tell s what you think.

Socialite Pendo accused of infecting fellow Nairobi Diaries actor with STI’s

Pendo is the latest victim to be ‘exposed’ by Trap King Chrome who now claims to have gotten an infection from the socialite.

The fella who has been exposing his former Nairobi Diaries actors now claims that Pendo infected him with an STI — which he spent a lot of money treating and even at some point thought that he would die.

Pendo’s Ex fiancé

Trap King went on to add that Pendo’s ex fiancé also blames the lady for infecting him and now demands a refund for the services he paid Pendo for.

Trap King Vs Pendo

Now back you!!! Me and your so called ex “fiancee” have sat down and agreed that we both got Sexually Transmitted Infections from you… We want a refund!!! You know how much we had to pay to get rid of the shit you gave us???!!!!???????????????????????????????????? I thought I was gonna die!! Customers be warned!!! Wear 4 condoms when touching this bitch, SMH ????

Trap King exposes Mustafa

This comes shortly after Trap King went on to claim that Mustafa has been faking his relationship with Noti Flow.

He went on to say that Mustafa has a serious boyfriend who he has been living with and only pretends to be straight to avoid fans from judging him.

Through his Instagram page, the rapper wrote;


How long you gonna lie to your fans for? How long you gonna keep up this act bro? I have no problems with homosexuals but you on TV every Monday lying to the fans that you’re straight and we all know you got a boyfriend living in your house. Be yourself and maybe that will allow some of your fans to do the same. This straight act is getting old bro. Just come out the closet already I’m sure your fans will support you just stop living in denial man. I know you gonna hate me for this but it’s time all the games and lies stop. You 40 something you can do better.
Just stop the fake relationships it’s sad to watch…
You trying too hard to keep this up…. Just breathe ????????????????????

“Weh ulienda wera ukafunga!” Pendo shades Bridget Achieng after getting pregnant for her Nigerian ‘client’

Nairobi Diaries is back and so is the drama and gossip that will definitely keep many busy especially those who enjoy show.

At the moment we understand that former friends, Pendo and Bridget no longer see eye to eye. This is apparently after Pendo allegedly had an affair with Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy!

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

However Pendo has denied the story saying she is not the kind of person to sleep people’s men and in fact she no longer dates light skinned men (ouch!).

Bridget Achieng got pregnant for her client?

Thanks to a short clip shared on the Nairobi Diaries Pendo is heard saying that Ms Achieng got pregnant while she was at ‘wera’ (work).

Not quite sure why Pendo said this but it’s evident that the lass was hinting that Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy was only looking for a good time but ended up impregnating the lass who now has a baby boy.

With this out, a few close sources to both Pendo and Bridget Achieng also seem to be looking for an opportunity – where they will reveal who Bridget’s baby daddy was to her before the pregnancy.



Ringtone: Am not in love with Pendo, am still single

Gospel singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has come out to set the record straight about his alleged romantic affair with ratchet socialite Pendo.

Rumors ran rife the two were dating after Ringtone showed up at Deliverance Church in Kasarani on Sunday January 20th while in company with Pendo.

MondayBlues recently published a story detailing Ringtone’s love affair with Pendo. The daily claimed that Ringtone and Pendo had also been spotted shopping together at Karen mall.

Last Saturday the pair spent the entire day giving clothes and food to Korongocho residents. Pendo was also reportedly seen driving Ringtone’s Range Rover.

Am in love with Jesus

Ringtone has since come out to deny claims that he is in love with the Nairobi Diaries actress. He stressed that he was still single and that he was only in love with Jesus alone.

“Am only in love with JESUS all of you are my brother and sisters.????,” wrote Ringtone.



‘Stop behaving like superstars when you can’t even afford the daily needs’ Pendo’s Mzungu ex throws shade at her 

Socialite Pendo’s ex-fiance has once again taken a dig at her saying she needs to change her lifestyle in 2019 and stop living like she has a fat bank account.

Joseph Kner, who dumped the socialite just a few weeks after proposing, has attacked the socialite yet again this month for her fake lifestyle.

“It’s 2019 and some people still behave as 2018 and make the same mistakes. Stop behaving like superstars when you can’t even afford the daily needs in life which are normal,” he posted on Instagram. 

No superstar

The Norwegian asked her to stop lying to her fans by going to posh places for photos.

“Stop pretending and start being a do’er instead of hoping others to solve your problems. When i see what pretenders and wannabes trying to fool others with their photos taken in front of nice places and can’t afford even to be there on their own. What about being yourself and accepting you are no superstar?” he said. 

The post comes after Pendo and ex-lover Luwi Capello were stopped together, kissing. On New Years Eve 2018 at a party, the socialite surprised many after publicly exchanging passionate kisses and cuddling with ex Luwi Capello.

She’s nothing but a cheap one! Pendo confirms her Mzungu fiance dumped just weeks after proposing 

Socialite Stacey Brown aka Pendo was recently in the news after her Caucasian fiance proposed. Then, she was in the news again shortly after when rumors started to swirl that the two had to call off the proposal and are no longer together.

The ex-Nairobi Diaries actress has now come out to confirm that Joseph Kner dumped her.


Speaking on Instagram’s Q&A, Pendo answered several questions regarding her short relationship with Kner whom they met online.

“I have seen Bridgo tagging your fiance everywhere with some other chick. Are you guys still together?” a fan asked. 

“Kila nyani na starehe zake. Vilinishinda navitakia nini?” she told the fan

Pendo also spoke about her ex talking ill of her on Facebook. Apparently, the Mzungu has been claiming Pendo is a cheap woman who was just after his money. Responding to the allegations, Pendo said: “Mambo ya kawaida hayo yasikustress.”

Regarding her engagement, the controversial socialite was quick to call it “unimportant.”

Pendo had been keeping the relationship under wraps after her relationship with ‘Nairobi Diaries’ co-star Luwi Capello went down the drain also.

Here are the chats


Pendo arrested over Ksh 75,000 hotel bill after mzungu fiancé left her stranded? She responds

A few weeks ago Pendo aka Ghettoprincess got engaged to a certain Mzungu by the name of Joseph Kner. She revealed this via her Instagram page where she rushed to show off her engagement ring followed by photos from the engagement dinner.

As expected many were quick to assume that she was following into Michelle Yola’s footsteps who relocated to France with her Caucasian baby daddy. Anyway unlike Yola’s bae, seems that Pendo’s fiancé is known by several socialites or rather ladies in the country.

Mzungu fiancé disappears on Pendo

Away from that, we have learnt that Pendo was recently left stranded by her man at a hotel in Westlands where they had been staying for a few days. Apparently he left her a bill of Ksh 75,000 which led to her arrest as she couldn’t pay up the hotel bill.

A close source to the couple told Mpasho;

She and her mzungu went to that hotel last week, sasa mzungu amemhepa, amemuacha na bill ya karibu 80,000. Yesterday, she was checked out by that hotel but at 8:00 PM, she hadn’t paid, akaitiwa makarao. As we speak, she is at Parklands police station. she spend around 8 nights in that hotel.

Pendo responds

Through her Instagram page the singer cum reality TV star laughed off the story on her Instagram page as she shared the post below;

“Wewe ni mchawi!” Pendo accuses Bridget Achieng of trying to bewitch her!

Nairobi Diaries Bridget Achieng and Pendo were once good friends but they no longer see eye to eye. The two ladies have been having issues for a while now and their situation seems to be over heating!

During the recent Nairobi Diaries reunion that went down about a week ago; the two ladies finally came face to face and boy it didn’t go so well.

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Apart from the drama portrayed by the other casts, there was real name calling between Pendo and Bridget. According to Bridget Achieng, she feels that Pendo’s bitterness towards her is caused by jealousy.

Pendo on the other hand claims that Bridget Achieng is as fake as the Gucci she steps out wearing. She goes on to add that the lady is a witch who has been trying to bewitch her.

“Huyu (Bridget Achieng) ndio mchawi, Kila siku anajaribu kuniroga”

Socialite drama in Nairobi

The Nairobi Diaries show has been able to show Kenyans what happens behind the fancy lives of our socialites.

What many don’t know is their Instagram lives and normal lives are totally different. They struggle to portray a certain standard of living but unfortunately end up giving up!

“Kenyan artists can’t afford me!” Pendo reveals why she chose to work with Tanzanian artist, Darassa!

Nairobi Diaries actress cum singer and video vixen Pendo seems to be making money moves. Lately she has been slaying on her Instagram page that has now seen her land a new project with Tanzanian singer, Darassa.

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Speaking to Pulse the lady revealed that she will be featuring on the singer’s next project as a video vixen. Pendo went on to add that she had to travel to Tanzania where they both closed the deal.

The project will hopefully be out in January since this is when Darassa will be releasing his project. To confirm the news Pendo told Pulse;

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“Yes, it is true that I will be doing a video with Darasa. The deal is sealed”

Why Pendo chose to work with a foreign artist

According to Pulse, Pendo revealed that the reason she has not worked with any Kenyan artist so far is be they cannot afford her.

“These artistes cannot afford me,”

I guess this is why our music and videos are not doing good, right?

Savage! Pendo finds new love, dumps Luwi shortly after his road accident

No one can confirm whether Luwi and Pendo dated for real, but their agreement/relationship on Nairobi Diaries is over! A few weeks ago Pendo was spotted with a new man and judging from her body language the two were more than just friends.

The actress went on to share a photo flaunting his and her’s rolex watches and from the guy’s hand it was clear to see that was not Luwi’s skintone. Anyway it is now official that their staged relationship has come to an end since Pendo has found true love.

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Lately the lady shares lovey dovy quotes to show the world how happy she is. Well, I bet this is why she has lately toned down on fighting other women on the show. In a recent post she wrote saying;

Pendo dumps Luwi

Well, to Pendo cheating on Luwi was not a big deal judging from her ND confession. Whether scripted or not, this was definitely aimed to ending the relationship without thinking twice.

Has Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo dumped Luwi for this new man?

Actress Pendo from Nairobi Diaries has lately been laying on the low. Unlike before, she rarely fights on the show and it seems she left all the drama for Mishi Dora to deal with.

In past episodes Pendo made it public that she was seeing Luwi but things seemed to have changed. After the actor (Luwi) was involved in a road accident, his relationship with Pendo has also gone missing in action.

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The two are no longer spotted together and this could be because Pendo has moved on already. A few hours she shared a photo flaunting her watch and as clearly seen there is another man’s hand in the photo.

From his skin tone, there is no way the guy could have been Luwi since we all known he is light skinned. So is there a new man? Well Pendo is the only one who can confirm this for us but as for now chance are 50/50.

Pendo and Luwi’s relationship

No one really knows whether their relationship was scripted or it was real. The two seemed affectionate towards each other but after Luwi’s accident things changed completely. So were we fooled? Anyway check out Pendo’s post below;

Pendo with new man?

“ Risper is sh!t, Bridget is sh!t” screams Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo

Is there trouble in the A team from Nairobi Diaries? Well it seems so. Reality show Nairobi Diaries which is now in its 6th season has brought both the worst and best of Kenyan socialites!

So far it features the likes of Pendo, Risper Faith and Bridget Achieng who refer themselves as the A team. However word has it that the ladies are no longer in good terms. This was revealed by Bridget Achieng in a snippet video of the new episode to be aired on 20th November.

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In the short clip Pendo is also heard screaming…

“Risper is sh!t, Bridget is sh!t…all of them are sh!t….i don’t want anything to do with Risper! ata nenda umwambie hiyo harusi si simamii”

This was during her meeting with Bridget Achieng who also seems not to be in good terms with Pendo.

Pendo’s history with Bridget Achieng

These two apparently know each other from way back in the day. At some point Pendo apparently stole Bridget Achieng’s phone something that saw their relationship change. They however reunited on Nairobi Diaries where they have had they up’s and down’s till date.

“Sijawai tumia mkorogo” Photo of Pendo before the fame and money

Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo has shared a new photo from back in the day looking innocent and pretty.

The lady posted the photo through her Instagram page to show fans how she looked as a young girl. Looking at the photo,Pendo still rocks the same smile she did from back in the day.

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She captioned the photo saying:

Omg???? it’s not Thursday but fuck it this picture has made my day???? look at ME( far right)?? bata was bae from kitambo☝️☝️ Still slayin and all??

About her skin tone

Well, unlike most ladies on the reality show…Pendo has made it clear that she has not used any bleaching creams to get her current skin tone. From her caption, Pendo says she has always been a team natural and the photo below proves it!

So have you now believed sijawai tumia mkorogo??

Pendo responds after Mishi accused her of aborting the child she was expecting with Dennis Oliech

Nairobi Diaries might not be the type of reality Tv most people would sit down to watch since many find it average but truth be told, it is a show that has good rates and at the end of the day we get to hear some of the top kept secrets about our socialites.

From the last episode aired this week, Mishi Dora who is part of the cast happened to reveal that Pendo aborted Dennis Oliech’s baby – shocking many who had no idea about this.

The socialite went on to say that as much as people have branded her a liar, she has information that would destroy these ladies.

Well Pendo has responded to this allegations hoping to set the record straight. She said;

“Why would you have to mention Dennis Oliech on this thing? Ati nilitoa mimba ya Dennis Oliech? Come on I’m not like you, I don’t just get pregnant here and there and I don’t remove my wraps, I love condoms, ukimwi unaua nilifunzwa”

We are however not sure who is telling the truth since the two seemed close a while back and could have shared secrets. But we can clearly see Pendo denying this.

Also, Mishi happened to mention that the house Brian is claiming to build for his fiancé (Risper Faith) endoactually belongs to his mum and will be a family house meaning all of them will be living under the same roof. But Brian is yet to respond.

Pendo narrates why she is done dating Kenyan men, now this is mean!

Nairobi Diaries bad girl Pendo has opened up for the first time to talk about the worst sex experience she has ever come across in her entire life.

Speaking to Pulse, the lass revealed that she was disappointed by a potential boyfriend she had been crushing on for months, only to discover that all her excitement was for nothing as he proved to have zero skills in bed. She said,

“What is wrong with Kenyan men? I experienced bad sex from a potential boyfriend a while back after which I decided I will no longer date a Kenyan man,”


The lady however did not reveal his name or the year that this happened to her. But from how she sounds seems that it’s a memory she will never forget. She went on to add that,

“Do you know how it feels for a girl to have so much an expectation then what comes out of it is zero? I asked him to stop midway, rose up and walked away never to look back again.
I blocked his phone and well, he made me hate all Kenyan men, in that line,”

Well…I am not quite sure why her bad experience has to involve all Kenyan men (Isn’t she dating Luwi, who a Kenyan/Tanzanian man?) but I guess that is just her opinion.


Pendo breathes a sigh of relief after popular film producer offered to pay for her vibrator but not before schooling all of us cyber bullying and feminism

She rocks dreadlocks, is fascinated by scarfs and drives around in car with a tent and a passport just in case a random road trip plot comes up, what did you surely expect?

As you are all aware, Pendo the other day allegedly bought a vibrator from the only non-closeted vibrator seller Beverly Mungai and failed to pay for it.

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According to the latter, Pendo failed to pick up all her calls, return messages and she had no choice but to call her out on twitter.

She was utterly savage something that didn’t sit well with some people including popular filmaker Mercy Murugi. Though she understood the need for Bev to iron our her frustrations, her business was on the line anyway, Mercy felt she could have done it a little bit better instead of shaming Pendo for the whole world to see.


What she seemed disturbed with mostly was the fact that Bev shared her number on a public platform and actually advocated for people to cat call her and shame her for what she had done. As you can clearly see here:


In that regard she offered some lessons on cyber bullying and feminism and went on and on about how women don’t support their own before putting the icing on the cake by offering to pay the vibrator for Pendo.

What a nice lady!

Check out her twitter monologue:

Pendo embarrassed badly online for buying a vibrator on credit, getting down to using it and then failing to pay for it(screenshots)

Twitter was last night treated to quite a spectacle between reality TV star Pendo and the “vibrating Lawyer” Beverly Munga.

Bev Munga, a certified lawyer who now specializes in selling sexual objects of pleasure like dildos and vibrators called out Pendo for apparently making an order for one of her vibrators and then absconding  payments. Bev claimed she had tried every means to reach Pendo but she was dodging her and thus she decided to go online to expose Pendo for being a con.

And trust me she had no nice things to say as clearly depicted in these screenshots below:





We reached out to Bev Munga who was very pissed by the way and she confirmed that what was circulating the interwebs was indeed true and she was very much willing to divulge details on their dealings. She even shared Pendo’s number and it matched the one we had.

Pendo on the other hand denied the whole story and alleged it was not her; that she wouldn’t do something of the sorts and that the updates were a case of mistaken identity.

I guess they both the know the truth but if you have to something up your vajayjay kindly just pay for it. I bet you wouldn’t want your sponsor to pump you the whole night and not leave at least salon money now would you?