P-unit explain their ‘break up’ and why they took time apart

Popular trio P unit for a while now have been away from your radios social gathering( as a group). Rumors that the group has broken up have topping headlines for months but after they released their new song “Chocha”, fans calmed downed and maybe started believing the crew is still tight.

Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu have now come out to share why took the long breaking insisting that they had a few pending issues they needed to take care of.

Members need to grow

“Some of us have been taking care of our families and also learning. We are better than we were and we have more content. We did not break up as a group but instead, we decided to take a break from the industry. This has helped each member of P-Unit to grow and also get new ideas that we are now going to instill in our future work,” they told the Star. 

“It is a good break to be away and learn what is lacking in the industry. The song is to educate people to go back to our morals and stop bragging so much on social media. Besides working together, we have been friends since class five, and even now with families, we are unbreakable friends.”


“The main challenge a group such as ours face is when one member of the group misbehaves out there, and the whole group carry the whole mess. Also, sometimes some members want to outshine the rest of the members in the group, especially when the money starts coming in.”


Vera Sidika fires back at Frasha and other artists bashing Otile Brown

Socialite Vera Sidika has lashed out at several artists who have been trolling her new bae, Otile Brown, for falling in love with her.

Frasha of P unit and several other artists have been making fan of Otile on IG warning him that Sidika is a leech that will suck all his energy and funds then ditch him.

Expired artists

Vera has now come out to dismiss these artists calling Frasha washed up and that he’s trying to get relevance through her name.

Here is her post on Instagram:


President Uhuru’s relative hits P unit member’s car and refuses to pay, exchange blows

A third of popular music group P unit, Bon-eye, was recently forced to pull his sleeves up and attack a man who had hit his car and then went on to flatly deny paying for the damages because he’s related to president Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to The Star Newspaper, Bon-eye was at a restaurant along Kiambu Road and a cousin to Kiambu Woman Rep Nyokabi Gathecha(who is relative to Uhuru), identified as Joe Nyaga, drove in the joint and hit his Volvo 4×4 with his Toyota Ipsum then refused to pay.

“I was seated inside the restaurant when a taxi guy came and informed me that someone had hit my car. I exited to check and found that it was true. When I requested the individual [Joe] for us to have an agreement on how best he will compensate he refused,”  Bon-Eye said.

Refused to share his name and details

Bon-Eye went on to add that Nyaga totally refused to share his details insisting that the singer should first know who he was dealing with.  He pulled rank and asked Bon-Eye, “Do you know who I am?” which led to a shouting match that later turned physical.

In the end, Bon-Eye overpowered him, forced him to give him his details and agree to pay for the damages.

“I expect him to cover the costs of the repair. I will take my car to my mechanic and send him the bill,” the musician said. 



Gabu: I pay for my drinks. Even if my friends come with girls, they will sort them out. I am not a charity

Singer Gabu knows what he drinks, how much it costs and always pays for it. That’s it. unless he has promised to buy you some alcohol, he’s not ready to pay for your bills not matter your current financial situation.

Clarifying rumors that he doesn’t pay bills in clubs, Gabu said he only clears his own bills though in many instances, people also want him to settle theirs. Forget his corny lines in his club bangers where he claims he doesn’t settle bills.

“Music is music, when I go out with you I know I will pay and buy for you,” said Gabu when adressing the issue.  “But when you come where I am and start ordering things because Gabu is there, Gabu is not your father. I pay what I drink. Even if my friends come with girls, they will sort them out I am not a charity.”

Beating women

The singer, who has just released “Simple Lover”, had one more thing that he wanted to clarify: he respects women. Rumors suggested that he attacked a waitress at a popular club but Gabu said he was just in the wrong place at the time and was blamed because he was a familiar face.

“I was in the right place at the wrong time, guys were fighting and because I am the one who is known, ikakuwa ni Gabu. I appreciate and respect women.” he added. 


Hit or Miss? Gabu brings in superstars Sauti Sol’s Bien, Fena Gitu, Kristoff, Nyashinski, Kagwe Mungai for new song, Was it worth it? 

In his first official project of 2018, P unit’s Gabu has started with a punch.

The artist has brought in a string of celebrities for his new song “Simple Lover” which is already taking over the airwaves.

Silent Collabo

Though it’s Gabu’s first single in the year, it still technically a collabo since Sauti Sol’s Bien, Fena Gitu, Kristoff, and Kagwe Mungai co-wrote the song and Yvonne Darcq, Nyashinski, and Bien also feature in the background vocals. They haven’t been listed in the song title though.

Musyoka, the veteran music producer, produced the song.


Watch the video below and drop your comments on what you think.