Musical Artist Frasha Set To Vie For Athiriver Political Seat

Award winning rapper Francis Amisi, known to most as Frasha has expressed his interest in politics after announcing that he will be vying for Athiriver MCA seat come next year,

Frasha’s decision comes at a time when more and more celebrities are declaring interest in politics; inlucing Xtian Dela ( who is vying for MP Westlands); and comedian & radio presenter Jalang’o, who is vying for Langata MP.

Frasha has now joined the list and will be looking to clinch the seat in next years general election.

Taking to his Instagram, Frasha criticized the current political system and leadership;

”Servant leadership is easy for people with high self-esteem. Such people have no problem giving credit to others. They have no problem listening to other people for ideas. They have no problem in building other people up.ka TBT #mungumbele #KwaMezaPamoja

The versatile rapper, fondly known to many as Dakitare for his day, has been off the musical scene for quite a long time. His interest in joining the political arena comes as a surprise to many.

As a young boy, Frasha grew up in Athiriver; where he built his musical career from. This means that the singer already has a huge fan base in the town. His political ambition for the township has definitely been expedited by the latter and might see him come out successful.

Alleged side chick sends Frasha’s wife message about ‘their Fisi husband’

An upcoming artist identified as Phieso Afficial has left many talking; after disclosing details of her affair with veteran genge rapper, Frasha.

As seen on the many screenshots taken from her IG stories; (before deactivating her account) we understand that she painted 45 year old Frasha as abusive man who beat her up – after suggesting they use protection.

Phieso the young lady who has exposed Frasha’s Fisi ways

Well, this sounds absurd especially with the rise of HIV/AIDs in our community; and Nairobi being one big bedroom – I guess playing safe might just be the new in-thing among the youths.

But Frasha allegedly did not like this idea.

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Now that her relationship with Frasha has ended in tears after the beating; Phieso decided to send Frasha’s wife a message where she wrote;

  Aki nahurumia bibi yake mbaya. But si ni life. Y’all at home thinking ua men are faithful but “nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya”

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Not quite sure why she felt the need to drag Frasha’s wife into the mess; but like the proverb goes – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s also sad to see the veteran rapper involved with small girls (with nothing to lose) willing to drag his name; in mud after years of low key, scandalous and successful free career.

But again, we live to learn!

“He beat me because I refused having sex without protection” Alleged side chick exposes Frasha after affair ends in tears

P Units veteran rapper Frasha has found himself trending on Instagram all thanks to his alleged side chick that has exposed him after he beat her up as revealed on her IG stories.

Before that…allow me to say, Nairobi is just messed up and marriages/relationships are no longer things people can brag about. I mean, it’s like everyone is dating everyone.

P Unit

Anyway back to our Frasha story, his alleged side chick known as Phieso Afficial; an upcoming rapper has exposed the old man for cheating on his wife with her. Aki Nairobi.

Her decision to expose the guy came after he allegedly beat her up after she requested him to use protection before getting intimate with her. As seen on the post, Phieso wrote;

It’s time for this old m*l*y* “45 years b!tch @ss man to be called off…yani iki kimtu kimenipiga leo cz of asking him to use condom protection cz I don’t f-ck raw.

On yet another post the lady went on to add;

Frasha is f**c**ng @sshole. He beat me like a dog few minutes ago. Yani mpaka ukakunywa pombe nimenunua na ukanikuta war….yanii yaniii men are trash…that’s why I am the way I am….

Drags rapper’s wife into the mess

Well, just to show how bitter she was towards this fella, Phieso ended up dragging Frasha’s wife into the scandal as she wrote;

Frasha’s family

Aki nahurumia bibi yake mbaya. But si ni life. Y’all at home thinking ua men are faithful but “nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya”

Well, when explaining why she decided to expose the fella after (let’s say weeks or months) of sending him nudes; Phieso’s excuse is;



Last year Frasha was obsessed with me. Yani he got mad when I was associated with anyone. Waaah he was so insecure while married, old n has kids.

For those claiming  the upcoming rapper is clout chasing with Frasha, she addressed them saying;

This is not clout, it’s very real. I don’t need followers or sh!t!!! But it’s what I experienced from so called celeb

Well…below are receipts from their WhatsApp conversations; and if this is true – then I guess Frasha really likes to get teased.

And clearly he wasn’t sending that lunch money without the girl sending him the naughty photos. Oops!

Phieso Afficial’s pages already deactivated.

Frasha joins the list of celebrities seeking justice for the late Shanty, checkout his message!

Apart from Black Cinderella and now Frasha who is the forefront demanding justice for the late Shanty; most of the Kenyan celebrities are somehow trying to push for the Shanty’s parents to get some justice for their late son.

So far all we know is that Bridget Achieng has been throwing threats around; warning the young boys asking the DCI to arrest those behind the death of shanty. The last we had of this case. one of Shanty’s close friend came out claiming that his life was in danger for the (hashtag) #justiceforshanty.

The late Stephen Mungau

According to the young man, Bridget had not only threatened them but promised that their parents would cough money; but I guess with all the pressure she has been getting – she could have said anything!

Frasha demanding justice

Anyway, we now understand that Shanty did not engage in any fight as revealed by Bridget Achieng earlier. In fact turns out that the bouncers are the ones who approached him; beating and dragging him by his pants.

This was seen in new footage that proves what shanty’s friends have been saying could be true. However since the case is already in court; let’s see how things workout for Shanty’s family.

Frasha who shared the video on his page captioned the post;

The truth shall set you free these are the last moments of shanty before he died .I hope this help to get justice for him .Kesho tupatane hapo kabete police station 10am #justiceforshanty #makinglifebeautifulforothers #makechangeinthesmallestwaypossible #mungumbele


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10 famous Kenyan personalities who quit drinking alcohol

Fame is like a two-sided coin, each side has its implications, some long-term others short-term.

Among its package is a celebrity lifestyle than many are usually not prepared for. Who soon after slide into habits that end up costing them a lifetime.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is one common characteristic that seems to cut across the board, whether female or male.

Not one, not two have opened up about their long battles with alcoholism, that saw them completely ditch the bottle.

Lets start off;

1. Alex Mwakideu

The Milele FM presenter last month celebrated one year anniversary since quitting alcohol, a step he took in memory of his late mother, after 14 years of indulging in alcoholism.

Radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu with his mom

2. Wilbroda

The celebrated TV star, while marking 10 years of acting in Papa Shirandula in 2017, announced she finally quit drinking that had taken a toll on her.

Actress Wilbroda

3. Frasha

The award-winning rapper, born Francis Amisi expressed deep regret in wasting away 15 years of money in alcohol. After being inspired by this brother to do the ‘90 days without alcohol’ challenge that saw him completely give up the bottle in 2018.

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'
Rapper Frasha

4. Nana Gecaga

President Uhurus niece, Nana would finish a crate of beer bottles in a day, in her early youthful life, something that nearly saw her family give up on her after several trips to rehabilitation centers.  She proudly marks 20 years alcohol-free.

Kenyan businesswoman and corporate executive, Nana Gecaga

5. Rapcha the Sayantist

The comedian and Hot 96 presenter long battle with alcoholism had gotten to the point that his kids would wipe vomit from his mouth. For him, quitting alcohol is the best decision he ever made.

Personality Rapcha the Sayantist

6. Natalie Tewa

The curvy travel and lifestyle vlogger, in September 2020 announced she had been 2-months alcohol-free and still is pushing on.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa

7. Kabi WaJesus

Kabi was a heavy drinker and smoked cigarettes and bhang, things he was exposed to at a young age while living in Kayole, that nearly destroyed his health forcing him to give up the drink. Having given his life to Jesus in 2013, him and his wife have turned to non-alcoholic drinks.

The WaJesus couple

8. Ian Wafula

The BBC journalist on November 1, 2020 announced it had been 6 months free of alcohol and even though utterly clueless, he is loving the journey.

BBC´s Ian Wafula

9. DNA

The rapper, born Dennis Kaggia revealed that after hitting fame, peer pressure and the wrong group of friends, had seen him wreck cars and destroy relationships. But after his daughter was born, a different light was born within him.

Rapper, DNA

10. Jalango

The celebrated media personality promised to stop taking alcohol, courtesy of his close friend and colleague Alex Mwakideu on July 15, 2020 as they walk this alcohol-free journey together. Promises are there to be kept.

BFFs Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

There you have it!

Eric Musyoka, the iconic producer who took Kenyan music to greater heights

It’s hard to talk about Kenyan music without mentioning the name of Decimal Records CEO Eric Musyoka, popularly known as Musyox. He has been very instrumental in shaping the Kenyan sound.

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In the early to mid 2000s when Calif Records and Ogopa Deejays were beefing, the award-winning producer, who is now 38, was working at Homeboyz Entertianment.


While at the stable which is owned by the Rabar family, Musyoka produced songs for the musicians like; Prezzo, TID, Mr Lenny, Nameless, AY, Wyre, Peter Miles, Nikki, Nonini, just to name a few.

He then took a break and went for further studies at the SAE Institute in the US in 2006. Upon his return, he formed Decimal Records and signed P-Unit.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the group that was made up Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu is one of Musyoka’s greatest achievements to this day. He literally propelled them to greater heights.

Musyoka and Bon Eye

What most people do not know is that the three started off as Nonini’s dancers and back-up singers and by 2010 they had won several awards including a MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA). Take a moment and let that sink in.

At Decimal, Musyoka has also worked with Just A Band, Juliani, Daddy Owen, Sauti Sol, Elani, Octopizzo and many more. Put simply, there is a high chance that he has produced a jam for your favourite Kenyan artist.

When all is said and done, he will be remembered for nurturing talents and taking Kenyan music to the continental stage because he started  producing music at a time when most artists were just focusing on their local audiences.

Musyoka is one of the producers who changed the game by ensuring our music could transcend our borders and this led to artists getting so many shows outside the country.

He’s a legend in his own right and it saddens me that most people will realize this after he hangs up his boots because as they say, you never miss something until it’s gone.

Watch one of his most popular jams dubbed Furahi Day by Nonini and Nameless below.


Gwaash has teamed up with Frasha and Lyrical Picasso on ‘Short & Brief’ and it’s amazing (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Martin Wagura, better known as Fatboy Gwaash or Gwaash, has dropped a new song with Frasha and Lyrical Picasso and we are really feeling it.

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The song titled Short & Brief, which is an obvious corruption of Sauti Sol’s mega hit Short & Sweet, has been getting good reviews since it was released a few days ago.


The song begins with Lyrical Picasso and as you listen to it, you understand why he was given the first verse. This lad is really dope, his rhymes and general flow is really impressive.

Although it was my first time listening to him, I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I gave him more respect when I learnt that he is from South Sudan.

As expected, Fatboy Gwaash also nailed it. Apart from his unique voice, his flow is so good that you would think that he wrote the lyrics while asleep. I don’t know if this makes sense, it sounded okay in my head.

Frasha, who has always been my favourite P-Unit member also delivered in this song. He also has a unique voice and a flow that’s worth writing home about.


The beat was produced by DJ Creme and mastered by Ilogos Music and that can only mean that it’s really good and if you are not careful you will find yourself busting moves as soon as you hit the play button. You’ve been warned.

The video concept was good. Although it lacks a wow factor since it is almost similar with many of the videos that we seen lately, we have to give it to VJ One for the quality.

Watch Short & Brief below and tell us what you think.

Rapper Frasha is glad he stopped drinking: I once spent over Sh500,000 in one month 

It has been three years now since P-Unit rapper Francis Amisi, alias Frasha quit drinking alcohol.

The rapper started a campaign to stay away from alcohol three years ago dubbed #40daysfreeofalcoholchallenge. The challenge was about him staying sober for 40 days every year, which made him quit the bottle completely.

Now he’s glad he started the campaign because he has dropped alcohol completely after 15 years of drinking.

“After doing the 40 days sobriety challenge for several years, I have realised the importance of quitting alcohol completely. As you mature up, you start realising that there are things you are doing that are no longer important, which are wasting your time, money and even they make you lose focus,” Frasha told Word Is.

Nothing good

Frash confessed he used to waste a lot of money on alcohol. at one time he even spent half a million in a month.

“There is nothing good about alcohol. First, it will affect your financial status, health and make you lose focus because of the hangovers. My wife still thinks I am joking, and she has given me time. I have realised alcohol will always be there, so every individual should evaluate themselves and the choices you want in life,” Frasha said.



Brown Mauzo is slowly getting back with ‘Ilete’

Brown Mauzo brings on board Frasha for his new jam Ilete. Mauzo is really trying to come back even after he did a jam with Jovial and later pulled it down on youtube. Ilete is a collabo with one and only Fresha that talks about love.

This collabo brings out the best in the duo. Frasha has been off the market for sometime now. Could Ilete be the one to bring him on board?

Production of Ilete

Ilete has been the work of some great brains in the music industry. I am sure you know how Lizer does his work. Well he Mixed and Mastered the jam. The audio was produced by Ihaji.

This video has been   directed by X Antonio.  Also, I must say that there was great team work and co-ordination here.

Lyrical Presentation

In addition to the good production work, the lyrics and presentation of this jam is great. Also, looking at how the lines are organized, you’ll realize that there is energy input here. Actually, the role of turn taking is well organized.

Further in to Ilete, you,ll realize there are some lines you want to keep re-playing. Like when Frasha comes in with the most common lines in today’s artist work; Wamlambez, wamnyonyez and wamtokez.. Honestly I do not know what this means here but it is very noticeable. Could it be that the words are becoming an anthem?

Listening to this jam makes me remember Brown Mauzo’s old work and that of Frasha. There is something that still remains in them.

Wacha kijana tu ateleze, wacha jasho ijae kote.. What is the plan here? Ilete chini kwa chini mi naizamia. It seems there will be a lot of actions and energy spent here.

Generally, it is a good jam that targets the youth. I give it a rating of 6/

Which P-Unit member has been most successful after they split up?

I recently came across across a fire mix tape by P-Unit and it got me thinking, what if the group was still together? Would they still be relevant today? Would anyone bother to listen to them? Who has been the most successful?

You could argue that Bon Eye, Frasha and Buganya – the trio who make up the group – are still together since they occasionally release songs as P-Unit but deep down you also know that the group is long dead.

I’ve always been a huge fan of P-Unit, probably their biggest fan in Kenya. From the days of Si Lazima, Kushoto Kulia, You Guy, to the most recent single dubbed Fire. I just love their music!

They treated Kenyans to several hits before they decided to go separate ways in 2015. After 14 years in the game, P-Unit members had decided that they wanted to pursue solo careers.

At the time, it seemed like a bitter pill to swallow. However, when they started releasing their solo songs, I realized it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Since 2015, Gabu has released songs such as Dirunk, Wabe, Be Nice, Simple Lover, No Spine, Mastory just to name a few.

In 2017, he teamed up with Steven Ogechi, CMB Prezzo and a couple of other guys to establish Kompakt Records which is among the most revered record labels in Kenya today.


Frasha, on the other hand, has featured in dope collabos such as Shigidi, Dandia, Wale Wabaya, Uongo, Kuthibu, just to name a few.

In 2017, he contested for a Member of County (MCA) seat in Athi River, Machakos County but lost.

Bon Eye stayed away from music sometime after the group split up. However, he had a change of heart in 2017 and decided to help Eric Musyoka run Decimal Records.

Since the group slit up, he has released Bad Boy featuring Avril and featured in hits such as Drinx Na Mayenx, Appetite and Wamlambez.

As you can tell, each of the group members has been doing his own thing since the group split up and this begs the question, who is the most successful?

To be honest it does not really matter. In as much as we want the old P-Unit back maybe they figured out that the only way they would continue to be relevant was by splitting up and it has worked for them.

As such, we should celebrate Bon Eye, Gabu and Frasha equally for the roles they’ve played and continue to play in shaping up the local music industry.


Getting saved? Frasha becomes the latest celeb to quit drinking alcohol

Over the past years, several celebs have quit drinking alcohol and gave their life to Christ. Other simply quit drinking because alcohol was messing their lives.

President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga used to drink up one crate of beer in one sitting every day before she quit drinking altogether. Star editor Oliver Mathenge also quit alcohol after attempting suicide.

Oliver challenged himself to stop drinking alcohol in December 2017. He did not take any alcohol on New Year eve and ultimately started 2018 as a sober man.

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Frasha’s challenge

Just like Oliver Mathenge whose challenged himself to stop drinking liquor for 100 days, Frasha is also on a 40 day sobriety challenge.

The rapper is calling upon other bevvy guzzlers to also join him in the sobriety challenge.


A married Frasha explains viral video showing 5 gorgeous women sharing a bed with him

Frasha is a married man, this explains why everyone was in shock when a video of him goofing around with women in bed surfaced on social media.

The video shows Frasha sandwiched by the ladies as they enjoyed themselves. The video was first posted by Prezzo on his Instagram handle, he captioned it ” Some motivation toka kwa ndugu yangu @iamfrasha ???”.

I wanted to see the reactions

Frasha responded to set the record straight, he explains that the video was part of a music video ‘Chocha’ which he is shooting.

Below is Frasha’s full explanation:

“So today morning I didn’t want to caption this because I wanted to see the reactions anyway here we go …… You see I have come to realise people even those you think they know you and what you stand for are never there for you in this generation.If they see one negative thing about you they will all distance them selves.

“The clip above was part of a music video #chocha and to be sincere I don’t even know one of the vixens name coz it was just part of a set .Bt you see the world is quick to judge people and have perceptions based on social media.We live in a generation of social madness and social media addiction. We think of numbers and views and how far one can go to increase there numbers.

“Companies are the worst affected in this madness turning a generation into views searchers and numbers builders.since numbers don’t lie .Am sure today my post will get the highest no of views yet in my page I have for years posted motivational and educative stories that the numbers don’t find interesting. The number of friends and followers may increase BT how lonely one is can’t be numbered.

“We even get depressed when people don’t view our own posts and get adrenaline rush when we have views on our posts.The things is we have stopped living for our selves and are busy living a life for others to media is an addiction #lookup. #chocha #kikundiserikali #puuniiit #iamfrashafoundation,” wrote Frasha.


Vera Sidika fires back at Frasha and other artists bashing Otile Brown

Socialite Vera Sidika has lashed out at several artists who have been trolling her new bae, Otile Brown, for falling in love with her.

Frasha of P unit and several other artists have been making fan of Otile on IG warning him that Sidika is a leech that will suck all his energy and funds then ditch him.

Expired artists

Vera has now come out to dismiss these artists calling Frasha washed up and that he’s trying to get relevance through her name.

Here is her post on Instagram:


Beef alert! P Unit’s Frasha taunts Otile Brown over his relationship with Vera Sidika

Frasha has thrown some major shade at Otile Brown. The singer has come under sharp criticisms ever since he started darting Vera Sidika.

Otile Brown has been embroiled in social media wars with fans going HAM on Vera Sidika. He has been mocked, called names and rebuked since he revealed he was dating Vera.

The ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ hit maker however remains unshaken by the criticisms, his love for the bootyful socialite seems to be only getting stronger.

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New beef

P Unit’s Frasha has taunted Otile Brown over his relationship with Vera Sidika. The rapper was seen in viral video making fun of Otile as a small crowd laughed. Frasha was mimicking Otile and how he is all over Vera, watch the video below:




“She has stood with me for over 16 years” Frasha expresses utter gratitude to his baby mama

Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha celebrated his baby mama in the most romantic way. The rapper stated the reasons why he is grateful to his wife for the 16 years they have been in love.

For starters, Frasha is a married man with three children. The rapper’s wife Meg Mbogo and her children have managed to keep a low profile.

Frasha, his wife and two his daughters

She has condoned my bullshit for 16 years

Frasha celebrated his wife by thanking her for all the good things she has done. Apart from having to put up with his bullshit, Frasha says the greatest thing he celebrates about his wife is giving him a family.

“Today i want to celebrate my wife @megmbogo she as stood with me over 16 years yes 16 years. She has condoned my bullshit, motivated me during hard times, supported my decisions even sometimes when not in agreement. She as given me the greatest joy of life. She as given me a family of 3 lovely kids shirleen 14 ,Esther 12 , Emmanuel 3 .Simple beautiful woman with a beautiful heart .I will always love you .I thank God for you,” wrote Frasha.

Frasha’s wife Meg Mbogo