Singer Timmy TDat finally reveals the real reason why he quit NRG Radio

Singer Timmy TDat has finally revealed why he quit NRG Radio just months after joining.

The singer was working as presenter alongside Mwalimu Rachael but left silently without giving a clear reason why. In an interview with a TV station, the singer explained that he had to leave the station because of his fans.

First love

He confessed that balancing the two careers wasn’t easy and at the end of the day, he had to go back to his first love which was music.

Not necessarily for the money but first of all it’s for the love of my fans because walinipenda kwa ile kitu walinijua nayo which is music. Number two mziki ni kitu flani iko very jealous ukitry kuishare na kitu ingine ni tricky. It’s either itaenda down ama italost. So ikabidi nimequit hio works kwa tenje ni focus on mziki,” said Timmy.

The NRG Transit was a new show they were co-hosting every weekday from 3pm – 7pm till Timmy left.

Singer Timmy Tdat denies being fired at NRG and explains why he has not been on radio lately 

Singer Timmy Tdat has come out to deny that he was shown the door at NRG Radio. According to the singer, he had to take a break so that he could analyse how he can balance his radio job and music career.

Timmy confessed that the music business is not easy and once you stop giving your career the needed attention, everything starts tumbling.

Kidogo natry kurearrange vitu flani amazing. Zii sikufutwa mziki ni talent ya mine na ndio nifike mahali nimefika is all about music. Na mziki I think ni profession flani iko very jealous as in ukitry kufanya na vitu zingine kidogo inaweza kuwa tricky because inahitaji time. Mziki ni inspiration hauandiki tu so nikutry tu kwanza kustep back na kuangalia vile unaweza zibalance,” said Timmy in an interview with Mwende Macharia and Clemmo.


Timmy and Mwalimu Racheal

The ‘Welle Welle’ hit maker was hosting a daily show dubbed ‘Transit’ from 3.00pm – 7.00pm alongside celebrated Radio and TV presenter Mwalimu Rachel. He got the job in March but it seems he has been too busy on radio that he was finding it hard to make enough music.

On getting the job, Timmy was excited but shared that he won’t quit music.

“Am exicited to venture into radio and further progress my career as an entertainer. This does not mean I am quitting music, I am in it for the long run and my fans should watch out for my many more projects that are to come.” he said then. 

Kamenuka sasa! OTI also unfriends and delete Vera Sidika’s photos 

Just when we were warming up to couple Vera Sidika and Otile Brown, it seems it was not meant to be after all.

Kenyans woke up to news that Otile and Vera Sidika might not be together anymore after the socialite(Vera) unfriended Brown on Instagram and went on to delete his photos. She has probably blocked him too, but we are not sure.

To hell

Anyway, after a lot of thinking, it seems Otile also said to hell with this relationship and unfriended Vera. He also deleted her photos. We are not sure if he blocked her too but we highly doubt.

That’s all for now but more is on the way from these two dramatic lovers and Ghafla will be here to inform you.

Vera Sidika fires back at Frasha and other artists bashing Otile Brown

Socialite Vera Sidika has lashed out at several artists who have been trolling her new bae, Otile Brown, for falling in love with her.

Frasha of P unit and several other artists have been making fan of Otile on IG warning him that Sidika is a leech that will suck all his energy and funds then ditch him.

Expired artists

Vera has now come out to dismiss these artists calling Frasha washed up and that he’s trying to get relevance through her name.

Here is her post on Instagram:


Timmy: I won’t name the MP or her daughter in my video. I don’t more want trouble

After word emerged that singer Timmy tdat is in hot soup after a daughter of a very prominent MP from central Kenya appeared in his upcoming video, the singer has come out to clearly state that he won’t name either of the two.

No re-shooting

This is after an interview with the Star Newspaper where the singer spoke about the whole issue surrounding his new video saying that the Central Kenya MP has asked him to reedit the video after finding out his daughter is dirty dancing in several scenes. Timmy has said he won’t redo the video.

“Siwezi shoot tena. Mimi nimelipa director na cameramen. Sasa mimi ningejuaje ni mtoi wa MP? Niko na time gani ya kuenda kuuliza dem buda yako ni nani? Bora ako na haga fresh na anakaa fiti,” he said in the interview.

Asked whether he will name the daughter on the MP, the singer quickly recoiled.

“Unataka kuniingiza tena kwa ngori ingine? Sitaki kumpea mileage. Unataka nishikwe na heart attack wewe?”


Otile Brown: Someone is threatening me because my manager called his team unprofessional 

Otile Brown has come out to shun event organisers who act shady. According to the love stricken singer, he had to bash a few event organisers who wanted to work with his team but didn’t follow the correct channel.

Otile shared that after blasting an organizer for this, he’s been receiving threats ever since.

“Kenyan artistes have to be respected. If some artistes choose to be paid peanuts and be treated like nothing in the name of “we’ll give you more gigs “ Ni sawa but wen it comes to me ?‍♂️ bruh! you’ll respect me ,” he said. 

He went on:

“They say niko na kichwa ngumu na Maringo/Madharau coz am so strict when it comes to my job and now someone is threatening me coz my manager hanged up on him after his team tried to pull a stunt on us being so unprofessional ?‍♂️ brah get over your feelings and bring it on , I don’t care brah , I work so hard you are going to respect my grind .. ARTISTES just wake up . We don’t need them , we both need each other . We work so hard maze !!!.

Central Kenya MP forces Timmy to halt releases of new song after daughter makes cameo as a vixen 

Singer Timmy tdat is currently between a rock and a hard place after an MP from central Kenya has ordered him not to release his upcoming song until he edits out a family member.

According to Mseto, the MP has an issue with Timmy’s song after word reached him that his daughter is a vixen in the video. We all know how Timmy’s history with women has been. In two words: NOT GOOD.

Pay for the changes

Speaking to Pulse Live, Timmy however, said he’s not changing anything and the MP will need to pay him first because he has invested heavily on the video. The daughter is said to be a law student.

“I’ll release the video as I have invested too much money in it. Plus I contracted an agency and they came with the vixens. You can’t ask too many questions when it comes to videos all I know is that the models are contracted from a modelling agency, so I had no way of knowing who she really was on set,” He said.


“I told him I’m going to release the video as scheduled with all due respect. They will have to compensate me in double, for the time and money. If they refund double, I will shoot a video without the chic as editing her out of the current video will disrupt the flow as she features prominently. I can’t cut her out , you just don’t do things like that.”

Otile Brown’s management responds to allegations linking the singer to Timmy Tdat’s ex, Kush Tracey

A few days ago rapper Kush Tracy threw one lit birthday party to celebrate herself as she turned a year older. From the photos, it’s clear to see that she invited quite a number of celebrities who came through to turn up!

Her ex Timmy Tdat was also present and of course Otile Brown also joined them. However, a photo of Kush Tracy grinding on her exes best friend, Otile Brown left many talking and others wondering what the agenda was about.

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Otile and Timmy’s fight over a slay queen

Well, having Timmy Tdat and Otile caught up in a fake fight over a girl; fans were now convinced that their real fight would be caused by Kush Tracy.

However, his manager Noriega recently told Mpasho that the two have nothing going on and are just friends. Speaking on behalf of Otile Brown he said;

“Not really. It was just Kush Tracey’s birthday. They were just having a good time. Hamna issue.”


Revealed; This is the slay queen Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat exchanged blows for!

So it’s true that Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat exchanged blows during a dinner party two weeks ago. Their fight was however stopped by Prezzo and Shaffie who stepped in once the blow got a bit too real.

Well, it was obvious that the two were fighting over a lady. They however chose not to speak about it, but a close friend of Otile recently opened up to Mpasho revealing details about the lady who was being fought for.

Why Otile Brown and Timmy fought

Apparently, the two got involved with one of their Wembe video vixens. However this sort of hurt Otile  Brown who might have seen some potential in her but as for Timmy Tdat, it was a hit and dodge. This angered Otile Brown and this is how the two ended up pouncing on each other.

Judging from a post shared by Timmy Tdat a few weeks ago, the singer revealed that it was not his fault that Otile’s woman was loose like change!

Beef or hype? Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown insult each other on social media after their fight

Word making rounds on social media is that Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown were yesterday involved in a fight. Though there are just a few blurry photos from the alleged fight, we are yet to confirm how true the story is.

Anyway, after their fight the two have now turned to social media where they are exchanging words. Well it all started when Timmy Tdat wrote saying;

Timmy Tdat responds

Well Otile Brown on the other hand responded by confirming that he had unfollowed Timmy Tdat. With their back and forth posts he also threw the post below:

The artists insult each other

In the comment section Timmy Tdat went on to through a middle finger emoji and fans commented to say;