Ringtone Optimistic He Will Marry This Year Despite Not Having A Girlfriend

Musician Ringtone Apoko has his dream wedding all planned out, with one key detail missing: his bride. Despite being single currently, Ringtone tells Radio Maisha he’s aiming for a 2024 wedding.

Ringtone has a grand vision for his big day.

“I’m sending a message to the President and the Cabinet Secretary,” he declared, “Get the new Talanta Stadium finished quickly! That’s where I want to get married. I want mine to be the first ever wedding held there!”

Confident in finding his perfect match, Ringtone brushed aside doubts about his ambitious plans. “I’ll find someone amazing, just wait and see,” he insisted. When asked if his timeline was unrealistic, Ringtone maintained he only needs a short time to find his future wife.

“Mambo ya mungu anapanga. Wacha nifanye plans, mungu will provide. I have invited you. Pilau will be in plenty, muziki, hii pressure ya Nairobi mnadate mtu miaka mbili, si muoane! Mnadanganyana two years. I will date for 3 months. Mwezi wa tatu tumefanya harusi. God works in 3’s.”

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The singer cites media personality Stephen Letoo’s lavish stadium wedding as a partial inspiration for his own grand plans.

Ringtone Apoko Says Bahati Must ‘Start Over’ If He Wants to Return to Gospel Music

Alex Apoko, better known by his stage name Ringtone Apoko, has said that Bahati must remove all traces of his secular music career if he wants to return to gospel music.

Apoko made the comments in an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve. He said that he and other gospel musicians do not want Bahati to return to the gospel genre because he has already “tainted” it with his secular music.

Apoko also said that Bahati should delete his social media accounts and start over if he wants to be taken seriously as a gospel musician.

Bahati has not yet responded to Apoko’s comments.

“Tuliona kuwa bahati aliombewa pale na ikasemekana kua arudi gospel, wewe kama chairman wa gospel uko tayari?

Gospel hamtaki, mpaka afanye vitu kadhaa; akane secular music, video zote zile ameimba azidelete kwa sababu uwewzi invest kwa kingdom ya God na unatoa vitu kwa shetani ata shetani ataenda kwa Mungu amwauulize mbona mtoto wako anaiba vitu kwangu. Anahitaji kudelete ata channels zote ndo aanze afresh. Mungu atampatia tena watu wapya na pia wale watamfwata kwa iyo safari yake mpya.”

Ringtone Apoko Offers Bahati & Diana Marua Ksh 5 Million If They ‘Return To Their Faith’

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has offered to help Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, return to their faith in God.

Ringtone made the offer in a conversation with Eve Mungai on September 3. He said that he believes Bahati and Diana are confused and need to find their way back to God.

“We are trying to preach to a generation where young people should not use drugs, so we expect Bahati, even if he has shifted from gospel, not to be an ambassador for drugs or attract the public’s attention towards it,” Ringtone said.

Ringtone also said that he believes Diana should influence her husband positively and steer him back towards the path of God.

“Diana is a strong woman and she can do it,” he said. “She just needs to believe in herself and in God.”

Bahati and Diana have not yet responded to Ringtone’s offer. However, Ringtone’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting his offer and others criticizing it.

Some people believe that Ringtone is right to offer his help to Bahati and Diana. They argue that everyone deserves a second chance and that Bahati and Diana should be given the opportunity to return to their faith.

Others believe that Ringtone is being hypocritical. They point out that Ringtone himself has been involved in controversy in the past.

Ultimately, it is up to Bahati and Diana to decide whether or not to accept Ringtone’s offer. However, Ringtone’s comments have certainly put the spotlight on their relationship and their faith.

I Used To Sleep With Several Women Before ‘Kuokoka’- Ringtone

Ringtone Apoko has been a gospel music star for several years. But to be honest, he was more better when he was younger. He released hit after hit; until he got fame and money. All he does nowadays is chase clout and create several controversies. For the record, his songs aren’t as good enough as they used to. Numbers don’t lie.

The gospel artist has a couple of times threatened to leave gospel music and start doing secular music.

“Sometimes one routinely does something until it gets to a point he questions if he is doing the right thing. I questioned myself whether my music is touching people. I wasn’t sure if I am in the right field, and that’s why I am quitting music.

In the grand scheme of things, Apoko has not quit gospel. But his acts go contrary to gospel music. Especially his mere beefs with secular artists.

Recently, while confronting Eric Omondi Ringtone made a revelation that he used to sleep with several women before his transition to ‘Godly ways’. He shared with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray.

”Eric Omondi anasumbuliwa na mapepo… Kabla niokoke niliwapiga wanawake wengi sana. Karibu thelathini kwa siku kabla niokoke”

In the recent past, the singer was under sharp criticism for being involved in one controversy after another, with the latest (October, 2015) being allegations that he impregnated and dumped a 22-year-old girl.

His revelation that he was a philanderer makes us believe that the allegations might have been true.

Ringtone Should Be More Christian As A Gospel Artist

Ringtone Apoko is one of the most controversial gospel artists we have in Kenya. His antics in employing clout chasing tactics is contrary to the kind of music he does.

Ringtone has made headlines on several occasions, not for his music but for some of the most outrageous things he’s said in front of a camera or on social media platforms.

Crazy Tones Of Apoko

Gospel Singer Ringtone Switches to Secular Music - Kelebrity

Similarly, Ringtone has on several occasions compelled netizens to question his sanity with his acts.

Recently, the singer was engaged in an online tiff with comedian Eric Omondi over dogs. The jester has been spotted walking around events with dogs; which he claims are offering him tight security wherever he goes.

The act roped in Ringtone’s response; and obviously, he wasn’t going to say anything sensible. The gospel singer claimed the dogs were his and that he would not lend Eric Omondi again.

The two are known to be the top clout chasers in the country.

But Ringtone isn’t expected to be doing such acts, considering he’s ‘spreading the gospel’. If he’s a true christian, he should be out here focusing on making gospel music, rather than just coming up with unholy ways to clout chase with other people’s names.

The controversy he’s been creating is way too much considering he’s a renowned gospel artist. Or maybe he should transition to secular music.


Nataka Mwenye Anaeza Nipea Watoto 7- Ringtone Describes His Ideal Type Of Woman

Controversial gospel artist Ringtone Apoko is ready to bag himself a wife; but will ladies be able to meet the standards he has set? The musician has had a terrible love life throughout his career. Sometime back, he took to the streets with placards to announce his readiness to get a wife; but his efforts ended up in a cul de sac.

He was also rumored to be dating TikTok star Azziad Nasenya after a photoshopped picture with her having a baby bump.

Is Azziad Nasenya and Ringtone Apoko dating? video is out
Azziad Nasenya and Ringtone Apoko-Google

This was however, dismissed as a clout chasing stunt; which he normally does best.

Ringtone has now disclosed his ideal type of woman in a recent interview; where he connoted that he wants the woman to sire 7 kids with him;

”Nataka msichana anaeza omba 7 hours everyday. Unajua siku ikona 24 hours. Ni nini mbaya msichana ambaye anampenda Mungu kuchukua 24 minus 7? Juu mimi natafuta, kama ni pesa, chakula, magari, fashion, hio nafanya.

Lakini pia sitaki msichana ambaye ni hivi hivi, makucha ni refu… Msichana kucha ni fupi ako ready kufanya kazi.

Number 3, nataka msichana ambaye anaeza zaa watoto saba… ”

Watch his full interview video below;

Hatujakuona Kwa List! Fans Tell Ringtone After He Ranked Himself Richest Musician In East Africa

Gospel musician Ringtone is back at it again! This time, the singer has created his own list of the richest musicians in East Africa. This comes after Forbes released a list of Africa’s top 10 richest musicians; and none of them was from East Africa.

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Africa 2021-Google

However, Akothee was ranked among the top 20, and stood at number 15.

Ringtone’s list contained the top 5 richest celebrities in East Africa, and here’s how he ranked them;


1) RINGTONE ???????? (5 houses Muthaiga, Karen and Kilimani, ranch in naivasha, beach house in mombasa, beach home in Malindi and 3 four star hotels. He owns apartments all over Nairobi, helicopter a Yatch etc. He is into wheat farming, avocado farming and has over 150 cows, 200 goats and 100 sheeps. ????????????????

2) Diamond platinum ????????( 2 houses in Dar n shares in wasafi TV n radio

3) Akothee (mama miradi) 3 houses in mombasa and Nyanza and an apartment in Nairobi.

4) Eddy kendo Uganda ???????? (1 house in kampala)
5) Jose Chameleon ???????? (1 house in Kampala

His fans hilariously reacted to his list, and claimed if he was that rich, he would have appeared in Forbes real list; which of course, he didn’t.

”Too bad your not recognised????”

”U r another version of embarambamba”

”Ata tukigoogle huonekani ????????????????????????????????????????Zidi kujisifu”

”na nmeona forbes wametoa list mbona sijakuona chairman????”

Wasanii Wa Gospel Wanasota!- Ringtone Cries Out To Fans, Urges Them To Support Gospel Music

Ringtone has recently been complaining a lot about the YouTube views of his gospel song. He even went ahead and threatened to ditch gospel music if his latest song dubbed ‘Backslide’ didn’t hit 1 Million Views in days.

He also went ahead and shunned people’s behavior of listening only to secular music, saying they only like seeing naked women;


Ringtone Apoko Music - YouTube
Ringtone Apoko-Google

Ringtone Pleads Netizens

He has now come back to beg netizens to listen to gospel music, since most of the gospel artists depend on the views to get money.

”Nataka kuongelesha wale wasee wote ambao wanapenda sherehe… Nataka niwa request on behalf of wasanii wote wa gospel music bwana. Wasanii wa gospel wanasota kwa sababu hawapati pesa za views bwana.

Nyinyi mnaskiza secular music pekee yake. At least fungua sherehe na gospel music. At least funga sherehe yenu na gospel music. Ni nini iliwaingia? Kwani mnaogopa kuskia gospel music ikitaja yesu? Jamani, ata kama mnachukia Mungu, sherehe yenu hamwezi cheza gospel music? At least hii weekend, wale watu mnaenda kusheherekea, please cheza gospel music…”

Ringtone’s ‘Backslide’ song featuring Martha Mwaipaja has 429K views on YouTube and was released 3 weeks ago. That’s not a bad number, but Ringtone is yearning for more.

‘Wakristo Wamependa Nyimbo Za Waschana Uchi’ Ringtone Mocks Willy Paul, Bahati For Getting More Views Than Him On Their Songs

Ringtone is back at it again! The gospel artist had promised to quit gospel music if his latest song ‘Backslide’ didn’t hit 1 million views on YouTube in a few days. 3 weeks later, the song has 339K views.

Talking of views, Willy Paul and Bahati are overlapping him in their songs, and he’s not happy about it. The singer claims that both of them used iffy methods to get numerous views.

On his Instagram, he wrote;


Willy Paul’s latest song dubbed ‘Mashallah’ featuring Miss P, already has over 200K views on YouTube since it was released a day ago. Bahati’s song Dear Ex, featuring Mejja, has over 800K views and was released 2 weeks ago.

This is why Ringtone is getting jealous. But he should totally up his game. Only the best content will do well.

“Why I always dreamt of marrying an old Mzungu woman,” Ringtone Apoko comes clean

Controversial artiste Ringtone Apoko has come out to reveal how his strong desire to be wealthy, drive good cars and lead a successful life nearly saw him marry a old mzungu woman.

Having been born in a humble background-a mud house, lived most of his childhood without wearing shoes-his dream was to live in a cemented house and have an expensive shoe collection.

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Unfortunately, having been born never to meet his mother or father, Ringtone yes, had a dream but did not understand how he would achieve it.

So what did he decide?

Ringtones search for a good life

During his exclusive interview on Full Circle with Joyce, Ringtone admitted;

“I first went to Mombasa at age 14, to find a good life. I was told in Mombasa, there are older Mzungu women who marry young African men.”

Artist Ringtone Apoko

According to the gospel artiste, through the Mzungu woman, then he can lead the successful life he always wished for.

“Nilienda Mombasa kwa beach kutafuta mshosho Mzungu anibuyie gari, anipandishe ndege. Anifanye niishi kwa nyumba cemented, anifanye tu nikuwe msee kasonko,” he openly revealed.

On his arrival at the Coastal city, he asked a guy to help him find an old Mzungu lady specifically from the US because his dream was to fly to America.

Artist Ringtone Apoko

Unfortunately, the guy Ringtone talked to, asked him why he wants a Mzungu lady and the 14-year old Apoko explained his situation, living without parents and how he wants to be successful.

But the guy he talked to instead asked him to give his life to Jesus and forget the old Mzungu women.

“I told the man that the Jesus I have heard about is fake. But he convinced me to give it a try and that is how I started cleaning church pews in Makupa and went to high school where I started gospel music,” he explains.

Have a listen;

No permanent enemies? Ringtone runs to Willy Paul’s defense in new music copyright battle with producer iLogos

After years of facing off in a crude war of words, Ringtone has finally proven his loyalty to fellow controversial artist, Willy Paul.

The Prakata singer has been engaged in a long battle over alleged copyright claims of his new track Collabo that was pulled down by popular Burundian producer iLogos music barely hours after it premiered.

Also read: Willy Paul and music producer Ilogos’ beef escalates, now takes the legal route

A battle whose end neither the two could see, but recent developments might have confirmed a possible end between the embattled parties.

Ringtone runs to Pozzes defense

In a new post by Pozze, Ringtone confidently defends the artists rights, instead calling out the Burundian for his audacity to come into foreign land and take over patriotic citizens’ rights in this manner.

Ilogos music producer in legal battle with Willy Paul

Further expressing extreme disappointment with Kenyans for failing to protect their own in a battle they clearly can tell has been overrated.

“I don’t like Willy Paul’s silliness but in terms of being patriotic, he is a Kenyan like me, tunakula tabu sisi wote,” Ringtone addressed.

Alex Apoko alias Ringtone

Willy Paul finally speaks

The Collabo singer has for the first time spoken of the incident.

According to Pozze, the music producer failed to turn up at Central Police Station yesterday, as had been expected, now implicating him as the fugitive.

willy paul
Controversial artist Willy Paul

In his address to fans, an troubled Willy Paul called out the producer for his actions, daring him;

“Kama wewe ni mwanume na unaona uko na balls nne, itoe tena ndio nitakuonyesha..”

Additionally announced that his jam Collabo will be going back up on YouTube tonight but with a different track.

Fans on the comment section were impressed by the musicians determination and unending fight for his works.

Willy Paul and music producer Ilogos’ beef escalates, now takes the legal route

Let’s wait and see how this turns out.

Ringtone warned after being caught on camera thirsting over Nameless’ teen daughter

Controversial artist Ringtone Apoko has not been spared after publicly drooling over Nameless teen daughter, Tumiso.

Known for his string of controversies and mixed up love life, Ringtone has been asked to tread carefully after attracting Nameless’ wrath.

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Ringtones post

Apoko has out of the blues decided to celebrate Tumiso Mathenge in a cryptic post, alongside a breathtaking photo of the beauty with her fierce dad.

“My friends Nameless and Wahu, your daughter Tumiso is very beautiful. I had not seen her before,” Apoko penned.

Ringtone Apoko flashes his wealth

Also read: Wahu Kagwi tearfully narrates being sexually molested as a child

Further admitting Tumiso will make a good wife, just like her mom, Wahu.

“We are watching and praying for her,” he wrapped up.

Ringtone Apoko spotted drooling over Tumiso

A post that left a bitter taste among his followers, questioning his sanity.

Ringtone forewarned?

He however later edited his caption. Probably after receiving a warning from the music power couple, who felt Ringtone had crossed his boundaries.

Nameless with teen daughter, Tumiso Mathenge looking sharp

Not so long ago, did Wahu Kagwi open up on being sexually molested aged 9. By her male cousin who waited for her mom to go to the shamba and soon after abused the singer.

Wahu came out to caution parents of young children and teenagers to keep especially, their girls under close watch and never to trust relatives with their daughters.

Clearly, Ringtone’s post did not sit well with Wahu who knows how it feels to have her girls intruded into.

Wahu Kagwi talks sexual molestation

Well, has been warned.

“He coached Shakilla and even approached me with a lucrative offer” Ringtone exposes Xtian’s shady business deals in ugly comeback

Ringtone Apoko has come out to expose the dark under dealings between Xtian Dela and his crew of exposers who allegedly sign an agreement to falsely tarnish celebrities, at a fee.

In a blunt expose online, the controversial gospel kid decided to let the cat out of the bag, revealing what actually goes on behind the scenes before Xtian Dela invites the kind of Shakillas to his InstaLive.

Also read: It just got ugly! Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle in a nasty war of words

In what he termed breaking news, Mr Apoko disclosed that Xtian had coached a 19-year old Shakilla to name big celebrities on the list of 30 men she claimed to have bedded.

So, after Ringtone went on an angry rant online soon after the nasty expose, Xtian supposedly approached him with a lucrative offer.

“Xtian Dela told me he can turn this into a big thing and help market me and my brand,” spilled Ringtone.


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The deal

That is when Ringtone pulled down his online rant and Xtian decided to offer him an InstaLive session that very night, claiming it would be the biggest show ever.

Ringtone Apoko

So I told him, a long as it won’t taint my image, then it’s okay,” affirmed Ringtone. The offer on the table was that Apoko gives Xtian a sum KSh100k but Ringtone insisted he would give in KSh20k first and if the deal goes to his advantage, then he will pay up the rest.

Xtian was to conduct some backdoor investigations to find out what Shakilla knows about these celebrities so that they can start from there.


Well, the expose goes on.

Xtian Dela exposes the ugly side of Kenyan gospel artistes that saw him quit the industry (Video)

Unknown to many, popular entertainer, Xtian Dela was a gospel artist before he went into all manner of entertainment crafts.

Xtian was a household name in the Kenyan entertainment industry but back then, he was known for gospel hits that bagged him massive viewership on YouTube.

However, to many, he derailed from his path of salvation after he started hanging out with a new circle of friends whose history has not painted them so well.

Xtian Dela

Not to mention names but what worsened his new career path is his recent explicit Club Covid Instagram show that has raised controversy and criticism especially regards the Kenyan youth.

Sharing his past on Jalango´s YouTube show, the former gospel artist narrated how he would speak in tongues and lead worship in his church.

I was a gospel singer and I am very proud about it. Satan didn´t visit me. I was a worship leader in church. I was speaking in tongues bro.

Days when he produced huge gospel music videos while praising God by the roadside.

Former gospel artist, Xtian Dela (in black)

The rot

However, things changed and not because he lost relevance, but because the gospel industry itself is a stinking rot.

The adulting and life happened. When I got into the entertainment industry, I got through the gospel industry and a lot of people know me from the gospel industry. But truth be told, I have nothing to lose, I fear no one, I don´t give a damn what people think.

Xtian Dela

The hypocrisy, the misuse of power… you name it, is what best describes the Kenyan gospel music scene. So sad that music artistes would use the up and coming talents to stage performances and end up paying them nothing!

I got into the gospel industry and one thing about it, watu wanatumiana sana. People use each other and people are very fake out here bro. We are friends but I can sleep hungry because you can´t help me. Tulikuwa tunachapa ma mission narudi nyumbani manze nalala njaa. Na nimekuja mission we ndio umeniita, sometimes you get KSh 200,000 na mimi ata KSh 1,500 huwezi nipatia.

Forget the self-mindedness, born Aurther Mandela admitted that gospel artistes are but hypocrites who come on stages to urge people to seek salvation but behind closed doors, fornication and adultery is the order of the day.

Xtian Dela born Aurther Mandela

No one is perfect and no one hasn´t committed sin. But for the social media personality, the misleading lifestyles of gospel artistes made him feel not worthy to continue with the gospel mission.

Gospel industry even before you break through is crazy. Cartels, bro. The things I was seeing behind the scenes – tumeenda mission lakini vile wasanii na watu wanakulana huko nyuma bro. I´m telling you the truth bro. I have nothing to loose mehn! Watu wanakulana angle za dhambi bro. And then I´m like, is this the gospel we are preaching? Is this the thing? I cannot lie to myself and lie to God, you better be real to one bro. Sio niingie kwa dhambi, but let me just be me.

Unfortunately, the vlogger divulged that majority of gospel artistes are but hypocrites who preach water and drink wine. At least 80% are drug abusers and fornicators who hide under the umbrella term ´gospel industry´.

And I can´t lie. Almost 80% of the gospel industry artistes, take alcohol, weed and just fornicate even more than secular artistes. Tunaenda event, alcohol is being served and a very famous DJ is sipping alcohol from below his seat and places it back.

Influencer, Xtian Dela

Willy Paul & Ringtone

Mentioning a few names, Xtian pointed at gospel archenemies, Willy Paul and Ringtone whose lifestyles since time immemorial were tainted with dark spots.

Turns out Willy Paul was an alcohol addict before recently coming clean to the public about his controversial lifestyle.

Ni vizuri Pozze ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. Ni poa. Alikuwa anajificha sana. Pozze chafua, be you! Nimeanza na Pozze.

Willy Paul

Moving on was to Ringtone Apoko whose house in Runda harbored all blends of wine and who has sexual affairs with multiple ladies.

Ringtone, where are you? Are you seeing me? I love Ringtone very much bro. We´ve ever gone to his famous house in Runda and he introduces me to some red sweet dessert wine and this made me change my life completely. Ringtone knows how to marinate people – there was this chiq he was getting intimate with and I am sure he dumped her that same night.

Kenyan artist, Ringtone Apoko

Have a listen:

Exposed! Weezdom reveals how Ringtone got rid of his baby mama

Gospel singers, Weezdom and Ringtone are making headlines after Weezdom´s expose on Ringtone´s baby mama who was silenced through impersonation.

Ringtone has stirred controversy in the past week, dismissing Bahati as an outcast in the gospel ministry.

This is following a series of events by the EMB CEO that did not rub well with Ringtone, who believed Bahati is not suited for the gospel industry.

We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya – Ringtone to Bahati


However, EMB´s own, Weezdom decided to counter the argument. He exposed Ringtone´s philandering ways that saw him impregnate a girl before dumping her for an impostor.

Sharing an interview of the baby mama, Angel Nyambura, Weezdom bashed Ringtone for being so full of himself yet he is no saint to begin with.

Leo nataka kudeal na issue moja about huyu mwanaume amejawa na umama @ringtoneapoko kwa Gospel industry. Juu kila siku Anatry kutrend na watu hapa social media na Ile Uchafu akonayo ye ata ndio anafaa kuokoka tena.

You are actually the coward in the gospel industry – Weezdom blasts Ringtone

Apparently, Alex Apoko deceived the lady and got intimate with her only to deny responsibility, soon after she became expectant.

Hii post specifically nimeandika juu huyu msichana ako kwa hii video. Akona uchungu sana alidanganywa na Ringtone wakalala pamoja..baada ya kupata mimba Ringtone akaruka.


Weezdom claimed that the ´Tenda Wema´ singer does not support his child, yet he is always busy flaunting his wealth online.

Huyu msichana amekuwa akililia Ringtone asupport mtoto juu ye hupiga mdomo vile akona pesa kwa social media. But this innocent woman has been struggling and hustling on her own to raise Ringtone’s Son.

When she tried to speak up, the gospel musician threatened her, claiming he is well connected to those in high positions.

Cha kusikitisha when the Girl tried to talk, Ringtone Anathreaten atamuua juu anajua watu wengi kwa serikali.

Ringtone denied the pregnancy so much, to the extent of hiring a ´street guy´ to claim that he is actually the father and not Ringtone.

Ringtone denied and dumped his baby mama – Weezdom reveals

This derived her of any further progress, trying to prove that Ringtone is party to the case.

The time she tried to speak to Kiss 100. But this Wicked Ringtone hired a Chokora to impersonate himself as the father of Ringtone’s Son which really pained the girl and the Family.


Unfortunately, Ringtone did not foresee the future. Back then, he had sought Weezdom´s assistance in finding him a replacement of the child´s baby daddy.

But now, the two artistes are at loggerheads and Weezdom is busy airing Ringtone´s dirty linen in public.

And I have proof. Coz Ringtone even tried to talk to me nimtafutie mtu mwenye anaeza pretend to be the father of the kid.WHAT KIND OF WICKEDNESS IS THIS??

Weezdom publicly exposes Ringone´s dark past

According to the EMB artist, Willy Paul and Bahati are way better, because Ringtone hides his evil deeds in the dark.

Si heri ata hii ya Bahati Na Willy Paul Yenye tunajua.Ambieni Ringtone Instead ya hii Umama mingi social media atumie hii time kubond na mtoto wake juu saa hii mtoto anateseka, mamake anahangaika wanakosa ata chakula. Ambieni Ringtone hii kuacha damu yake iteseke akipiga mdomo social media itamhaunt siku moja.

Wrapping up, Weezdom advises Ringtone to swallow his pride, man up and take responsibility of his own flesh and blood, instead of ranting online.



Why Ringtone Apoko was accused of promoting prostitution at popular university

Word making rounds on social media is that controversial gospel artist Ringtone was earlier arrested at Cooperative University for promotion prostitution and causing confusion at the premises.

Apparently the singer had gone there hoping to find a wife but seems that his plans did not work out as he thought.

For a while now the singer has been running a campaign hoping to meet his better future partner; however as it appears this might just be a publicity stunt to continue appearing relevant.

Asks for prayers

Anyway through his Instagram page the singer went to confirm that he had been arrested; but was now seeking prayers from fans and family. He posted saying;


This comes after his efforts to get Zari Hassan hit rock bottom leaving him desperate to get a new lady; but from the look of things seems that this ain’t working out either!

Disclosed! President Uhuru Kenyatta among the major contributors to Ringtone Apoko´s massive wealth

Controversial gospel musician, Ringtone Apoko discloses that President Uhuru´s input is a significant player in his amassed wealth.

Exclusively on K24´s Upclose with Betty, he reveals how his fortunes multiplied back in 2013 after making a deal with President Uhuru.

Music pays.

I made a lot of money in 2013 when President Uhuru Kenyatta used my song.


Further disclosing how massive the deal was, making Ksh 500,000 daily resulting into roughly Ksh 45 Million for 3 good months.

Can you imagine you have a campaign for example 90 days where you are being paid like Ksh500,000 every day?

That is a lot of money.

The publicity-stunt singer got robbed off after his house in Runda got overturned, but further unveils:

…at times I live in Karen and on other days I come to Runda.”


The flashy gospel singer proudly owns 2 houses in high-end suburbs of Karen and Runda.


Additionally flaunting fact that he hails from areas where the gospel industry big wigs dwell in;

Likes of Prophet Owuor, Evangelist Pius Muiru, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and the Kiuna´s.


The outspoken artist however opened up about a controversy he had with his neighbors in Karen articulating:

Mimi niliandikiwa barua na watu wa Karen.

Nikafeel they are being unfair because wananiambia I do away with my cows.

Hao watu wanafuga tumbili, nyoka na farasi.

Lakini hawataki mimi kama kijana wa kutoka slum mwenye anafuga ng’ombe.

Wanakunywa maziwa na wanakula nyama.

Ringtone however clarifies that the wealth he flaunts is all attributed to his hard work and prayer.


When it comes to a life partner, he stated that he is on the journey of finding one, at times, carrying placards routing for one.


¨Heri nizime tv niskize rumors¨ Kenyans react to Betty Kyallo´s show hosting Ringtone Apoko

K24´s ´The Weekend with Betty´ is set to host controversial artist, Ringtone Apoko and fans swear to boycott it and Betty Kyallo´s shows in the future.

Friday, 31st of May at 9 pm is the set date, up close with Ringtone Alex Apoko.


The show is known for hosting influential people on the Kenyan land that is a whole day´s event before it gets edited for the evening slot.

We have witnessed the likes of Senator Millicent Omanga, Prof Kivutha Kibwana, Babu Owino & Baba as well as Robert Burale.

However, this week´s show might be a complete turn off for fans who believe Betty is wasting her time hosting a ´drama queen´ wishing her ´Happy Mother´s day´.


Fans grill Ringtone Apoko who has not had such an impressive CV lately.


Fans slam the TV siren for hosting one of the most controversial gospel artistes in Kenya expressing:

Heri nizime tv niskize rumors

@d.u.d.ih hata Mimi aki
Huyo mama we ain’t watching…nitacheza kalongolongo pekeangu kwa nyumba
Na nikichoka nianze kuchemsha maharagwe one by one ????
Naeza ata kuanza kuendesha traveling bag kwa nyumba…betty kareke riu????????
Lakini surely kwani upclose with interesting people ilienda wapi???
Ama ulijitengenezea ????????????????
Hii sitawatch
Kumbe anaitwa Alex?! Someone show me the AG’s office. I need to change my name
@muthoni_mbate hii ni embarrassment tu ????????‍♂️
Kweli watu wa kuletwa upclose wameisha????????????
Huyu Ringtone alikua anaenda kila shule akicon watu pesa ya tshirts na story za uongo sasa ndiye tutakaa kuwatch?
Utatuletea huyo mama mshene….
Ulikosa mwingine ukaamua kutafuta mama mwingine…
Ata siwezi wast time yangu kungoja mama uyo…
@henrykirema254 si anifeature Mimi upclose???????????
@bettymuteikyallo .. please Kama unataka kuharibu show..
Acha wamama Kama apoko..
Kijana mjinga saana anataka kujifanya saana aende kwa wamama wenzake akuache wee ni cute lady
Hii itaitwa mother’s day
Huyu anakaa kusumbua kama prezzo????????
Naanza kutayarisha pop corns na kahawa,
Apoko my county man is full of drama, waiting to see if he ever gets serious… Na ruzungu
@_private_figure_ atueleze v8 ya zari ilienda Wapi. Pwahaaaaa

Gospel singer Ringtone exposed for neglecting a daughter he had 8 years ago

Controversial artist Ringtone Apoko is the latest gospel singer to be exposed for his unrighteous ways.

Well, thanks to  Xtain Dela’s Toboa platform on Instagram; we have now learnt that Ringtone has a baby mama who has been trying to get the singer to help their child for years now.

Apparently the lady says that she got pregnant for Ringtone 8 years ago and went on to inform him. He however was not ready as he pleaded with her to abort the pregnancy.

Demands for DNA

The lady however did not do this as her conscience could not allow her. 9 months later she reached out to Ringtone again – who then demanded for a DNA test but never showed up for the test.

Even without the DNA test the baby girl apparently took after her dad; and after the lady sent out the baby photo to Ringtone, he withdrew from taking the DNA test.

Anyway, the lady continues to demand for child support since the gospel singer has not shown any efforts to help his child. So far the Runda OCS has allegedly only shown interest to help only if bribed; but let’s see what the singer will say this time around.

Courtesy: Xtaindela