Zari accepts expensive gift from Diamond and leaves singer Ringtone vibrating with anger 

Gospel singer Ringtone offered Zari Hassan a rented brand-new Range Rover forgetting that the Uganda socialite had just bought hers recently. Zari rejected his gift.

The singer was left heartbroken but is now in more pain than ever after Diamond Platnumz gave his ex-wife a collection of expensive gifts. And they were accepted.

A collection of gifts sent to Zari by Diamond

Thank you Diamond

The singer took to Instagram to complain and warn Zari not to fall in that trap of forgiving Diamond while there are many men out there who are ready to love her.

“Dear @zarithebosslady You can’t continue reading pages of a book that you already know how it will end. You left Egypt for Canaan it will be sad if you quit and go back,” said the singer 

“What will happen to all the millions of girls who you told you building ZARI? My advice this is the time you need to seek the face of God. Go into prayer and fasting ask God to give you direction. Meanwhile since we all know you won’t go back to Diamond we are not worried.” 

The plea comes just days after Diamond Platnumz allegedly flew to South Africa on Tuesday in an attempt to settle his differences with Zari Hassan.

Ringtone rejected by Zari after showing up at Kiss FM with brand new Range Rover for her 

Singer Ringtone is not ready to give up on Zari Hassan. The gospel artist surprised Diamond Platnumz ex-wife with a brand new Range Rover outside Kiss FM offices minutes after Zari said she has no idea who he is.

In an interview with Shaffie and Adelle, Zari said that he has never heard of Ringtone and had no idea he wants her. But either way, the answer is still NO for him even without a meeting.

Love for Range Rovers

According to Kiss, the singer took the fuel guzzler to her but it seems she rejected it. She already has another one just like that anyway.

“I was told you love Range Rovers, so I decided to buy you a small gift. I did not buy you because you can’t afford it yourself. I did not buy because haujawai panda Range Rover,” said Ringtone.

“I bought for you because I realized you like Range Rovers na nimeambiwa you have a white one. So nimeamua nikuongezee, ukue na white na black na mtu hakataangii baraka so this is not attached to like we have to get married. This is just a gift for you.”

Ringtone reveals where he got the Ksh 20 million to purchase an helicopter

Gospel singer Ringtone is actually serious about purchasing an aeroplane. From his recent interview the guy revealed that he has been saving up to buy one that costs around Ksh 200 million.

This comes a few days after he went on his Instagram to announce the news. He shared a post asking whether there was anyone willing to sell him the chopper.

Speaking to eDaily Ringtone opened up saying he is looking for something that costs around Ksh 150 to 200 million.

“I have set aside Ksh200 million for the acquisition of a used chopper. Though, if I can get one which goes for Ksh150 million; and it is in good condition, I wouldn’t mind going for it,”

His plans for the chopper

Apart from flying it around for his pleasure, Ringtone is planning to make some money out of his new toy. He went on to add saying;

“Besides my personal use, I will hire it out to willing people, who can afford it for few hours,”

Is the money legit?

Since many have been asking where he gets his money from, Ringtone finally answered their questions saying;

“My businesses helped me raise the Ksh200 million. This country has a very conducive environment for one to do business. So, I am one of those people doing business in this country. I am not an idle musician; I am an entrepreneur, who engages in several trades. I won’t disclose details about my businesses. When one does something good with his life, God blesses the work of his hands. I am blessed. Watu waache wivu. And you cannot judge a book by its cover. Just because I walk around the streets of Nairobi; it doesn’t mean you know the amount of money stored in my bank account. It is only God who knows my worth. I have many businesses not registered under my name; I won’t reveal their nature.”

He concluded saying;

“Watu waache kujudge wengine kwa kuangalia sura na miaka,”