Jalang’o,like many other Kenyans, is tired of Ringtone’s online theatrics: Please go back to singing

Comedian and radio host Jalang’o has gotten tired of Ringtone’s increasing online drama and is now urging him to go back to making music.

Ringtone started in a low gear when he first said he wanted to marry Zari Hassan.

Since then, it has been one controversial post after another something that has angered a section of Kenyans.

Jalang’o, who also blasted him when he claimed he wanted to buy a Range Rover for Zari, attacked him for his side shows on social media.


He also claimed that Ringtone has been faking a lot of things on social media including warning letters that he has been getting from his Runda community.

“Ringtone Apoko can you please stop your dramas and sing. Please stop your jokes and sing. Ringtone stop your side shows just sing. You should also do away with these things of writing warning letters to yourself, you are the chairman, the residents, your cows, the secretary, just sing,” Jalas said. 

Ringtone becomes a priest after failing to win Zari Hassan 

Gospel singer Ringtone was rejected by Zari Hassan recently after crossing rivers and hiring a Ranger Rover to please her. He’s focusing now on other things that will empower him other than the mother of five.


The singer took to Instagram to claim that he is now a priest but we highly doubt that. He even shared photos wearing clerical clothing, a thing that has surprised many because the photos look very much photoshopped.

“I am considering becoming a priest. I am sort of practicing,” he said Adding on Instagram: “Officially a Priest. Haters of the gospel will say eti I can’t. Everything is possible with God. Na iwafikie wote.”

Here are the photos he posted



The socialite Ringtone has gone for after Zari rejected him and his hired Range Rover (photos)

Zari Hassan found herself in some rather slippery grounds recently after gospel singer Ringtone publicly declared his love for her. Ringtone offered to give her a brand new Range Rover but that didn’t help change the socialite’s mind who was coming from an ugly break up with Diamond Platnumz.

After months of begging, it seems Ringtone has now moved on and eyeing another Ugandan socialite called Sheila Don Zella, who, really hates Zari.

On to the next

In an interview with SDE, Ringtone said that he met with her in Uganda and even had coffee as they discussed her appearing in her new music video.

He however, confessed that he’s not ready to give her the Range Rover intended for Zari Hassan.

“Well, this Range is a 2017 model and you must be sure of the move you are making before you give it out. Besides, this is the first time I was meeting Sheila and I haven’t said there is much going on,” Ringtone said. 


Zari accepts expensive gift from Diamond and leaves singer Ringtone vibrating with anger 

Gospel singer Ringtone offered Zari Hassan a rented brand-new Range Rover forgetting that the Uganda socialite had just bought hers recently. Zari rejected his gift.

The singer was left heartbroken but is now in more pain than ever after Diamond Platnumz gave his ex-wife a collection of expensive gifts. And they were accepted.

A collection of gifts sent to Zari by Diamond

Thank you Diamond

The singer took to Instagram to complain and warn Zari not to fall in that trap of forgiving Diamond while there are many men out there who are ready to love her.

“Dear @zarithebosslady You can’t continue reading pages of a book that you already know how it will end. You left Egypt for Canaan it will be sad if you quit and go back,” said the singer 

“What will happen to all the millions of girls who you told you building ZARI? My advice this is the time you need to seek the face of God. Go into prayer and fasting ask God to give you direction. Meanwhile since we all know you won’t go back to Diamond we are not worried.” 

The plea comes just days after Diamond Platnumz allegedly flew to South Africa on Tuesday in an attempt to settle his differences with Zari Hassan.

Ringtone breaks bro-code as he continues to beg Zari Hassan to take him

Ringtone Apoko, a man obsessed with marrying Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, Zari Hassan, is still not giving up on chances that the flamboyant mother of five will say yes to him.

The singer was recently on social media to beg the socialite to marry him, saying that he shouldn’t be with Diamond because he’s nothing but a womanizer and he was not the right man for her. That, if you ask a lot of men, is against the bro-code.

Way out of the code

Zari Hassan

“I want God to give Zari spiritual eyes to be able to discern and define and grasp so that she can be able to see that this man, I am the right guy for her. Diamond was not the right guy for her. He loves clubbing, as a musician he has done well for himself but has totally failed as far as romance is concerned, Diamond has a pathetic love record,” Ringtone said.

He added:

”I slept I saw Zari, God spoke to me and told me Zari is the one. I am pursuing Zari because I want Zari to be my wife, my first wife.” 

Ringtone: I slept I had a dream and in the dream I saw Zari

Ringtone, almost two weeks after Zari Hassan mercilessly rejected him, it seems he has not moved on at all.

The singer appeared on 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV to speak about his thirst for Diamond Platnumz’ ex-girlfriend after Zari rejected him while in Kenya.

She’s the right woman for me

According to the singer, ever since Diamond ditched her, Ringtone has been having sleepless nights trying to think how he’ll land the sassy socialite. He believes she’s the right woman for him and is willing to do anything to win her.

“I love sleep and sleep is good but that night I was sleepless and when I slept I had a dream and in the dream I saw Zari and I was just passing I didn’t say anything to her and a voice told me I had to say hi to her,” said the singer on TV.


“Then I woke up and I felt a voice telling me Zari is the right woman for me. From there I had a fight with myself whether to say it or not to say it then I gathered courage and decided to post and tell her that dear, Zari Jesus loves you.” Said the Pamela hit maker in an interview with Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show.


Singer Ringtone allegedly buys Zari Hassan a diamond ring worth almost a million

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone is not letting up in his fight for Zari Hassan. He really wants to marry her and he’s doing everything to make her dance to his tune.

The singer has yet again shared another surprising information regarding his quest for Zari claiming that he spent a clean 800, 000 shillings when buying Zari a diamond recently. But here’s the funny part, he sent the ring instead of taking it himself after allegedly meeting with Zari’s cousin who popped up in his office.

“I believed the guy as he looked really mature, sound, smart and convincing. I decided to go to a jewelry shop and bought a diamond ring worth Sh8000 00 that I wrapped as a gift to Zari after which I gave the guy Sh100,000 for his logistics,” said Ringtone. 

Fears he might have been conned

Ringtone, who claims he came from Uganda recently from another a Zari-related trip, claims that the man has not reached back to him since then and now fears he was conned.

“That was two weeks ago. Since, I haven’t heard a word from him and his phone has been off,” Ringtone said in the interview with Pulse.

Meanwhile, Zari has ignored Ringtone and hasn’t said a word about his public proposals. Ringtone explained why he avoids talking to her directly.

“It is not a problem calling Zari, but when you get someone claiming to be a ‘brother’ to the girl you are in love with, you don’t think twice. You just conform,” he noted adding: “I am not so sure the guy was a con. I am still waiting. I am still hopeful that the message was delivered.”   

Ringtone on his way to Uganda with two elders to seduce Zari to marry him, Zari says she wants money not men 

It seems gospel singer Ringtone has his eyes on the price, not matter the challenges. That’s how his life has been even when he was just a street kid with no idea where he’ll sleep or eat.

The singer will not give up on Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, and has announced that he will be heading to Uganda soon with a couple of elders to ask about Zari’s bride price.

“I’m going to Uganda to visit Zari’s home and I’m going with some of my friends and one or two elders. We are going to seek to know if we can be able to pay dowry,” said the controversial singer who has been obsessed with Zari ever since she ditched Diamond after he cheated on her. 

Ringtone claims that he has always wanted to be with Zari, but, Diamond was always on the way. Now that he’s gone, he feels this is his only chance.

I’ve loved Zari but I’ve restrained myself knowing she was in love with another person, as a person with integrity you can restrain yourself but it gets to a time when that person is free you get her.”

Zari is not interested

While Ringtone is having sleepless nights thinking how he’ll impress the former socialite, Zari, on the other hand, is tossing and turning in her bed thinking how she’ll be able to keep pestering men off her life and focus on getting money.

This is how long controversial Gospel singer Ringtone will be fasting and praying for Huddah to get saved

No matter how hard we try to keep off Ringtone’s rants on social media, the singer always finds a way to keep his fans and the media talking and this time around he seems more interested in catching Huddah’s attention.

Through his instagram page the singer announced that he will be fasting for 21 days inorder for Huddah to get saved. He will also be praying for her as he believes that she needs Jesus in her life. He wrote saying,


This is however not the first time the singer is pulling such a stunt. Last year he went ahead to ask his fans to help him propose to Tanzanian singer Ray C as he was ready to make her his wife only if she agrees.

However, this time around he seems more interested with Huddah’s salvation but this is a topic we are pretty sure will interest the popular socialite. Let us wait and see what she will say about this>