Foostubishi to Mistubishi: a journey! The YY’s happy wife shares

YY comedian’s wife, Marya, is overjoyed as she celebrates acquiring her first car! The aspiring actress shared her excitement on social media, humorously noting that she decided to post the news today before mainstream media gets inundated with Valentine’s Day posts starting tomorrow.

“From FOOSTUBISHI to MISTUBISHI💃🏽🔥🥰 (Suggest a good name for the new baby😅),” playfully wrote the Nurse Toto actress as she proudly showcased her new vehicle.

Marya expressed her gratitude to her husband YY for being her support system in navigating life and her career, attributing her success to the digital content creator and scriptwriter.

“WHAT CAN HE NOT DO!!😭😭😭. I know tomorrow will be crowded, so Happy Valentine’s To Me!🥰🥰🚙 Well done Marya, you deserve this❤️🥰

“Special thanks to everyone who has been a contributor towards my career❤️ Family, Friends and my Fans, tuendelee na kazi sasa😎😎. To my God-sent Oliver Otieno Odhiambo, @yycomedian, for holding my hand step by step till this far, God bless you Jatelo❤️ ABUNDANTLY,” expressed part of her Instagram post, filled with gratitude and joy.

10 Kenyan online comedians who cracked our ribs in 2020

One of the things that kept Kenyans entertained during the self-isolation period were the skits that were made by online comedians.

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As such, we decided to make a list of Kenyan online comedians who cracked our ribs this year and left us asking for more.

Here they are:

1. Crazy Kennar – If you’re an avid social media user I am sure you know Kennedy Odhiambo, alias Crazy Kennar. He is so funny. I spoke to him some time back and he told me that he is the content cartel and to be honest, he is.

2. Flaqo Raz – I recently discovered this guy’s real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno because he looks like a Kevin or a Brian. Anyway, he also makes some dope skits that will definitely leave you on the floor.

3. Cartoon Comedian – Some of you might know this lass because she often appeared on Churchill Raw, some of you might have no clue who she is but you should definitely check out her content if you want to have a good laugh.

4. Mark Mwas – He does skits about high school or college experiences that I am sure many of you can relate with. You’ll even wonder if ever high school or college is exactly the same.

5. Seth Gor – This lad has been making comic skits for sometime alongside Sharon Mwangi and George Kimani and the truth is that they are absolutely hilarious.

6. Blessed Tugi – He is so funny. If you thought Njugush is bonkers then you should meet his son. You know that common saying that an apple does not fall far from the tree, I have never found a place to apply it better than here.

7. Mammito – She is without a doubt the funniest female comedian in Kenya. She is just naturally funny. I always on her Instagram page because I want to be among the first people to see her content.

8. YY – This guy who was once a regular on Churchill Show also makes some short skits which are so hilarious. You start watching one of his videos and you just can’t stop.

9. Brendah Jons – this lady is popularly known as Mama Kingston is also very funny. Her skits always put a smile on my face.

10. Eric Omondi – Of course this would not be complete without naming the president of comedy in Africa, would it? This guy has always been funny and will always be.


Honorable mentions: DJ Shiti, Njugush, Mulamwah, Alex Mathenge, Shiru Filliper, Victor Naman, Sammie Kioko, Shigwan Shiqo, Henry Desagu, Terrence Creative, Natalie Githinji, Alpha Mwana Mtule and Chebet Ronoh.

Azziad Nasenya talks dating Pascal Tokodi and Nick Mutuma (Video)

20-year old Azziad Nasenya has come clean on her love life and dating Kenyan male celebrities within her reach.

The babe who was featured on actress Nyce Wanjeris vlog, admitted she is taken and currently dating an undisclosed guy.

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However, the seat got hot when the former Auntie Boss actress popped the big question on Azziad dating several hot local male celebrities.

Marry, Smash and Show Off question

As usual, it was the ‘marry, smash&pass and showoff question’ and the guys on her list were: Pascal Tokodi, Nick Mutuma and Sauti Sol’s Savara.

A shy and unexpecting Azziad grew cold feet, asking to pass on the question because clearly, the list was not in her favor.

Actress, dancer and TV host, Azziad Nasenya

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Nyce quickly pleaded with the 20-year old’s boyfriend, that this was but a question and not reality, just in case it caused chaos between them.

Azziad kept fumbling, before going quiet, admitting that Pascal and Nick Mutuma were like brothers to her and it would not feel nice, thinking about them beyond that.

Internet sensations Azziad Nasenya and Pascal Tokodi

So she refreshed her list, with comedian YY, Dr King’ori and Savara. On her feet, Azziad confidently responded:

“I’d smash and pass YY, marry Dr King’ ori and show off with Savara.”

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

Azziad additionally talked of getting cyberbullied after fame, shed light on her rate card and talked of her aspirations to start an own fashion line and be an International actress in the near future.

Watch and drop your comment below.

Comedian YY reveals how long it takes him to get over a break up!

There is no doubt that Comedian YY understands the pain of parting ways with a lover!

YY with Comedian Karis’ son

Back in 2018 he broke up with his girlfriend after a few issues here and there; but mostly after losing their child together things definitely took a turn for the worst.

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The comedian who is known for his witty jokes revealed this through an Instagram post where  he confessed about this saying;

I opened my heart and fell in love again even though I vowed to never fall in love after going through a major heartbreak….

YY speaks

As seen on the post above, YY confessed that the heartbreak was so painful to a point he had to sleep over at Eddie Butita’s place; mainly because he couldn’t go home with a broken heart.

How long it takes to get over a break up

Mostly people tend to deal with heartbreaks differently but as for YY, it only only takes him a month to deal with a broken heart.

Once again through his Instagram stories the comedian went on to share how he deals with a heart break. He went on to post saying;

From the day it’s clear this is a break up, I only need one month….

Week 1….mourning and back forth
Week2 slowly detaching and cutting communication

Week3 Accepting reality

Week 4 Here now I don’t want them back (I may love them so much but doesn’t mean I want them back


Well there you have it!

Comedian YY: I went into depression after losing unborn baby

Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY, has revealed that he was stressed out and depressed following his unborn baby’s death four years ago.

YY said that they were left with a tough decision of choosing between the mother or the baby after she developed some serious complications.

“I had a lot of expectations and I was so excited but the excitement was cut short in a manner I did not expect. We went to the labour ward but the doctors recommended she has a Caesarian section. I went to book [for one] but they said the theater was full.” 


YY still remembers the unborn baby despite having parted ways with the lady she was dating.

“Sometimes we question what happens but it may be a blessing or even could be a lesson that God wants us to learn from those particular situations. I took it as a lesson and although I endured the pain for a while, it made me a better person and I am now able to accept things as they come.” he added. 

On Father’s Day, YY celebrated himself as a dad on Instagram saying, “Happy Father’s Day To Me…my late daughter would be four years old today but everything happens for a Reason.”


The art of forgiveness! Comedian YY decides to keep his father’s legacy alive despite history of domestic violence against his mother

YY was only in class three when his father died… but he witnessed how his late dad used to beat his mother and would sometimes get between in a bid to ‘save’ his mom.

The comedian opened up about his abusive father during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo. He narrated how he witnessed his late father batter his mother and how the violence affected him.

“When I was growing up my dad was kind of abusive. I was a kid in the middle. Nilikua naonaga saa zingine akifika home anaanza kuchapa mathe, sometimes anakuja kama amelewa so ikaleta a very strong bond between me and my mom. Sometimes naona akipiga mathe nago inbetween nafeel I could do something alafu narushwa uko. I think maturity saa zingine inaingianga mtu depending on the experiences not the age. So nikaanza kuona how I can help my mum…Akiosha vyombo naenda naosha ata kama naosha vibaya,” said YY.

YY and Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo
YY and Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo

The comedian forgave his father despite everything that he did. He told Massawe that he decided to keep his father’s legacy alive by taking his dad’s nickname ‘YY’.

“YY was my dad’s name. It is a nickname that he was given by his Kalenjin friends. YY is someone who is outgoing, someone that doesn’t stay at one place… He used to live here in Nairobi…My dad, however, passed away when I was in standard three, so I decided to let his legacy live,” said the comedian.







The lord works in mysterious ways! YY narrates how Abel Mutua discovered DJ Shiti at the burial of Mzee Ojwang 

DJ Shiti is now the face of popular TV series ‘Real Househelps of Kawangware’ (TRHK). The comedian has made major strides in the industry since he first landed a role on the comedy-drama TV series.

Before TRHK, DJ Shiti was just an ordinary comedian struggling to make ends meet. July 29th 2015 was the turning point in DJ Shiti’s life.

The comedian was among hundred of thespians who gathered at Langata cemetery for the burial of legendary actor Mzee Ojwang. It was during the burial that DJ Shit was discovered by Abel Mutua.

Started shooting next day

Comedian YY narrated how Abel discovered Shiti. He says that he was chilling with Abel Mutua at the burial when Butita told Abel to give DJ Shiti a shot at TRHK. YY and Butita vouched for Shiti convincing Abel that he wouldn’t regret if he gives Shiti a chance.

YY further reveals that Abel was so impressed by DJ Shiti after watching a clip on YouTube and he ultimately decided to cast him on TRHK the next day.


“@eddiebutita and I used to tell shiti By then called Magazene “Unajua ukiingia Real househelps of Kawangware Utavuruga sana”…So one day (3 years ago) we catching up with @eddiebutita and @abelmutua at Mzee Ojwang’s Burial May God rest his soul….we Tell Abel btw before we continue kuna Boy mnoma ukamweka TRHK ataweza sana,,,Butita arrogantly teases shiti “wewe tunakutetea hapa na umesimama mbali,si ukuje hapa uongee na Abel…shiti Comes, Abel akauliza iko wapi Proof that he’s Good for the Show… I pulled out the Show above that I had posted on My YouTube Channel…Abel listened Matanga ikiendelea(roho safi hiyo) in low volume and was Impressed… actually he was laughing so Hard…Then Butita Told shiti “Usiende Uko halafu uanze kuchelewa shoots.. Guess what? Shiti Started shoots the Next MORNING then Boom…..To cut this story short, Let me just say SHAKA! NITAAMBIA NINI WATU!,” YY narrated.


Former Churchill comedian loses family member

Comedian YY has lost his grandmother.

The comedian, who also started off under Churchill, took to social media to share her photo only saying: Rest well Grandma…we will all miss Adila #CelebratingLifeWellLived

His fans mourned with him after his loss.

Another city tycoon loses bet, gives comedian YY Kes 5 million

Remember when SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri lost a bet to Propesa? Well, another city tycoon Kevin Kwere lost a bet and it is YY who’s smiling all the way to the bank.

Ronald Karauri staked Kes 25 million Range Rover Overfinch on Gor Mahia Vs Hull City game and lost the bet. He was forced to hand over the British machine to Propesa.

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City businessman Kevin Kwere staked Kes 5 million on Portugal Vs Uruguay game that was played last Saturday June 30th. We all know how the game ended, Cristiano Ronaldo went home as Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani progressed.

Team Portugal

Kevin Kwere was rooting for Portugal to win the game while YY was team Uruguay. The comedian only staked Kes 1 million in the bet with Kevin.

A jovial YY took to social media to express his gratitude to Kevin Kwere after he gave him the 5 million he had staked in their bet.



Jua Cali trolls Churchill Show’s YY after he was seen doing this at the grave of fallen Kung Fu master Bruce Lee (Photos)

YY was seen at Lake View Cemetery where Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee were buried, and Jua Cali couldn’t handle it.

Churchill Show’s YY left Kenya for USA on May 23rd 2017, he has since been seen traversing different states including Texas and Washington state where he had shows with fellow comedians Chipukeezy, Njoro and Eric Omondi.

While in Seattle, Washington, YY visited Lake View Cemetery where legendary martial artist and the king of Kung Fu – Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee were buried.

For starters, Brandon Lee was the lead actor in popular TV series ‘The Crow’. Brandon Lee died of a gunshot wound on March 31, 1993 while filming the Crow – he was shot on set with a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blank rounds but which was accidentally loaded with real bullets.

Brandon was buried at Lake View Cemetery next to his father Bruce Lee who died in 1973 after suffering from a brain condition.

Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee

YY shared a photo standing between the graves of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee and the King of Genge – Jua Cali was quick to troll him.

“Instagram itakumaliza mzee unapiga picha mpaka kwa grave ???????” Jua Cali commented on YY’s photo.


Comedian YY forced to show proof of life as fans mourn his death

People were made to believe YY had died in the accident that killed his fellow comedian Emmanuel Makori alias AKA or Ayeiya Poa Poa.

Messages of condolence poured in from concerned fans who thought Oliver Otieno (YY) was no more. Some actually mistook him for AKA.

YY was forced to show proof of life to put to end the confusion, he replied private messages from fans before he decided to post the clarification on his timeline.

“Always make sure you have the right source of information….So many RIP messages to my posts and and my Inbox…I was replying to everyone that Am not dead until now am overwhelmed because the texts are so many…it’s My good friend “Ayeiyaa” poa poa!… R.I.P Ayeiyaa Poa Poa – AKA Emmanuel Makori,” YY posted.