Nick Mutuma aliachwa! Bridget Shighadi confirms breakup

Kenyan actress Bridget Shighadi has confirmed that she is single after breaking up with her baby daddy, actor Nick Mutuma.

The former Maria actress made the confirmation in a Q&A session with her fans on her Instagram Stories. When asked if she was single, Shighadi replied, “Yes.”

Another fan then asked how long she had been single, to which Shighadi replied, “For a minute bro.” This suggests that the breakup happened some time ago.

The two had not been seen together in public for some time, and they even celebrated their daughter’s birthday separately. This had led to speculation that they had broken up, but Shighadi had previously denied these rumors.

The confirmation of the breakup comes as a surprise to many fans, who had hoped that the couple would eventually get married. However, it seems that their relationship has come to an end.

We wish both Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma all the best in the future.

Hottest bachelors of 2022

While the likes of Amber Ray are getting engaged after just a few months of dating, there are those who continue to lead ‘lonely’ lives ;and I am thinking it’s because dating has somehow become a full time job with too many requirements – and truth is….not everyone is willing to put up with that.

Well, seems like the pressure is everywhere even for our celebrities which is why i have come up with a short lost of some of our hottest bachelors who have chosen the single life….and for some reason its working for them.

Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma

Last I checked, rumor had it that Nick Mutuma had parted ways with baby mama Bridget Shighadi. The two somehow confirmed this by deleting photos of each other from their social media pages….and this not being the first time, chances are that Nick might not stay single for long…..because…we are sort of used to him and Shighadi having a back and forth type of relationship. But as for now – yea, the guy is definitely living life as a bachelor.

Frankie just Gym It

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

Okay…..I’m assuming Frankie is single because the last time we checked…..Corazon Kwamboka had broken up with him and a few days later – a video showing him browsing on a certain dating app emerged online meaning – Frankie is out here searching after losing both his baby mamas.

Willy Paul

Having had his share of women….its surpring to see that Willy Paul hasn’t found himself a wife yet. Maybe….maybe because ladies out here have heard of his nasty past and probably fear getting involved with him…but since he is in his late 20’s chances are that he may not be in a hurry.

Nviiri the storyteller

Having had a nasty breakup with ex Elodie Zone, singer Nviiri the storyteller has been keeping his private life off social media – which makes it hard to know whether he is single or taken…but having not introduced anyone since then, its only fair to rank him among the hottest bachelors we have in town.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen with alleged girlfriend

I know we already said that daddy Owen amepata mutu but truth is, until he personally confirms this; we will continue assuming that Daddy Owen is available but only to a kienyeji lady since  that’s is what he said he is looking for.

Trouble in paradise for Nick Mutuma and actress Bridget Shighadi?

So…actress Bridget Shighadi popularly known for TV shows Maria and Zora appears to have deleted photos of her baby daddy Nick Mutuma; who also seems to have done the same hence leaving fans asking whether the two have parted – again.

The Mutumas 

Having seen this kind of stunt (deleting photos) before of course we also had to ask whether everything is okay especially since they also deleted their family photos. Well, a reliable source recently informed Ghafla that the two are no longer an item and unlike the other times they’ve broken up, they did it quietly this time around.

This however does not come as a big surprise especially since we’ve seen them do this a number of times before. Yes, Shighadi and Mutuma have always had a shaky relationship for years…breaking up and making up – way before they had a baby together.

On and off

The last time Nick Mutuma had broken up with the actress, he quickly moved on with singer Tanasha Donna in 2017 but from what I heard….the relationship wasn’t as pretty as portrayed by their couple goals photos.

By the end of 2017/2018 Nick and Tanasha  had already broke up and when asked why the actor/model responded saying;

Si ni life (its life). Not all relationships work out.

And now it looks like Mutuma is back to being a bachelor….maybe not for long judging from his on and off relationship with Shighadi over the past years. No?

Tried reaching both Nick Mutuma and Bridgette Shighadi but unfortunately our call went answered.

My Girlfriend Used To Have Issues When I Kissed Girls During Acting- Nick Mutuma

Popular Kenyan actor, producer, director and TV Host Nicholas Mutuma, is one of the best in what he does. The 32 year old celebrity is ranked among the sexiest male actors in the country. He has been in the movie industry for over 10 years and his immense talent seems to be unstoppable. Ironically, with such a huge talent, not everyone likes Mutuma.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Nick reveals that her girlfriend Shigadi previously had issues with him doing some explicit roles on TV.

”It’s funny because mimi kama mwanaume acting those roles, ilikuwa sawa. Lakini now imagining my partner anafanya the same thing, kuna hio double standard.”

In the same interview, Nick reveals that he has been trolled on social media a couple of times.

” Career yangu yote nimekuwa trolled for very many years. I don’t even want to touch on those things. But hii social media iko na uzuri wake na iko na ubaya wake…

It’s a very horrible thing but mi huiangalia kama part of being in this industry. Hii industry yetu yaani, kuna vitu zingine huezi escape. Industry yetu ni kama siasa. You just have to be strong and unasonga mbele.”

Image result for nick mutuma wife

Like most celebrities, Mutuma decides to assume most of his Dm’s. Mutuma is also a dad. He currently has a kid with Bridget Shighadi. The actor’s first big break on Kenyan television came in 2008 when he was cast as “Luka”, a young naïve college student living in poverty, who gets involved with a sugar mummy.

He has also featured in the current film dubbed ‘Disconnect’ on Netflix. With his talent, Nick is definitely heading to Hollywood. All the best to him.

Below is the video of his interview;

8 celebrity dads enjoying cute bonding moments with their children

Despite the fame and extra responsibilities that come with being a celebrity, a number of male personalities have proven that spending quality time with their children can still be done.

Children here, I mean newborns or less than 3 year-old celebrity kids who are getting to spend some priceless moments with their daddies.

Some being first-time dads, others not new to the game but have gotten better at it with time. Be it single parenting, co-parenting or raising up children with their wives. Lets start off.

1. Polycarp Otieno

The Sauti Sol guitarist is new to the game, welcoming a bouncing baby boy with wife, Lady Mandy in August and ever since, the new dad has been spotted be it feeding, sun-basking with or even dancing with the newborn in his arms. He describes his fatherhood journey as “absolutely heavenly”.

Fancy Fingers with their newborn

2. Khaligraph Jones

It would be easy to crown the Kenyan rapper as one who embraced fatherhood to the full. Previously spotted spending some quality time with his daughter, before baby number two, a baby boy came on board on October 11 and seemingly robbed his sister of her daddy.

Khaligraph Jones with his son

3. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is trying to rekindle the good family vibes with his ex, Zari Hassan and their two children who recently landed in Tanzania and have since been keeping the music star busy with fatherhood duties.

Diamond Platnumz with his two children

4. DJ Mo

The gospel DJ has been spending time around his family more especially after COVID-19 struck, going out in vacations, having meals together and just being a present dad. However, the father of two’s vibe with his daughter seems stronger than with that of his roughly 1-year old son.

DJ Mo with daughter

5. Tedd Josiah

A veteran Kenyan music producer who embraced the title ‘ManMom’ after the passing on of his wife just 3 months after delivering their baby girl and had to take up both mum and dad duties for the baby girl who is now 2 years of age.

Tedd Josiah with daughter

6. Nick Mutuma

The Kenyan actor has sweetly bonded with his adorable baby girl Dua, now 2 years of age, who is undeniably a replica of her mom, Bridget Shighadi.

Nick Mutuma with daughter

7. Njugush

This particular one stands out. The comedian’s genes seem to have trickled into their barely 2-year old son who is already a star in his own capacity. A baby boy whose level of maturity has lived to impress masses.

Njugush with son

8. Phil Karanja

The film director and producer, married to Kate actress, is one very proud dad who got to hold his first child, a daughter, baby K in December 2019, who he clearly adores if their daddy-daughter moments are anything to go by.

Phillip Karanja with daughter

The bonus:

9. Frankie Just Gym It

There is something about Frankies newborn that seems to have taken the curiosity out of the gym enthusiast. Never minding to be left home with their baby boy, to feed and keep the little one company.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

Anyone we left out?

Azziad Nasenya talks dating Pascal Tokodi and Nick Mutuma (Video)

20-year old Azziad Nasenya has come clean on her love life and dating Kenyan male celebrities within her reach.

The babe who was featured on actress Nyce Wanjeris vlog, admitted she is taken and currently dating an undisclosed guy.

Also read: Jalang’o forced to apologize to Azziad Nasenya after ugly encounter during Live interview

However, the seat got hot when the former Auntie Boss actress popped the big question on Azziad dating several hot local male celebrities.

Marry, Smash and Show Off question

As usual, it was the ‘marry, smash&pass and showoff question’ and the guys on her list were: Pascal Tokodi, Nick Mutuma and Sauti Sol’s Savara.

A shy and unexpecting Azziad grew cold feet, asking to pass on the question because clearly, the list was not in her favor.

Actress, dancer and TV host, Azziad Nasenya

Also read: Nick Mutuma responds to allegations of sexual assault

Nyce quickly pleaded with the 20-year old’s boyfriend, that this was but a question and not reality, just in case it caused chaos between them.

Azziad kept fumbling, before going quiet, admitting that Pascal and Nick Mutuma were like brothers to her and it would not feel nice, thinking about them beyond that.

Internet sensations Azziad Nasenya and Pascal Tokodi

So she refreshed her list, with comedian YY, Dr King’ori and Savara. On her feet, Azziad confidently responded:

“I’d smash and pass YY, marry Dr King’ ori and show off with Savara.”

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

Azziad additionally talked of getting cyberbullied after fame, shed light on her rate card and talked of her aspirations to start an own fashion line and be an International actress in the near future.

Watch and drop your comment below.

Nick Mutuma responds to allegations of sexual assault

Nick Mutuma’s dark past is slowly catching up with him, 4 years later, he still has to answer to allegations of sexual assault just as his career meets his dreams.

The married popular Kenyan actor has in a recent tweet come out to respond to allegations doing the rounds regards his past, admitting it has not been easy for him and his family and it is not fair.

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Even though, it was an incident brought to light back in 2017, the allegations have hit him hard after they recently resurfaced.

His response letter

Nick believes that just like every other human being, he is bound to make mistakes but what hurts him most is that even after moving on and trying to pick up the pieces, the world will not allow him to.

“I’m not perfect. But I’m not the person these people tried to portray me as. Everyday I work towards being a better person; but I constantly get pulled back by people that are convinced I am a monster,” he painfully penned.

Actor Nick Mutuma

For him, the current situation is “taking a toll on him and his family” and even though he does not want to speak about it, his silence might be easily mistaken for guilt.

Therefore forcing him to respond to the issue. Calling out masses for publicly prosecuting him and ruling him as guilty, while they do not have the whole story.

“I hate the fact that this has gotten in the way of something that I’ve built for a decade, yet despite it all, the same people are still trying to portray me as the villain in their stories,” the letter continued.

Nick Mutuma sexual assault saga

He believes malicious people with hidden intentions are out to discredit his hard work and tear him apart just as he is about to reach his dreams and vision.

Reiterating that never will he advocate for any form of abuse against women; urging everyone who stood by him and still is, not to give up for their faith in him is not in vain.

His statement comes barely 24 hours after his alleged sexual assault victim, Mwangi Rachel came out in his defense, asking the public to stop pinning down the actor for his past doings.

Nick Mutuma responds to sexual assault allegations

Well, there you have it!

Tables turn as Nick Mutuma’s victim of sexual violence comes to his defense

A victim of Nick Mutuma’s sexual abuse has shocked many after coming out to defend the Shuga actor for his past doings.

One Mwangi Rachel had been forced to silence by the popular actor and singer after a sexual harassment incident by Nick back in 2016.

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Reports that her boyfriend laid out in public in November 2017, exposing the film star for never taking a no from the lass and even following her to her car, sexually assaulting her.

According to Koome Gitobu, Rachel’s then-boyfriend, Nick had tried to force himself on the lass, who could not speak out because of his influence in the industry.

nick mutuma cover
Controversial film star, Nick Mutuma

Allegations that the actor rubbished as force. The seat now gets hotter as the lass decides to defend her perpetrator.

Tables turn

Well, in her recent tweet over the weekend, the same Mwangi Rachel spoke for the first time about the incidence of violence, instead defending the perpetrator and asking the public to stay off the case.

“This is something I thought I had put behind me. This has been a very private and personal issue for my family and I,” tweeted Rachel.

According to her, the issue between her and the thespian had been amicably and privately resolved in 2017 and masses had no right to bring it up again, nor pin him down.

In her contradictory post, she clarified that no victim of sexual abuse should be silenced but stated “I hate to see people using the issue to tear Nick down.”

A series of tweets that have raised eyebrows and questions regards the alleged victim of sexual abuse and her reason to defend her perpetrator.

If you got it, flaunt it! Nick Mutuma’s wife parades fit body in tinny swimsuit at the beach (Photos)

Nick Mutuma and his wife seem to have taken a short vacation to the coast this past weekend; probably to celebrate the young man’s 32nd birthday in style!

As seen on both their social media pages, Nick and wife, Bridget Shighadi did not seem to give their fans a break; as they shared stories and posts back to back from their vacation.

This being a year where wonders happen or rather a year where the impossible seems to be happening; Bridget Shighadi has just changed the game for all those who thought she was shy of her petite body!

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Body like a Maserati

Thanks to Nick Mutuma who approaved of his wife sharing bikini photos; this past weekend many of her male fans were blessed with a bikini photo that did not leave much for imagination!

From the caption, Shighadi made it known that her man was comfortable with this specific photo hence her caption where she wrote;

Shighadi rocking swimsuit

Nilikuwa nisipost bikini pics but mzee ameapprove so iko tu Sawa ????

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Despite Mutuma approving the photo shared above; I’m pretty sure he may have had a few doubts parading his wife on IG with sponsors watching from the side!

Not to worry, I mean…these two already passed the test with their last major breakup; that helped build the happy home they now have now.

Indeed Mama Dua is an asset, Mr Mutuma would never want to slip away from his life ever again. Check out her other hot photo below.

Bridget Shighadi

Bahati strongly warns Nick Mutuma against cheating with wife Diana Marua (Details)

It all starts with a glass of wine and a day out, before a man and woman realize there is more they share in common and before we know it, things blow up on our faces.

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After a colorful birthday event for their only biological son, Majesty Bahati, the artist decided to let his wife loose a bit as she paraded her day out with Kenya’s heartthrob of an actor, Nick Mutuma and netizens could not help but notice this was probably the ideal pair.

Looking glad to be by each other’s side, relaxing by the poolside and smiling ear to ear, a dear Nick adorably gushed over Marua;

Aunty @diana_marua has now added actor onto her resumé and I guarantee you that she is a natural.

Nick Mutuma with Diana Marua enjoying the warm weather by the poolside

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The tags ‘aunty’ and ‘bro’ by the actor, in reference to Diana and Bahati raised eyebrows despite Marua’s older age compared to the two gentlemen but it became salty when Bahati realized Nick was probably overstaying his welcome, threatening;

Kitu Tuu Usahau Nikuninyanganya Bibi Ulizia Utaambiwa Mimi sio Mrahisi ????????????

Bahati and Nick Mutuma flexing some muscles

The young gospel kid forewarned the light-skin hunk against overstepping his boundaries and secretly eyeing the mother to his children, because it was never going to end well. Even though the artist did not clearly explain what he meant but ‘mimi sio mrahisi’, I bet Nick Mutuma promptly got the message, one he is yet to respond to.

Diana and Nick Mutuma feature in Bahati’s new hit, Naanza Tena

Bahati’s Naanza Tena anthem

The Nick Mutuma-Diana Marua deal came about after the two featured in Bahati’s new track Naanza Tena with Nick being this city hunk who had spoilt Diana with the finer things in life – a life that Bahati who was a village boy living with his grandfather could not afford her.

Singer Bahati with his 98-year old grandfather

This hurt him so bad but he never gave up on hope, promising to start from zero again and lead the life of his dreams. Away from that Nick Mutuma, has been blessed with an adorable daughter Dua, from his wife and actress, Bridget Shighadi, whom he moved on with after partying ways with Tanasha Donna.

Bridget Shighadi with daughter, Dua

Actor Nick Mutuma and girlfriend celebrate their daughter’s first birthday

Actor Nick Mutuma and girlfriend, Bridget Shighadi are now proud parents to have celebrated their daughter’s first birthday together.

The couple who have been together for years now; despite their on and off relationship seem to have settled down after the arrival of their daughter, Dua.

Through their Instagram pages both parents shared special messages to mark their baby’s first year mark. Nick Mutuma wrote saying;

Bridget Shighadi’s message

Bridget Shighadi went on to reveal how emotional it has been for her to watch her baby turn one. She wrote adding;


I didn’t say Nick Mutuma has a toothpick and Diamond has a huge Cassava – Tanasha Donna clears the air after nasty tweets 

Diamond Platnumz’ wife to be Tanasha Donna Oketch has come out to deny that she posted several tweets claiming Kenyan men are poor in bed and can’t satisfy her, a reason why she’s dating a foreigner.

Kenyans were recently left speechless after tweets from an account purporting to be her’s claimed that her ex lover Nick Mutuma was poor in bed and had a very small mjulubeng.

Fake account

The NRG presenter explained that the Twitter account sharing details about her love life is fake and Kenyans on Twitter should stop entertaining it.

“My Only social media handles are @tanashadonna on Instagram and Twitter. Donna with a double N. All the other pages are FAKE. Kindly do not entertain any nonsense posted that is not from my authentic page, the two I have mentioned above. I shall be requesting verification for my Twitter handle as much as i’m not active on it to avoid further confusion. Do not entertain clout chasers” wrote Tanasha.

In the tweets, the account trashed Mutuma’s sex game and praised Diamond, a thing that angered many.

“Y’all talking about My Ex Nick Mutuma. He was A Fraud. He never fulfilled me. He had a Kijulubeng. Kama toothpick” reads a Tweet from the account.

Adding: “Diamond has big dick. He satisfies me more than whole Kenyans combined. Haters Calm Down. My Diamond Loves It When Am On Top . No Kenyan Men can do That, Thats why they are mad at me Lambeni lolo. Kenyan Men With Small Dicks Are Mad At Me. I stick with my man. You can come and kiss my ass. Diamond Will Marry Me. Am unique. Not like his other baby Mamas. I tamed him and he planned wedding in 3 Months. So y’all Kenyans with Small toothpicks STFU. Pambeneni na Otile.” Reads Tweets from the account.


Tanasha Donna: My ex Nick Mutuma never satisfied me, he has a toothpick-sized mjulubeng

Tanasha Donna Oketch has come out to reveal the real reason why she broke up with actor Nick Mutuma. The two went their separate ways in 2017 after dating for a few months.

Apparently Nick Mutuma never satisfied Tanasha in bed, the 22-year-old NRG radio presenter claims she suffered the same fate just like Vera Sidika when she was dating Otile Brown.

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Tansha says Nick has a small member which unfortunately couldn’t satisfy her, she further likened her ex boyfriend’s mjulubeng to a toothpick.

“Y’all talking about My Ex Nick Mutuma. He was A Fraud. He never fulfilled me. He had a Kijulubeng. Kama toothpick ??,” Tanasha tweeted.

Diamond is bedroom bully

Tanasha has confirmed indeed Diamond Platnumz is proud owner of a huge anaconda, the singer caused a stir back in November when his member misbehaved in public.

Also read: Excitement galore as Diamond Platnumz’s huge mjulubeng misbehaves in public 

Well, Tanasha has praised her boyfriend’s bedroom skills. She also took a jab at Kenyan men whom she claims are a no match to Diamond.

“My Diamond Loves It When Am On Top ?. No Kenyan Men can do That, Thats why they are mad at me ?? Lambeni lolo,” Tanasha tweeted.




Nick Mutuma gives his two cents after Vera Sidika and Otile Brown embarrass each in a new breakup

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have broken up, again. The two ex lovers clashed days after reuniting in Dubai all because of money.

The bootyful socialite claimed Otile asked her for a Kes 500,000 loan to buy a new car after trading in his car. Vera thought Otile was only after her cash and she denied him the money.

Vera took to her video blog to expose Otile, she claims the singer is just a leeche feeding off her hard work. She asserted that she would never get back with him again.


Otile responded after Vera exposed him, he said that he was equally shocked by the socialite’s outrageous Vlog. He explains that they loan each other money and that at one point he even paid rent for her salon without asking for a refund.

“Am still in shock, helped this psycho pay her salon rent just the other day manze and i’ve never asked for the money back even after i broke up with her. Sasa hizi ni aibu gani ndogo ndogo, is it really worth it?” Otile responded.

Several Kenyans commented on Otile and Vera’s latest breakup. Nick Mutuma called out the two ex lovers for embarrassing each other all because of money.




“Let’s not be deadbeat dads” Nick Mutuma message to fathers after he becomes a stranger to his daughter

Nick Mutuma has been away from his daughter for months to the extent that he has become a stranger to her. The popular actor has been away in US.

Nick currently resides in America where he is pursuing a course in Acting and Film Production after receiving a scholarship from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The actor and his ex girlfriend Bridget Shighadi welcomed their baby girl Dua sometimes in March 2018. Nick has however been away from Dua for four long months.


Nick was surprised that he was a total stranger to his daughter when they recently reunited. The actor now urges fellow father to always be present in their kid’s life.

Nick Mutuma with his daughter
Nick Mutuma with his daughter

“Its been almost 4 months since I last saw Dua, and how I imagined our reunion was very different from the reality. I thought she’d see me, and think ‘hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’ and we would both smile and hug it out…But I picked her up , and we had a little stare down which was followed by a complete breakdown…by her. I was/ am a stranger to her ? BUT we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. S/o all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present. #Daddydrip,” wrote Nick.




Nick Mutuma’s girlfriend finally shares a photo of their adorable daughter!

Although actor Nick Mutuma has not admitted nor denied getting back with his first love, Bridget Shighadi; we are certain that the two have a child together.

The two welcomed their baby girl in February and of course Nick Mutuma was the first one to announce this. He however chose to keep his girlfriend’s identity on the low until just recently when Bridget Shighadi decided to unveil her baby bump photos.

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Well, the pregnancy was a well kept secret especially since not many were sure that the couple would reconcile and get back together.

Bridget Shighadi’s daughter

Anyway seems that the two have started a family of their own and are definitely enjoying it. In a new photo shared by the fashion blogger, we get a glimpse of the little girl whose face we are yet to see. Check out the adorable photo below;

Nick Mutuma releases first picture of his baby girl

Actor Nick Mutuma took to instagram to celebrate the birth of her baby girl; confirming rumours that he’s now a dad by posting her first picture.

He posted a picture on his instagram page holding his baby’s hand captioning it: DUA. Mutuma has not said anything else about it.

Also read: Nick Mutuma and girlfriend welcome a bouncing baby girl

Moved to U.S to study film

Mutuma is said to have moved to the U.S and settled down with yet to be revealed girlfriend. The lass delivered sometime last week but the two have stayed off social media and shared very little information about the baby.

Mutuma moved to the U.S to study film and hopes to come back with better skills that will change out local industry.

Nick Mutuma and girlfriend welcome a bouncing baby girl

Actor Nick Mutuma is a proud father of a lovely baby girl welcomed on 23rd February.

From what we have learnt is that Nick Mutuma and his girlfriend have been staying in LA, United States where the baby was born.

The actor announced the good news through his twitter handle where he wrote saying;

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“Charles Mutuma is the newest and proudest grandfather in the world,”

This confirmed that indeed the new baby by the name of Dua Mukami is his baby girl. Nick Mutuma and his girlfriend have however been keeping their relationship on the low and having welcomed a baby together only shows how serious the two are.

Nick Mutuma’s baby girl

For the welcome party, Nick Mutuma and his family  in the United States held a small celebration as seen in the photos below.


After bitter break up, Nick Mutuma’s ex lover moves on with a Mr Perfect!

Popular actor Nick Mutuma is said to have dumped his long term girlfriend Bridget Shighadi for Tanasha. However even after calling off his relationship with Bridget, things didn’t really last for long between him and Tanasha.

The former couple is said to have had a nasty fall out that almost got or did get physical. So far Nick Mutuma has been keeping his private life off social media and we haven’t seem him parade any new lady as his lover.

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Tanasha on the other hand seems to have moved on from the actor and is now seeing someone new. She hinted this through a new post where she mentioned how protective her new bae is. Judging from how she put it, the lady is definitely enjoying all the attention and affection she is getting from her boyfriend. She wrote;

Tanasha and Kabogo junior

A while back Alvin Kabogo shared a video pecking Tanasha leaving many wondering whether they were an item.

Knowing very well that Alvin is the typen of man who enjoys everything nice, well it wouldn’t be a surprise that they are romantically involved.

Anyway for now we shall have to wait until Tanasha aka Zahara Zaire introduces her man.

Nick Mutuma responds after being accused of sexually harassing two women

Nick Mutuma has been accused of sexually harassing two women. The allegations making rounds on Twitter were made by one Koome Gitobu.

Through a series of tweets, Koome Gitobu revealed that Nick Mutuma harassed his friends at Ameru Festival last year.

According to Koome Gitobu the actor grabbed his friend and tried dragging her to his hotel room wherelse she was not interested.

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The fella goes on to add that at some point he tried pulling one of the ladies out her cab causing a commotion. Koome says that the lady was forced to wrestle back hoping that the actor would leave her alone.

However, Nick Mutuma stopped being aggressive towards the lady when he saw her friends approaching the cab. Nick however ended up squeezing her butt before telling her how much he liked her body.

Koome wrote saying:

Koome’s post

Nick Mutuma responds

However, the actor has come forth to deny these allegations painting his image the wrong way. Through his twitter handle the actor responded by saying:

Nick Mutuma responds
Nick Mutuma responds

Twitter on fire as Nick Mutuma and Joe Muchiri are accused of sexual harassment by multiple women

Women are now coming out in numbers to report incidents of sexual harassment against them. This precedence was set after multiple women including Lupita Nyong’o accused Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing them over decades.

Over 10 male American celebrities and politicians have now been accused of sexual harassment since Harvey Weinstein’s scandal blew up. They include the likes of Prison Break star Robert Knepper (T-Bag) and former president George H.W. Bush.

All women who claim they were sexually harassed have the same story, the sexual harassment/assault happened years ago, some even decades.

Kenyan ladies follow suit

Nick Mutuma

Popular actor Nick Mutuma and Joe Muchiri have been accused of sexual harassment. At least two women claimed Nick sexually harassed them.

Twitter user @KoomeGitobu exposed Nick on Twitter whom he accuses of sexually harassing her. The tweep also says Nick sexually harassed her friend at the Ameru festival last year.

Koome says Nick hit on her friend even though she was not interested. She further reveals that the popular actor grabbed her friend and tried dragging her into his room.

Koome explains that her buddy was trying to get into a cab when Nick grabbed her. Apparently Nick and the girl wrestled until her friends came to her rescue. When Mutuma saw her friends she let go but squeezed her butt telling her she liked her body.

See Koome Gitobu’s tweets below:

Joe Muchiri

Joe Muchiri

Twitter user @bintiM accuses Joe Muchiri of sexually harassing her. The tweep claims that the Capital FM production manager groped her two years ago.


Nick Mutuma replaces his ex Tanasha Oketch with new secret girl (Photos)

The handsome ones don’t stay single for long; TV hunk Nick Mutuma has already found a replacement for his beautiful ex girlfriend Tanasha Oketch.

Early this year Nick Mutuma stated that he was single and happy after his relationship with the gorgeous model hit rock bottom. The reason for their breakup was not disclosed to the public.

Nick has dated several pretty ladies in the past but all of his relationships ended in breakups; the reason why he has decided to take apt measures to protect his current relationship.

Tanasha Oketch

The actor alludes his breakups to media interference, he claims that public scrutiny had something to do with his relationships ending in disarray.

It’s because of this reason that Nick has decided to keep his current girlfriend away from the glaring cameras, he is hesitant to unmask his sweetheart even though he has admitted that he’s dating.

“I used to be one of those guys, like if I was dating someone, I didn’t see any problem putting them on social media, because that’s my woman and I want to show her off to the world. But then I realized that it’s important to protect the people that you care about from the limelight and the negative things that come with it,” Nick said in a recent interview with ‘Let’s Talk’.

Nick Mutuma


Nick Mutuma’s priceless reaction after meeting Julie Gichuru

Nick Mutuma is among the most known media personalities we have come to know. His acting career has taken him to places and with that opportunity he has been able to dine with some of the most famous people in the world but he had never gotten the chance to meet Julie Gichuru.

However they recently bumped into each other during a certain meeting and being the very first time he was seeing the former TV queen, Nick Mutuma could not shy off from taking a selfie with her.

He shared the photo on his social media pages expressing how excited he was to have finally met the lady. He wrote saying,

Such a pleasure finally meeting you

Well, not many would think this is a big deal but when you think of the accomplishments Julie Gichuru has made at her age, then you will understand why she is an inspiration and hero to many including the likes of Nick Mutuma who are seen as celebrities in East Africa. Checkout the photo below.

Nick Mutuma awards lucky Kenyan man 20,000 Miles with Fly South African Airways

Multi-talented Kenyan actor and personality Nick Mutuma has just awarded one lucky Kenyan, Zola Nzula 20,000 Miles with Fly South African Airways (SAA). As the Voyager brand Influencer, Nick Mutuma has been engaging audiences and fans to enroll into Voyager programme and get rewarded.

Speaking on his partnership with South African Airways, Nick said, “It’s a partnership about lifestyle and travel. We’re all about comfort and getting rewarded at the same time. As a lover of the arts and Pan-Africanism, I hope to use this opportunity to break down barriers and unite Africa by promoting access to traveling Fly SAA and rewards.” Nick continues to push the boundaries and has tenaciously cultivated a powerful youth brand in the entertainment industry while maintaining a positive public image.

Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma

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SAA Voyager is rewarding one more winner with one of the half a million Mile prizes. As a member of Voyager, benefits range from free chauffeur transfer to/from airports, free Business class lounge access even when flying in Economy, free excess baggage allowance, additional Tier Miles to Star Alliance airport benefits worldwide.

At the same time, a new Nigerian/Kenyan drama series – This is It, starring Nick Mutuma premiered on NTV Kenya last evening and will be showing every Wednesday evenings at 10 p.m.