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Benedicta Gafah Celebrates Her Birthday With Photoshoot With Vogue Unofficial

Benedicta Gafah celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Furthermore, for her birthday she shared an amazing photoshoot she did.

The photoshoot was part of the Vogue Unofficial series. Certain Ghanaian creatives started the series. Moreover, as part of the photoshoot she shared her story about beauty, lover, power and controversy.

Her words about her journey

Every individual has their personal definition of what beauty is. I wake up every day knowing that every step I take is monitored and discussed, hence I don’t take my outlook for granted, as it rubs off my personal brand as an actor and an entrepreneur. I live by these five beauty products, which do not only sustains my skin but keeps my confidence up; Sugar in Honey, Tomatoes, Lemon, Coconut Oil and Water. Above all these, to me, the expression of love is beauty. The ability to touch a heart is beauty. I have come to appreciate the beauty in my natural body.

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Many times, I read stories and comments about how I’ve had surgery to make me look curvier. At first, I’d get worried and depressed over it, but the truth is, I can’t be apologetic for being naturally curvy. I have huge visible scars on my legs and it had been my biggest insecurity for years. If I have lived comfortably with it till now, then my body will never desire the doctor’s knife to make my look like the world’s standard of a perfect body figure. When you rip off all the makeup, the hair extensions and all the expensive clothes, what remains of us is our heart, thus, I define beauty as the pureness of heart and the willingness to lift another person up.

Benedicta Gafah in birthday photo shoot with Vogue Unofficial

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